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    Default These famous/semi-famous people have died in the last few years

    Someone keeps up with celebrity and near-celebrity deaths on another forum I frequent and I thought people might be interested to see the list.

    Recap of 2006:

    Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne
    Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett
    Dana Reeve (Mrs. Christopher Reeve)
    Country star Buck Owens
    Polish author Stanislaw Lem
    Tenor Gene Pitney
    June Pointer of the Pointer Sisters
    Earl Woods (Tiger Woods' father)
    Former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson
    Johnnie Wilder Jr., the soulful lead singer of the R&B band Heatwave
    Singer-songwriter Billy Preston
    John Tenta, better known as the pro-wrestler "Earthquake"
    Al-Qaida chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
    Claydes Charles Smith, a co-founder, guitarist of the group Kool & the Gang
    Aaron Spelling, TV producer
    Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's mother
    Enron's Ken Lay
    Milan B. Williams, of The Commodores
    Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd
    American comedian and actor Red Buttons
    Talk show host Mike Douglas
    Character actor Bruno Kirby
    Bruce Gary, The Knack's original drummer
    Jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson
    Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin
    'Darwin's tortoise' Harriet dies, age 176
    Daniel Smith, son of Anna Nicole Smith
    Byron Nelson
    Tamara Dobson, model-turned-actress (Cleopatra Jones)
    Ed Bradley, the longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent
    R&B singer Gerald Levert
    Oscar winner Jack Palance
    Nobel economist Milton Friedman
    Spanish language TV titan, Raul Velasco
    Comic book illustrator Dave Cockrum
    Peter Boyle, actor
    Mike Evans, original Lionel Jefferson
    James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul"
    Former President Gerald Ford
    Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti

    Recap of 2007:

    Yvonne De Carlo, star of TV's 'Munsters,'
    Jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker
    "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow (Flying Burrito Brothers)
    Benny Parsons, NASCAR champion
    Darlene Conley, a veteran stage and television actress
    Columnist Art Buchwald
    Denny Doherty (Mamas and the Papas)
    Ron Carey, an actor on "Barney Miller"
    WWE Superstar Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow
    Brent Liles, bassist for Social Distortion
    Marcheline Bertrand, actress and mother of Angelina Jolie
    Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro
    Best-selling author Sidney Sheldon
    Joe Hunter, Motown's first bandleader (The Funk Brothers)
    Singer Billy Henderson (The Spinners)
    Anna Nicole Smith, former Playboy playmate
    Ian Richardson, man in the Rolls-Royce who asked, "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"
    Joe Edwards, an artist who created the character Li'l Jinx
    Comic book hero Captain America
    Singer Brad Delp (Boston)
    Richard Jeni, a standup comedian
    Luther Ingram, R&B singer
    Woody Harrelson's dad, Charles Harrelson
    Calvert DeForest, oddball Larry "Bud" Melman on David Letterman
    Film director Robert Clark, best known for "A Christmas Story" and "Porky's"
    Cartoonist Johnny Hart, "B.C." comic strip
    Kiss guitarist Mark St. John
    Kurt Vonnegut, Novelist Who Caught the Imagination of His Age
    Actor Roscoe Lee Browne, Narrator of "Babe"
    Legendary crooner Don Ho
    Boris Yeltsin
    Bobby "Boris" Pickett, "Monster Mash" singer
    Tommy Newsom, backup bandleader on "The Tonight Show" as "Mr. Excitement"
    Tom Poston, actor on television shows "Newhart" and "Mork and Mindy,"
    Astronaut Wally Schirra, fifth American in space
    The Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority
    Yolanda Denise King, daughter of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Charles Nelson Reilly
    Don Herbert, television's "Mr. Wizard"
    Former U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim
    Pro wrestler Chris Benoit
    Joel Siegel, a longtime movie critic
    Beverly Sills, the Brooklyn-born opera diva
    Tammy Faye Messner, the former televangelist and Christian singer
    Legendary film-maker Ingmar Bergman
    Merv Griffin, creator of "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune"
    Leona Helmsley, 'queen of mean'
    Tenor Luciano Pavarotti
    Josef Erich Zawinul, jazz keyboardist and composer.
    Author Robert Jordan, "Wheel of Time" series
    Televangelist Rex Humbard
    Mime legend Marcel Marceau
    Actress Deborah Kerr
    Comedian Joey Bishop
    South African reggae star Lucky Dube
    Entertainer Robert Goulet
    Country legend Porter Wagoner
    Friedman Paul Erhardt, a German-born cook known as "Chef Tell"
    Linda Stein, real estate agent to the stars and manager of The Ramones
    George Osmond, Osmond family patriarch
    Prolific author Norman Mailer
    'Mr. Whipple' actor Dick Wilson
    Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of Quiet Riot
    Daredevil Evel Knievel
    Ike Turner
    Dan Fogelberg, singer and songwriter
    Lynette Knackstedt, guitarist of Skankin Pickle
    Jazz great Oscar Peterson
    Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto

