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    Default 'Allied' Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray - High-Def Digest Reviews

    E has reviewed Robert Zemeckis' 'Allied' on Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray. This is recommended. Read his reviews to see which edition is right for you...

    Ultra HD Blu-ray:

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    This movie was all over the place in regards to tone, with some really cringe worthy dialogue like "Lets go see your chickens" and "Thats a lot of Fucks" it couldnt nail down what it was trying to be. It had some really good moments like the initial setup for their mission and later the actual completing of that mission but then it drags pretty bad.

    I really didnt give a crap about either one of them, their story just wasnt built up well enough, their bit of time together in the beginning of the film didnt sell me at all on their relationship and him wanting to marry her, didnt seem like near enough time went by.

    My favorite part was Pitt's attempt at figuring things out, going WAY out of his way to try and prove something when the plans to uncover what was going on actually worked, if I was in that situation I would have waited and played the part not gallivant around town and really put my life at risk to find out one piece of information, it felt forced

    when the end came, I just didnt care if she was or wasnt, nothing was earned at all and with the tone wildly going up and down throughout the whole thing, its definitely one I wont be watching again

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