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  1. Blu-ray not supporting porn industry?
  2. CNET Response
  3. HD DVD Email From Warners (more HD DVD coming)
  4. Blu-ray Outsells HD DVD??? Hmmm I don't know...
  5. I am thinking about switching sides
  6. Interesting... Nothing More (Amazon)
  7. BABEL picture quality for HD DVD 4 stars...Blu-ray 3 1/2 stars.
  8. Blu-ray setting up for a double dip
  9. HD DVD looking over its shoulder at Blu-ray
  10. HD DVD in the Europe
  11. HD DVD Disappointment
  12. High-def player sales even, says NPD Group
  13. HD DVD Promotions Group: Sorry, no Spielberg for you.
  14. Does game system allegiance determine HD format allegiance, or vice versa?
  15. Blu-ray is pulling ahead! The gap grows!
  16. Toshiba XA2 versus Sony PS3
  17. Are you an HD war fanatic?
  18. good source for balanced view on format war?
  19. The Blu-ray tilt
  20. Those thinking that HD DVD isn't advertising...
  21. Blu-ray demo on a local sears (my experience)
  22. Universal, change of chief executive...
  23. which is the Best High Definition player?
  24. HD DVD / Blu-ray Ads During The Super Bowl
  25. Things must look bad for HD DVD...
  26. Sound & Vision mag: Tosbiba HD-XA1 Product of the Year!
  27. Journalism 101 - Check your sources lest you spew FUD!
  28. Barnes and Nobel Sales Rank
  29. I bet we going have Die Hard Blu-Ray this summer
  30. Interesting Article On Porn
  31. Update From The Average Guy
  32. Blu-ray Outsells HD DVD 3:1 in January!
  33. The Format war!!
  34. PS3 Effect Shown to be Negligible !
  35. PS3 complements Blu-ray
  36. Even number of stand-alone players sold!
  37. Are you buying BR exclusives and HD DVD/BR new releases for $25 and up?
  38. Blu-ray Hitchhikers Guide - Completely Faithful Transfer
  39. HMV = evil
  40. Casino royale Ranked Number 2 on Amazon!!
  41. How To Save Time In The Format Debates...
  42. Departed Blu-ray vs. HD which is better?
  43. Paramount gives Microsoft the cold shoulder with Babel?
  44. Sony Gives Blu-ray Discs for Free
  45. Microsoft wants HD DVD to fail
  46. Oh man...not looking real good for HD DVD at the moment.
  47. Blu-ray, is it really UMD part 2?
  48. Panasonic announces testing facility for BDA
  49. Top 3 events in 2007 to win the HD war.
  50. Mini shootout of PS3 vs Xbox360+HD DVD player on DVDs
  51. Blu-ray Ruined Hitchhikers Guide
  52. Understanding & Solutions predict 2008 victory for Blu-ray
  53. HD DVD has 51GB
  54. why do u look at Dvdwars ?or Empire ?