    Recap of 2008:

    Choi Yo-sam – WBO Flyweight Champion
    Bobby Fisher – Chess Genius
    Allan Melvin – Sam the Butcher on Brady Bunch
    Suzanne Pleshette – “The Bob Newhart Show”
    John Steward – Guy who wrote “Daydream Believer”
    Heath Ledger – Actor
    Billy Poole – Professional Extreme Skier
    Maila Nurmi - "Vampira”
    Sir Edmund Hillary - First to climb Mr. Everest
    Christopher Bowman - an American figure skater.
    Brad Renfro – Actor
    Christian Brando – Son of Marlon Brando
    Shell Kepler – actress “General Hospital”
    Barry Morse – “The Fugitive”
    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Guru to The Beatles
    Roy Scheider – Police Chief from “Jaws”
    David Groh – “Rhoda”
    William F. Buckley Jr. – Founder ‘The National Review”
    Buddy Miles – Jimmy Hendrix Drummer
    Mike Smith – Dave Clark 5 singer
    Katoucha Niane – African Supermodel
    Gary Gygax – Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons
    Ola Brunkert – Former drummer of ABBA
    Arthur C. Clarke – Writer of “2001: A Space Odyssey”
    Herb Peterson – Inventor of the Egg McMuffin
    Richard Widmark – Tough Guy actor
    Dith Pran – Subject of “The Killing Fields”
    Sean Levert – R&B Singer
    Wayne Frost – Hip Hop Artist “Frosty Freeze”
    Charlton Heston – Guy who had a lot of guns
    Hazel Court – Classic Horror Movie Actress
    Danny Federici – Keyboardist of The E Street Band
    Paul Davis – Singer of “65 Love Affair” and others
    Al Wilson – Soul singer
    Albert Hofmann – Inventor of LSD
    Cedella Booker – Mother of Bob Marley
    Irvine Robbins – Co-Founder of Baskin Robbins
    Eddy Arnold – Country music legend
    Dick Martin – Zany “Laugh In” actor
    Sydney Pollack – Director
    Thelma Keane – Inspiration for the Mommy character in Family Circus
    Sophie Altman – Creator of “Its Academic”
    Harvey Korman – Comedian
    Yves Saint Laurent – Fashion designer
    Bo Diddley – Rock and Roll Hall of Famer
    Fredric J. Baur – The man who designed the Pringles container
    Jim McKay – Sportscaster
    Bob Anderson – “Its a Wonderful Life” Actor
    Johnny Rauch – NFL Football Coach, College Football Hall of Fame and my grandfather
    Tim Russert – Newscaster
    Cyd Charisse – Dancer
    George Carlin – Comedian
    Larry Harmon – “Bozo The Clown”
    Sen. Jesse Helms – Politician
    Estelle Getty – Golden Girl
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn – Russian Writer
    Bernie Mac – Comedian
    Isaac Hayes – “Chef”
    Robert Hazard – Dickhead who wrote “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
    Julius Carey III – Actor “Shogun of Harlem”
    Jerry Wexler – R&B Pioneer
    LeRoi Moore – Dave Matthews Sax Player
    Del Martin – Lesbian activist
    Jerry Reed – Singer
    Richard Wright – Pink Floyd keyboardist
    David Foster Wallace – Writer “Infinite Jest”
    Earl Palmer – Session drummer on “Tutti Frutti”
    Bill Melendez - Animator who gave life to Snoopy, Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters
    Paul Newman – Actor and salad dressing maker
    Madelyn Dunham - Obama's Grandmother
    House Peters Jr – “Mr. Clean”
    Brad Stewart – Gidget Gein from Marilyn Manson
    Levi Stubbs – The Four Tops
    Gerard Depardieu – French actor
    Edie Adams – Actress
    Mr. Blackwell – “Worst Dressed” critic
    Rudy Ray Moore – “Dolemite”
    Gerard Damiano – Director of “Deep Throat”
    Studs Terkel – Pulitzer Prize winner
    Frank Navetta – Founding guitarist of The Descendents
    Shakir Stewart – Def Jam exec
    Michael Crichton – Jurassic Park writer
    Mitch Mitchell – Jimmy Hendrix drummer
    Bettie Page – Pinup Model
    Van Johnson – Heartthrob actor
    Mike "Mad Dog" Bell – Professional Wrestler
    Majel Barrett Roddenberry = Mrs. Star Trek
    Eartha Kitt - Singer, actress

