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  1. More Studios Should Follow WB's Pricing
  2. HDD BD "Transformers Review" More than meets the eye??
  3. Hello?
  4. Report: US falling further behind on broadband speeds, reach
  5. Vudu downloads struggling, slashing prices to .99 cents.
  6. Paramount Offers $10 Discount for Blu-ray Upgrade
  7. Warner bows classics on high-def VOD before Blu-ray
  8. Hollywood Video free Blu-ray rental special
  9. An Offer You Can't Refuse
  10. First LCDTV with integrated Blu-Ray player announced
  11. BD Now Mainstream: Indy BD MSRP MATCHES DVD!
  12. Criterion Collection's reference Blu-ray player is a PS3
  13. Where are all the deals and such???
  14. I WAS willing to give DD a try, but didn't
  15. States Look to Tax Electronic Downloads
  16. downloads?..bah! Frontier says 5GB per month is all you get.
  17. Blu-Ray Format Strong Due to Versatility
  18. The HD Ownership Society
  19. Lionsgate Q1 DVD, Blu-ray sales jump 47%
  20. Best Buy Launches Best Buy Express
  21. To those that chant about direct downloads need I remind you...
  22. Positive sign?
  23. Funai Back to Operating Profit, To Stop CRT TV Production in 1-2 Yrs
  24. Some current Blu-ray sales estimates for the year
  25. Some current Blu-ray sales estimates for the year
  26. Blockbuster: PS3 Sales Booming
  27. "Red White and Blu-ray"
  28. Why Go To The Theater To See This Movie?
  29. 3 Firms Running Close Race in Japanese Blu-ray Recorder Market
  30. High Def Digest Dumps HD DVD!
  31. Will The Dark Knight be Blu-ray's "Matrix"?
  32. Pioneer has 500GB Blu-ray Disc
  33. NEC Chip Will Shrink Blu-ray Players' Size, Costs
  34. DVD Res+, Qosmio on YouTube
  35. *ARTICLE* "Blu-ray struggles for acceptance"
  36. Is the DNR debate getting out of hand?
  37. Red's Scarlet: Is Blu-ray in trouble?
  38. Panasonic Exec: Blu-ray at Center of HD Universe
  39. Sony: Blu-ray to Outsell DVD By 2011 (tvprediction)
  40. FCC: Comcast violated Web access policy
  41. Details of Netflix's Blu-ray premium emerges: $1 to $2 per month
  42. Will Satellite's 1080p HD Really Be 1080p?
  43. Sony BDP-S350 at Amazon for $334
  44. LG's New Blu-Ray Box Includes Netflix Streaming; "Well Under $500"
  45. Producers Cite Challenges to Achieving Blu-ray Quality
  46. DreamWorks Q2 Down, Kung Fu Panda Kicking Off BD Releases
  47. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD joke in "Tropic Thunder"!
  48. Best Buy Primed for 'Blu' Fourth Quarter
  49. Sony Profits Plunges 50% (Yahoo Finance Article)
  50. DirecTV 130 channels, MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding, 1080p coming
  51. Time to bury HD-DVD and the format war?
  52. Cracked:6 Technologies That Don't Know They're Dead
  53. Manufacturers see bleak future for CBHD (aka CH DVD aka the Chinese HD DVD)
  54. Japan: Macross F 1: 45% of sold units were Blu-Ray
  55. Netflix or Blockbuster online?
  56. Laserdisc catalog still holds lead
  57. I just realized Warner ruined my anticipation
  58. Survey: 2% of Consumers Give a Crap About Blu-ray
  59. Are 2.0 profile players coming soon?
  60. Sony Introduces New BD Encoder To Help Studios
  61. : Blu-ray Rental Prices to Rise 'Shortly'
