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  1. huh? BD on 8.9-inch LCD?
  2. 2.0 BD SAL Player MSRP $199 (Memorex)
  3. New SDXC Memory Cards successor to Blu-ray... 40x capacity, higher bitrate
  4. Blu-ray is going PROFILE 3.0!
  5. Press conferences with most smackdown potential
  6. ISP's believe downloads are a gold mine
  7. Bluray in PAL territories: A mixed picture
  8. Bah Humbug! Still No Blu Ray on Board Apple!
  9. Amazon has new B2GO!!!
  10. Zoran Demonstrates New HDTV, Set-Top Box, Digital Camera, HD DVD, MM Mobile P
  11. Washington Post article: Stung By Blu-Ray, And Yet, No One Cares
  12. Bluray 2pk = $19.99 @ walmart
  13. Blu-ray Dominates Christmas Sales
  14. Article: "Homevideo biz takes a hit in '08"
  15. Article: "A silver lining for Blu-ray in Q4"
  16. According to the President of Distribution Video Audio, DVD Will Be Dead in 3-4 Years
  17. 10 Reasons Why Physical Media Owns!
  18. Toshiba strategy: stick to XDE (aka edge enhancement), drop player price
  19. NYT: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future
  20. Blu-ray Disc Trends in 2008 – A Retrospective
  21. One year later: Warner's decision proved correct
  22. Digital Copy - Hancock
  23. Has anyone noticed Blu-Ray taking off post-Christmas?
  24. Vudu HD Catalog vs. BR HD Catalog
  25. Is it serious when the first question about a Warner title is: " How bad is the DNR?"
  26. Time for another PCM vs TrueHD vs DTS-MA talk.
  27. Best Buy - "Firmware Update? Sure, that'll be $29.99"
  28. UK: BD software sales "surge" (1.5m discs in Dec, 400% growth YoY)
  29. Text size: increase text sizedecrease text size Should you buy Blu-ray?
  30. Will Walmart and Target ever get more players?
  31. So watcha think of BD this year?
  32. Blu-ray Increases Market Share vs DVD
  33. Ten predictions for the HD realm in 2009
  34. Blu-ray buyers still support cheaper DVD
  35. Toshiba vs. Blu-ray: HD movies on chips
  36. Blu-ray Disc Exceeds Expectations
  37. SD cards to be one focus at CES - Toshiba expected to showcase new line of products
  38. Blu-ray boon for digital copy
  39. Consumers Have Spent Nearly $500M On Blu-ray Titles
  40. The Dark Knight Blu Ray Special Features
  41. Nostradamus Game for December 28, 2008
  42. Blu-ray sales accelerate to record levels in Japan
  43. Blu-ray sinks the PS3
  44. Even EngadgetHD Says Blu Ray Has Not Had A Great Year Overall
  45. LG Electronics Announces New Streaming Content Partners for Its Network Blu-ray Disc
  46. How does this help BD as a format grow?
  47. 2008 RETAILER OF THE YEAR: Amazon is a giant in Blu-ray
  48. Blu-ray Sales Reach Record Marks During Holiday Shopping Season
  49. "Hollywood Goes High Def- December 2008" Home Media Magazine Special Edition
  50. Bush BD01 becomes UK's first sub-£100 Blu-ray player
  51. BD Total revenue for 2008? It will be greater than $800M - It has to be!
  52. Connection Speeds and Movie Downloads
  53. Blu-ray price cuts hurt OEM manufacturers
  54. A Year in Home Entertainment
  55. The Dark Knight saved 2008 for packaged media
  56. This Weeks BD Sales - Prognosticators Welcome!
  57. HMM Article "CDSA: Blu-ray Will Help Packaged-Media Business Stay Strong"
  58. Nostradamus Game for December 21, 2008
  59. How Can We Expect Blu-Ray To Succeed?
  60. China's answer to Blu-ray not inciting fear of another format war
  61. Which BD Moniker Fits You Best (READ OP)
  62. Blu-Ray sales surging in Europe
  63. No longer any doubt ! Octopi prefer HD !
  64. Sock account reminder.
  65. Roku Adds HD Streaming To Set-Top Player
  66. Blu-ray Beats Recession Blues Sales Soar in Lead Up to Christmas at Even Quicker Rate
  67. Blu-ray Beats Recession Blues Sales Soar in Lead Up to Christmas at Even Quicker Rate
  68. If You Could ONLY Buy HDM Titles - Would You Have Jumped In? READ OP!
  69. BETANEWS: 18month BD honeymoon ended prematurely, highlights -22% HD optical sales
  70. Home video all format sales 2002-2008
