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  1. March 4th Releases
  2. DeepDiscountDVD Nghtmare....
  3. Ever notice how..
  4. Thank you Warner (I think)
  5. Bought my last hd dvds today
  6. Where to get new WB releases without the all-red case?
  7. Into the Wild
  8. Future Shop Canada Sales have started.
  9. 'Ocean's 11/Ocean's 12' -- pre-release buzz
  10. I would like to see...
  11. 1408 - Director's Cut (Dutch Import)' - High-Def Digest Review
  12. What must have titles do you still not own?
  13. No Cloverfield for HD-DVD...LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 'No Reservations' High-Def Digest Review
  15. Dirty Harry collection on HD June 3rd?
  16. T2 on HD DVD
  17. Paramount Cancels HD DVD Titles
  18. Sahara
  19. T2 ultimate collectors edition
  20. HD DVD collectors items
  21. check out the screen shots and review for into the wild
  22. What happen to "Dragon Tiger Gate" ?
  23. Bee Movie
  24. Tomb Raider 2 German Import HD-DVD
  25. Jack Ryan Available
  26. HP movies
  27. Mahler - Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection" Impressions
  28. 'Dispatch: Zimbabwe - Live from Madison Square Garden' - High-Def Digest Review
  29. One Missed Call coming to HD DVD in April
  30. Make your own 2 disc case!
  31. Is this possible....?
  32. Anyone having trouble viewing Beowulf on Xbox360 Add-on?
  33. looking for zodiac coverart
  34. A complete list of all HD DVD's?
  35. Interesting Topic on Dreamworks
  36. Watching Next right now.....
  37. HD DVD cases
  38. Why is Universal and Paramount treating us like we've got the plague!?!?
  39. Remaining HD DVD Titles You Want to Own!
  40. What LIBRARY title are you most disappointed in missing on HD DVD?
  41. Transformers on Blu-Ray Already Displayed at Best Buy!
  42. Canadians only have 2 days left for free movies
  43. I am committed to being Purple for many years!!!
  44. HD DVD Blog Post - Part 2
  45. How much has your collection grown since sales?
  46. Warner vs. The Other Studios on HD DVD Going Forward
  47. 'One Missed Call' -- pre-release buzz
  48. 'Beowulf: The Director's Cut' - High-Def Digest Review
  49. Could CH-DVD save HD DVD??
  50. HEADS UP - Check your Netflix Queue!
  51. Question about 5 free HD-DVD Movies Offer
  52. Advice?
  53. replacement hd dvd cases
  54. So what happens after May?
  55. Paramount Pulls Several Upcoming Titles
  56. Zodiac (Two-Disc Director's Cut) [HD DVD]
  57. 'The Road to Bali/The Road to Rio' - High-Def Digest Review
  58. Cinderella Man
  59. Bandai Visual USA to Continue Freedom on HD DVD/DVD (Updated)
  60. Just watched Zodiac. Wow.
  61. To those of you who are still planning on buying HD DVDs...
  62. The future of your HD DVD discs...
  63. The Godfather Trilogy HD DVD PreOrder (UK) release
  64. Sweeney Todd HD DVD Widescreen Wallpapers
  65. Fletch is *still* coming out.. right?
  66. Bee Movie Release Question
  67. Smokin Aces Xbox Add on
  68. 88 Minutes, Apocalypto and Saw 4 in Scandinavia
  69. The Godfather Trilogy and Charlie Wilson`s War annonced in the UK
  70. February 26th Releases
  71. Rookie in need of advice
  72. Shawshank Redemption HD DVD pre order is up now!!
  73. When will the stores be cutting prices?
  74. buy now, or wait for cheaper sales?
  75. a great HD DVD boost!
