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  1. How To Train Your Dragon - Hidden World
  2. The Nun (German) release
  3. Hereditary [UK]
  4. Temporary Fix for ZAVVI SteelBook threads
  5. Zavvi Exclusive 4K/UHD Thread
  6. Hot Fuzz (Everything Blu Exclusive)
  7. Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom (Best Buy)
  8. FYE Blu-ray steelbooks
  9. The Game - Best Buy limited edition steelbook blu ray, includes digital code
  10. Lifeforce (August 14)
  11. Army of Darkness (August 14)
  12. The Howling (August 14)
  13. Mary and the Witch's Flower [UK] - September 10
  14. The Villainess (France)
  15. The Birds (Italy)
  16. Pokemon The Movie - I Choose You
  17. Annabelle 1 + 2
  18. Sharknado Collection
  19. Shaun of the Dead (UK)
  20. Dark Angel aka "I Come in peace"
  21. The Mummy (2017)(Amazon Italy)
  22. Spider-Man: Homecoming 4K/2D Best Buy Steelbook
  23. Superman Batman Anthology
  24. Alien Covenant 4K (Best Buy USA)
  25. Kong: Skull Island 4K (Best Buy USA)
  26. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 UHD 4K/3D Steelbook (Best Buy Canada)
  27. Shout Factory releases - this summer
  28. The Mummy Trilogy [Import]+ NEW Best Buy
  29. Guardians Steelbook / German
  30. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 4K - Best Buy USA
  31. Shaun of The Dead EverythingBlu Exclusive 001 (UK)
  32. MOANA 3D Steelbook (Best Buy US)
  33. Dr. Strange Best Buy US/Cnd Steelbook (3D and separate 2D versions)
  34. Suicide Squad (UHD - BD - Digital HD) [Best Buy Canada]
  35. Phenomena Steelbook (USA) November 15, 2016
  36. Star Trek Beyond Best Buy Steelbook
  37. Best Buy Steelbooks
  38. Finding Dory Target Steelbook (2D only)
  39. Star Trek Beyond (3D) announced in UK, Date TBD
  40. Labyrinth - UHD BD + BD Steelbook coming September 19, 2016
  41. Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (English) (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy) (3D Blu-
  42. Batman: The Killing Joke (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy Canada)
  43. Warcraft - Walmart Exclusive
  44. Captain American: Civil War Best Buy Steelbook
  45. The Flash: Season 2 Best Buy Steelbook (possibly)
  46. Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 Steelbooks, Best Buy
  47. Gods of Egypt 3D - Best Buy - May 31st, 2016
  48. Angry Birds the Movie [UK] Steelbook coming September 19
  49. Star Trek 1-10 Steelbooks...
  50. Amazon.De Shipping
  51. Separate steelbook release for Ghostbusters 1 and 2 (Only at Best Buy)
  52. Ip Man Trilogy Steelbook Best Buy
  53. The Revenant (Mexican Import)
  54. It Follows Steelbook
  55. The Witch steelbook
  56. Deadpool Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook on Blu-ray
  57. 10 Cloverfield Lane (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy)
  58. The Hateful Eight Best Buy Steelbook
  59. Deadpool Best Buy Canada Steelbook (so far)
  60. General Discussion thread
  61. 4K Blu-ray Steelbooks?
  62. Goosebumps steelbook (Canada exclusive)
  63. Creed (Bilingual) (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy [Canada]) (Blu-ray Combo)
  64. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Best Buy Steelbook
  65. The Last Witch Hunter @ Best Buy - 2/2/16
  66. Spectre BestBuy.ca Steelbook
  67. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (BestBuy.ca Steelbook)
  68. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation @ Best Buy
  69. Fantastic Four Best Buy Steelbook
  70. Turbo Kid steelbook (Blu-ray + DVD) [Canada]
  71. More Mondo Steelbooks coming, Dec 1
  72. Star Wars Steelbooks
  73. Zoolander The Blue Steelbook (Walmart)
  74. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Best Buy USA & Canada Steelbook)
  75. TED 2 Steelbook (Target US/Canada Best Buy)
  76. Highlander Mondo X Steelbook [Best Buy Canada]
  77. Film Arena/Nova Media
  78. Game of Thrones SteelBooks with Dolby Atmos
  79. Ant-Man (English) (Collectible Packaging) (Only at Best Buy) (3D Blu-ray)
  80. Edward Scissorhands (25th Anniversary Edition) (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy Canada)
  81. Jurassic Parks / Best Buy
  82. Nightcrawler (Mondo X SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy Canada)
  83. Christmas Vacation: 25th Anniversary Steelbook
  84. Total Recall (Mondo X SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy Canada)
  85. Furious 7 Steelbook
  86. Back to the Future Trilogy (30th Annivesary Edition) (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy)
  87. Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 3D Steelbook (Best Buy Exclusive)
