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  1. Report: Wal-Mart Replacing Music with Blu-ray
  2. Get Smart..another 25gb release
  3. what the hell is wrong with these studios?!?!
  4. Western Digital - WD TV HD Media Player for USB Storage Devices
  5. Couple scam Wal-mart to buy Blu-Ray player :)
  6. Do you like watching movies in high definition?
  7. Race towards caps continues (Frontier outlines plans)
  8. The marketing starting???
  9. Report: Euro BD Player Shipment to Triple
  10. Fortune puts Blu-Ray on the top 9 tech flops of the year
  11. October the biggest month in Blu-ray History
  12. Netflix on Roku, LG, Samsung, Xbox 360, MAC, now Tivo, a threat to physical disk?
  13. BD+ cracked (for real this time)
  14. toshiba xd reviewed
  15. Variety Article : [B]Blu-ray still waiting for sunny days
  16. Yahoo Fud? Blu-ray the next Laserdisc
  17. Disney BD-Live - Review and smacktalk(?)
  18. Multimillion-dollar marketing campaign for Blu Ray launching soon
  19. Canada: Rogers used Blu Ray 25% off
  20. Debunk: Xbox 360 streams HD Netflix over component just fine
  21. LG BH200 gone forever...?
  22. Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!
  23. Artists to aspire to BD, says The Police's Stewart Copeland
  24. Wilco Tells It's Own Fans "Don't Waste Your $$ On Our Blu-Ray"
  25. HDCP Required For Xbox 360 HD Netflix Streaming
  26. Costco's Big Blu-ray Push
  27. Article -- "Blu-ray is Dead".
  28. Indies go for Blu
  29. Some good news: HDTV Prices falling
  30. WSJ article...Smack can be made on both sides
  31. HD Netflix streaming comes to Xbox 360 first
  32. Representing Canadians one more time....
  33. No more VCR
  34. Newer SALs v. PS3
  35. SO let me get this straight.....
  36. Nostradamus Game for October 26, 2008
  37. Canadian Blu-ray fans....
  38. Save $100 When You Buy a Blu-ray Player and Four Warner Blu-ray Discs At Amazon
  39. Sears: Black Friday Deals Revealed!
  40. "Incredible Hulk" first-day sales top 275,000!
  41. Samsung withdraws SanDisk offer- No Future for SD Cards?
  42. Wow! US blu-ray disc sales only 328,000 in August
  43. 6 Upcoming Criterions--ONLY 1 DTS-MA 5.1 track TOTAL!!!!!!
  44. Blu-ray increases 10,700% in Japan over last year!
  45. "Blu Ray Players" #8 on Yahoo's top searches...
  46. Blu-ray Exceeds 30% of DVD Recorder/Player Shipments in Japan
  47. Wal-mart: PS3 Value Bundle w/Bonus $75 Gift Card
  48. The Smurfs turn 50 today
  49. Journey to the Center of the Earth Blu-ray Delayed in Canada to Oct 31
  50. Netflix Reaches Movie Deal With Samsung
  51. Nielsen/VideoScan 2008 Sales Metrics Thread: Ratios, Bestsellers, Weekly Charts etc
  52. My Double Dipping Policy (TM)
  53. Circuit City..is it done for?
  54. New weekly Blu-ray sales charts in the Nielsen thread
  55. Blu-ray or Digital Downloads? Integrators Weigh In
  56. Hollywood movie studios have placed urgent OEM orders with U-Tech
  57. Almost 6% of Netflix suscribers use Blu-ray
  58. Analyst revises 2008 Blu-ray sales downward by 25%
  59. Best Buy Drops Blu-ray Player to $99?
  60. Nostradamus Game for October 19, 2008
  61. 68 cent Blu-ray rentals
  62. Never heard of this player before, but good deal?
  63. Displaysearch
  64. U-TECH Media, the largest Taiwan-based producer of pre-recorded optical discs
  65. Wal-Mart Blu-ray ad featuring Indiana Jones in USA Weekend Magazine-47.5M readership
  66. $199 blu ray player
  67. VB story on Home Video sales through 3Q and 4Q Blu-ray estimates
  68. VB story on Home Video sales through 3Q and 4Q Blu-ray estimates
  69. Reuters: Playboy stops physical disk distribution, goes digital distribution only
  70. 3 reasons why I'm renting DVDs only
  71. Satellite vs. Blu-ray: DISHing up 1080p (review link)
  72. Rebels without a cause
  73. Disc sales only down 46.44% after previous week's 145.68% increase
  74. Bond HD OnDemand
  75. Will this mean the obsolescence of the current Blu-ray players?
  76. U.K. film, video numbers defy credit crunch
  77. Ebert: Baraka the "reason to acquire a Blu-ray player"
  78. HULU + DIVX VOD now on PS3
  79. BD Sales Explosion: Sony Releases European Blu-Ray Disc, PS3 Stats
  80. Bizarro World: Microsoft lists Blu-ray among "latest and greatest" PC features
  81. Target expanding Blu-ray due to customer demand
  82. Standalone Blu-ray players are in 1.7% of U.S. households (2 million players?)
  83. WSJ Article: "Hi-Def Options Vie With Blu-Ray"
  84. the best home-entertainment display in America."
