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  1. Revenge of the Shogun Women coming soon
  2. Amazon UK not shipping to US?
  3. Movies you'd like to see on a large outdoor 3D screen/system. DIY Outdoor theater....
  4. Journey to the BD3D 350 club...
  5. If 3D is dead.....
  6. High-Def Digest's Must Own 3-D Classics on Blu-ray
  7. Call of Heroes coming this month, in China, to blu-ray 3D - Pre-order link
  8. Underworld: Blood Wars up for Pre-order, in Germany - 3D and 3d/4k Combo
  9. A*P*E* Coming February 28th, 2017, from Kino Lorber and the 3-D Film Archive
  10. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them 3D bu-ray up for pre-order, in Germany
  11. Tai Chi Hero, Monster Hunt 3D Blu-rays listed on Best Buy website
  12. Pete's Dragon 3D Coming Late 2016....
  13. The BFG 3D Coming November 2016...
  14. The War between Bob Furmanek and Wade Williams
  15. Star Trek Beyond up for pre-order, but you may not like the price
  16. Septemer Storm Restoration Kickstarter, from the 3D Film Archive
  17. Secret Life of Pets is up for pre-order, on blu-ray 3D
  18. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Best Buy Exclusive - June 28th
  19. TMNT: Out of the Shadows up for pre-order w/link
  20. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn coming in September, pre-order link
  21. Warcraft:The Beginning 3D up for pre-order, in Germany - order link and trailer
  22. The Huntsman: Winter's War 3D coming to blu-ray, in the UK
  23. The Mermaid 3D coming May 25th, to China - trailer and pre-order link
  24. The Jungle Book 3D Blu-ray up for pre-order, in Europe
  25. Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (Chinese) up for order, w/trailer
  26. Twilight Time licensing Mad Magician, for Blu-ray 3D release
  27. Gods fo Egypt 3D combo pack coming in May
  28. Miss Sadie Thompson coming in July, from Twilight Time
  29. Another round of IMAX 4K/3D Combo packs coming w/ pre-order links
  30. The Monkey King 2 3D coming this month, in China, in ATMOS - Pre-order link
  31. Jaws 3D coming June 14th, 2016, pre-order link
  32. Mafia: Survival Game 3D steelbook coming to Germany
  33. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 3D import pre-orders up
  34. Disney's Zoomania 3D up for pre-order, in Germany - coming in July
  35. IMAX: Journey to Space, First UHD + 3D Blu-ray combo pack coming - pre-order/trailer
  36. Quackerz coming in June, to Blu-ray 3D, from Shout Factory - Trailer & Pre-order Link
  37. Ape 3D coming in 2016 via Kino Lorber
  38. As if Amazon's price hikes didn't deter people from buying 3D Blu-rays,
  39. Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal coming February 2nd, with ATMOS - order link & trailer
