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  1. HD DVD 'Twenty-Two New Releases' month starts today!
  2. Why I'm not stressed about HD DVD/Blu-ray (my 2 cents)
  3. DVD Forum approves 2x HD DVD-R and 2x HD DVD-RW...FINALLY!
  4. Will the launch of a DVD with less resolution will be healthy for this war?
  5. 'Failure to Launch' Back On Track For HD DVD? - NO Blu-ray???
  6. Why the Movie Studios are using BD-25GB when they have the BD-50GB?
  7. Samsung making HD DVD laptops
  8. 51 GB HD DVD does NOT get official
  9. Which is better, VC-1 or MPEG 2/4
  10. HD DVD 'Zero-Release Month' starts today!
  11. 51GB HD DVD disc gets official, possible Q4 Release
  12. HD DVD and Blu-ray player returns?
  13. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray!! Dual Supporters Only, which do you prefer?
  14. Third HD format on its way..sigh
  15. NiN Concert Disc Reveals HD DVD Limitation?
  16. Do some of you really think this war is over?
  18. Unviersal Site Shows A Sign Of HD DVD - FINALLY!!!!
  19. Today's FUD
  20. 51 Gb Hd Dvd
  21. Sick Of This. Anyone agree?
  22. Just got back from Barnes and Noble
  23. Universal releases on Blu-ray in Norway ...closer to being neutral?
  24. Sony Announces Cheaper Blu-ray Player
  25. HD DVD has "technical limitations" with old DVD functions!?
  26. Biggest questions for the HD DVD crowd....
  27. Studio Canal/Optimum Releasing
  28. Universal: They REALLY DO love HD DVD!
  29. Blu-ray: Winner at the Oscars!!!
  30. Blu-ray BD-J RUMMMMMBLE in CA
  31. Why the format war is good.
  32. Blu-ray Fanboys need to stop with 2:1 comparison!!!! READ THE REAL NUMBER
  33. HD DVD Supporters: Which would anger you more?
  34. Weinstein postpone their releases?
  35. Home Media Magazine February 25
  36. From Future Shop Head Office.....
  37. HD DVD Outsells Blu-ray: 4:1 in Europe
  38. 'Jaws' announcement in a few days?
  39. The "PC effect"
  40. LG Super Blu
  41. 300 on Blu-ray or HD DVD or both?
  42. All this talk about how superior Blu-ray is...where's the beef?
  43. How do rental purchases factor into sales data?
  44. HD DVD Plugs Into Circuit City
  45. Warner UK and Paramount UK: "Blu-ray should be the format of choice"
  46. Credit Cards May Leak Personal Info Just with a Radio Frequency Identification.
  47. Analysts predict Blu-ray victory in Europe because of PS3
  48. Canada: Futureshop advertising
  49. Review: HD DVD Players Show Improvement.
  50. What's in a name?
  51. HD DVD planned in France for the next months
  52. Alpha Dog & The Hitcher
  53. Blu-ray tips scales, now ahead of HD DVD, permanently?
  54. Joe Kane confirms Blu-ray is technically superior
  55. If money was no object
  56. The Trouble With Sony's Moon Shots
  57. What if?
  58. The word Blue cannot be trademarked
  59. Do you know what happened with the 51GB HD DVD?
  60. HD DVD and Blu-ray: New Results
  61. What are your favorite movies of 2006?
  62. Broken AACS Article - Possiblity on Fox Releases?
  63. HD DVD will win this war, so I sold my Sony PS3/Blu-ray discs!
  64. the WAR IS NOT OVER
  65. News shortage
  66. Wasn't there a Babel HD DVD at Amazon?
  67. Cheap players from China - but for BluRay!
  68. Why does HD DVD blank media cost more than Blu-ray?
  69. HD DVD advertising
  70. Studio Canal NOT going Blu-ray!
  71. I Can No Longer Support Blu-ray
  72. When will HD Formats out sell DVD's
  73. Advantages of BD50 starting to show.
  74. Now vs when the General Public starts investing in HD movies
  75. Downloading movies on a PS3
  76. Universal pulls HD DVD info from its website?
  77. DreamWorks Enters Hi-Def With Dreamgirls
  78. Kiss Of the Dragon - SD format looks better than BR format!
  79. Where would 3XDVD Fit in the Market
  80. If all studios and hardware companies were neutral...
  81. Common sense and logic
  82. Next Gen movie/player concerns?
  83. Predict the YTD and since inception figures by mid-year!
  84. Do you believe HD DVD sold only 438,000 units?
  85. Format Wars: Red Herrings Abound
  86. Total HD. will you suffer the extra cost?
  87. 3X DVD introduced: HD DVD, now in lower resolution!
