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  1. Yahoo Finance: Alexander Golberg Jero believes this new USB media!
  2. Survey on DRM / Copy-protections used in Film / TV Shows
  3. Hd dvd pride!
  4. Back after several years (thoughts on current status of BD and 3D)
  5. Christopher Nolan decided not to Work with DC Comics Movies now onwards
  6. Is 3D dead yet?
  7. Netflix Still Has DVD/Blu-ray Customers (Lots of them)
  8. Hiroo Onoda, Japanese soldier who long refused to surrender, dies at 91
  9. UHD 4K Upscaling
  10. Sony, Panasonic Developing 300GB+ Optical Disc Standard
  11. As expected, Xbox One will have a blu-ray drive....
  12. 2013 Blu-ray Sales Metrics Stats: HMM/Nielsen/Videoscan/The-Numbers Quarterly DEG etc
  13. Analyst: Rental to Surpass Sellthrough in 2013
  14. 2012 Blu-ray Sales Metrics Stats: HMM/Nielsen/Videoscan/The-Numbers Quarterly DEG et
  15. Why was the poll thread closed?
  16. The Future of Blu-ray: Compatibility, Compression, Confusion
  17. What will Bluray's sell through growth be for 2013?
  18. The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order
  19. IHS: Global Consumer Spending on Movies Up $1.3 Billion
  20. Nostalgia, as I kind of miss the HD format war
  21. Why the 2-d animated films sounds flat?
  22. Suggestion to close smackdown and archive it with reference to Kosty (in memory of).
  23. Blockbuster Hits Rewind on Plan to Return as Netflix Killer
  24. Balancing Disc and Digital
  25. What happened to CBHD?
  26. Flood of homevid titles expected to bolster biz
  27. NPD: Rental Discs Still Preferred Over Digital
  28. Report: 'No Reason for Netflix to Exist in the Future'
  29. Report: Streamers Buying Connected Blu-ray Disc Players
  30. Consumer Spending on Home Entertainment Up in First Half of 2012
  31. Consumer Reports Joins the Netflix Pile-On
  32. Warner Goes Big, and Small for Blu-ray
  33. Apple TV stats- Installed base of 6.8 million HDTVs
  34. BB is cranking up the stupid.
  35. 3-D? Smee-D, looks like it was a fad...this time around...
