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  1. Hollywood Reporter: DVD Industry Down, but Not Downbeat
  2. How Blu-ray stole Christmas...
  3. Do you think 3D will propel Blu-ray to the top ?
  4. Blu-ray Players Surge in Popularity in 2009
  5. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays!
  6. Star Trek TOS HD DVD vs Blu-ray
  7. UK: Blu-ray players could top the Christmas list, but the format has a long way to go
  8. They really Blu it this time: A new format comes into its own
  9. WSJ: Dreaming of a Blu Christmas
  10. Blu-ray sets new record of $79.86 M for week ending 12/13/09 (Harry Potter)
  11. Image Entertainment On Verge of Bankruptcy!
  12. Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Final 3D Specification
  13. Blockbuster toMail Out-of-Stock Rentals Directly to Consumer
  14. Warner makes commitment to BD combo packs
  15. Analyst: Blu-ray Player to Supplant Set-Top Box
  16. Warner Spent $6 Million Restoring Classics for Blu-ray-BD Catalog titles coming soon
  17. Blu-ray for sale
  18. Hollywood Studios Push Blu-ray Sales for Holidays (WSJ Article)
  19. As Prices Fall, Blu-ray Players Are Invited Home (New York Times)
  20. MSNBC New Blu-Ray Article
  21. It's Red vs. Blue again - this time Redbox vs. Bluebox
  22. Studios Wise to Focus on Turning the Masses Blu (Publisher, Home Media Magazine blog)
  23. Walmart continues Blu-ray price discounts
  24. A Blu-ray wave hits us all
  25. Interesting article on the Yahoo frontpage:
  26. Nielsen's 3 Screen Report: TV Remains Strong as DVR and Online Video Show Most Growth
  27. Future of Film Panelists Mark Blu-ray Black Friday Successes
  28. At last, Blu-ray poised to change the big picture (Washington Post article)
  29. Report: $1 DVD Rentals Could Cost Industry $1 Billion
  30. DVD/Blu-ray Rentalgate Scandal
  31. What spells doom for Blu-ray now?
  32. Some TV series go from Blu-ray to DVD only
  33. Blu-ray sets new record of $69.06 M for week ending 11/29/09 (Black Friday week)
  34. Costco: ’Tis the Season for Blu-ray Disc
  35. 4k TV's under 40"
  36. How low can they go?
  37. Blu-ray sets new record of $47.25 M for week ending 11/22/09 (Star Trek release week)
  38. Meh?
  39. Universal bringing back Combo HD DVD's - scratch that - Combo Blu-ray's!!
  40. Experts Say Blu-ray Players are Here to Stay
  41. And like DVD, so will BD...portable devices on sale...
  42. Blu-ray Sound in the Eye of the Beholder
  43. Blu-ray Bets 'All In' on Black Friday
  44. Report from Black Friday.
  45. Blu-ray, an indispensable component for HD Movie Lovers
  46. SD Card Kiosk Test: MOD digital kiosks make downloads easy
  47. PS3's Blu-ray Functionality Promoted in New Ad
  48. Digital Rev is truly pennies and not even pennies" says WB Chair
  49. DVD2Blu.com: Warner announces DVD to Blu-ray exchange program
  50. Forget Blu-ray/DVD price parity, Blu-ray actually cheaper!!!
  51. MGM and its library up for grabs soon - Anyone want it?
  52. Best Buy Boosts Blu: Home Media Magazine Article
  53. "Blu-ray one of the Hottest Categories in our store"- says Mike Vitelli VP at B Buy