  55. Toshiba HD-A2 all the way up to #5 on Amazon!
  56. Why the Blu-ray movie sales are temporarily high and will level out
  57. Upcoming releases
  58. HD DVD/360 advantage over Blu-ray/ps3
  59. Toshiba HD-XA2 vs Sony BDP-S1 at Amazon ... help!!
  60. I hate NDAs !!
  61. Comment on PS3 Threads
  62. Proposed Blu-ray vs HD DVD Shootout
  63. DVDEmpire exits, slams game biz
  64. Make love not format wars!
  65. Hi and my own observations about the HD formats
  66. Researcher Sees Blu-ray Victory
  67. Sony Price Cuts Part of Our Strategy
  68. Nielsen/VideoScan sales ratios and Top 5
  69. Will Blu-ray and the PS3 spell the end for SONY?
  70. Lions Gate didn't release this Marvel cartoon on BD? Are they waiting for HD DVD?
  71. Poll: I have or have not purchased an HD movie from DVDEmpire
  72. US vs. the rest of the World
  73. A Sony format more successful than CD
  74. Studio Exclusives Suck. Do you agree?
  75. Toshiba HD-A2 #12 in Amazon DVD player sales
  76. DVD Empire - Format War is a joke
  77. Blu-ray takes the lead "# in top 100:" @ Amazon. Now leads in every sales category!
  78. Political views and High Definition format choice?
  79. Gizmodo says "Blu-ray has already won"
  80. Market share
  81. PC Manufacturers role in next-gen War?
  82. The official Sales Rank thread. Read 1st post!
  83. Which format did you initially support?
  84. No HDMI 1.3a,No HDi support.WTF the LG BD/HD DVD player sucks.
  85. Blu-ray's terms of surrender
  86. Truce?
  87. The War Has Officially ENDED!
  88. Proof that HD DVD has better built in interactive features
  89. Matrix coming to HD DVD first
  90. Blu-ray/HD DVD Both Lose..
  91. Analyst Smackdown!!!
  92. High Profile 2007 films that should be out by Christmas
  93. HD DVD and Blu-ray - looking for perfect audio and picture?
  94. Who Are The Real Winners/loosers
  95. Metal Gear Solid Movie
  96. The war is over. Blu-ray wins it!
  97. Top grossing movies and HD Formats
  98. PS3 Blu-ray Playback Broken?
  99. New Rule!!! Read this, or risk being banned!!!
  100. Microsoft has a great strategy for next-gen
  101. Could Universal end the war by offering new relases on HD DVD combo-only?
  102. SALES numbers from Amazon ???
  103. Yay Porn
  104. Amazon Standalone Player Sales Ranks
  105. Universal 90% Combo Discs - THANK YOU
  106. Blu-ray exclusive flicks vs HD DVD!
  107. How many Blu-ray supporters will not buy Warner movies anymore?
  108. 61% of high-def players are Blu-ray
  109. HD-XA1 Wins Sound & Vision Product of the Year Award!
  110. Copies in Stock @ Amazon?
  111. Still the same old s..t.
  112. New HD DVD spec and Sony Votes Yes
  113. What do you make of this?
  114. Universalís 100 Titles will be 90% combo HD DVD. Is that True? Iím suing them
  115. HD DVD Army
  116. BD vs HD disk cost
  117. Universal announces 2007 slate for HD DVD
  118. Player Vs Player, Attack of the auction.
  119. HD DVD, here I come...
  120. For you guys in denial about the PS3 sales....EA disagrees w/ you.
  121. Descent HD on Xbox 360
  122. Sears and Blu-ray/HD DVD
  123. Iím not Blind? Are you? For fans of BD and HD DVD a simple question.
  124. People saying no!! to HD DVD!!
  125. All things point to PS3 owners buying Blu-ray movies
  126. Interview with muslix64, developer of BackupHDDVD and BackupBluRay
  127. A Marketing Strategy for HD DVD to win
  128. Europe is Getting Screwed by Sony
  129. Why are consumers forced to pay twice as much for the same movie experience?
  130. Pirates 1 & 2 out May 22...
  131. It is all about the SOFTWARE...
  132. What would happen if Nintendo Wii adds a BD or HD DVD driver?
  133. This War Is fake. If BD is superior to HD DVD how come the same film looks identical?
  134. Newbie - Blu-ray with old codec now outsells HD DVD?
  135. European Friends + PS3 + Tonight
  136. HD DVD cannot prevail without studio support
  137. How many companies/studios, have switched Allegiance?
  138. How many PS3 owners have HDTV?
  139. Lies and more lies
  140. 100 to 200 DOLLAR HD DVD PLAYERS
  141. Don't worry folks, the Universal movies ARE coming.
  142. A study on which format can spell their own format.
  143. If your format loses?
  144. When will Sony throw in the towel?
  145. ABI Research Foresees a Speedy End to High-Definition DVD Player Format Wars
  146. When Will Toshiba Throw In The Towel?
  147. European HD DVD of Total Recall better than Blu-ray
  148. The Jerk from Universal? WTF. Iím getting frustrated already with Universal Studios.
  149. Blu-ray wins only if
  150. Place your bets on Departed
  151. Bad for Blu-ray, PS3 pricetag for Ireland: 629.99 Euros
  152. CNET thinks HD DVD should surrender before year's end
  153. Studio Support Smackdown
  154. Samsung is following Toshibaís strategy? 2 BD movies for free.