  36. Sister site HDF
  37. A bad night: Netflix and Instagram go down amid Amazon Web Services outage
  38. Cinram BD and DVD Replication
  39. Toshiba still delusional over HD DVD loss
  40. Coinstar (Redbox) CEO selected as Fortune's 2012 Business Visionaries
  41. NPD: 3D HDTV units up +74% 1Q YoY ( 22% of 40"+ sold were 3D HDTV) content not driver
  42. Will DVD coincide with Blu-Ray and other HD formats in the future?
  43. Redbox Analyst Day - 38.6 M users +17.6% YoY 38,000 kiosks, more Blu-ray & movie tix?
  44. Netflix CFO: Multiple Stream Sub Plan Coming This Year
  45. Forced commercials on Blu ray discs...........screw you!! Hollywood!!
  46. "Battleship" Avoids U.S. Release and Makes $170 Mil Around the World
  47. Hollywood Hopes Rise as Blu-Ray, Digital Sales Offset DVd Decline (new)
  48. Mill Creek Entertainment Licenses 250 SPHE Titles for U.S. Distribution
  49. Gaps In Netflix's Online Library Likely to Persist
  50. New Offer The YouTube Collection on DVD New April 1st 2011 offer (Note the Date)
  51. Warner Bros. to release Samuel Goldwyn film library on DVD, BD, EST
  52. Fox Exec says "Blu-Ray Not Remotely Dead Yet"
  53. Best Buy Closing 50 Stores, Laying Off 400 Employees
  54. Blockbuster online service support dropped from various platforms
  55. Couple of articles about 3D I found
  56. UltraViolet: DRM by any other name still stinks
  57. Who is your Favorite Designer (Hollywood)?
  58. Walmart Bows Vudu-Based Disc-to-Digital Program - Complements UltraViolet
  59. SKU-ed Perspective - Studio and Retailer Reasons for Multiple Disc Versions of Titles
  60. Analyst: Disc-to-Digital Has to be Free for UltraViolet to Work
  61. Wal-Mart to Give Hollywood a Hand - In Store Registration of DVDs into UltraViolet
  62. Analyst Lowers Boom on Netflix - Subscriber Growth Challenges Cited
  63. NYT- Web Deals Cheer Hollywood, Despite Drop in Moviegoers
  64. Blockbuster to Close 500 Stores in the First Half of the Year
  65. Disney and the BDA talk Blu-ray Streaming and UltraViolet
  66. Netflix strikes movie deal with Weinstein Co.
  67. NPD: Pay-TV Transactional VOD Declines 12%, Cable losing share to iVOD and Internet
  68. The rise of Redbox should spook Netflix
  69. News Corp (Fox) ‘BD Digital are our future ... DVD Business Continues to Have Legs’
  70. Warner 4Q 2011 Earnings Same- UltraViolet Early Window? Rental Delay Helps
  71. Disney 1Q 2012 Results - Disney Impose 28 Day Rental Delay - Observing UltraViolet
  72. Verizon & Redbox to start streaming video service.
  73. Sony Posts 3 Billion Dollar Annual Loss
  74. I keep reading about company's closing LCD plants.
  75. Morgan Stanley: Blu-ray a ‘Net Positive’ for Home Video Industry
  76. The Case Against Digital Movie and TV Show Collections...
  77. The Case Against Digital Movie and TV Show Collections...
  78. Netflix Discs Fund Streaming -HMM bog artice
  79. Streaming Held Back...
  80. Upcoming 2012 Home Video Releases
  81. DEG 2011 Year End Report
  82. Paramount to sell Ultraviolet thru Website
  83. Interesting to compare with video...NPD: 2011 Video Game Spending Declines 9%
  84. Did Hollywood’s Home Viewing Revenue Fall Further Than First Thought?
  85. Hollywood stumbles on next big step in home video
  86. Blu-Ray grows, but DVD sales slide
  87. DEG: Blu-ray, Digital Helped Lift 2011
  88. 4K2K Ultra Definition Blu-ray expected in 2013
  89. Dish: Blockbuster Not Ready to Challenge Netflix
  90. New Nielsen data: Report: Consumer Media Usage Across TV, Online, Mobile and Social
  91. Warner to Double Embargo to 56 Days for All Rental Channel Netflix Redbox Blockbuster
  92. Time Warner CFO: Q4 Home Entertainment Sales "Look A Bit More Challenged" than Q3
  93. Warner Brothers Will Make Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Wait Longer for New Movies
  94. What Ultrabooks Could Do To The Tablet Craze
  95. What will Bluray do in 2012, YOY sell through?
  96. HBO stops selling DVDs to Netflix
  97. Surge in Christmas Sales Brings British Video Sales to More Cheerful End to 2011
  98. So does anyone still think digital downloads will replace hard media anytime soon?
  99. Why Best Buy is Going Out of Business.... Gradually (Forbes article)
  100. Top 10 Ways Hollywood Can Win Its Audience Back
  101. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 12/24/11? Dolphin Tale/Christmas
  102. Happy New Years to all!
  103. 2012 Blu-ray Sales Metrics Stats: HMM/Nielsen/Videoscan/The-Numbers Quarterly DEG etc
  104. Check out this smackdown at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE!!!!
  105. Kiosk Rental Delays Have Impact on What Releases Are Top Rentals at Redbox and BB
  106. Slumping Studios Look To Home Entertainment For Economic Salvation in 2012
  107. Interesting Warner Archive on Facebook quote about BluRay
  108. Movie crowds dip to 16-year low as apathy lingers
  109. Redbox Hurting ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ Sellthrough?
  110. Kosty is going to be attending CES 2012 - Any specific items or technologies to see?
  111. 2011 - The Year of the Turnaround for the Home Entertainment Industry?
  112. Twilight Time Interview: Discs get returned, Blu-ray sales on the rise and more!
  113. Merry Christmas to all!
  114. Why Can't I Get an In-Car Blu-ray Player?
  115. IHS Report - UltraViolet Could Save Video Retail - Could Produce Big Dividends
  116. Bill that could 'break the Internet' delayed until 2012
  117. Last min Yahoo gift ideas. Netflix makes the cut. Where is Bluray?
  118. Redbox gains leverage in new studio negotiations with better disc buying workarounds
  119. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 12/17/11?
  120. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 12/10/11? The Hangover II The Help
  121. SOPA, bill to stop online piracy, hits minor snag in House
  122. Declining Video Sales Contribute To Lousy 3Q Results At Best Buy
  123. Netflix Spikes on Verizon Takeover Chatter
  124. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 12/10/11?
