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  17. Xploited has Resident evil Extinction and many others
  18. Toshiba's Announcement Impact on Imports
  19. How long does HMV.jp usually take?
  20. Quick help needed: Ordering from Amazon France
  21. Sell me your Tomb Raider 2 (COL)!
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  23. Les Gendarmes L'intégrale coffret any body have this yet?
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  25. Twister coming from Universal Japan
  26. Does German Underworld HD-DVD have ICT?
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  29. February 14 Resident Evil Extinction!
  30. Did anyone ever release Terminator on HD DVD?
  31. Equilibrium
  32. No Country For Old Men!! May 12
  33. Picture and audio quality of these imports??
  34. Xploited get SAW SPECIAL EDITION out FEB 8
  35. Xploited getting 3 new German HD DVDs
  36. Evil Dead II
  37. Want to Import a few titles, but don't know which ones to get.
  38. New HD DVDs in Japan and Italy
  39. StudioCanal buys Kinowelt
  40. Video reviews?
  41. Under Siege 2 at Xploited
  42. CRANK import Subtitle question???
  43. Studio Canal?
  44. Total Recall Studio Canal Import
  46. Xploited will be getting Band of Brothers again
  47. Any chance of Run Lola Run on HD DVD?
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  49. No Country For Old Men?
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  54. Head in the Clouds on (blu-ray excl.) HD DVD in Italy
  55. Trust the Man on HD-DVD
  56. Saw 3 Dutch import Audio mislabled
  57. Atonement set for the UK. March 10
  58. I'm a noob when it comes to imports...
  59. Which Version Of Terminator 2 Should I Import?
  60. Saw II and III to come to HD DVD on Feb 12th
  61. Fantasic Four
  62. "Mystic River", "Charmed tv series" show up on German release list!!
  63. 30 Days Of Night!!
  64. An American Haunting (review??)
  65. What companies release on HD DVD outside the US?
  66. Who owns the rights to the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE REMAKES in the US?
  67. Halloween(2007)?????
  68. Idea for import reviews.
  69. which bluray exclusives are BETTER as imports
  70. Best import of Resident Evil?
  71. Led Zeppelin: The Song remains the same
  72. Great news for Lovers of Polish Films!!!
  73. Warner germany releases 08 highlights (German)
  74. The Orphanage/El Orfanato on HD???
  75. Seven and 3:10 to Yuma cming to HD-DVD??
  76. Next week's imports (21.-28. January)
  77. La Vie En Rose
  78. Sunshine or Hellboy on Import?
  79. Mummy and The Fast and the Furious UK HD DVD Box-Sets in January
  80. Looking for two BR and one HD import reviews
  81. Which imports are WB-controlled here?
  82. HD DVD distributors in different countries
  83. Senator (Germany) goes Blu
  84. Old Boy on HD DVD?
  85. Running Scared what is the better version
  86. Dutch HD DVD releases from ind. distributors
  87. Import BOGO: Amazon UK 3 For 2 BOGO
  88. CSI Miami (S5.1) on HD DVD in Germany
  89. Two titles I really want to see on high def
  90. Constantin (Germany) goes Blu Ray
  91. Dragonheart (German release)
  92. Xploitedcinema.com :)
  93. Just Orderd Resident Evil 1&2 Also Underworld 1&2 On HD-DVD
  94. Momentum UK Exclusives for £8.39/$16.41
  95. Shoot 'Em Up
  96. Hairspray for HD-DVD
  97. Harry Potter 6 and 7
  98. Ordering from Amazon.com (US) from the UK
  99. DynamicHD To Get CES Demonstration!!
  100. WAR on HD DVD?
  101. "Heroes", "Home of the Brave", Tristan and Isolde" Rescue Dawn" and "The Messengers"
  102. Equilibrium (JAP)
  103. Harry Potter OOTP (UK) Features in HD
  104. Resident Evil: Extinction
  105. 1408: Director's Cut - Dutch Release
  106. Got my first imports today and got the wrong movie
  107. SAW to arrive on HD DVD this Feb 8 with Dynamic HD enhanced features.
  108. Gadfather and Indiana Jones May be Coming Out in 2008 in Norway, translator needed.
  109. Curse of the Golden Flower
  110. Running Scared question
  111. Ghost Rider - HD-DVD
  112. Halloween (2007), 1408, The Mist (Germany)
  113. Resident Evil: Extinction - Feb 14 in Germany
  114. Crank & Jimi Hendrix: Live At Monterey up at Xploited!
  115. Fantastic Four 2 available in Germany/Switzerland
  116. HD-DVD Import FAQ
  117. Transformers in Italy
  118. xXx Import
  119. grindhouse films coming to hd dvd
  120. Underworld Dutch Release
  121. German Release list? Resident Evil 3?
  122. The Martian Child & The Golden Compass (on HD DVD in Germany)
  123. Bourne Collection Availible in UK
  124. Reservoir Dogs: The Dutch import?
  125. Question regarding the French imports of La Vie En Rose and The 400 Blows
  126. 'The Graduate' (French Import) - High-Def Digest review
  127. Becoming Jane HD DVD (UK)
  128. UK's 'Sexy Beast' (Crime/Heist/Drama) arrives on HD DVD, Feb. 18th 2008
  129. Underworld import subs need help
  130. Death Sentence (with Kevin Bacon) on HD DVD in Germany
  131. Enemy at the Gates and Equillibrium IMPORT
  132. Best HD-DVD import options
  133. Rambo HD DVD Import, any impressions?
  134. Band of Brothers JP Import-Out of Print??
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  138. Crank - DC (German HD DVD) - Specs and Cover
  139. Where can I find Paypal Stores that sell Imports?
  140. The One on HD DVD? Import Maybe?
  141. Army of Shadows on HD (French Import)
  142. Anyone picking up any of the Dutch exclusives out Nov 27th?
  143. Europe is HD DVD
  144. King Kong (1976) [French Import] - High-Def Digest review
  145. xploited coupon codes do not work
  146. Warner Bros. Philippines
  147. Amazon Import HD DVD's
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  149. 'The Last Legion' Arrives On HD DVD, December 5
  150. Curse of the Golden Flower (English audio) and Taxi 4 in Poland
  151. Mullholland Drive French Import
  152. HD-DVD Import Pitch Problems
  153. Resident Evil: Apocalypse HD DVD (import)
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  157. Any HD DVD imports of Disney movies?
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  160. Import Credit from the Wallstreet journal
  161. Fantastic 4 : Rise of Silver Surfer on HD-DVD
  162. Leaving Las Vegas (French Import) - High-Def Digest review
  163. T2 ultimate edition HD-DVD (German)
  164. Anyone importing Harry Potter: OOTP
  165. Crank German Import??
  166. German T2 HD DVD Title
  167. "Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live at Monterey" UK HD DVD October 29
  168. Silent Hill Import
  169. New UK HD-DVD Release Dates & Info
  170. The Prestige (UK Import) - High-Def Digest review
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