  71. New Zogby Research: Blu-ray Players Top List Of Gifts Fueling Holiday Excitement
  72. Over $60 MILLION Spent on Blu-ray Last Week
  73. PS3's next Trojan Horse Act????
  74. BD/DVD Hybrid's have arrived !
  75. Netflix's Watch Instantly: a "drain on profitability"
  76. Blu-ray Disc 2008: A Year In Review (article from ElectronicHouse)
  77. Bad Vudu: Forbes Blog
  78. Blu-Ray Players Destined for US Sale @ $199-$229 Stacked Up in US Warehouses
  79. So what's the actual profitability on TDK?
  80. The cheapest retail Blu-ray title I have ever seen.....
  81. Toshiba's 46XV545U LCD HDTV CNet reviewed: SRT internal upscaling is a joke!
  82. Sony may cut more jobs to survive downturn, president says
  83. Why do people always compare the price of a BD to the price of a SE DVD?
  84. BD makes a worst of 2008 list
  85. TV Has License to Kill Movies at iTunes, Netflix
  86. The Dark Knight sells nearly 2 million on Blu-ray
  87. The end of doom and gloom Blu threads? TDK nearing 2 million.
  88. Consumers watch VOD more, visit theaters less
  89. When the smoke clears will blu break 750 million for 2008?
  90. Do You Like The Shifting Aspect Ratio's In TDK
  91. The Dark Knight Blu-Ray Sales Shatter All Records
  92. sorry - i was too late
  93. Nostradamus Game for December 14, 2008
  94. Best Buy not selling enough BD players?
  95. Will Microsoft Announce A BD Add-On @ CES 2009?
  96. Paramount CTO and HV exec who pushed HD DVD to be laid off
  97. Will Toshiba announce a BD player next January? Does it matter?
  98. Blu-ray Sales Off The Charts
  99. The Greenfield Group Study on Blu-ray Value and Consumer Intentions- New Research
  100. The Dark Knight Impact on the Blu-ray Format (Video Business article)
  101. Has the smackdown forum outlived its usefulness?
  102. Silicone Alley Insider proclaim PS3 a sinking ship, Sony & Chapter 11 discussed
  103. Upscale DVD blind comparison - results
  104. Article questions BD's "without BD, your HDTV is just a normal TV" marketing strategy
  105. Ron Sanders Predicts Nearly A 100% Attach Rate For BD SA's On Sales Of TDK
  106. TDK in US/CA/UK: 600,000 BD's sold on Day 1...
  107. Analyst: DVD Sales Down, Blu-ray Trends 'Encouraging'
  108. Blu Ray overtakes DVD in Japan
  109. So Long PS3 and Hello Blu
  110. BF: BD players outsold upscaling DVD players
  111. How low can you go Bill Hunt?
  112. Dear Sony, BDA & Studios
  113. Nostradamus Game for December 7, 2008
  114. Video Business: Netflix Blu-ray adoption quicker than expected
  115. Video Business: Blu-ray player sales triple Black Friday week
  116. Netflix Blu-ray adoption quicker than expected
  117. Blu-ray Disc Recorders have surpassed a 50% market share for DVD Recorders
  118. UK: Dark Knight BD sells over 100K first day, 21% of total sales
  119. Will The Dark Knight Rescue Blu-ray?
  120. Sony to cut 8,000 jobs, slash $1.1 billion in costs
  121. Dark Knight was made by Sony DADC
  122. Blu-ray player prices rise after Black Friday lows
  123. Netflix streaming "won't challenge well-executed Blu-ray encodes"
  124. The Way We'll Watch - emerging Home Entertainment Technologies
  125. Blu-ray exceeding expectations – CEA and Sony say.
  126. Standard Blu-ray pricing starting to emerge
  127. Is the PS3 the best Blu-ray player?
  128. Lionsgate Blu-ray Movies $10 Each at Wal-Mart
  129. USA Today: 10 questions about Blu-ray - Bracke, Hunt, Swann chime in
  130. Sony's David Bishop Talks Blu-ray!!
  131. Was HD-DVD Players Gonna Stream Netflix or Another Service?
  132. BD-Live must die!
  133. 2008.....Top 3, Bottom 3?
  134. Blu Ray to be featured in USA Today Friday
  135. Holy Dark Knight BD-Live bomb!
  136. Microsoft is showing signs of Blu-ray support in the upcoming Vista SP2
  137. People just don't care bout BR!
  138. BluRay vs DVD Upscale Video
  139. Starting to doubt High-Def Digest reviews
  140. "Blu-Ray" Was The MOST SEARCHED For Term On CyberMonday Website!!!!!!!!!
