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    Default Lol oh me. Y me so silleh.

    So.... to say it has been a while since I've browsed the High-Def Digest forums would be a severe undercalculation! But I'm back! And I can't say that I will make this a normal routine, but I'll definitely hop on a little more frequently than this couple year hiatus, haha

    What a strange way to come back, too. If I come back to a forum I had long since abandoned, I enjoy reading back on old posts and threads. It's quite hilarious to me how seriously I took the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray war. I actually made a thread voicing my personal blasphemy that I started buying Blu-rays instead of waiting for the HD DVDs (when Warner announced their 3-week gap for HD DVDs).

    And... and here's the really hilarious thing. For years, I have been getting after everyone who wrongly types HD-DVD, BR, Blu Ray, and Blu-Ray, among other mistakes. But lo and behold, when I started posting here, I was making the same damn mistakes; the most unforgivable one being the dreaded HYPHEN in HD DVD. Oh gawd, I was facepalming myself so hard when I was reading all those mistakes I made haha.

    I could continue writing about my journey through my history with this forum, but I will save you the novel. Haha.

    The real reason I made this thread is that, for all the years that I had my Samsung HD-ready television, I thought it was a 27". It always seemed like a random number to me and many other people, but I just kept repeating that it was a 27". Well it wasn't until I got a new 24" TV last June that I realized that my previous TV was actually only 21"! I was like, "Oh Paul... *facepalm*"

    Had that TV for at least 4 years until I realized that mistake.

    Lol oh me. Y me so silleh.

    Anyways... Hey there everyone!
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    Nice to have you back. Hope to see you around more.

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    Sup MC3624!!! Glad your back.
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