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  1. Need your help, does this sound correct?
  2. picked up the departed at cc
  3. saving private ryan in hd dvd?
  4. Anyone have any info on upcoming titles?
  5. One to do all over again...
  6. The Departed menu question
  7. Smokin Aces' HD DVD
  8. Import HD Reviews
  9. Alpha dog
  10. 'Feast' -- pre-release buzz
  11. 'Harsh Times' -- pre-release buzz
  12. Must have hd-dvds?
  13. 51 GB HD DVD Disc
  14. Weinstein Wave on 3/27
  15. Universal (including Focus & Rogue) 2007 Slate
  16. Got "Batman Begins"?
  17. Breach
  18. Best Buy Canada Sucks!
  19. What Is Your Reference "Packaging" for HD DVD
  20. 'Departed' - High-Def Digest Review
  21. Departed 1st HD DVD or Blu Ray title to crack Amazon top 20 DVD sales
  22. Absolutely horrendous Canadian prices...
  23. departed and best buy
  24. Will Casino Royale be released on HD DVD in the UK?
  25. How's the PQ on Serenity?
  26. Matrix On HD-DVD April 10, 2007...
  27. discount with paypal and google checkout
  28. Tenacious D in HD?
  29. We Should See From March On At Least 10 Title Per Month In HD DVD!
  30. Sound Issues With 3 HD Movies?
  31. a New member concerned about quantity
  32. February 13th 2007 Relases
  33. Really hoping for some release announcements this week!!
  34. The Departed HD DVD at Circuit City
  35. What are the reference quality HD DVDs
  36. The Prestige on HD DVD in UK?
  37. Why does Europe have different movies available??
  38. Matrix - April 10th?
  39. Combo disk problem!
  40. in need of a movie recommendation
  41. Weird problem with Pulse & xXx
  42. The World's Fastest Indian HD DVD February 13th
  43. HD DVD, I'm In!
  44. New to the forums
  45. what is really hurting our format
  46. What is Universal Doing?
  47. UK HD DVD: The Holiday (Kate Winslet, Jack Black) on March 26th, 2007!
  48. Prestige & The Island UK-Preorder
  49. Children Of Men - March 27
  50. The 40-Year Old Virgin - pre-release buzz
  51. A Scanner Darkly HD (Plus Others) Preorder on Future Shop.ca!!
  52. Sorry guys but I'm changing sides.
  53. Archived stuff
  54. Departed Excellent
  55. Amazon.jp Help...
  56. Email Alliance Atlantis
  57. Mutiny on the Bounty Transfer
  58. European HD DVD Release Info.
  59. Where is New Line?
  60. I had the Blu's???
  61. The Good Shepherd is up for Pre Order on Amazon
  62. Children Of Men/ Smoking Aces
  63. Gladiator on HD ?? + HD DVD is in bad shape !
  64. The Departed HD DVD found at local Wal Mart
  65. Chicago/EW&F HD DVD Playback Problems?
  66. Ordering From Amazon International
  67. When will these Warner movies come out?
  68. Terminator 2- French import HD DVD
  69. Universal Releases?????
  70. February 06, 2007 Relases
  71. 'Failure to Launch' -- pre-release buzz/delay
  72. The Jerk, Nutty Professor no longer combos
  73. Spain Website-Amazon
  74. Theatrical Riddick
  75. 'Hollywoodland' - High-Def Digest Review
  76. Silence of the Lambs to be available on HD DVD
  77. Damm! Amazon must sell a lot of HD DVDs!
  78. What Happened To Exploited Cinema?
  79. Combo discs from Warner...
  80. Worth the Import? Need your advice...
  81. Any place where Zhang Yimov films are on HD DVD?
  82. I want my COLTS In HD !!!
  83. Toshiba Super Bowl HD DVD commercial...
  84. I'm officially done with HD movies for now...
  85. Walmart does not carry any Universal HD DVDs?
  86. Matador not available till Feb 27 in Canada?
  87. One just one!
  88. Maybe a Stupid Question
  89. I hope we get this movie...
  90. Replasement cases
  91. Is any BD supporting studio going to go multi-format?
  92. So now that both HD DVD and Blu ray have been hacked...
  93. Ok Weird Question
  94. 'Babel' - High-Def Digest Review
  95. Here's a Japanese HD DVD/DVD combo you've never heard of
  96. Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition not on HD DVD?
