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  1. Toshiba looks the other way when asked about Blu-ray
  2. Bookstores Split on Disc - HMM Article
  3. BD Managed Copy Launches in 2010, New Player Required
  4. Walmart Drops Blu-ray Player to $128
  5. ACS Final Adopter Agreement Posted - Includes DVD and HD DVD Books
  6. What? Still No Blu Ray Love from Apple!
  7. IFC Takes VOD High-Def
  8. The True Bluray Killer
  9. What would make you switch to digital downloads?
  10. Netflix Sucks
  11. Will 16.9 aspect ratio be killed by 31:10 aspect ratio
  12. Free ride over?
  13. Big News for Vudu Owners!
  14. Exciting news regarding XDE
  15. Microsoft movie download service to "make Blu-Ray obsolete"
  16. The Death of BD?
  17. How long do you think before dolby-HD/master-DTS becomes the industry standard?
  18. HDTV & Bluray sales thrive in bad economy
  19. France: Blu-ray Disc Sales Increase over 200%
  20. HD Dish versus BD on 52 inch 1080P
  21. The HDTV "Shakedown"
  22. TWE: “Blu-ray continues to perform below expectations—both ours and the industry’s"
  23. Media Center gets Netflix
  24. SanDisk CEO calls Blu-ray Endangered
  25. Blu-ray availability issues remaining???
  26. My biggest relief when I went bluray?
  27. Why Bother?
  28. Wal-Mart Steps Up Its Game in Electronics Aisle -WSJ
  29. Redbox...Redbox. Anyone see my Redbox???
  30. looks like i'm facing a serious drought over the next 3 1/2 months
  31. Germany: Blu-ray Disc Sales Increase Fivefold
  32. Sony Loses A Little Money
  33. CEDIA: Consumers See The Difference With Blu-ray - Even on 40" Displays
  34. HMM Article "DVD and Blu-ray Disc Still Heavy Favorites With Consumers"
  35. Indie retailers embrace Blu-ray revenue-sharing
  36. Best Buy, Amazon maintain large Blu-ray market share
  37. 1st HDTV's then come the BD players...