  155. Sony's track record..
  156. Do you agree with the HD DVD combo? Pay double for the same movie?
  157. High-Def Digest Interview with Microsoft's Amir Majidimehr
  158. New HD DVD Commercial Spanks Blu-ray in Marketing Coolness
  159. Microsoft's Kevin Collins Confirms Star Trek Exclusivity on HD DVD
  160. ChaCha lady says yes to hd
  161. BDA region coding - 1 year only? Great news.
  162. If Blu-ray has 10x more players sold why aren't BD sales 10x more?
  163. HD DVD and Blu-ray movie possibilities?
  164. Has the war become a moot point?
  165. Blu-ray at 96% in Japan WOW!
  166. Blu Ray AACS Protection cracked
  167. Copy-Protection Body Probing Hack of HD DVD Format
  168. Departed BD has PCM 5.1
  169. How Much Money Have You Spent on Blu-ray?
  170. How Much Money Have You Spent on HD DVD?
  171. Blu-ray will never scratch
  172. Oldie, but goodie.
  173. Blu-ray Sales Outpace HD DVD 4 Weeks Running...
  174. Exclusives being released on Blu-ray & HD DVD
  175. HD DVD updated '300' Title List for 2007
  176. Hacked HD DVD movies start to appear on pirate networks
  177. Bill Hates...
  178. Do Netlfix/Blockbuster subscriptions count for attach rates?
  179. If you could rename BD & HD DVD which name will you give them?
  180. Blu-ray ownage, 75 movies VS 25
  181. BD for data storage and HD DVD for movies? What do you think?
  182. Why Blu-ray?
  183. HD DVD better start getting with it!!
  184. Porn Industry speaks out about HD DVD and Sony.
  185. The LG hybrid player can be purchased & used by consumers right now!
  186. Five Movies For free, HD DVD player under $500 & somebody still thinking in BD
  187. My concerns about Total HD
  188. $299 - $399 Sony Blu-ray players...
  189. Multiple printings of HD DVD titles
  190. HD DVD supporters speak with their wallet, Blu-ray supporters mostly have words
  191. HD DVD Cracked & On BitTorrent
  192. When did you purchase your HD DVD/Blu-ray player, how much was it, and ...
  193. Would Blu-ray Die...
  194. Best Buy:Scooby Doo
  195. Would HD DVD Die....
  196. The death of Blu-ray and HD DVD
  197. Blu-ray Disc Association refutes myths - Blu-ray is OK with porn
  198. Have you noticed that BD and DVD....
  199. Rumour: Star Trek The Motion Picture Franchise Exclusively On HD DVD In 2007
  200. HD DVD stand-alones selling 5 times more than Blu-ray stand-alones
  201. INHD "Geared Up" pretty poorly faked commercial.
  202. AMD Live! to support Blu-ray and HD DVD in 3Q 2007
  203. How many discs do you own of each format?
  204. Is disc media dead after HD DVD/Blu-ray?
  205. Toshiba A2 still backordered
  206. The Walmart Factor
  207. CES 2007 final thoughts (thedigitalbits)
  208. Blu-ray Hacked- Burn Movies To Your PS3
  209. HD DVD torrents easy to find - many titles cracked
  210. When is the tipping point?
  211. A question revisited and a new one!
  212. PS3's in B&M stock, what does this mean for Blu-ray momentum?
  213. With PS3s being readily available now will Blu-ray take off?
  214. How do you have your HD DVD/Blu-ray player hooked up?
  215. Holy SHITE!!! CC Has a HD DVD Adertisment..
  216. What the hell is Sony thinking?!
  217. Flash will kill Blu-ray and HD DVD
  218. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: The War Rages On
  219. Blu-ray Trailer on Standard Definition Disc
  220. HD17 and HD34
  221. 10 Layer HD DVD's and Blu-ray Discs from Ritek??
  222. Anecdotal Grassroots Support for HD DVD or Blu-ray
  223. Universal may be swaying!!!!
  224. Warner Solves Blu-ray, HD DVD War With Total HD
  225. Why Isn't HD DVD Camp Excited
  226. More BS from Sony
  227. PS3 sees increased support from HD DVD fans.
  228. Porn not an advantage? 2006 sees 22% decline in video sales and rentals
  229. Way too much emphasis on video games
  230. Bd-j Firmware Update For Sony Bdp-s1!!!
  231. HD DVD and Blu-ray Still Grappling
  232. Total HD poll! Vote now. Do it now!
  233. Major New Studio Support For HD DVD Announced.
  234. Too much emphasis by both camps on game machines!
  235. Using 360 HD DVD add-on for PS3?
  236. It's all about the movies!!
  237. Average Customer Reviews from Amazon.com
  238. NPD December numbers
  239. Sony censoring content??
  240. MS takes off the gloves at CES...
  241. I have to admit I'm concerned about HD DVD.
  242. Bad news for Blu-ray.
  243. No ceasefire in DVD format battle
  244. Blu-ray putting too much on PS3
  245. TDK's Abuse-Resistant 200GB Blu-ray Disc
  246. Academy Awards and the format war
  247. Samsung keeps standard DVDs in the battle with three new up-converters
  248. LG's hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD standalone drive coming soon
  249. The Fear of Double Dipping
  250. Stop supporting Sony...