  40. Hunger Games Mokingjay 2 3D up for pre-order
  41. Are 3D Projectors savior for home 3D?
  42. It Came From Outer Space 3D Coming July 2016!!
  43. Star Wars Force Awakens 3D Blu-ray Pre-up, in Poland
  44. 3D Playback Soap Opera Effect
  45. Amazon UK 2 for 20 pounds 3D sale
  46. The Martian 3D Blu-ray up for pre-order
  47. Maze Runner 2: Scorch Trials 3D up for pre-order, in Germany, February 2016
  48. Pan 3D Blu-ray coming March 2016, to Germany - link included
  49. Everest 3D Blu-ray Pre-orders up for North-America, on amazon - link included
  50. Hotel Transylvania 2 3D Blu-ray up for pre-order
  51. Everest coming to blu-ray 3D, in Germany, in April (pre-order link provided)
  52. Comin' at Ya! 3D Coming to Blu-ray in January (pre-order link provided)
  53. Production Delayed AGAIN on Pacific Rim 2, no reasons cited
  54. Time for me to slow down
  55. Iceman 3D Coming to the UK (Pre-order link provided)
  56. Minions brings in over 1 billion USD at the box office
  57. The Mask 3D available for pre-order (link provided)
  58. Will Captain America: Civil War be the ultimate Avengers film?
  59. Random 3D posts-not thunderdome
  60. Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation 3D blu-ray up for pre-order in the Netherlands
  61. 70' Sony 4K 3D $2,099
  62. Doctor Who Series 8 Finale and new Series 9 Prequel, to be shown in 3D theatrically
  63. Sharknado 3 - Oh Hell No! 3D Blu-ray, coming to Germany - pre-order link included
  64. The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D coming July 31st to China - w/order link and trailer
  65. 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Coming October 2nd
  66. BDA giving middle fingers at 3D 4K content
  67. Jurassic World 2 coming to theaters June 22nd, 2018
  68. Every Thing Will Be Fine 3D Blu-ray coming in October, to Germany (w/pre-order link)
  69. RealD Chief Claims 3D resurgence, claims 40% of ticket sales from Summer Blockbusters
  70. Fox Cancels 3D conversion of Fantastic Four
  71. Jurassic World 3D pre-orders up (links included)
  72. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt II will be released in 3D everywhere except America
  73. 'Revenge Of The Creature' Coming In August!! BUT........
  74. The Seventh Dwarf 3D coming to blu August, by Shout Factory pre-order link included
  75. Edge of Tomorrow: Ghosting and other issues
  76. Who's in da BD3D-300 club?
  77. 3D sales thread
  78. Evil Dead 3D?
  79. Tron 3 greenlit, begins production in Canada this fall
  80. Viy 3D (Russian) coming to German blu-ray, in English? Trailer included
  81. Ang Lee, director of 'Life of Pi' working on 3D Iraqi War Film
  82. Incredibles 2 3D announced, to debut next year
  83. '3D' anime Home to only be released in North America in 2D?
  84. Sharknado 3 announced, casts David Hasselhoff - Germans go crazy?
  85. Sony 3D Tears
  86. Metallica: Through the Never 3D BLU-RAY ATMOS Edition, coming to Germany
  87. GOG coming to 3D Blu-ray later this year
  88. Four more 3D Blu-rays coming in April, to North America
  89. Maya the Bee Movie 3D Blu-ray Trailer/Pre-order link - coming May 19th
  90. Poltergeist 3D (2015) Trailer out today
  91. Seventh Son 3D coming to blu-ray in April, in France - pre-order link provided
  92. Three (out of five) Oscar Nominations, for best animated feature film, are 3D films
  93. Cameron pushes back Avatar sequels another year
  94. CPL camera filters for passive 3D projection?
  95. Stand by Me Doraemon (2014)
  96. Your Pick For Best 3D Blu Release 2014!!!
  97. Finally got a 3D projector
  98. The Mask (1961) coming to blu in 2015
  99. American Mustang 3D Documentary coming to blu in December
  100. Divergent Sequel, Insurgent, will be released in 3D
  101. The Four III 3D Blu-ray Pre-order up, Trailer - Asian import
  102. 009 Re:Cyborg Collector's Edition Coming to 3D Blu-ray in the UK
  103. Kiss Me Kate 3D Blu-ray Up for Pre-order - Amazon link provided
  104. Xbox One & 3D
  105. Why 3-D TV Was a Bit Too Early
  106. Ostra Randka/Bloody Date 3D - Trailer and Order link (Polish import)
  107. Avengers: Age of Ultron Official Teaser Trailer
  108. Lg lb6500
  109. Del Toro goes Avatar, big plans for Pacific Rim Franchise
  110. Anyone else have this problem?
  111. Blacker Than the Night 3-D (2014 remake)
  112. Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon 3-D (2013)
  113. What are your 5 favorite 3D Blu-Ray releases?
  114. Status: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2
  115. The Hobbit 3: The Battle of Five Armies - last 3D film of the year?
  116. question about A Haunting In Salem 3-D
  117. I3DAIS: 5th Annual 3-D Awards 2014
  118. Boxtrolls 3D Blu coming January 26, 2015 in the UK - pre-order link included
  119. Blair Erickson's BANSHEE CHAPTER 3-D
  120. Replacing the Toshiba Z100 3D Camcorder with something better in the future?
  121. Flying Machine 3D
  122. 3D UV Digital Copies?