  76. Hdi Feature
  77. No matter what, HD-DVD fans....
  78. HD DVD releases getting better since Toshiba bailed?
  79. Beowulf and Assassination of Jesse James?
  80. New A3...
  81. HD-DVD cases?
  82. Still getting I Am Legend on HD DVD?
  83. IGN Beowulf (Director's Cut) HD DVD Review
  84. Anybody have Mulholland Drive on HD DVD?
  85. Universal/Paramount will they support both formats?
  86. Beowulf VS FF Advent Children.
  87. Before the Devil Knows [HD DVD] canceled?
  88. Just got Back from Hollywood video
  89. 'Basic Instinct (UK Import)' - High-Def Digest Review
  90. Are you going Blu?
  91. Remaining HD DVD Releases!
  92. Called up Kino and Palm Pictures. Broached an idea with Palm, hear me out.
  93. UFC HD DVD scrapped?
  94. Hollywood Video Clearance
  95. So are Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan still coming out on HD?
  96. Well done Universal and Paramount, well done!
  97. My future HD-DVD plans...
  98. I am Legend HD DVD preorder up on Amazon
  99. Atonement on DVD and HD DVD March 18th
  100. 'Mr. Bean's Holiday' (UK Import) High-Def Digest Review
  101. new releases...beowulf, sweeney todd...prices...
  102. New release questions!
  103. "Beware" to people waiting for their free HD DVD's
  104. John C. Dvorak: HD DVD a scheme to mess with Sony
  105. Ultimate Matrix collection, extras?
  106. Much point in buying into HD DVD now?
  107. Since when did Janet Murray speak for the consumer? lol
  108. Paramount officially Blu
  109. Constantine
  110. HD DVD "Freedom" to continue
  111. Anyone got a video of the Toshiba HD DVD Press Conference from Tuesday?
  112. didn't i read on here a few weeks ago American Beauty was announced for HD DVD?
  113. Cloverfield April 22nd
  114. Sales increase on Amazon after Toshiba drops HDDVD?
  115. Buy HD DVD movies for $15 or wait?
  116. Had doubts about going purple - ended up with another HD DVD player
  117. Went neuteral!!
  118. Why HD DVD Should Have Won the Format War: Part 1
  119. Is this taboo?
  120. Format war veteran's Last Request
  121. GameStop Ceases HD DVD Trade-In Policy
  122. Toshiba: "Consumers did not chose Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, the industry did"
  123. 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' High-Def Digest Review
  124. Where are the clearance bins?
  125. What if Paramount keeps supporting HD DVD?
  126. RE: SD DVD | Why cant studios release only Dual Combo DVD from now on?
  127. The Day After: somber
  128. Top Five Predictions for Blu-Ray, now that HD-DVD is Gone
  129. For the wife..Best "Chick Flick" on HD DVD
  130. HD DVD imports
  131. Warners will continue to release HD-DVDs until June as planned
  132. Mr. Bean issues on HD-A3 Any ideas?
  133. Star Trek TOS, NOW WHAT???
  134. There Will Be Blood up for pre order on amazon now!! april 8th release date
  135. So I'm watching American Gangster on HD DVD...
  136. WTF!!! Players going UP in price on Amazon!!!
  137. Is there any software?
  138. different versions of Eastern Promises?
  139. How to save HDDVD
  140. It has already started in Australia - Universal
  141. So I came home tonight...
  142. Just Ordered My "Last HD DVD's" from Amazon !!
  143. Back Up Hddvd Player.......price Drops On A35???
  144. Sweeney Todd HD Artwork w/Sleeve
  145. Requiem For HD DVD
  146. Divx-HD
  147. My Goodbye to HD DVD.
  148. How much are You in for?
  149. I watched Enter the Dragon last night...
  150. What do you think Toshiba's plan now? Super Upconverter
  151. Futureshop+HDDVD player+Extended warrenty=??
  152. What do you think Toshiba's plan now? Super Unconverter
  153. 'Sublime' -- pre-release buzz
  154. The news today is depressing, but I got my Phaser!!!
  155. Kinda quiet here right now...
  156. Borders pulling all HD DVDs?
  157. standalone numbers
  158. It hurts, but was my best ever tech decision! EURO HD DVD owner
  159. Why Not Purple Uni,Paramount and DW
  160. Blockbuster Online and HD DVD...
  161. Holy CRAP there are some deals out there!!!!
  162. Bandai Visual Comments on future 'Freedom' releases...
  163. Universal goes blu
  164. 'Toto: Live in Amsterdam' High-Def Digest Review
  165. Why were they dragging their feet on an announcement?
  166. Why are people selling off their HD collections?
  167. Birthrite HD DVD
  168. towel thrown, fine but ... who's still waiting for their 5 free HDDVD's from Toshiba?