  85. Amazon.uk: 3 for 2 sale...
  86. "BD shall become the preferred vector for film viewed at home." -dvdfile.com
  87. Apple kicks Blu-ray in the teeth
  88. "Sound and Vision" Test Shows Little Difference Between Blu-Ray and DISH On Demand!!!
  89. Blu-ray player to hit $149 on Black Friday
  90. Nostradamus Game for October 12, 2008
  91. Hereís what fake HD video looks like
  92. Kevin Rose drops MacBook Blu-Ray Rumor at Live Diggnation event
  93. Red Dawn
  94. Comcast Letter_Doesn't bode well for Digital Downloads
  95. Man Oh Man
  96. There ain't no friggin way...
  97. Lossy wall of shame!
  98. Hd Dvd Still Alive!!!
  99. So is blu-ray gonna make it?
  100. Will The Bad Economy Hurt Blu-ray Sales?
  101. Blu-ray up 145.68% !!!! DVD only up 21.39%
  102. Blu-ray set-top sales to jump eightfold by 2012
  103. Greenberg Says "It's pretty obvious it's NOT the next dvd"
  104. Iron Man Blu-ray First week sales 500,000+ copies - Day one 260,000
  105. Blog: Microsoft has Xbox 360 Blu-ray drives ready to go
  106. Youtube, Now in Super HD
  107. Disney: Blu-ray discs to overtake DVDs within 2 years
  108. Iron Man blasts out on Blu-ray - Video Business
  109. Samsung BD-P1500 now Profile 2.0 finally!
  110. Sound & Vision Mag: Blu-ray 2008: The Studio Report Card
  111. Blu-ray struggling in Australia, Europe (PAL territories) <2% share after two years
  112. Nostradamus Game for October 5, 2008
  113. Vudu unveils near Blu-ray-quality Net video
  114. Blu-Ray underrated says PC World on MSN
  115. Video Rental Chain used to stock 2 copies of blockbuster BD titles, now only 1
  116. Your new and improved BD survival prediction poll!
  117. So, are there any serious HD fans without Blu-ray player still?
  118. There should have been one format all along; so much time was wasted
  119. Fellowship of the Ring Slated for Blu in 2009
  120. Sony BDP-S350 at Amazon for $267
  121. Just a thought about recent Warner Bros/Universal BD reviews
  122. Sony BDP S350 for $175 - here's how:
  123. John Favreau: "Iron Man" Shatters Blu-ray Sales Records
  124. WOAAAA Paramount underestimated the demand for BLU RAY IRONMAN!!!
  125. Samsung to be First Implenter of InstaPort HDMI Switching Technology.
  126. Nostradamus Game for September 28, 2008
  127. Sony drops BDP-S350 BD-Live (Profile 2.0) player to $299
  128. What about this tv for watching High Definition movies?
  129. Some people that get it: A White Paper on why Caps are bad
  130. "HD DVD slashed prices drive sales up"
  131. Is AACS Killing the Blu-Ray Disc Industry?
  132. How many HD DVD fans have made the switch to Blu-ray?
  133. Why the Gloom & Doom For Blu-ray???
  134. The Dark Knight announced. What will you do?
  135. Sony BDP-BX1 $280 at Sams
  136. Blu-ray is the best option, Downloads got pwned
  137. Iron Man Blu-Ray outselling the DVD version at Amazon
  138. Guest Smackdown Artist, CNET: Believing Blu-ray Will Succeed Doesn't Make Sense
  139. Imagine if HD DVD had won the format war or even
  140. Enderle: High prices are bad - then prices fall - now low prices are bad
  141. Nice deal at FS....
  142. Engadgethd: Blu-ray's market share has almost doubled
  143. BDA member getting desperate: Lists Toshiba as BD player CE player manifacturor
  144. Iron Man-No delay
  145. Toshiba is expected to roll out a line of set-top boxes early next year with SD card
  146. Who is picking these titles for Blu-ray release ?
  147. Toshiba partners with MOD Systems to deliver digital media via SD Cards, STBs
  148. Blu-Ray Market Share...Drops?
  149. BDP-S350 at $295 on Amazon now.
  150. Blockbuster CEO: Blu-Ray account for less than 5% of the chain's U.S. rentals.
  151. When will Blu-ray win a sales week vs. DVD?
  152. Beetlejuice delayed on Blu but not DVD
  153. Nostradamus Game for September 21, 2008
  154. Iron Man recalled because of BD defects?
  155. The Future of Blu-ray, or more accurately, the need to lower "software" prices.
  156. HD DVD LIVES! NY Post article...
  157. millions of players sold market share stays stagnant - March-Sept VideoScan BD vs DVD
