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Old 02-12-2015, 06:17 AM
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Default Gurren Lagann Complete for around $60 shipped at AmazonUK or Zavvi



There's an ultimate version that includes the two films and other goodies for a bit more, but I am only interested in the series and opted for the standard complete version.

I ordered from Amz. My total including shipping came out to GBP 39.10/USD 61.84. That is the lowest price to date that I've seen for the complete set at AmzUK if am not mistaken. The domestic distributor - Aniplex of America is asking $50 each for five volumes ($250 before tax and shipping) which makes importing this UK set look like a steal by comparison.

Edit: FYI, I've read that this set is region B (I realize that's a dealbreaker for many that don't have a region free player/drive). I'll confirm once I receive my copy, I've got all regions pretty much covered.

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Old 02-25-2015, 11:24 PM
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Received it today, tested it on a bunch of players and can confirm that it is region b locked.

Back cover is also labeled as such:

I briefly skimmed through the first disc, looks and sounds good. When I get the time to sit down and watch, I'll capture some screenies along the way and post them in the screenshot thread.

On a more detailed note, I did read about an issue (a very slight one) regarding just several seconds of the video quality. It was something out of the publisher's hands, the masters they received from Gainax were borked:
Some people have flagged that there are some video issues on episodes 5, 7 and 10 for Gurren Lagann. These issues were flagged in QC – at these points the images froze and the audio continued. We tracked down the reason for this – it was down to the masters we received having the audio but no video at these points.

If you’re curious about them and haven’t noticed them you’ll find them in these points only:

Episode 5: 20:47 – 20:56 (9 seconds, picture here)
Episode 7: 08:29 – 08:42 (13 seconds, picture here)
Episode 10: 17:27 (momentary, picture here)

At these points we made a call – we had to switch in the DVD footage as the best solution since no re-supply was possible in this case. Otherwise, you would have had 9 seconds, 13 seconds and a momentary image freeze with ongoing audio in its place. Not ideal. These are the only instances and as you can tell they are not over any crucial moments, so whilst annoying it doesn’t impact the overall viewing pleasure & quality of watching Team Gurren on your big TV.
Considering the situation, I think they handled it quite well.

Edit: Had to reup the image.

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Old 02-26-2015, 02:40 AM
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I checked out the problematic areas of the video.

Episode 5: 20:47 – 20:56 -- The first 4-5 seconds is a static fade to black screen transition, the ensuing 3-4 seconds involve a slow pan across two frames of static animation under low lighting. The problem here is very insignificant

Episode 7: 08:29 – 08:42 -- Most of the clip contains a lot of fast moving animation under brighter lighting conditions, the drop in quality here is a bit more jarring and noticeable.

Episode 10: 17:27 -- The issue here is even less significant than the one found in ep5, I have to pause the picture to even see the difference. It's not even worth mentioning, imo.

Overall, the issues in eps 5 and 10 did not bother me at all, but the one in ep7 was slightly annoying.
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