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    Default Suicide Squad (UHD - BD - Digital HD) [Best Buy Canada]

    Suicide Squad UHD Steelbook Combo Pack
    Includes UHD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD Copy

    Well, it's finally available. It has been listed for some time, as 'sold out', but it is finally available for sale. It's one of the few UHD Steelbooks out there.

    I went for it, as we'll probably be getting a UHD TV soon, and I need to start grabbing UHD combos anyway. I haven't seen the movie, though I haven't really heard great things about it, I'll probably still enjoy it well enough.
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    I see the same f'ugly Popsy cover art.
    I say on this one - No Extended Edition on UHD, NO SALE.
    Keep Physical Media Alive, Just say NO to digital "ownership"

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