  88. Mission Impossible 1-5 Best Buy Canada Steelbook
  89. Minions Best Buy Canada Steelbook (3D?)
  90. Mad Max: Fury Road Best Buy Canada Steelbook (2D Only)
  91. Insurgent 3D Steelbook (Best Buy Exclusive)
  92. Terminator: Genisys Best Buy Canada Steelbook
  93. Ex Machina (Mondo X Steelbook) (Only at Best Buy [Canada])
  94. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Mondo X SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy {Canada})
  95. Mondo Target Steelbooks
  96. Commando Metalbook (Not Metalpak, not Steelbook) $10
  97. Fifty Shades of Gray Steelbook (Best Buy Exclusive)
  98. Chappie (Bilingual) (Steelbook) (Blu-ray)
  99. True Detective: Season 1 (Limited Edition) (Mondo Art SteelBook)
  100. Kingsman (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy)
  101. American Sniper (Best Buy {Canada} Exclusive SteelBook) (Blu-ray Combo)
  102. Dredd (Best Buy Exclusive Mondo X SteelBook) (3D Blu-ray Combo)
  103. 1500 UK Steelbooks?
  104. Futureshop is merging with Best Buy
  105. Ultramarines Steelbook
  106. Pan's Labyrinth (Future Shop Exclusive Mondo X SteelBook)
  107. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  108. 2001: A Space Odyssey (amazon.de exclusive)
  109. Fifty Shades of Grey (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  110. SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Future Shop SteelBook)
  111. The Hobbit Trilogy (Bilingual) (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  112. Batman vs Robin (Amazon{.ca?} Exclusive Steelbook) **NOT THE JOEL SCHUMACHER FILM**
  113. Unbroken (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  114. Three X-Men Steelbooks coming May 25th / UK
  115. First Blood (Mondo X Steelbook)
  116. Big Hero 6 3D Zavvi exclusive
  117. Interstellar Target Steelbook
  118. Target embossed metalpaks
  119. Lucy Steelbook (Target Exclusive)
  120. Dracula Untold (Steelbook) (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) (Walmart Exclusive)
  121. Justice League Throne of Atlantis (Target Steelbook)
  122. Big Hero 6 Target Steelbook (US)
  123. What are your favorite steelbooks of 2014?
  124. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  125. Breaking Bad Season Set Steelbooks (Future Shop)
  126. Looper (Future Shop Exclusive Mondo X SteelBook)
  127. Fury (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  128. Enter the Dragon (UK)
  129. The Equalizer Future Shop Steelbook
  130. Boyhood (Future Shop Exclusive Mondo X SteelBook) (VARIANT Edition) (Blu-ray) (2014)
  131. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 thread / March 2015
  132. 22 Jump Street (Target Exclusive)
  133. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (3D MetalPak) Future Shop
  134. Guardians of the Galaxy (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  135. Future Shop exclusive Sony Pictures steelbook
  136. Drive (Future Shop Exclusive Mondo SteelBook) (Blu-ray Combo)
  137. Young Frankenstein 40th Anniversary Metalpak
  138. Edge of Tomorrow Target Steelbook (2D)
  139. Into the Storm (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  140. Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook) (3D
  141. Sin City: Dame To Kill For (Future Shop Exclusive Steelbook) (3D Blu-ray)
  142. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2014] - Futureshop Exclusive Steelbook (Can.)
  143. Steelbook price guide? How do I determine the value?
  144. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Steelbook / Mastered in 4K
  145. New Paramount Steelbook display at Best Buy
  146. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Target Metalpak)
  147. Hercules (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook) (3D Blu-ray)
  148. Ghostbusters Double Feature (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  149. Guardians of the Galaxy Future Shop Steelbook
  150. New Wave of Universal steelbooks
  151. Zavvi has returned to using the white boxes!
  152. 300: Rise of an Empire 3D Ltd Ed. Steelbook (UK)