  62. Fry's - 25GB Panasonic BD-R - $7.99
  63. How long until Toshiba starts making BD players???
  64. More good news for Sony, Play Station, and the #1 Blu-ray player
  65. How Stringer took on HD DVD
  66. Playboy Mansion Goes Blu!!
  67. Your High Def Experiences
  68. How much do you think blu-ray will make this year?
  69. Dish Network to Offer 1080p VOD?
  70. Time has almost run out for download, Final nail being hammered in now.
  71. Sony Unites With Samsung On Wireless HD Standard
  72. Do Not Post Spoilers!
  73. BD spending north of $200 million, up about 300%
  74. Dark Knight Blu-ray vs. DVD sales???
  75. Beware! Sony S350 cant do DTS HD nor DTS HD Master according to official specs
  76. Another Blu-Ray killer enters the market
  77. Warner moving to 100% lossless audio on all catalog releases?
  78. Ken Graffeo resurfaces.
  79. Is Sony promoting digital downloads?
  80. Americans unlikely to cut back on High-Def
  81. Sony's new BDP-S350
  82. The Chinese Are Coming! The Chinese Are Coming!
  83. Blu-ray For Small Screens (40" or less) May Not Be That Improtant To Users
  84. Toshiba: We're Focusing on Blu-Ray Discs
  85. Behold! July15,2008-The birth of DVD Res+
  86. Streaming gaining ground! Xbox 360 to stream >10K of NETFLIX contents for $9 a month
  87. P2P not hurting DVD, Blu-ray sales as revenues up from 2007.
  88. Sony Prez: Sony Owns 95%-98% of the Blu-ray Market
  89. Deadmeat has migrated to my forum. How do I rid this disease?
  90. Blu-ray Is Booming; Wall Street Analysts Are Blooming Idiots
  91. Home video biz holding up
  92. Bump this thread every time HD DVD is still a dead format.
  93. Digital doesn't break disc- DVD, BD hold up despite onslaught of negative press
  94. Warner to try-out lower Blu Ray Prices
  95. Hi-Def Picture, Hi-Def SOUND?
  96. Enjoy Blu, thats what I Do
  97. DVD Res+ vs Blu DRM+
  98. Warner Says "No BD-Live Titles in 2008"
  99. Comcast going network agnostic....
  100. Forget Blu-ray... Hi Def streaming is where it's at
  101. Cheapest Canadian BD standalone I've seen.....
  102. More people pirating DVDs; Will Blu-ray Save the Studios?
  103. Blu-ray consumers buying more from Amazon, Wal-Mart
  104. Media Supply Leads the Way, Now Offering Blu-ray Duplication Services
  105. Home Theater mag: Is Blu-ray going to be just another PS3 format???
  106. UK: Blu-ray sales up 506% but market share still only 1.2%
  107. Monster Cable Bullying
  108. TV / BD Player thoughts and smackdown....
  109. Wall Street Doom and Gloom
  110. Gotham Knight: Kevins return!
  111. Lossless tracks in Uni and Paramount titles here to stay?
  112. MPAA approves "military strength" encryption for video streaming
  113. Time slipping away for Blu-ray ?????
  114. DTS HDMA vs. DD+
  115. Pioneer makes 400 GB Blu-ray
  116. BADA BING - Sony C O O Himself Says Blu Ray May Never Overtake DVD!
  117. DVD blank media purchases going down in favor of bluray+ usb drives?
  118. Batman Begins on Blu this week!
  119. wtf - Amazon's DVD vs BD spec watch !
  120. Retailers moving to further push Blu past DVD?
  121. Wall-E was amazing! Sorry HD-DVD fans
  122. 87% of PlayStation 3 owners watching Blu-ray movies? Survey says yes
  123. What is porn going to do?
  124. Hi-def Downloads future? Study says many dial-up users don't want broadband
  125. For those that do not have a Blu-Ray player, what is holiding you back?
  126. Facing off with "other" HD formats.
  127. BREAKING: WARNING! Near PS3 Firmware Disaster Twarted By SONY!
  128. GfK: Blu-ray to quadruple this year, grow 184% next year
  129. DVD Forum adds new DVD Download logo
  130. Some facts from the EMA...
  131. How good is Blu doing?
  132. K-Mart discounts Xbox 360 HD DVD player to $5
  133. Networking devices to surge on TVs, DVD players
  134. DVD is doomed, Doomed!
  135. HD DVD is coming back
  136. EMA 2008 report: lots of interesting data!
  137. BD Live Ready ??? a solution!
  138. Sony Style 100 dollars off 299+
  139. With the increasing quality of DVDs, is it possible Blu-Ray may not flourish?
  140. Forrester: Video gamers watching more movies, 44% of PS3s used as Blu-ray players
  141. Studios Need Loud and Clear Message: No New Master on Catalogs=No Release!!
  142. Opening Largest Indie BD Mastering Facility
  143. Sony and the S Curve...
  144. Best Buy Online $100 Gift Card Offer
  145. I really wish now that HD DVD had never existed
  146. 42 gb dvds
  147. 10 years ago, it might have sounded like this...
  148. It's funny how much denial there is in this place, HD DVD losing to blu-ray was a....
  149. Japanese researchers devise method for cramming 42GB on a DVD
  150. BD vs DVD movies released in first 2 years
  151. Seven reasons you shouldn't use the PS3 as your Blu-ray player
  152. Quoted losses of PS3.
  153. EMA: Blu-ray To Overtake DVD By 2012
  154. Consumers told to wait before buying into bluray
  155. AVPR is cut short due to Java
  156. Check out this Woot
  157. Universal/Paramount Blu Ray rebate.
  158. Sony's PS3 movie download service rolling out Stateside this summer
  159. Once digital distribution becomes the standard...
  160. Sony Promises BD Live On All Releases
  161. BD not replacing DVD anytime soon. 113 DVD lines sold last year alone from ONE compan
  162. Home Media Expo - Blockbuster CEO says studios need to encourage Blu-ray inventories
  163. Home Media Expo - Fox Blu-ray Sales Predictions for 2008-2011
  164. BD= 3X DVD Adoption in US, 6X in Europe!
  165. Bill Hunt's Latest Crusade
  166. Toshiba G50 Super-Upconversion Pic
  167. Blu-ray Disc sales estimated to exceed DVDs in 2012
  168. 27th Entertainment Merchants Association 24-26 June
  169. BD's suvivor liveline - PS3 cost Sony $3bil losses so far
  170. Best Buy Calls the Format War
  171. Lionsgate: Physical media defied expectations, VOD fell way short
  172. HD DVD, We Hardly Knew Ye...
  173. HD DVD's Last 2 US Titles 6-24-08
  174. XStreamHD boasts 1080P & 7.1 DTS-MA plus PS3 Integration
  175. i want to get into downloads...