  125. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 12/03/11? Smurfs Sun Black Friday
  126. Sony Pictures CEO: 3D Blu-ray Movies Not Enough to Drive Household Adoption
  127. Hollywood flubs movie system launch (UV), miffs users
  128. Director Ridley Scott - Blu-ray Disc as the Best Way to Watch Movies-Huffington Post
  129. 5 Brands Most Likely To Be Gone By 2015 (and it includes Netflix)
  130. Blu-ray Disc Sales up 35% in 2011
  131. Netflix's Hastings Worst Tech CEO of 2011: Poll
  132. Postal Service Looking to End Next-day Mail Delivery - 3 day delivery for Netflix DVD
  133. Is the Subscription Model ‘Broken’?
  134. UltraViolet - what studio managers hope will replace the DVD (not Blu-ray)
  135. EST Sales of Bad Teacher increase without affecting physical with early iTunes Amazon
  136. Ultraviolet
  137. Web usage-based billing on its way
  138. How Neustar Plans To Make UltraViolet DRM Work, With or Without
  139. DVD gift guide: Discs are not dead
  140. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 11/27/11? Fri-Sat of Black Friday
  141. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 11/20/11? ( Larry Crowe)
  142. Happy Thanksgiving
  143. 3D-TV's Are A Bust
  144. Analyst-Netflix 2.6-3.6 M subscriber loss = $160 M Redbox gain, 4.7 M loss = $445 M
  145. 'Arrested Development' coming back as Netflix exclusive in 2013
  146. Blu-ray to finally outsell DVD players this Xmas, says Asda
  147. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 11/13/11? (Harry Potter 7.2)
  148. Blockbuster -- Profits are up but still losing revenue
  149. Black Friday 2011 sales impact on Blu-ray hardware adoption and software sales
  150. Netflix, VOD Spur Q3 Ecommerce Spending
  151. Netflix securing content for UK launch
  152. Twentieth Century Fox predicts bumper Christmas for Blu-ray in Europe
  153. Best Buy to close UK operations, 1,100 jobs in jeopardy
  154. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 11/06/11 Cars 2
  155. Blockbuster Express Rolling Out New Pricing
  156. Variety - Blu-ray friends Facebook to keep sales up - New 4Q promotional campaign
  157. Home Video Sales up 4.9% in 3q ending 3 year slide.
  158. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 10/30/11? Captain America
  159. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 10/23/11? Pirates of the Caribbean
  160. Time Warner Cable posts VOD Decline
  161. Redbox raises prices
  162. Warner Delaying New Releases to Blockbuster-Treating It Now Just Like Netflix/Redbox
  163. How to Remake the Home Entertainment Industry - BD first - DVD only at $5 delayed
  164. Harry Potter and the case of the vanishing DVDs
  165. Netflix 3Q 2010 Results - 810,000 Subscriber Loss (23.79 M TL -13.93 M DVD/BD)
  166. Gadgets That Will Be Phased Out By 2020
  167. Fast Five & The Lion King Are Best Week Ever for Blu-ray Compared to DVD (40% + 28%)
  168. Vudu goes 7.1
  169. Skype founders create Netflix competitor Vdio
  170. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat 10/14/11 POTC4
  171. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 10/14/11? POTC 4
  172. Google Wrapping Up Groundbreaking Deals To Launch 25+ Pro-Produced Channels
  173. IHS Screen Digest Blu-ray “Thor” and “Star Wars” Releases Spur Blu-ray Rebound
  174. Possible New Warner Window Could Change the Sellthrough Game
  175. The BDA comes alive? Blu-ray story idea now up at NAP site for local broadcast use
  176. Removing DRM May Reduce Piracy
  177. Quikster is DEAD! Netflix Reverses Dumb Decision!
  178. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 10/08/11? Fast Five The Lion King
  179. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 10/08/11? Fast Five Lion King