  97. Questions about 3 HD DVD Toshiba Rebate
  98. So what did Universal actually accomplish with it's press release?
  99. Digital Video Essentials
  100. Will Blood Diamond hit HD DVD same day as SDVD?
  101. January 30, 2007 Relases
  102. Best Buy charging $36.99 for Beerfest
  103. Underworld: Evolution coming to HD DVD in Europe.
  104. How to order HD DVD imports??
  105. American Haunting - Cover and some specs
  106. Will these movies be available in HD DVD??
  107. 'Beerfest' - High-Def Digest Review
  108. Official Star Trek: TOS Announcement
  109. The Architect???....By Magnolia
  110. Will you still buy SDVD movies if that studio does not support HD DVD?
  111. SlySoft prepping AnyDVD for HD DVD
  112. Netflix
  113. Jaws, ET, and Jurassic Park come to HD DVD
  114. Miami Vice UK Warning
  115. 'The Wicker Man' - High-Def Digest Review
  116. Contact Warner Regarding Combo Discs and Prices
  117. Muholland Drive/Exchange Rate..
  118. TMNT an HD DVD possibility?
  119. Any word on Matchstick Men coming to HD DVD?
  120. 'Good Shepherd' -- pre-release buzz
  121. 'Half Baked' - High-Def Digest Review
  122. Anybody received their 3 free HD DVDs from Toshiba yet?
  123. Eternal Sunshine / Nutty Professor - Soon
  124. "The Prestige" will be available from France
  125. My God, look at this - tons of great HD DVD releases by Warner coming up in France
  126. "March of the Penguins" coming to HD DVD !!