  176. Lee Stewart?
  177. How to know when you are talking to Lee Stewart
  178. OMG!!! theres actually a difference between Uncompressed PCM and Dolby 5.1
  179. SRT vs BD marketing gimmick
  180. Apple Posts First Real Movie Download Numbers - Yes, It's A Beginning
  181. Has Current Economic Conditions Affected Your HDM Purcahses?
  182. I just won a prize for defending Blu-Ray
  183. How long can you hold out?
  184. 1 out of 4 Households Will Have BD by NEXT YEAR!
  185. Something Toshiba could do with SUC that MIGHT get people listening
  186. Would you buy a SUC Player for DVDs???
  187. GfK: Worldwide Blu-ray sales to quadruple in 2008, pick up DVD's slack
  188. Toshiba remains stubborn, looks to DVD upscaling while brushing Blu-ray off
  189. Digital Downloads for movies...........bah.
  190. BD Live, consumer demand still a challenge
  191. Appropriate Discussion Topics
  192. SRT demoed, kindest remark: "fanciable nonsense"
  193. Movie industry insiders see a bright future for Blu-ray
  194. Heroes S1... a better experience on Blu
  195. Panel: Electronic Sellthrough at Crossroads
  196. Jacksonville, FL Wal-Mart STILL promoting HD-DVD!
  197. What is the point of an HD-DVD tab on this website?
  198. Would releasing on blue-ray before releasing in cinema's increase addoption
  199. Blu-ray is taking off faster than DVD did in the EU
  200. HDM pricing outside of North America
  201. Futuresource: Blu-ray Outpacing DVD in Western Europe
  202. New L.A. Times Article On Studios Strategies For Home Video Market e
  203. Really Bad Product Description...
  204. What are the requirements for a home theater?
  205. Some observations from a new BR owner about the current HD market...
  206. Holy Crap 499$
  207. what size/resolution display do you have?
  208. How much money have you spent on HDM? Part 2
  209. Should Studios "Seed" The DVD Market With HD?
  210. Matrix Trilogy on HD-DVD
  211. Price cut possibly coming on PS3 - article
  212. Infinite Format War: Get Ready for Five Long Years of Set-Top Battle Royale
  213. Holy Cow - HD DVD Still Under Development???
  214. what is the role of online polls in the home entertainment market?
  215. Anti-blu-ray/ pro-HD DVD & download fans just won't quit...
  216. Would an actor's strike be good for Blu-ray???
  217. What is the role of Blu-ray in the home entertainment market?
  218. Proof internet interconnects are improving (time not slipping away for downloads).
  219. Paramount Launches Blu-ray Support Site
  220. SONY expands to 47 Million BD per month by October
  221. I REFUSE To Watch Movies on a CD Player!
  222. Coming soon to Blu-ray :)
  223. Doesn't that suck? WB just increased bitrates for no reason
  224. AVCHD video cameras and Blu-ray
  225. I have a feeling MGS4 will not be ready to buy come this Thurs the 12th
  226. BD Live for All Disney Blu-ray Releases after October
  227. "in the short-term, you have to have patiece. At least for two or three years. but
  228. Netflix set-top boxes sold out
  229. InfoNIAC: "Blu-ray is Being Adopted Much Faster Than DVD 11 Years Ago"
  230. Panasonic DMR-BW500i 500GB Blu-Ray Disc Recorder
  231. Sign of things to come? Cell BE...better than a quad-core at Video?
  232. Digital Playground Says 1 PORN Blu-Ray Per Week Sounds Good!!!
  233. "3 Reasons to Avoid Blu-ray (For Now)"
  234. 3 Reasons to Avoid Blu-ray (For Now)
  235. Warner "moving away from DVD," focusing on Blu-ray, VOD and DD
  236. Microsoft Shoots Down New Blu-ray Rumor
  237. Quick poll: June 9, Microsoft will announce...
  238. Blu-ray adoption outpaces DVD [Singulus]
  239. Not usually good deals at FutureShop....
  240. Rumor: MS to announce 360 console with Blu-Ray drive on Monday
  241. Anyone foolish enough to think upscaling can match proper HD..
  242. Time is slipping away, again, Caps will arrive without taking action!
  243. anybody experiencing amazon
  244. Smackdown gem from Paramount
  245. A Poll Concerning Toshiba's SRT and QL DVD
  246. Sony's Stringer: Downloads Can't Compete With Blu-ray
  247. Comcast, Time Warner Try Out Tiered Broadband
  248. Instead of upgrading with next-gen DOCSIS Comcast Looking To Sell Networks
  249. Who cares which is best HD or Blueray?
  250. SonyNEC Optiarc: Sub $100 Blu-ray Combo Drives for the Holidays?