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    I don't have a major preference for one or the other since I'm really meat and potatoes in that I just watch the movie. However one of the things I liked about HD DVD was there were more movies that suited me initially. But I really like the BDs more scratch resistant surface which makes cleaning easier.
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    I have An A30 and PS3.......So far I like HD DVD better, I think the pip is good and I was surpised how few blu titles there are out there that I wanted. (although that will change). The remote on the PS3 is a pain (and I am talking about the Sony ad on bluetooth remote that I bought).

    For now I am just buying up lots of cheap HD DVD titles.
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    I've been a die hard supporter from the beginning and have been picking up titles like crazy lately. First had the 360 Add-On then bought the HD-D3 but getting a tomorrow, for free no less, so why not pick up some titles. But being the collector that I am I will still pick up dual releases on first until there are no more.
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    I dont own blu so I cant do a comparison based on that, but the reason I went red (other than the far cheaper players and knowing that blu players other than the PS3 cant be upgraded to 2.0) was that I had heard HD-DVD was doing a better job with its release of catalog titles as far as taking the time to make sure the image quality was as good as you could get from a 20 to 30 or more year old movie.
    Also, Blu seemed to be releasing more titles but they were more mainstream newer stuff that I wasnt even interested in. While Red was releasing stuff like Kubrick films, Deer Hunter, The Warriors, and Goodfellas.
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    I have a Toshiba A30 and a A35 and a Sony Bray BDP S300.
    After installing the lastest frimware on the Toshibas they play everything I have just fine and the sound on the both especially the A35 with its RAW audio output is very nice with my onkyo 805....

    The nice thing about HD DVD is the disc startup so much faster than Blu Ray. The Sony Blu Rauy player I have I WOULD NOT BUY AGAIN and I am a SONY person....its hung up and would not shut down with the remote many times even with Sony being proactive and emailn gme about new firmware updates.

    When I ask my wife is she wants to watch a movie she says if its Blu Ray , no thanks but HD she replies ok fine....why? Because of the slow startup crap with the Sony BluRay player....nice eh!

    Many of the Blu Ray movies like the Disney stuff have so much crap in them that adds to the start up (java) and even thought its cool to look at it really is not necessary to me...

    Maybe someday when Blu Ray finally evolves and implements all the crap they sold us on.....(at least HD did it faster)...this will be a thing of the past, but right now it seems like blu-ray players are running on Intel Celerons!!! and we all know that SUCKS!!

    In the mean time I have bought as many HD titles as possible that I want and will enjoy them for years...and no I do not plan on buying them again on Blu - Ray...

    HD will live on for awhile and probably become a collectors item!!


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    Default Selection of movies did it for me

    I went HD-DVD primarily because of the movie selection. There was more movies I wanted in HD-DVD then in BLU-RAY. The fact that HD-DVD was backed by the DVD Forum was also a factor. I said to myself... here they go again. Meaning, here's Sony again starting trouble just like with Betamax. The final factor was the price of HD-DVD players comming down so drastically. If their prices had dropped earlier - I think things could have easily went the other way. The debate is over for me as I have a dual-format player now. Looking back however; I should have realized two important things before buying anything.

    1. BLU-RAY had more support from electronics manufacturers! To buy an HD-DVD player, Toshiba was pretty much the only choice. People must have choice.

    2. Sony was going to win no matter what. They could not afford to have another loss (first loss was Betamax). I suspect they spent a lot of money to ensure BLU-RAY won, and we'll see expensive BLU-RAY discs for several years to prove it.
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    I have an HDA3 and a PS3. I'd say I probably prefer Blu-ray simply because the PS3 boots up so fast in comparison. I have roughly the same amount of discs on both, but am in the process of selling my WB HD DVDs to buy them on Blu-ray. I want everything on one format eventually.
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    I came back to HD-DVD. When the Warner announcement came, I immediately hauled my entire collection down to a neighborhood record store that payed cash for movies to get top dollar for them before word spread. Since then, I have found myself regularly looking through the Blu-ray section at stores trying to find something to make me want to start buying Blu, but all I see are movies priced $10 more than what HD-DVD cost, and a terrible selection of movies that could only appeal to adolescent teenagers.

    I turned to digital downloads through iTunes, but the selection there was lacking, and once the major studios got on board after the AppleTV Take 2 announcement (which I bought) they stopped selling movies and started to rent them only.

    With all the great HD-DVD titles on sale now for under $15, i've come back to HD-DVD to keep me satisfied until Blu starts getting decent releases and drops their price. If that never happens it won't matter since I have already gotten used to renting HD movies on the AppleTV.
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    hd dvd Own both

    I own both but I prefer HD DVD. Because in most cases you have the dual discs that give you a choice. I really think that HD DVD had their eye on the prize. The introduction of web-enabled and interactive features,picture in picture and new sound offering Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and as well DTS HD. The HD DVD was the first on the market the first to qualify all of their players with the advanced features that the Blu-ray players are required to have after October 31,2007. The only Blu-ray player on the market that fully loaded Sony's PS3. The major negative I have with the PS3 is that sound on the standard and Blu-ray discs in Dolby Digital is very weak and Dolby Digital Plus isn't included like it is with all the top-set players.

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    I have 2 PS3's and 2 HD DVD players and selection of movies pretty evenly spread between the two formats. To be honest, I HATE SONY. They are the evil empire and they play hardball. I preferred the format war b/c it benefited all of us with cheaper prices as they fought for our business. Since that is no longer an option, I make my choices largely based on cost and availability. As long as it is high Def, then I'm in.
    If I had to chose, though, its Blu-ray hands down (PS3). The player loads very quickly compared to the snails pace of the HD-A30 or A2. The updates and audio options tip the scales as well. Future adaptibility, game-play option and improving selection of titles. I really like the PS3's display option to see bit rates, etc during playback.
    HD DVD's web-enabled features seemed like a great idea but in practise were all but useless. I want excellent video and audio not pony-show 'extra' features. The dual-sided discs are a waste...who the hell watches the DVD side anyway? Give me a cool disc label instead.
    NOTE: I'm not looking for an argument here, just voicing my opinion as requested in the OP.
    In the end, I'm glad I have both and will continue to buy both formats as long as I can.
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    the combo discs are useful for those who value portability. That is especially important now that hardware is scarce.

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