  158. BD Players SUB-$200!
  159. $199.98 Blu-ray Player
  160. First under-$200 BD player hits Amazon!
  161. Fox Introduces New $20 Retail Price Level for Blu-ray
  162. Blu-ray Is Sexy
  163. Websites Already Predicting "Black Friday" Deals on Blu-Ray!
  164. What is the point of spending tons of $$$ on surround if...
  165. Can someone please tell me what WB is thinking?
  166. Samsung Blu-ray Player: $279
  167. Memorex releasing a Blu-Ray player in Nov, MSRP $269
  168. Blu-Ray's Field of Dreams
  169. Only 3.08M TOTAL SAL Blu-Ray Players Sold WORLDWIDE By EOY 2008
  170. NPD Report: Only 0.6% of Your Movie Budget Goes To Online Downloads
  171. Bluray Pessimism; Glass is HALF FULL
  172. Blu-ray Disc Association says itís too early to lower prices
  173. Best Buy Posts Earnings - No Mention of Blu Ray!! Whoa!
  174. The HD Thermometer ( Iron Man )
  175. Article: Blu-ray will be dead by 2012
  176. Nostradamus Game for September 14, 2008
  177. SONY..a dagger to the heart
  178. Vampires wipe their past or - how to go Blu and cover your Red tracks
  179. Check out this Blu-ray laptop....
  180. Holy smokes! Canadian question....
  181. XDE vs Blu : Battle of the titans!
  182. DECE: Industry Unites to Create Internet Video Download Standards
  183. Samsung BD-P1500 now $298 at Wal-Mart stores
  184. Insider news : Is blu just too expensive in this economy?
  185. Is Sony sabotaging Blu-ray with AVCHD ?
  186. So should I correct my college teacher about the format wars?
  187. the time of HD content without a blu or hddvd has come?
  188. This is where downloads will take you!
  189. Why are some users rooting for digital downloads?
  190. Political Discussion = Temp Ban - Read!
  191. Report--casablanca Only Has Dd Audio
  192. 6.5 Million BD Standalones in US(?)
  193. Nostradamus Game for September 7, 2008
  194. Sim2 Introduces Better-than-Blu-Ray Discs on Red Laser DVD - 4000 Titles Available
  195. NETFLIX: "we know the future belongs to instant watching, to streaming to your TV"
  196. Blu $ drops & key products available. Blu inching towards relevance?
  197. DirecTV, Tivo To Offer New HD DVR!
  198. Samsung: Blu-ray will be DEAD in 5 years
  199. Transformers BD has better PQ too
  200. Best Buy price cuts Blu-ray player to $249
  201. Cnet review of the XD-E500 - 6.0/10.0
  202. Sony sued over Blu-ray patents
  203. An "ON DEMMAND" Market You Never Considered....
  204. Haven't seen a Paramount Blu-ray ad in a LONG time....
  205. Which upconverter would you buy?
  206. BD CEs' true color shines - At least 6 new BD players at $500-$2,200 announced
  208. Blu-ray Key to Pioneer's HD Strategy
  209. I really don't get it....
  210. Sony CEO: Could PS3 ever break even? "Not for as long as I live".
  211. Digital Trends on the XDE...
  212. Comcast imposes monthly DL & UL limits
  213. Warner raining on the Blu-ray parade at IFA?
  214. Question for the home video purists
  215. Aug28 Toshiba press conference clarifies hidef strategy.
  216. Toshiba declines to sell HDDVD patents
  217. Rumoured Blu-ray price drop in September
  218. Panasonic Intros Blu-ray/DVD/VHS Combo Player
  219. Blu-Ray Profile vs. HD-DVD Profile Debate Thread
  220. Possible set back for downloads: Is Vudu on the way out?
  221. Sony To Drop Blu-Ray Player Pricing In September-Other Makers To Follow
  222. More BD player price drop
  223. HDD Economics 101
  224. BD already 6% of market, 61% in 4 years
  225. When did Toshiba ...
  226. What would you most likely spend money on?
  227. Toshiba Canada shows regular upconverter vs. XDE vs. Blu ray
  228. What sucks more?
  229. New Ideas for a Toshiba Slogan
  230. Another BD will overtake SD-DVD by 2012 thread
  232. DVD will fail? Sounds a lot like Blu-ray..
  233. Blu-ray disc sales down 27% from last week. Lowest revenue in 3+ months.
  234. It has Happened: Digital Copy Now Costs More!
  235. Article: Toshiba XDE sharper than BD from 8ft: BD1500 Spidie 3: pitted side by side
  236. Bluray vs HD DVD discussion in Tropic Thunder
  237. I'm not a download or VOD fan at all but....
  238. after half an hour on the phone with my parents, I'm pretty convinced hdm is doomed
  239. Beijing Olympics 2008: No Blu-ray love?
  240. DVDO Edge High Definition Video Processor???
  241. New Tosh DVD Player as good as "HD DVD"
  242. Transformers "no discernible difference" between DD+ and TrueHD!
  243. Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene
  244. TrueHD on Blu-ray Transformers "Smashes" DD+
  245. A little rant.
  247. Microsoft Adds Blu-ray Support to Windows
  248. Personal HiDef observation
  249. Toshiba to ship smarter DVD player ($149) next week, Exec says product not BD killer
  250. "Austin Powers Collection" / December 2nd