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Krawk 09-13-2010 05:30 AM

Get 7 Disney Company blus shipped for $21.90, Disney Movie Club
I thought it worth to mention this as it's on a different thread because not everyone is reading the Disney Movie Rewards thread.
Dragonzo369 mentioned a special offer where you get 7 titles for basically $22. I did a little bit of exploring and found on retailmenot.com a promo code that gives you access to the deal.
Here's how it works, visit Disney Movie Club and enter promo code 14382, better yet, if you have not already, join Disney Movie Rewards and under special offer, find the link to the movie club, you will get 500 bonus points for using this link, once there, click "I have a promo code" and enter the code, 14382

Get 7 Disney Company blus shipped for $21.90, well, sort of,
In order to get the first 5 movies for $1.00 with free shipping you must sign up with a Credit Card. At that point the club requires you buy 4 more titles in 2 years at regular price of $29.95 or up. At sign up though you can buy one of these 4 required titles (reducing your commitment to 3) at $11.95,then if you choose, take a Bonus disc at $8.95, all with no additional shipping.
5 Blus, $1.00
6th Blu (counts towards commitment) - $11.95
7th Bonus Disc - $8.95
Shipping when using CC $0.00
Total Price, $21.90

I observed if you click A-Z listing you don't see all the titles, so you should click on "Grown Up Hits" and/or "Family Movies"

thorataz 09-13-2010 09:39 AM

Thanks, looks like a good deal. I will look at it.

drgonzo369 09-13-2010 11:05 AM

I should point out that the bonus 500 points comes in the form of a special code WITH your first order. The first order takes 2-4 weeks (or so they say) to receive (mine shipped in 48 hours). All "commitment" purchases once you place your order may be blu's 29.95 and higher OR dvds 19.95 and higher (honestly, I'm thinking of going the rest in dvd to come out ahead, especially if I get some Ghibli releases I don't have), and the original must be all dvd or all blu. Once the initial order is placed, the other "commitment" purchases may be either format. Depending on how you do the rest of your purchases, I believe you can actually come out ahead. There are s/h fees as well as processing fees for all orders (including the commitment movies), and the first processing fee is always higher. This IS a mail order club, just like the rest, complete with monthly cards you receive in the mail with the feature film of the month that is mailed to you if you don't respond. Unlike my past dealings with BMG back in Jr High (circa 1992), you can handle all your "no, I don't want that shitty movie" stuff online and hold off the dogs for 2 years before having to give them more money.

project-blu 09-13-2010 11:13 AM

warning: their monthly deals are horrendous, truly awful. it's a trap if ever there were one.

Tibor Lugosi 09-13-2010 11:55 AM

This is a good deal, but their selection isn't that great.

chameleontongue 09-13-2010 11:56 AM

4 blu's for $30 just seems like an awful trap.. im getting Tinker bell and Beauty & the Beast for $26 together.. avg $13 a piece is way better than paying $60 for them.. seems like thru time there going to get there money back with charging yall $30 for 4 titles plus shipping fees

Krawk 09-13-2010 02:21 PM

Let's assume your commitment titles are $29.95, rounded up for S&H, $35, so, total cost for the 3 movies if ordered 1 at a time, $105, initial order for 7 movies is $22, so, you get 10 movies for about $125.00. Bad deal? Not in my eyes. You save a negligible amount if you order more than 1 regular priced one at a time.

chameleontongue 09-13-2010 02:39 PM

i cant speak for all consumers but i already have like 80% of the titles on there.. the few that i dont have are titles that are of somewhat interest or have no interest at all.. i cant even find 7 movies on there that i would really want that i dont already have.. for someone thats been collecting Blu for a long time it just doesnt appeal to me.. for new blu owners i could why they would jump on this or even someone who just wants to build up there collection some more..

i personally will just wait for all the $10 coupon cause i only avg spending like $10-16 on every disney release (not including the buena vista titles). other than a pixar title or platinum edition titles i dont see nothing worth $30 and even does come out with coupons to save money

Krawk by all means im not saying this is a bad deal for everyone but it just doesnt suit me personally

drgonzo369 09-13-2010 09:43 PM

2 of the blus I ordered were for x-mas presents, so that is good for me. And I'll probably just order some Ghibli dvds to get the rest of my commitment done and cancel sometime next year (you have 2 years to finish the commitment). *shrug* I didnt' think I'd get "suckered" in, but I did. Now to see if it pays off.

project-blu 09-13-2010 10:08 PM

disney movie club only offers free shipping if you buy their shitty combo or triple pack monthly selections. they have the majority of the disney BD library, including the existing touchstone/miramax BDs, but the good titles aren't no 29.95 on there. their site is a real mother fucker, it will say a title is 9.99 on sale after buying 1 at full price, but carts won't budge past 14.95 on some titles (had this happen to me on a title for 3 months before i said fuck you to it).

they're truly an awful club. VERY small selection. VERY poor deals. it's one hell of a trap, and nothing more. if you get suckered in, get to your agreement level and bail, ASAP. don't take any discounted titles, even at 5%, as no matter how expensive they are, they won't affect your membership quota. they're horrible. seriously, atrocious.

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