  123. Lost Place Trailer and Order Link - The first German thriller filmed in 3D
  124. Fan made 3D conversions?
  125. Inferno 3D Blu-ray coming out in the UK, Region B locked though
  126. Six Star Wars 3D Blu-ray Placeholders on amazon.co.uk!
  127. Beowulf 3D coming to Blu, but not in North-America?
  128. Dragonfly Squadron Pre-orders Live
  129. Noah 3D reviews?
  130. Ever convert stuff to 3D? Because Game of Thrones is awesome!
  131. 'The Amazing Spider Man 2' coming to 3D Blu-ray August 19th!!
  132. Iceman 3D - Trailer, pre-order link
  133. Dredd Sequel likely to happen now? Video
  134. Winter Soldier release date
  135. Madison County 3D - Trailer and Pre-order link
  136. TV series autoconverted to 3D? Which ones?
  137. The Protector 2 3D - Trailer, Pre-order link
  138. The Incredibles and Ratatouille Getting 3D Re-Releases
  139. Pizza 3D Official Teaser Trailer - Indian/Hindi Horror Film
  140. Guy Ritchie's King Arthur 3D coming to theaters July 22nd, 2016
  141. Jarred Harris acdiental slipup "Poletergeist remake in 3D"
  142. Halloween III 3D Back in Production?
  143. Necrophobia 3D - International Trailer
  144. Paramount Pictures and China FIlm Co to Produce 3D film Marco Polo
  145. Keira Knightley joines cast of 3D epic 'Everest'
  146. New Cameron Deep Sea 3D Documentary coming this year
  147. Gener8 to convert The Grandmaster to 3D
  148. Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants 3D - Trailer
  149. Region Free 3D titles to import?
  150. Is Guns N Roses 'Appetite for Democracy' 3D finally coming?
  151. Underworld: 'Next Generation' in development
  152. TMNT 3D Official Trailer
  153. May 13th brings in a slew of 3D Double Features
  154. X-Men Days of the Future Past 3D/Trailer
  155. What are your feelings about glasses-free 3D?
  156. The Snow Queen 2 3D, trailer
  157. Amazing Spider-man 2 3D, Last Official Trailer
  158. Rumor of 'Frozen' U.S. 3D release in October...
  159. Captain Harlock 3D trailer, info
  160. 3D movies with some rewatchability?