  38. NPD: Q1 BD Player Sales Rose 72%
  39. Can Disney Get Its Groove Back?
  40. Poll: The future of BD+
  41. EngadgetHD Poll Shows BD-Live Not The Game Changer Studios Claim
  42. Disney to remove all extras from rental DVDs as well
  43. Movies that should never have been released in HDM
  44. China may require disclosure of software code, Yomiuri [JP paper] says
  45. Consumer Home Media Spending Dips 5% in Q1
  46. Blu-ray 7.4% of Q1 Sales, Not Making Up for Losses in SD DVD
  47. Technological Progress
  48. Sony Pictures CEO Says DVD Tough to Replace
  49. Red2Blu: Upgrade your WB HD-DVDs for new industry-leading Blu-ray discs!
  50. China officially released Blu-ray high-definition products CBHD players
  51. Netflix Blu-ray is all cracked up!
  52. If you could choose ONE thing to improve the Blu-ray format, what would it be?
  53. Bill Hunt's glowing review of Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 on Blu
  54. Soon You Will be Able to Download HD via iPhones, iPods, Zunes, etc.
  55. The European open internet is under imminent threat
  56. No 3D BR Before 2011
  57. Where do you spend most of your HD T.V. time?
  58. Samsung Boss Tips $99 Blu ray Player By Xmas
  59. 12M Blu-ray Players to Ship This Year
  60. Blu-ray Sales Up Sharply in Q1
  61. NPD: More than 50% of Consumers Bought DVD, Blu-ray in Past 90 Days
  62. Indies price Blu-ray close to standard DVD E1 gives equal pricing to both formats -VB
  63. Wedbush: Netflix Spending $100M on Streaming in 2009
  64. Retail Drops Blu-ray Player Prices, Ups Used Selections -HMM article
  65. Blu-ray: Higher fidelity to what?
  66. Disney saying Disney DVDs "Plays On Your Blu-ray Player As Well as Your DVD Player"
  67. Would you buy a DVD ahead of a blu-ray?
  68. 30 Days: DVD vs. BR
  69. Blu-ray Replication Capacity Growth Trends
  70. Video Business - Stores expect slow Blu-ray player sales
  71. Didn't MS support HD DVD before?
  72. More Blu-ray power: Sharp and Pioneer merge optical disc businesses
  73. Is YouTube Doomed? YouTube is on track to lose roughly $470 million in 2009
  74. Article: Why Online Video Will Crush Blu-Ray
  75. Digitalbits says... 2.5 Million wants BR? Is that all?
  76. Blu Still not ready for the masses
  77. Snow White Blu-ray Out Seven Weeks Before DVD
  78. Early BDs not working out too well
  79. Kiosks,DVR biggest threat to traditional media revenue...
  80. Time Warner expanding metered internet.
  81. This Has To Be A Joke
  82. VB-DVD viewing still trumps time-shifting, online
  83. Bundlemania: Studios Increase DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Copy Combos
  84. The Killer App on Blu-ray = 3D
  85. Netflix raises price of Blu-ray rentals...again!
  86. AMC adding upwards of 1,500 3D screens in North America
  87. Target stores lower BD-Live capable Blu-ray player to $225 with $14.99 Bond movies
  88. Blu-ray vs. DVD (Consumer Reports)
  89. How To Make BD-Live Succeed: RiffTrax
  90. HMM Article: Packaged Media Resilient: Rental, Sellthrough are Holding up in Downturn
  91. Eco friendly Rays
  92. IGN: Why Blu-ray is Better than DVD (2nd IGN article in series)
  93. XSteamHD 1080p w/ Lossless 7.1 DTS-HD MA Satco Service Coming Soon?
  94. More Blu-ray Disc replication lines needed to meet European demand
  95. Book: Microsoft promised Toshiba HD DVD support
  96. 2D TO 3D MOVIES...Back in Theatres...
  97. Looks Like The Lying At Best Buy Over Price Matching Has Been Exposed!!
  98. Borders shrinking DVD/BD/CD Section in stores
  99. Do people still think Blu-ray isn't mainstream?
  100. Wd Tv
  101. HD DVD didn't always deliver better quality...
  102. WP artcile - "Merril Lynch Analyst: Blu-Ray Could Help Save The Home-Video Industry"
  103. Blu-ray now used to track inflation (uk)
  104. USA Today: "Warner Bros. launches 'on demand' DVD sales"
  105. battlestar gallactica finale
  106. 3-D Heads to Blu-ray Disc
  107. Blu-ray doesn't always deliver better quality
  108. "Benjamin Button" BD to have same price as SE DVD
  109. amadeus..another poor bd trnasfer?
  110. Why DVD is better than Blu Ray
  111. ABC News/NPD: Blue Skies for Blu-Ray
  112. Will Toshiba be announcing a Blu-Ray player this fall?
  113. Will Watchmen be on a BD25?
  114. Sony's Bishop Defends Packaged Media
  115. The Blu-ray rollout Blu print has finally been revealed!
  116. VB/Adams research: Disc rental holding its own
  117. JVA released numbers for Japan for '08
  118. Blu-ray prices drop at retail High-def titles sell for average of $26 tag -VB
  119. NYT - "The Blu-ray vs. DVD View-off"
  120. Sony cuts deal with NBC Universal for film/TV shows on PlayStation Network
  121. Do you like streaming? Help kill this now!
  122. "46% of DVD sales impulse buys "2009 DisplaySearch Flat Panel Display conference