    Recap of 2009:

    Jett Travolta - son of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston
    Ricardo Montalban - the Mexican-born actor from "Fantasy Island"
    Patrick McGoohan - "The Prisoner"
    David "Fathead" Newman - jazz musician who played with the Ray Charles Band
    John Updike - Writer
    Bob May - "Lost In Space" actor
    Helio Gracie - creator of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
    Billy Powell - keyboardist for Lynard Skynard
    Clint Ritchie - played Clint Buchanan on One Life To Live
    Phil Carey - played Asa Buchanan on One Life To Live
    "the singing queer from the Cramps"
    Paul Harvey - legendary radio host
    Altovise Davis - widow of entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
    Natasha Richardson - Actress and Skier
    Ron Silver - Actor, Bad Guy in "Time Cop"
    Andrew "Test" Martin - Professional Wrestler
    James Purdy - Writer
    Jade Goody - British reality TV star
    John Hope Franklin -historian and scholar on issues of race and the South
    Joe Anne Malkovich - Mother of John Malkovich
    Harry Kalas - NFL Films narrator
    Marilyn Chambers - Porn Star
    Bea Arthur - Golden Girl
    Dom Deluise - Fat guy
    Donald "Ean" Evans - bassist for Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Chuck Daley - Baseball Coach
    Wayman Tisdale - jazz musician, NBA star
    Blue Iris - old porn star
    Hugh Van Es - Dutch photojournalist
    Mike Tyson's daughter
    David Carradine - "Kung Fu" actor, sexual deviant
    Ed McMahon - longtime pitchman and Johnny Carson
    Darrell "Shifty" Powers - "Band of Brothers"
    Farrah Fawcett - super hot actress
    Billy Mays - Infomercial guy
    Karl Malden - Oscar winner
    Steve McNair - NFL Quarterback
    Robert McNamara - Political dude
    Arturo "Thunder" Gatti - Boxer
    Walter Cronkite - Newsman
    Henry Allingham - Worlds Oldest Man
    Frank McCourt - Angela's Ashes author
    "Gidget" - Taco Bell Chihuahua
    Vernon "The Viper" Forrest - Boxer
    Marco Antonio Nazareth - Boxer
    Marc Leduc - Boxer
    Corazon Aquino - Philippine President
    John Hughes - Director
    Les Paul - Guitarist
    Robert Novack - Political Guy
    DJ AM - a shitty DJ
    Ted Kennedy - politician
    Larry Gelbart - writer of MASH
    Patrick Swayze - actor
    Myles Brand -NCAA President and all-around dickhead
    Captain Lou Albano - Pro Wrestling Manager
    Soupy Sales - Comedian
    Ken Ober - MTV Host
    Edward Fatu - Pro Wrestler "Umaga"
    Oral Roberts - Religious guy
    Chris Henry - NFL WR
    Brittany Murphy - actress, drug addict
    James Owen Sullivan - Avenged Sevenfold drummer
    Erik Gates - guy on Mythbusters
    Dr. Death Steve Williams - Pro Wrestler
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    Add Michael Jackson to the 2009 list.

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    Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro? What, Come onnnnnnnnn!
    I need my 10th positive feedback so I can sell Witless Protection in the $10 and under thread!

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