  161. Monkey King 3D Trailer, coming to theaters July 2014
  162. Sly Cooper 3D Teaser Trailer, also in 3D
  163. Off angle viewing causing ghosting?
  164. Nurse 3D trailer, pre-order link
  165. What catalog title would you want to see auto converted to 3D?
  166. Mr. Go 3D - Finally, an Asian 3D film to get excited about? Trailer, link
  167. Rembrandt 3D Shows off Glasses-Free 3D 4K Display
  168. Your favorite 3D Blu-Rays?
  169. Out of Inferno out on Blu-ray 3D (import) now, Trailer
  170. Metallica Through the Never 3D is a Best Buy exclusive
  171. Who's in the BD3D-200 Club?
  172. Khumba coming in February 11th
  173. The Bubble (aka fantastic invasion of planet earth) coming to blu-ray in 2014
  174. Best 3D movies/recommendations to someone new to 3D
  175. Passive 3D projectors?
  176. Thor: The Dark Kingdom coming March 20th
  177. Hansel and Gretel Extended Cut 3D edition finally coming?
  178. Dario Argento's Dracula 3D coming January 2014? Banshee Chapter coming in February
  179. The Snow Queen 3D Trailer, link
  180. Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Trailer
  181. 3D Glasses Too Small
  182. The Last Emperor 3D
  183. Torrente 4 3D Trailer, Teasers
  184. I, Frankenstein: The Legend Lives 3D Trailer
  185. Any gear which can switch the 2D movies into 3D movies?
  186. 300: Rise of an Empire 3D Trailer
  187. Seventh Son 3D Trailer
  188. Twilight Time to release Man in the Dark (1953) in 3D - Jan 2014
  189. Sony Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T3W
  190. Gravity 3D pre-sales outpacing Avatar
  191. Star Trek Into Darkness, different type of 3D?
  192. 3doo Making Some Noise with its 3doo Player App
  193. Ritter Rost 3D Trailer, information
  194. The Illusionauts 3D Trailer
  195. Sleepwalker 3D Trailer
  196. Talk to the Dead 3D Trailer
  197. Sharknado 3D
  198. Abrams to shoot Episode VII on 35mm kodak film
  199. Battle of the Damned 3D Trailer
  200. Toshiba Z100 3D Camera - Impressions, Photos
  201. Cameron, Fox announce three Avatar Sequels, not two!
  202. Who's in the BD3D-150 club?
  203. BBC Dropping 3D By the End of the Year
  204. Pacific Rim 3D Trailer
  205. ESPN Announces Plans to Shut Down ESPN 3D by the End of Year
  206. Dead Before Dawn 3D Trailer
  207. Apartment 1303 (remake) 3D trailer
  208. House of Wax 3D Announced, scanned in 4K!
  209. R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department) 3D Trailer
  210. The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones 3D Trailer
  211. Cameron|Pace Group will integrate Dolby 3D into its 3D production technologies
  212. Google Fiber Adds 3D Content
  213. 'Gamer - 3D' is coming May 7
  214. 'The Dino King - 3D' is coming June 25
  215. Question about 3D projectors.
  216. Need 3d help please
  217. 'Yellowstone - 3D' & 'Galapagos - 3D' are coming March 5
  218. Changing directing style for a 3D movie.
  219. 'World's Nature 3D: Europe's Most Beautiful Places' is coming March 5
  220. 'Ocean Giants - 3D' is coming March 5
  221. 'Tormented - 3D' is coming April 2
  222. How will Lucasfilms sale to Disney affect the upcoming 3D conversions?
  223. Jaws 3D Finally Coming to blu, after botched report makes its rounds on the net?
  224. 407 Dark Flight 3D Blu-Ray?
  225. 'Gamer,' 'Crank,' 'Bangkok Dangerous,' & 'The Descent' Blu-ray 3Ds coming in 2013
  226. Who's in the BD3D-100 club?
  227. 'Spiders - 3D' is coming March 12
  228. 'A Monster in Paris - 3D' is coming April 16
  229. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
  230. Panasonic Passive 3D TV?
  231. What is the best quality "cheap" 3D TV?
  232. Your Pick For The Best 3D Blu-Ray Release For 2012!!
  233. 'Monsters, Inc. - 3D: Ultimate Collector's Edition' is coming February 19
  234. '3-D Amazing Nature Lovers Wonderland Family 2 Pack' is coming January 20
  235. 'Wild Africa 3D - An Extraordinary Journey' is coming February 28
  236. Considering RF 3D Glasses
  237. 'Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over / Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D' coming December 4
  238. 'Papua - 3D - The Secret Island of the Cannibals' is coming December 20
  239. 'Top Gun - 3D' is coming February 19
  240. 'Silent Hill: Revelation - 3D' is up for pre-order
  241. 'Amazing Ocean - 3D' & 'Fascination Coral Reef - 3D' are coming January 29
  242. 'The Best of the Little Rascals in 3D' is now available!
  243. HDD Attends a Virtual Roundtable to Discuss 2D to 3D Film Conversions
  244. The Best 3D Blu-rays for Halloween!
  245. 'The Three Stooges in 3D' is coming October 30
  246. Possible 3D projector purchase. Epson EH-TW6000w
  247. 'House of Wax - 3D' is coming October 1
  248. Would it be possible to add another category for 3D BD's in the review section ?
  249. LG Smart TV Rents 3D Disney Movies - $50 of Credit to Owners
  250. 'The Wizard of Oz - 3D' is coming in 2013!