  169. Media obviously NOT being pulled, sales numbers
  170. Are you keeping your movies, or getting rid of them?
  171. HD DVD Bitstream Question
  172. How long to go Blu
  173. news as of 4:42 EST
  174. Sweeney Tood, No Country, Cloverfield?
  175. The Jack Ryan Collection?
  176. It's over, but we want a Dual Format Player.
  177. The Official What's Next For Us Thread
  178. Anyone Able to Get An HD-DVD for BD Swap From Warner or Newline?
  179. 'Ghost Rider (French Import)' High-Def Digest Review
  180. Possibility of Toshiba not conceding tomorrow?
  181. Toshiba still honor 5 free offer?
  182. What Will Be The Last Hd Dvd? Imports Included
  183. Lockdown!!!!
  184. Is anyone ever going to buy Toshiba products ever again?
  185. I want to hear from the studio's!
  186. 400 viewing this forum, and 100 viewing the blu-ray one
  187. American Gangster and Beowulf
  188. Officially over @ 5pm Japan time
  189. take action: best buy
  190. Could things be this grim?
  191. What HD DVD Title could become the Colectors item of Ebay?
  192. hd-dvd officially going down tom???
  193. Anymore new releases for HD-DVD?
  194. Buy Buy Buy
  195. If this is the end, have you stopped buying
  196. ABC 7 News in Chicago Just Mentioned HD DVD Could be Done!
  197. What happened to Universals big guns?
  198. Should I wait for fire-sales or buy now?
  199. 'Serpico (French Import)' High-Def Digest Review
  200. Does Universal really need to go Blu?
  201. Somebody explain rebuying HD DVDs on Blu Ray!
  202. If Toshiba owned a Studio or two!
  203. Toshiba has issued a response. A vague one.
  204. Question about the Matrix HD DVD
  205. Dear WalMart:
  206. WGN 9 Chicago! The War is over Feature is coming Tuesday 2/19/08
  207. Will 'The Silent Treatment' end Monday?
  208. Toshiba calls it quits??
  209. Something dosen't add up?
  210. Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war
  211. What will Warner do?
  212. Kind of funny, kind of sad
  213. The odds now of seeing Star Trek S2 and 3 on HD?
  214. Just a wild thought
  215. Why is anyone expecting any further HD DVD releases?
  216. Is it over for HD DVD? It does not need to be...
  217. Just picked up a bunch of HD DVD's..
  218. Assuming Toshiba throws in the towel, what can we expect to see Universal do?
  219. What makes you think it's over all of a sudden?
  220. Excellent post. Reason why I wont support BR.
  221. Now that its over, How do you feel about your purchase?
  222. I think its really over for HD DVD.
  223. If Toshiba drops HD DVD, will Univesal and Paramount honor the release schedule?
  224. What happens to the 5 free HD DVDs now?
  225. February 19th Releases
  226. IGN - The Rise and Fall of HD-DVD
  227. What Movies do you plan on buying ?
  228. So, what will become of all the HDDVD's?
  229. Microsoft and the Format War
  230. I JUST bought the A-30...
  231. Pinche Burro
  232. So is HD DVD dead?
  233. Why can't there be Two?
  234. Current HD DVD Schedule, Doesn't Look So Bad!
  235. Transformers Blu-Ray?
  236. HDI interactive porno, anyone?
  237. Blu-ray playing HD-DVD
  238. Collusion by the studios, payola and the death of technology
  239. If and when Toshiba bails...
  240. Quick question of Beowulf Pre-order and WM
  241. Because HD DVD is dying, I'm doing the next best thing Tuesday....
  242. Still no official response from Toshiba
  243. This Walmart quote is sickening!
  244. My thoughts on the future of HD DVD
  245. HD DVD Owners/Supporters. Are we screwed?!
  246. Now is best time ever to own an HD DVD player.
  247. Well, the game is up...
  248. HD DVD to Concede by March 7, 2008?
  249. A Warner Bros. HD DVD title after May? Not impossible
  250. Walmart exclusive to Blu-ray, no more HD DVD