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    Default Why do Disney movies never go on sale?

    Disney rant incoming...

    Zootopia came out month's ago but is still $23. WTF? I have never seen that movie, or any of their other movies drop below $20. There is no reason why Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, and Untangled shouldn't be more than $15 at this point. Why do the Disney movies never go on sale?

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    One word.. demand, it's not like the mouse house is struggling for sales or profits.

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    They don't have to. As dianebrat said, the demand is high. And by limiting sales production, they ensure that there is always a demand.

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    Many Disney movies were on sale this week at Amazon for $17~ish. Not sounding like a sale but when the average price for them is $25, it is a sale.

    But then again back to the F You America category, Zavvi and Amazon UK often times have a B1G1 or B2G1 or other such promo for Disney.
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