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Default Sony UBP-X1100ES -- HDD Review

The Sony X1100ES supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG HDR (but not HDR+), streams your favorite content from Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube, upscales your existing Blu-rays to 4K, and plays high-resolution audio files and discs. Though it may not be a dream machine (a few annoying anomalies detract from its appeal), the X1100ES hits its marks with precision and quality, which earns it an enthusiastic endorsement. Recommended.
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Wow, great review David. I too like a printed manual, nice touch Sony. I have a drawer that they all stay in, and when I have a device that has online only (downloadable PDF even) I feel a bit annoyed. It's not convenient to turn on my PC or my phone and locate the manual.
The Dolby Vision implementation does sound really annoying. Hopefully Sony will respond with a firmware update, sounds like it needs a simple "Auto" option.
As far as picture adjustments, I generally do not mess with the picture at all, so the adjustments would not matter to me. It's hard to load a movie and decide you want to adjust the level as movies are so dynamic that an adjustment early on in the movie might not be so good later on.
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Thanks, Krawk! Totally agree about the manuals. Looking up stuff on a phone is far from ideal and running back and forth between a computer and your HT setup is a real pain.

I, too, hope Sony can fix that Dolby Vision issue. Otherwise, itís a really nice player.
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