  153. New Steelbook Site (Korea)??
  154. HMV Steelbook exclusives (UK)
  155. Batman: Assault on Arkham Target Steelbook
  156. The Walking Dead: Season 4 Steelbook
  157. Creature From the Black Lagoon 3D + 2D (UK) coming October 6, 2014
  158. Amazon UK Master Link (??)
  159. Godzilla (2014) 3D Steelbook (Fr)
  160. Transformers: Age of Extinction Future Shop Steelbook
  161. Godzilla Metalpak at Target (US)
  162. New Steel Packs [UK] Listed for September 29, 2014 release
  163. Goldfinger 50TH Anniversary Steelbook Coming September 22, 2014 [UK]
  164. Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Walmart Steelbook
  165. Divergent (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  166. Amazing Spider-Man 2 Future Shop Steelbook
  167. Target Metalpaks
  168. Captain American: The Winter Soldier 3D Future Shop Steelbook
  169. Robocop (2014) Blu-ray Steelbook [Korea]
  170. Braveheart UK 23 Jun 2014
  171. Zavvi Exclusives Thread (Non-"Disney/Pixar Collection")
  172. Noah (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  173. Son of Batman Target Steelbook
  174. Day of the Dead (Zavvi Exclusive) July 14th
  175. Scream (Zavvi Exclusive | Ultra Limited)
  176. 300: Rise of an Empire (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  177. Zavvi Ultra Limited Exclusives for COPLAND and THE LAST STAND
  178. Sin City (Zavvi exclusive)
  179. Zavvi Coming Soon
  180. Slew of 20th Century Fox releases up for Pre-Order
  181. Robocop (Future Shop Exclusive Metal Pack)
  182. Anchorman Collection Steelbook Walmart
  183. Swingers - Ultra Limited Steelbook Zavvi
  184. Lone Survivor Future Shop Steelbook
  185. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3D (Zavvi Exclusive)
  186. More Steelbook releases from Anchor Bay
  187. The Wolf of Wall Street Walmart Canada Steelbook
  188. Texas Chainsaw(2013) Zavvi Exclusive Ultra Limited
  189. Lone Survivor Steelbook (Target Exclusive)
  190. The Wolf of Wall Street Steelbook (Target Exclusive)
  191. The original Evil Dead steelbook
  192. Steve Austin: 4 Movie Collection
  193. Star Trek XI - Zavvi Exclusive Ultra Limited Edition Steelbook (Variant Edition)
  194. Zavvi Ordering Issues
  195. V for Vendetta Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition
  196. Mars Attacks! - Zavvi Exclusive
  197. Spider-man Trilogy [UK]
  198. Beetlejuice - Zavvi Exclusive
  199. Speed (UK) Steelbook coming soon
  200. Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (Future Shop Exclusive SteelBook)
  201. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  202. Godzilla - Zavvi Exclusive
  203. Robocop (2014) available for order from amazon.uk
  204. Second wave of Universal comic book-style steelbooks
  205. Theatre of Blood (Arrow Video)
  206. The Burbs (Arrow Video)
  207. The Ultimate Avengers Collection - (Ltd. Print) Zavvi Exclusive
  208. The Andromeda Strain
  209. Hunger Games Catching Fire Steelbook at Best Buy
  210. Ender's Game Steelbook at Target $20
  211. Rurouni Kenshin Live Action [UK] (Region Free)
  212. Thor: The Dark World Best Buy Steelbook
  213. Werner Herzog's Nosferatu
  214. Snowpiercer
  215. Justice League War Target Steelbook
  216. Justice League War Target Steelbook
  217. The Poseidon Adventure (April 14th 2014)
  218. Hunger Games; Catching Fire Future Shop Steelbook
  219. Thor: The Dark World 3D Future Shop Steelbook
  220. Forrest Gump Digibook in English?
  221. Riddick (HMV exclusive)
  222. Thor 2: The Dark World 3D (Zavvi exclusive)
  223. Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)
  224. Captain Phillips (Future Shop Steelbook)
  225. White of the Eye
  226. The Descent
  227. 11 Lionsgate Steelbooks at Best Buy $10 each
  228. Elysium Steelbook at Target $23
  229. Phantom of the Paradise
  230. Aliens (Zavvi exclusive)
  231. Steelbooks at Amazon.uk
  232. Fast & Furious 6 Steelbook
  233. Odd Thomas Steelbook
  234. Iron Sky - Dictator's Cut [UK]
  235. The Wolverine Steelbook....
  236. 2 Guns Metalpak @Best Buy
  237. Percy Jackson Steelbooks
  238. Elysium Future Shop Steelbook
  239. Amazon.fr Hobbit 3D
  240. Gravity amazon.de exclusive Steelbook for pre-order
  241. Amazon.ca exclusive steelbooks
  242. Hobbit 3D (No 2D) Extended Edition Steelbook at Best Buy $30
  243. White House Down (Future Shop Steelbook)
  244. Machete Kills / Zavvi Exclusive
  245. The Fly (Zavvi exclusive)
  246. Despicable Me 2 3D German Steelbook
  247. Wizard of Oz 3D Metalpak at Best Buy
  248. Wave of Miyazaki Steelbooks [UK]
  249. Dark Knight Returns Steelbook (Deluxe Part 1 & 2)
  250. Tenebrae (remastered) December 16th