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    Default Fox Screening Every 'Simpsons' Episode Available for World Record Attempt

    Entrants will have to beat last year's record of 86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

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    Sounds like a terrible idea when compared with today's other news, Gamer's Corpse Goes Unnoticed for 9 Hours in Internet Cafe:
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    These bits of contest and news always makes me question my hobbies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger3920 View Post
    Sounds like a terrible idea when compared with today's other news, Gamer's Corpse Goes Unnoticed for 9 Hours in Internet Cafe:
    League of Legends gave him a stiffy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rm082e View Post
    League of Legends gave him a stiffy!

    Next to no one I know (even those living in eastern Europe or Asia) is part of League of Legends East. Most of them rather sign up for League of Legends West and forget about the competitive part.

    Guess that's part of the reason. League of Legends West is already engrosingly competitive. Wouldn't want to play against some Asian guys. My personal match record is 3 hours and 45 minutes. Dunno if my bowels could have taken more than that (Asian matches can take 5 hours or more).

    EDIT: WTF?

    Chinese gamer dies after 15-day session

    An overweight 26 year-old man from north-eastern China has died after a ceaseless gaming session over the Lunar New Year holiday.

    Chinese state media reported that Xu Yan, a local teacher from Jinzhou, in Liaoning province, collapsed on Saturday after spending almost 15 days playing online games.

    According to his parents, Xu found the holiday boring as all the markets and other businesses were closed, leaving only the TV and computer as entertainment.

    As reported last week, the Chinese government is very worried about the apparent problems with internet addiction among teenagers and young adults in the country.

    Surveys released by state media suggest that 2.6 million, almost 14 per cent, of teenage internet users are classed as addicts.

    The authorities have been introducing sweeping measures to help combat the problem.

    These include banning teenagers from cyber-cafés, limiting online gaming sessions, and even boot camp-style military training, psychological counselling and electrocution.
    How is that even possible? Pretty sure his body should have given up after roughly 2.5 days. Probably a lot earlier, as he was in bad shape.
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    putting aside the food,drink,bathroom,sleeping issues...i dont care how awesome a show is or how much i may love it, no way i could go that long without getting tired of it and wanting to do other things. hell when the Simpsons dvd sets come out, i watch them in batches of 3 episodes and thats enough for a few hours because the few times i may hit 4, halfway through that one i can't wait til it ends.

    and when it comes to "hourlong" shows, 2 episodes is enough and i have to force myself for 3. its partly because i may not lead an exciting one but i do have a life and don't wanna waste a whole day watching one show. so kudos to whoever does this for more than 2 or 3hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rm082e View Post
    league of legends gave him a stiffy!

    it dosent you?!

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