  88. Disney drops the big ones starting march.
  89. When will Universal go Neutral?
  90. Which side will be the winner?
  91. Universal Studio Support Stronger than EVER.
  92. BD-J Rich Blu-ray's Imminent, IME Probably Around Corner Too
  93. What would sell more on HD DVD and Blu-ray?
  94. Home Media Magazine
  95. In fact, Blu-ray sells pretty bad!
  96. SACD vs HD DVD
  97. People Need To Realize Its Not Sony VS Microsoft
  98. My mock Universal neutrality announcement
  99. This forum is thick with fanboys.
  100. Europe saved HD DVD for me!!!
  101. Slysoft
  102. I don't get it, why support HD DVD?
  103. HD DVD is done and THe War is Over Only IF....
  104. Question for HD DVD fans
  105. Interesting discussion on Universal and support for HD DVD
  106. Why Neutral Comapnies don't go Exlusive?
  107. Against Blu-ray because your against Sony or PS3???
  108. Top 10 Rules of Smackdown Club
  109. Why Blu-ray?
  110. Hooray for Blu-ray, it's looking like a winner!
  111. Halo 3 Materials and Control Scheme Details
  112. $500 Blu-ray player coming this year
  113. Strong/Interesting words from Bill Hunt
  114. cheaper Blu-ray players coming!