  123. Disney Eliminates Standard DVD Review Copies for Pinocchio
  124. Blu-ray for women!!!
  125. Fox DVD creates two classes of discs
  126. Windows 7 won't support BD playback natively, only burning
  127. Broadcasters Sue to Block White Spaces Use
  128. PJ: Apple Sold 2.1 million Apple TV Boxes in 2008; Expect 6.6M in 2009
  129. Dump your HD DVD player at Best Buy!
  130. ZillionTV Launches Today with Major Studio Support
  131. New Eco-Friendly Blu-Ray Case Sucks!
  132. Kornblau: HD DVD lined Uni's pockets
  133. Time Warner CEO: DVD Sales Trends Improved In 1Q
  134. Virgin to close by summer
  135. Blockbuster Said to Hire Firm for Bankruptcy Advice
  136. Time for BD smackdown: What is the most negative aspect of BD?
  137. More people renting DVD and Blu-ray Discs?
  138. Why renting Blu-ray movies makes perfect sense by Don reisinger
  139. Reisinger: "I won't stream films, rent DVDs or buy BD" - only rent Blu-ray
  140. Anyone miss the Format War?
  141. What is Blu-ray Disc's "Market Cap"?
  142. Netflix 'headed' toward streaming-only option-BD could expand 50% this year
  143. SONY Reorganizing 1 April.
  144. Disney also releasing 'Bedtime Stories' on BD 2 days before DVD
  145. Warner Brothers announced that Chinese independent high-definition format support
  146. DTS posts profits with help from Blu-Ray
  147. DVD Forum terminates blue-laser working group
  148. 6M Blu-ray Players May Be No Sure Thing
  149. Dreamworks' Katzenberg: “We like Blu-ray, but it’s not a meaningful part of our biz”
  150. One-stop shop product license for BD; player license $9.5, disc ¢11
  151. VUDU First to Sell ON-Demand Movies in HD
  152. More proof that Blu-Ray hardware pricing is dropping
  153. Blu-ray disc sales to exceed 100 million units in 2009
  154. Studios package DVD, Blu-ray together
  155. Governments & Online Sales (Virtual and Real) Tax Soon?
  156. Hackers target Xbox Live players
  157. Blu Sensation - TIME MAGAZINE
  158. DVD sales plummet, Blu-ray unable to save the day
  159. Christopher "BD is teh DOOMED" Null is at it again!!!
  160. First anniversary of Toshiba's concession
  161. Plasma TVs to be Banned in Europe?
  162. Redbox getting more expensive for Blu-ray ???
  163. Is DVD Pricing Holding Blu Ray Back by Don Reisinger
  164. 600 TV Stations To Cut Analog Signal Tuesday (Today)
  165. What's Wrong With HDTV?
  166. Blu-ray Expanding It's Horizons: Mitsubishi Announces 1DIN In-car Blu-ray Disc Player
  167. Singulus meets 2008 forecast, demand for BD lines "unexpectedly high"
  168. BD-Live wish list
  169. Preparing for Next-Gen HD
  170. BD live missing the boat still.
  171. Grave Robbing: Finding treasures with a dead format.
  172. Disney’s Troubles More About Titles and the Economy Than Blu-ray or DVD
  173. Blu-ray NOT a PS3 format.....
  174. Analysts Debate Blu-ray Significance
  175. LA Times -- Blu Ray Looking More and More Like A Dud
  176. Vudu Drops Set-Top Price to $149
  177. Bloombe: Pioneer to relegate DVD (BD) player business to a Sharp JV
  178. 2009 Blockbusters that should be huge on Blu-ray
  179. Studio Smackdown! Universal drops Dreamworks - Disney to sell Mirimax for Dreamworks?
  180. Fox trouble
  181. NPD Group says discs don't have to fear downloads... yet
  182. 2for1 WSJ:Internet Killed the Video Star/Reuters:1 million Xbox members use Netflix