  54. Stores Bringing Blu-ray Disc Prices Below $20 - HMM article
  55. No official Oppos for Europe just yet
  56. Netflix likes price-window tradeoff
  57. Report from Walmart
  58. Blu-Con 2.0 sales statistics and comments from Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits
  59. MPAA, Consumer Groups Battle Over FCC Waiver
  60. players not yet ready to offer backups for Blu-ray discs
  61. Comcasts throttling again -> bad news for streamers/dlers...
  62. Walmart prices Q4 DVD new releases at $10
  63. 4Q 2009 off to a great start, DVD + Blu-ray revenues up substantially from last year
  64. Tests find cheap, clear Blu-ray players
  65. Studios Say Economy Accounts for Majority of Industry Trouble
  66. Blu-ray sales surging, but more growth needed
  67. Scorsese a fan of Blu-Ray
  68. Best Buy prepares for a "post DVD-era"
  69. WSJ: Blu-ray Player Makers Embrace Online Movie Delivery
  70. Paramount signs pact with Kingston for other titles, also SD cards
  71. International Blu-ray sales - 2009 Blu-ray sales in France cover DVD sales attrition
  72. Apple isn't kidding AppleTV really is a hobby
  73. During the format war.....
  74. Rumor: Wii 2 to include Blu-ray
  75. Blu-Ray, stoled idea from HD-DVD!
  76. Transformers 2 Sells 1.2M Blu-ray Discs 1st week, 500,000 in 1st day
  77. HD DVR - An Indispensable Component for HD Movie Lovers
  78. Interesting article...
  79. PS3 To Utilize Netflix By Next Month
  80. Sony optical drives probed by anti-trust watchdog
  81. Blu-ray player prices continue to slide
  82. Reed Hastings: DVD ‘Sales Only’ Window Could Benefit Netflix
  83. HMM: Hulu Will Charge, News Corp. Exec Says
  84. Wal-Mart starts a holiday price war
  85. xbox360 goes blu, again
  86. WSJ: Disney Touts a Way to Ditch the DVD
  87. Retrevo: Blu-ray Shoppers Want Further Price Cuts For Holidays
  88. HMM Nielsen data temporary update thread
  89. Blu-ray thrives despite economic hard times
  90. Disney's Iger: Blu-ray Sales "Not as Much as We Would Have Liked"
  91. China Blue HD hits the UK!
  92. Oppo to set up UK Blu-ray base, pulls plug on DVD development
  93. 3-D Blu-ray is dead ...
