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Old 07-27-2007, 10:25 PM
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Default Why I chose....

Well, I've been sitting on the sidelines in this HD content war, hoping for a side to win. I still don't think one side is clearly winning, but I've decided to chose, Blu-Ray.

Basically I really wanted HD content and was sick of waiting, and even though I had previously favored HD-DVD (basically because I was mad at Sony), I've decided to go the Blu-Ray route. The primary reason being that for me... it really does seem like the least gamble. With the recent price drop in the 60gb PS3, I'm going to go pick up one of those. Right now I really have very little interest in the gaming aspect of the PS3, but once some games come out (they have to come out eventually right?) then it'll be a gaming system besides just the Blu-Ray. Combine the PS3 price drop with the seeming recent surge in Blu-Ray, and it seems to me like Blu-Ray will probably pull out ahead of the war. And as I mentioned before, if for some reason they don't, then I have a PS3 that I'll want eventually, so it won't be a total waste of money.

I have an XB360, so I was considering picking up the HD-DVD add on, but it still seemed to me that even that could turn into just 180$ down the drain if HD-DVD fails. The PS3 is really a much better deal with the 60gb version being 500$ (though it's still certainly pricey).

Plus Blu-Ray seems to be technically superior in the long run, and I'd rather pick a long run advantage over a short term "cheap" advantage. I suspect by the time the war needs to be deiced, both companies will have players at a consumer level. HD-DVD will be the first to $200, but I don't think that'll give them enough of a lead until Blu-Ray catches up with all of Blu-Ray's current advantages. (primarily the studio support)
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Old 07-27-2007, 11:56 PM
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welcome to the club, and i agree.

whenever you pick up the ps3, download the heavenly sword demo first thing. september can't get here fast enough.
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Old 07-28-2007, 04:42 AM
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good choice.

higher bitrate, 20GB more space, and better scratch protection.

and do i need to list all of the exclusive studios? btw, do a system update, first thing?
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