  180. Best Buy’s CinemaNow introduces availability of 1080p films with Intel Insider tech.
  181. POTC 28 day DVD delay enticing retailers to split combo pack to sell discs separately
  182. Miramax CEO: There Is a ‘Robust’ Market for Content Ownership - still want to own
  183. Universal to Offer 'Tower Heist' on Early VOD for $59.99
  184. UltraViolet is Waking up...
  185. Disney to Re-Release Four Animated Hits in 3-D After ‘Lion King’ Success
  186. Freaky Fridays: Studios are releasing more titles on Friday this year, impact/reasons
  187. Roger Ebert thinks Netflix revamp was right move. What do you think?
  188. In switch, cable operators want to go "a la carte"
  189. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 09/24/11? (Transformers: DOTM Fri)
  190. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 10/01/11? Transformers:DOTM (Fri)
  191. 105M Blu-ray Players to Ship in 2015 (NA 38%) - Netflix 15% opted for Blu-ray in 2010
  192. Fox Programming added to Amazon Streaming service (Free with Prme)
  193. LA Times: Hollywood downloads a post-DVD future - Rentals likely to go to 60 days
  194. Star Wars BD Sells one million worldwide.
  195. HMM: "Warner Altering Distribution to Rental Channels?"
  196. Dish Network’s Blockbuster ‘Movie Pass’ Aimed Squarely At Netflix
  197. Vudu Catalog Tops 10,500 Titles
  198. Disney CFO: ‘We Are Maximizing Blu-ray’
  199. Analyst: Redbox Can Up Daily Rental Fee 25%
  200. On-disc
  201. An Apology to Lee Stewart and 3D
  202. Lost in the Netflix Name Game: Vanishing Instant Queue Titles
  203. Best Buy Heads Blogs' List of Companies Said To Be In Deep Trouble
  204. Look Out Netflix, Here Comes Blockbuster!
  205. More changes in Netflix's future.
  206. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 09/24/11? Bridesmaids Dumbo
  207. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat 09/24/11? Bridesmaids Dumbo
  208. Netflix stocks fall, customers leave due to price hike...
  209. How Will Things Fall In A BD/DVD Marriage?
  210. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 09/17/11? Thor + 2 days Star Wars
  211. Better than BD quality
  212. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat 09/17/11? Star Wars & Thor
  213. REMINDER: This forum has rules
  214. What will HMM report as BD revenue market share WE 09/10/11? 2 days X-Men:First Class
  215. Google Creating New Rental Window?
  216. What will The-Numbers report as X-Men First Class revenues for Mon-Sun WE 09/10/11?
  217. What will HMM report as BD revenues for Sun-Sat WE 09/10/11? (X-Men: First Class)
  218. WSJ: "Wal-Mart for several years has been shrinking." it's disc space
  219. L.A. Times: "retailers have been shrinking the shelf space devoted to DVDs and BD"
  220. Disney Consumer Products division separates theatrical & packaged media distribution
  221. Paramount pulls an Avatar - Barebones Transformers 3 Release in September
  222. If OD has a poor Q4, will retailers scale back on OD in Q1 2012?
  223. Where will Bluray peak sales and rentals?
  224. Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount
  225. Dish Readying Blockbuster Streaming Service - Starz content may be included
  226. Netflix Quietly Caps Streams Per Household
  227. Local Target reduced Blu-ray space for Spanish DVDs and TV on DVD
  228. CEDIA 2011 - Any requests for personal observations of any home theater technology?
  229. Netflix unveils Latin America service in Brazil
  230. Am I up to date on why Blu-ray will fail?
  231. Starz quits talks to renew Netflix streaming deal
  232. Starz Says It Won’t Renew Giant Netflix Deal
  233. Star Wars Release - Will it make people buy BD Players who don't own one?
  234. New Digital Editions for Portable Devices of Home Media Magazine now available
  235. Warner, Sony Back New Social Networking Movie Download Service
  236. Battle for Lions Gate ends with Icahn selling
  237. 50% of tablet owners view movies and TV
  238. Is Netflix’s Projected Subscriber Loss Premature?
  239. "...notably in Blu-ray": An honest HMM mistake or an intentional add-on quote?
  240. Apple Kills iTunes TV Rentals
  241. Six Questions: CEO of Testronic Labs Seth Hallen - Blu-ray's Future /3D /Gaming
  242. Local Costco Drops DVD Players Completely
  243. Miramax new Facebook App starts with 20 movies available for streaming at launch
  244. Analyst: Netflix Facing Uncertain Environment: Pricing Subscriber Loss International
  245. Portable DVD Players on the Way Out, Study Says
  246. Remember how awesome BD-Live was supposed to be? It's all but dead now.
  247. Fanbois treat criticism of favorite brands as threat to self-image
  248. PlayStation 3 scores NFL Sunday Ticket
  249. Rentrak - DVD+Blu-ray 2Q 2011 rental revenue up +5.9% YoY to $1.48 Billion
  250. New Ultraviolet Promo Video