  94. A Crack in the Blu-ray Pot of Gold
  95. 3D formats - a PLUS or MINUS for blu-ray
  96. More Retailers Bow Sub-$100 Blu-ray Players
  97. Damage Control?: Netflix director of corporate communications clarifies Comments
  98. Netflix Inc. (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings sells 10,000 Shares
  99. Q3 rental spending rises 10% on Blu-ray, kiosk growth
  100. Snow White DVD combo pack & Blu-ray combo pack?
  101. Reed Hastings: Disc the Primary Format for Two More Years
  102. Report: 46 Million 3DTV Homes by 2013
  103. Is blu-ray the _DEFINITIVE_ HD physical medium?
  104. This year, a Christmas of blue jeans, not Blu-rays
  105. Ritek to raise additional capital to expand Blu-ray Disc capacity, says newspaper
  106. LA Times: Hollywood studios in midst of their own horror show
  107. Blu-ray adoption slightly ahead of DVD's track
  108. Star Trek, Half-Blood Prince in holiday SD card tests
  109. Since there's so much studio talk going on...NBC/Uni:
  110. download questions
  111. Cisco: US bandwidth unable to handle HD streaming needs
  112. You "just want BD Live, Analog outs and a name brand" for <$200? You got it!
  113. Ex-Studio Chief: DVD Retail Downturn ‘Self-Imposed’
  114. HDD tells owners to avoid latest PS3 update!
  115. Verizon on metered broadband: "...we will sell packages of bites"
  116. WSJ: Wal-Mart DVD Shift Is Latest Threat To Movie Studio Profits
  117. Is it time to stop buying 2D Blu-rays and wait for the 3D releases?
  118. Tom Ortenberg exits the Weinstein Co.
  119. MGM On The Edge of Bankruptcy
  120. NPD: Blu-ray will penetrate mainstream by next year
  121. Wolverine shows off Q4 DVD, Blu-ray potential
  122. NPD: Blu-ray mainstream *next* year
  123. Report: Apple ready to release new iMacs with Blu-ray
  124. CNET: Apple ready to release new iMacs with Blu-ray
  125. Parks Associates: Blu-ray Players ‘Still Not Taking Over The World’
  126. World's Smartest 2160p Toshiba Cell TV On Sale Soon
  127. PlayStation 3 price drop helps quadruple sales - VB article
  128. Walt Disney Chairman Gets The Axe!
  129. WSJ: Studios Hurt As DVD Sales Fall, Rentals Grow
  130. Warner Brothers vs. Seamless Branching
  131. Universal, and National Geographic join CBHD format
  132. Selling Blu-Ray: It's Not All About Price
  133. So you still buy media at B&M stores?
  134. Costco Slashes Bluray Section
  135. Blockbuster more than doubles planned store closures to nearly 1,000
  136. $135,000 Blu-ray Player!
  137. Blu-ray doing so well
  138. IGN Gives Gladiator 10/10 PQ, Braveheart 8/10
  139. 3D the Hot Technology at CEDIA
  140. Walmart Gets An Exclusive for Wolverine BD
  141. Singulus Passed 60 Worldwide Blu-ray Production Lines
  142. Sony readies first streaming Blu-ray Disc player
  143. BDA Announces 3D Spec For Blu-Ray
  144. BDA press conference at IFA
  145. Toshiba makes timid Blu-ray showing at IFA, still believes in other forms of HD distr
  146. Enderle has officially lost it
  147. Studios Want Decision From FCC On Cable Waiver For HD Movies
  148. Shocker - the average PS3 owner is pushing 30!!
  149. So, existing Blu-Ray players won't be able to play 3D, either?
  150. Gadgets on the Brink of Uselessness - Zip Drives, Fax Machines & DVDs
  151. Sony's Plan for $40 Movies at Home
  152. Disney to acquire Marvel in $4 billion deal
  153. Best Buy receives Blu-ray exclusives
  154. Blu-ray prices fall, as spending rises
  155. Hope: The FCC to "enforce network neutrality"
  156. Blu-ray tanks in PCs
  157. spambot surprise
  158. Updated Historical DVD hardware sales information by quarter now up at new DEG site
  159. PS3 Slim will bitstream DTS-HD and TrueHD
  160. Disney & Panasonic Multi-Million Dollar Campaign to Drive Family Adoption of Blu-ray
  161. PC World: 10 stupidest tech company blunders
  162. MGM Fires CEO!
  163. Slim PS3 Announced - $299 (120GB): Impact on Blu-ray Hardware Software Sales?
  164. Fighting the FCC
  165. Studio's DVD, Blu-ray sales drop as company looks forward to Management release
  166. Apple Would be Smart to Pick Blu-ray, Analyst Says
  167. New Report: Blu-ray sales fall, Studios cut prices 40%
  168. Warner lines up with Fox, Uni on kiosk window
  169. Enderle is back: Bluray Still No Bargain
  170. Blu-ray revenues for 2009 have now exceeded all of 2008 EOY totals
  171. Poll: Would YOU buy a Toshiba Blu-ray player?
  172. Name branded Blu-ray players need to come down to $150.
  173. "Blu-ray Still No Bargain"
