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Default Pet Semetary 4K - HDD Review

Although starting to lose some of its steam after three decades, Stephen King's Pet Sematarynonetheless remains a darkly creepy fairytale about family grief and trauma. Paramount Studios celebrates the cult horror classic's 30th Anniversary on Ultra HD with a lovely Dolby Vision HDR presentation, the same DTS-HD MA soundtrack as before, and a trio of new bonuses, making the overall UHD package Recommended.
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I didn't realize there was a remake coming til I got the Zavvi email of it being on preorder already.
It's been so long since I've seen this (think HBO as soon as it was released to that channel, 1990ish maybe) that I totally forgot Denise Crosby is in it. We didn't know who she was back then actually, til we saw a popular TV show begin that same era. (Star Trek TNG)
I did pick up the SteelBook. Although I generally dislike most Mondo releases, this one was fairly decent. (I must have been desensitized by all the terrible Pop Art covers or that the Mondo Disney covers are decent??) - For the record, it is Mondo X #37.
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The screengrabs in the review seem as if the old blu-ray is better than the remaster. But here's some comparisons between the new 4K remastered blu-ray vs. the old blu-ray.

The new blu-ray is a little more darker than the previous release, but the new blu-ray has improved clarity, detail, and colour. This is an easy recommend for an upgrade.
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