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Default Pandas 4K - HDD Review

Focused on the adorable, heartwarming, and even occasionally harrowing journey of one panda's transition from captivity to the wild, Pandas offers an enjoyable yet fleeting IMAX documentary adventure. Though the video transfer can't quite reach the demo-worthy status as some other wildlife titles, this 4K HDR10 digital release features some nice imagery and a modest yet lively audio track. There might not be enough here to warrant a full purchase, but this endearing adventure is certainly worthy of a rental. (Please note: this page's affiliate links are for the Best Buy Exclusive 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.)

PS... not sure if we're getting a screener disc of these (Warners just sent us a code bc they were focusing on the digital release), but generally speaking 4K Blus improve upon everything we enjoy in a streaming presentation)
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