  127. What are the top 5 movies BD has that you want on HD DVD?
  128. How long do you think it will take....
  129. Breakfast club in HD?
  130. Was Hollywoodland a good movie and worth buying?
  131. The Departed HD DVD outselling Blu-ray on Amazon.com
  132. Vid
  133. Poseidon disk problem
  134. February Titles???
  135. Anchor Bay Entertaiment
  136. Do you prefer single sided HD DVD discs or the combo discs?
  137. A couple movies in a trade magazine.
  138. Beetlejuice on HD DVD??
  139. Hitchcock...
  140. Jaws to premier on Univeral HD
  141. I have $351 of store credit for HD DVDs only!
  142. Universal to deliver 100 exclusive HD DVD movies in 2007
  143. Need advice on getting Accepted and some other HD DVDs.
  144. Universal Announcement ?
  145. Grand Prix vs Hulk PQ?
  146. What HD DVD(s) should I buy tomorrow.
  147. Lady in the Water non-combo disc coming!
  148. The Good Shepherd on HD DVD
  149. Pirates or Island Fever 3?
  150. Blood Diamond and The Departed Both Combo Format
  151. Good Shepherd (HD DVD Artwork)
  152. Is this Impossible?
  153. More Porn in the new part IV
  154. Where Are You Universal?
  155. Fox, Lionsgate, and New Line! Coming to HD DVD???
  156. First True HD movie on HD DVD
  157. Why are The Game and The Jerk combo discs?
  158. Blockbuster Online-no Black Rain or Brokeback
  159. 'School for Scoundrels' -- pre-release buzz
  160. Great review of "Total Recall" import HD DVD
  161. January 23, 2007 Relases
  162. The Jerk & The Game Not On Leaked HD DVD List-authenticity Of List?
  163. HD DVD Movie Question
  164. 'The Game' -- pre-release buzz
  165. 'The Jerk' -- pre-release buzz
  166. Sin City?
  167. 'The Mummy Returns' - High-Def Digest Review
  168. How many of your SDVD's will you upgrade to HD?
  169. Foreign Films on HD DVD
  170. Mummy Returns Amazon's Price Going Up And Down
  171. cinderalla man question
  172. Departed Specs
  173. Children of Men
  174. Is the audio on Last Samurai recorded lower?
  175. The Departed HD DVD artwork and specs.
  176. Fry's Electronics....
  177. Clerks 2 - Issues?
  178. Hi 5 HD DVD Group
  179. 'Brokeback Mountain' - High-Def Digest Review
  180. [INT-ES] An American Haunting
  181. Most Dissapointed/Favorite
  182. Was on Cable last night...
  183. Does Superstore in Canada sell HD DVDs?
  184. How is the PQ on Miami Vice?
  185. The Protector
  186. No Mummy Returns review??
  187. 'Posiedon' - High-Def Digest Review
  188. New HD owner, I have concerns about their strategy
  189. Original version of The Fog on amazon.de
  190. Brokeback Mountain PQ?
  191. Now that I broke Down and Bought The Protector
  192. The HD DVD camp has got to stop it with these combo discs!
  193. If you could pick 3 movies to have in HD right now...
  194. 'The Getaway (1972)' -- pre-release buzz
  195. 'Bullitt' -- pre-release buzz
  196. Hulk vs Superman Returns PQ
  197. 'Scooby-Doo' - High-Def Digest Review
  198. Brokeback Mountain available at Best Buy
  199. 'The Sting' - High-Def Digest Review
  200. Got my copy of Pirates (Images inside)
  201. Lucky Number Slevin??
  202. Did you pre-order Happy Feet?
  203. Import HD DVD Sound Question
  204. Looking for DVD/HD-DVD combo list
  205. Flags of our Fathers
  206. The Three Trilogies...
  207. National Geographic Jumps in -- 'Relentless Enemies' pre-release buzz
  208. POLL: As of Jan. 15 how many HD DVDs do you own?
  209. 'Excalibur' - High-Def Digest Review
  210. Weinstein HD DVDs in Canada?
  211. Flicking throught the channels!
  212. Any Chance for Dr. Who
  213. Is Out of Sight a good movie?
  214. DreamWorks???
  215. Was able to get 4 early HD DVD's this weekend.
  216. Can we expect to see Sin City anytiem soon?
  217. How is the PQ on Apollo 13?
  218. Jan 16th Movies
  219. The Island would be awesome on HD DVD.
  220. Has anyone gotten there 3 free HD movies Yet?
  221. Clerks II Streetdate broken?
  222. I sure hope Poseidon is on your list
  223. So...is The Departed a combo format disc?
  224. 12 more porn studios to HD DVD.
  225. Mummy Returns, The - Thoughts
  226. Which HD DVD Has Best PiP features? Also, what is your favorite overall?
  227. 'Planet Earth' -- pre-release buzz
  228. 'Deer Hunter' - High-Def Digest Review
  229. Pirates
  230. HD DVD V for Vendetta vs DVD version
  231. I am absolutely Mummified!!!
  232. Wow! What a flick
  233. How to get rid of SD-DVD's
  234. Babel to be released on Feb. 20th
  235. Which HD DVD to import?
  236. Other region DVDs
  237. "Happy Feet" announced!
  238. Fearless in Canada?
  239. Vice-Versa???
  240. Format Wars Causes Piracy
  241. 'Smallville: Season 5- High-Def Digest Review
  242. Total Recall HD DVD
  243. Best picture and audio HD DVDs
  244. Still no FOX--don't worry...yet
  245. Last Samurai
  246. Harry Potter UK question.
  247. Bug Criterion to re-release in HD DVD.
  248. Any chance of Studio Neutrality now?
  249. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  250. Toshiba has announced a new 51GB HD DVD disc