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    Default network issues

    Hi. Our connection in the office is becoming very slow and some of the staff are complaining that they cannot access some of our database and other applications. Do you think it's a sign of network attack? Or what else could be the possible reasons?

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    Hi, It could be possible that you have been hacked but there are also other reasons behind why your connection gets slow. To be sure, you should have use a network vulnerability testing tool.

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    I would like to recover my router password. How can I do that? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanewatson5 View Post
    I would like to recover my router password. How can I do that? Thanks!
    Unfortunately there is no way to "recover" a password, you will likely have to do a "reset" which also clears your settings as well such as your ISP credentials, wi-fi settings, firewall, etc.
    Before doing this next step make sure you have the user manual or have looked up what the default password is for your router. Usually near the back of the router is a small pin hole - take a paperclip, toothpick or even ballpoint pen and press the button located in the hole. Some routers require you to power down, press and hold the pinhole button and power up.
    At that point your router will likely reboot and everything will be factory fresh. Your login will likely then be something simple like admin with a password of abc123 or abcd1234.
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