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  1. Universal
  2. Marantz BD 8002 v1.1 announced at Cedia for Q1 2008
  3. Sharp Introduces BD-HP20U Blu-ray player
  4. Toshiba, CBS to Offer "Phaser" HD DVD Remote Control
  5. New Disc Bundles to Accompany Toshiba's Third-Gen HD DVD Launch
  6. CEDIA is not low end.
  7. Pioneer Unveils New Elite Blu-ray Player for October
  8. Toshiba CEDIA press confrence
  9. Sony Introduces Two New Blu-ray Players
  10. Integra Introduces its First HD DVD Player at 2007 CEDIA Expo
  11. HD VMD to Make US Debut This Fall
  12. When does it start?
  13. What's on tap?
  14. I'll have info for everyone next week
  15. Cedia 2007 Predictions?