  183. Don "Blu-ray is doomed" Reisinger: $100 is the perfect BD player price
  184. Congress Changes DTV 'Hard' Date to June 12
  185. Disney recognizes change in DVD landscape
  186. Time Warner getting ready to expand those 5GB caps trials...
  187. SNL Kagan Expects Blu-ray to Drive Growth in Home Video Revenue over the Next Decade
  188. Another shaft from Warner!
  189. Dark Knight BD sells 2 million in the US, 2.8m worldwide
  190. Disney is looking to raise some of their BD prices?
  191. Charter (cable) drops the anvil
  192. Blu-ray Players to Reach $150 This Year
  193. DVD International to expand HDScape Blu-ray lineup; seeks content providers
  194. dvds and bd's in serious trouble
  195. Futuresource: Packaged media to remain flat through 2012
  196. Nielsen: Blu-ray now 17% of Home Video Market
  197. What recession? CEA sees the Super Bowl selling 2.6 million HDTVs
  198. Australia - Blu-ray takes off as prices drop
  199. Blu-ray to benefit from DVD's troubles?
  200. Solving 3-D on Blu-ray
  201. Rob Enderle To Replace Herniated Disc With Blu-ray Disc
  202. Anyone else prefer the 1.85:1 aspect ratio?
  203. Blu-ray Surpasses Digital Dollars
  204. What Recession? Netflix Up 45% Q4 2008
  205. Another adoption breakthrough: "instructional" videos coming to Blu-ray
  206. Smackdown Rules Updated
  207. Is BD-Live Dead?
  208. Blu-ray: Strong Start for 2009
  209. SHIFT: Why 3D HDTV will never take off
  210. Video game sales surpass DVD/Blu for first time...
  211. LG DVD player unit's profit falls 85%
  212. Eagle Rock Blu sales taking flight
  213. Disney Releasing Bolt on Blu-ray Before DVD
  214. Sony Opens First Blu-Ray Factory in China!!
  215. Memorex MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player sinks below $100
  216. 2009 Blu-ray Sales Metrics Stats: Nielsen/Videoscan/HMM Charts/Ratios/Bestsellers Etc
  217. 2008 was Great for Blu-ray, '09 Even Better!
  218. 2009 Blu-ray players applauded by retailers
  219. Circuit City Liquidation Sales Start Tomorrow
  220. R.I.P. Circuit City
  221. Walmart CEO says "Blu-ray was very strong at Christmas"
  222. Moderator's-help us out
  223. Will the studios reduce the price of BD's?
  224. Do you want black bars on the side?
  225. MASSIVE FLOOD of Blu-ray products on the way!
  226. CNet Reviews: 9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed
  227. LD is dead
  228. BD sales not helping Sony financially
  229. TCL selected CES the global TV industry 20
  230. and yet another 25gb disc..Appaloosa
  231. What? SONY to Post LOSS, First in 14 years - Looks Like Blu N' PS3's Aren't Enough
  232. Europe: 8.1 million discs sold in 2008, 304% up from last year
  233. Is HighDefDigest closed today?
  234. Smackdown Rules - Read First! - Updated Jan. 26, 2009
  235. Digital Download Spinning Its Wheels
  236. Porn industry slow to adopt Blu-Ray?
  237. Blu-ray Booms
  238. Hollywood's DECE not ready yet
  239. What will be the YoY % of growth for BD revenue (2008 vs. 2009)
  240. No more sales data or deals subforum?
  241. XStreamHD still kicking, showing off updated hardware
  242. Format War Veteran's Paramount and Warners Sign On To Offer Content on SD
  243. Blu-Ray's First Two Years Outstrip DVD
  244. BDA: Blu-ray's future is bright / CES: Players selling well; software slower
  245. Live report from the BDA Press conference
  246. Experts preditions for HD Media in 2009
  247. Rich Greenfield, Pali Research: Blu-ray will not catch on in 2009
  248. Blu-ray Players, Web-enabled TVs and 3D Dominate Media Day
  249. Blu-Ray vs. VHS?
  250. Toshiba takes consumer beyond HD, beyond BD with 4K Cell TV