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Why I eventually embraced blu ray

I wasn't interested in blu ray. I had hoped HD-DVD would win out but I wasn't going into a format war. When HD-DVD died I still wasn't 'into' blu ray, although I did start buying a few blu ray/DVD combos, preparing for the future.

I have a DVD 'megachanger', a Pioneer DV-F07, and if I was going blu ray it had to be a blu ray megachanger. It had to be a Sony BDP-CX7000ES too, with 7.1 analog audio outputs. But $1900!

So what moved me to blu ray was the 'analog sunset'. The name still conjures up some amazing evening on a south pacific island.

The BDP-CX7000ES was being sold off before the analog sunset, and I picked one up for around $600. I wish I'd bought two now the price they sell for on ebay.

Things I hate about blu ray:

Load times. When I started Terminator 2 Skynet edition I thought the disc or player had died. Eventually I discovered it worked by accident, I went to make some tea and when I came back it was playing. Things have improved but whoever suggested using java for blu ray should be shot (it may not be directly responsible but it certainly can't help).

BD Live advertising. I haven't found a good use for BD Live yet.

Annoying menu sounds. You turn them off but they're back the next time you play the disc.

Buying a blu ray player made me buy a new TV. The new TV had 3D capability. The Sony didn't. So I ended up buying a multi region 3D blu ray player. Expensive....

The one reason I like blu ray above all others:

No effing layer change pause. Only one of my friends notices DVD layer changes, and it doesn't bother him. But layer changes annoy my greatly. Every time I see and hear one it takes me out of the movie watching experience. Some DVDs have layer changes in the worst possible place and UK DVDs seem to be very poorly authored. DVD players based on computer drives don't have this problem I know, but the Pioneer megachanger does pause on a layer change. I've never noticed a layer change on a blu ray player.

My plasma will have to die before I invest in 4K.
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