  141. Can Japan Market Jumpstart Hollywood Movie Sales???
  142. Pioneer showcases 16-layer 400GB optical disc
  143. The Dark Knight track equivalent to Dolby Digital Plus?
  144. NYT Holiday Buying Guide gives Toshiba XD-E500 thumbs up!
  145. BR: Wanted - Exclusive alternate ending over DVD?
  146. Nostradamus Game for November 30, 2008
  147. Sony Wants It Both Ways
  148. Scott Hettrick: BD disc sales at only 2.3 million for October; 14 million for 2008
  149. It's the end of 2008, what high-def phrases should stop being used?
  150. How Many Bluray Players Sold on Black Friday?
  151. Offical Black Friday report thread
  152. Not a Black Friday sale....
  153. POLL: How many are jumping into Blu for the FIRST time this week?
  154. Best Buy door buster BR movies available online right now.
  155. Putting Smackdown aside for a moment.
  156. The Dark Knight Prediction Poll
  157. BDA gives European update: Blu-ray lookin' good across the pond
  158. Universal Calls First BD-Live Chat Suck-sess?
  159. Blu-ray players still scarce in Europe
  160. Global TV sales top 53 million in recent quarter
  161. There may indeed be something behind the WB "Do or die for Blu-ray" statement...
  162. I think the "BDA" should impose a fine for not having lossless tracks..
  163. HMM: Support the industry, support your format! Buy blu-ray for those without HDTV
  164. Blockbuster and Netflix fighting online movie rental war
  165. comparison shots
  166. Article: the HD Bandwagon
  167. Junk releases
  168. Nostradamus Game for November 23, 2008
  169. Panasonic Proposes Blu-ray Disc Standard for 3D Imagery
  170. Did Warner screw up The Dark Knight encoding?
  171. Sign that the BD-P1500 is getting netflix?
  172. The importance of HDM (Blu-ray)....
  173. NY Times: "For a Thrifty Audience, Buying DVDs Is So 2004"
  174. CNNMoney.com Presents the 5 Best Blu-Ray Players
  175. What the common man thinks of Blu
  176. Get your High Def DVD player for $34.99!!!
  177. FutureShop does it again...
  178. Does Warners have another January Surprise for us this year?
  179. thedigitalbits: Movie-only releases for FULL price just doesn't cut it
  180. NYT Article "DVDs, Hollywood’s Profit Source, Are Sagging" with Blu-ray comments
  181. Sony says Blu-ray sales short of forecasts
  182. free Dark Knight and Batman Begins
  183. Interesting PS3 Info
  184. Nabisco Prize Giveaway
  185. Sony releases Blu-ray in China, CBHD has turned into "vaporware"
  186. oh my Bill Hunt is at it again
  187. Blu-ray Disc Combo drives to go mainstream
  188. New Article, BD in PC's
  189. New Walmart commercials: really pushing blu-ray!
  190. Funai Gets Boost From Blu-ray, Converter Boxes
  191. DEG white paper: "HDTV owners: the prospects for HD media"
  192. New MS/Sony pissing contest with streaming vids
  193. Nostradamus Game for November 16, 2008
  194. BD is for summer blockbusters - comments