  174. Buy Two,Get One Free!
  175. Will Toshiba release a standalone bluray player in the US in 2009?
  176. Why did HD DVD die?
  177. Toshiba Will Present Their First BD Product When?
  178. Web boosts Blu-ray player sales
  179. Toshiba Applies to Join Blu-ray Disc Association
  180. Dolby TrueHD Audio
  181. Whither Redbox? Hollywood studios are conflicted
  182. Blu-ray support coming with iTunes 9?
  183. Steven Soderbergh calls out the aspect ratio villains: HBO, AMC - We're talking about
  184. Warner Freezes Sales Of Three Titles (in anticipation of Blu-Ray release)
  185. Say goodbye to big screen classics
  186. Robin Harris: HD DVD returns and kicks Blu-ray to the gutter
  187. Why can't two video formats coexist but can in the gaming industry?
  188. Warner Suit Alleges Massive DVD Destruction Fraud
  189. Dance Flick (Blu-ray) to launch at retailers before DVD
  190. First-week markshare numbers for TF2 and Star Trek
  191. Watchman does 36% first week Blu-ray unit marketshare
  192. 1QTR 2009 Blu-ray Player up 71%
  193. Article: Why go to Blu-ray?
  194. CBHD leads BD 3% in market share despite just being launched in 2009
  195. Netflix Profit Jumps 22%
  196. Avatar: New 3D technology to render Bluray obsolete.
  197. sony makes a deal with redbox
  198. Universal To Tie iphone apps to Bd-Live
  199. FROM TWICE: Blu-ray players poised for 112% growth this year
  200. Will Toshiba's entrance into BD players make a great difference in player sales?
  201. VB: (SPHE) Sony President David Bishop Interview on Home Media Sales
  202. Next Gen DVD Players (Blu-ray) outsell Home DVD players in latest NPD $ sales report
  203. Toshiba launching a BD 18 Blu-ray player this year?
  204. Dangers of Digital only content
  205. The latecomer, LG BH200, finally a fully featured combo player (BD-Live/HDi)
  206. Japan said on CBHD ..
  207. Nice article comparing PQ of various HD sources
  208. Blu-ray celebrates 91 percent sales increase for first half of 2009.
  209. Home entertainment revenue slips 3.9% in first half
  210. Another Doom and Gloom article about Blu-Ray
  211. Mitsubishi TVs Coming With Free VUDU Boxes
  212. DVD, Blu-ray rental resurges in first half (BD grows 62.4% over 2008)
  213. List of Available Blu-ray Players and prices (The Digital Bits)
  214. Another Lost Opportunity with BD - Subtitle Options
  215. Enuf is enuf:stop with the bd player discounts!!
  216. Predict first-week BD sales ratio for Watchmen
  217. WHAT IF Toshiba had ....
  218. How do you react to sub-$100 BD players?
  219. $50 Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player Sherwood BDP5003 for $50.09 (before shipping)
  220. Analyst Upbeat on Warner DVD Biz
  221. "Disc Producers’ Work Grows" - (Increased Blu-ray content workload keeping them busy)
  222. Wal-mart rolls back cheap Blu-ray player price to $98
  223. BD expectations for this year...and yours is?
  224. engadgetHD: 85 percent of the 14 billion videos downloaded last year were illegal
  225. DVD + Blu-ray combined revenues were up in 2Q 2008 to 2Q 2009 YTD numbers
  226. Looking Back, 2006 the cost to make ....
  227. 4 July Blu-ray “If you’re buying a disc player it’s going to be a Blu-ray player"
  228. Player Deals Need More Oomph
  229. Services speed HD downloads: Slow broadband connections, Blu-ray quality obstacle
  230. CBHD vendors worried about $293 BD player
  231. is the thrill gone!
  232. Digital-media sales stalled in Q1: ad-supported revenue falls on economic downturn
  233. Blu-ray buzzkill: the death-spiral.....authur:Robin Harris
  234. We'll Pass on 'The Battle at the Bottom' in Blu-ray
  235. Do IMAX scenes get cropped in the Blu-Ray editions of movies like Transformers 2?
  236. BDA, Adams Dispute Harris Survey on Blu-ray
  237. "Time Warner and Comcast's online video plan faces hurdles"
  238. Does PAL and NTSC apply to optical HD Media?
  239. Blockbuster Kiosks Offer $1.99 New Releases, Including Blu-ray
  240. Will you buy TF2 in light of the crappy reviews???
  241. Toshiba Chief Hints At Launching Blu-Ray Disc Ops
  242. Vizio Blu-ray Player Coming Exclusively to Walmart
  243. Cost of Blu-ray Players to Hit $50 in 2010
  244. Data caps under fire - Federally
  245. Is WB Ripping Off Consumers On BD Catalog Titles?
  246. Will we ever see films on SD Cards?
  247. And the Price Continues to Drop_Meijer $99 Blu-ray Player
  248. Show Me the Money: Analysts Sour on Streaming
  249. New harris Poll Says People Remain Lukewarm To BD
  250. 1080p Wasted on Most Viewers