  195. Hope for downloads? Net Neutrality possible.
  196. 2 blu-ray player deals, $139 and $179 (Memorex and Sharp respectively)
  197. Wal-Mart will have $128 BD Player!
  198. So, what's the Black Friday buzz this year?
  199. Redbox Goes Blu
  200. Circuit City Black Friday Blu-ray Deals
  201. QOS --mega hit ---322m in 3 days of WW release
  202. Attn: All (Self-proclaimed) Golden Ears
  203. Why do Studio & Manufacturer still fully Support DVD? Take "WALLl*E" DVD
  204. Will DARK KNIGHT reach 1m copies sold on FIRST DAY OF RELEASE
  205. Physical format dead in S. Korea
  206. Can Blu-ray save Christmas for Hollywood?
  207. Digital Entertainment Group press event...
  208. Blu-ray earns high marks – Study finds that users prefer discs to streaming 10-to-1
  209. Walmart-Black Friday Magnavox BD player for $128
  210. Blu-ray player sales not rising with lower prices
  211. Netflix says goodbye to HD DVD
  212. Blu-ray Earns High Marks From Consumers
  213. Reuters: is it do or die for Blu-Ray?
  214. wal-mart trims its 2008 earning forcast
  215. All Criterions DELAYED!! along with "spinal Tap" WTF??
  216. HDTV Sets Now Im Over One-Third OF U.S. Households
  217. So I guess Michael Bay wins
  218. Blu-ray Disc player sales set to triple in Europe during 2009
  219. LCD price fixing scheme ended - should make HDTVs more affordable
  220. Effectivly free BD-P1500 w/TV purchase
  221. An ideal use of 3D HD.
  222. Sam's Club BF sale: catalogs for $10.87
  223. Universal's upcoming Hellboy 2 BD-Live feature
  224. InfoWorld: Internet Future in Danger (Downloads)
  225. OFFER:Buy Brand New Edition Of Unlocked Apple Iphones,Buy 3 Get 1 Free!!!
  226. Band of brothers,two episodes per disc ?
  227. Nostradamus Game for November 9, 2008
  228. Toshiba launches $4.7mil upscalling ad to woo consumers
  229. Singulus Sees Blu-Ray Peaking In 5-6 years
  230. Bluray outselling 2 Disc DVDs?
  231. Universal -- Best Blu Studio???
  232. Sony BDPS350 Blu-ray Disc Player at Kmart Thursday - $179.99
  233. Vudu HD content now outnumbers Blu-ray!
  234. Kung Fu Panda – BestBuy beating Amazon prices
  235. PS3 for $299, $100 giftcard.
  236. Dark Knight to break Blu-ray shipping record!
  237. First-brand Profile 2.0 player goes under $200 - with 4 free movies
  238. Stay away from WB's DVD grade 5.1 audio.
  239. Anyone else a big fan of the DLP's?
  240. The Dark Knight
  241. No more price matching at amazon since setember 01,2008
  242. KILL BILL 1 & 2 $27.95 at Amazon
  243. 4X BD Reader SATA for $90 (w/promo code) & free ship
  244. Help me respect plasma
  245. Sony builds on the Blu Empire, Adds hi-def music to the list
  246. Nostradamus Game for November 2, 2008
  247. Upconverting DVD player for $1500!!
  248. AT&T Caps, not as bad as TW not as good as zero cap
  249. Blu-ray has progressed more in 2 years than LaserDisc in a decade
  250. October: The Top 5 'HD Hotties'