  115. RCA HD DVD player listed on amazon
  116. Current DVD collection
  117. Microsoft and Broadcom Combine to Deliver Low Cost HD DVD Players
  118. BD will widen the gap more and more.
  119. Back in Black: Limited Edition HD DVD Drive
  120. We don't want to be selling $1000 clocks
  121. Meridan won't make HD DVD player
  122. PS3 and Xbox360+HD DVD owners - Which do you prefer for HD movies?
  123. The Abyss and Last of Mohicans are coming to Blu-ray
  124. unnessary luxury
  125. Japan's Funai Electric Co. to make cheap Blu-ray Player
  126. Sony sales strategy
  127. How would your views change if there was a reasonablly priced Dual Format player
  128. The Holiday on HDDVD in Europe(sony????) at play.com
  129. AOTS - Blu-ray vs. HD DVD
  130. So your local store sells more Blu-rays than HD DVDs, no one cares!
  131. Stop it, Seriously
  132. Blu-ray releases in Europe not yet dated in US
  133. The prestige Blu-ray at BEST buy
  134. Who distributes Weinstein product in Japan?
  135. Serious question for HD DVD supports
  136. Challenge for Blu-ray fans
  137. HD DVD Dominating Canada....at least in BC
  138. Challenge for HD DVD fans
  139. Blu-ray favored by computer manufacturers
  140. The Biig Myth: Blu-ray is a Sony only format
  141. The War Is Over!!! Universal To Do Milli-vanilli Movie
  142. Comparison of "REAL" Movies For Each Format
  143. Fox goes HD DVD - in Europe!!
  144. The Digital Bit says HD DVD will lose
  145. Blu-ray sales leads more than 3:1 at DVD Empire
  146. Mentok I have a question?
  147. HD DVD (The departed) with Dolby TrueHD lossless 5.1 surround track. BD Now What?
  148. Studio Canal goes HD DVD ... and Blu-ray
  149. DVDEmpire Complete sales info
  150. For the HD disc format to survive, HD DVD has got to go
  151. Where is Paramount?
  152. Next-Gen Disc Battle Finally Heats Up
  153. HD DVD/Blu-ray sales tanking
  154. Prestige - Domestic Blu-ray or Import HD DVD?
  155. Another 'Star Wars' DVD in the works? Blu-ray perhaps?
  156. You Blu-ray fans need to stop getting aroused...you have not won this war.
  157. My TOP 11 Reasons Why Blu-ray Will Win!
  158. Chronos and PS3 == BOO bad Sony or bad rbfilms
  159. MY biggest pet-peeve of HD fans!!
  160. Looks Like HD DVD is Dead In AU Before It Even Comes Out...!
  161. My Top Ten Reasons why HD DVD will come back
  162. Has anyone watched The Departed on Blu-ray?
  163. Awesome, HD DVD Jaws is Coming
  164. NIN - Beside you in Time FAQ (Good BD/HD Content Comparison)
  165. Did anyone else notice....
  166. Can we please stop jumping to conclusions?
  167. The Departed [Blu-ray] PCM better than The Departed [HD DVD] TrueHD
  168. All movies hacked - time for BD+????
  169. Best Buy and the Departed
  170. Possible reason for Fox delays?
  171. OMG bye Blu-ray & HD DVD, I for one welcome our new Holographic Video Overlords ;-)
  172. Let me ask all of you a question.
  173. You know your format is doing well when...
  174. Canada Amazon for what it's worth
  175. BD wining The war of What? from bad to worst
  176. Whats this
  177. What are the reasons that HP moved from a supporter of Blu-ray to a supporter of both
  178. Blu-ray is spewing out more titles.SO WHAT!
  179. Apparently Blu-ray is not going to get quite so many releases as they planned
  180. Region Coding Survey
  181. Does the Marine look like crap on Blu-ray? Sir Yes Sir
  182. Rentals
  183. Why Blu-ray will win the format war
  184. Uh-Oh... Samsung taking a cue from Sony?
  185. $1300 retail for SONY BDP-S1 ? Forget it, Sony !!!
  186. What was your reason for going neutral?
  187. When HD DVD fails, then Microsoft..
  188. Euro PS3 gets Casino Royale for FREE!
  189. Post your profile here before & after the BD Vs HD DVD war
  190. First 500,000 PS3 owners in Europe get Casino Royale
  191. Jan 28th sales numbers
  192. Blu-ray Victory Inevitable
  193. Confused: Is this the end of IME for HD DVD, since WB wants BD & HD DVD release?
  194. HD DVD is Doomed in Australia
  195. Blu-ray's top 25 selling movies have sales rank in the top 1000
  196. The Name Game
  197. Who supports both formats equally.
  198. BD-J (Java) vs iHD
  199. I'm watching CRANK in HD....and I don't have a blu-ray player.
  200. Why do some people have to insist that PS3 is not a Blu-ray player
  201. Prestige: I have Blu-ray Evny
  202. Why diffrent standards for PQ and SQ?
  203. VC-1, XBox live downloads, and HD DVD/Blu-Ray
  204. Wow, look at that HD DVD comeback!
  205. Take a wild guess.
  206. BD wins! Huge, huge sales!!!
  207. Pirates of Caribbean on Amazon
  208. Go on...Admit your jealousy.
  209. How Far are you into this "War?" Do you Boycott anything from each Side?
  210. Universal should jump ship or it is sinking with it!
  211. Whe are you guys using Amazon.com sales ranking?
  212. Just switched today
  213. Videobusiness: Sony Plans to Declare Blu-ray the winner
  214. A Rant! Don't read this unless you want to be annoyed
  215. I Agree With This Clip
  216. Samsung Player Now $500
  217. So who is being Paid to post here?
  218. HDDVD is cheaper to make.... or IS it?
  219. Fry's made me dive into the blu....
  220. Has Blu-ray developed a new kind of venereal disease?You might call it Talladega-itis
  221. HD DVD Europe schedule better than US
  222. BDA needs a change in attitude if they want to win
  223. Jeez!!! You Blu guys can keep Fox!
  224. Blu-ray effect on PS3
  225. Why do you support Blu-ray? (mindless fanboys need not post)
  226. Sony's Methodology
  227. Do not attack Moderators!
  228. Everyone Neutral
  229. Universal loses Metal Gear Solid, goes to Sony Pictures (Blu-ray exclusive?)
  230. Time For Universal To Move To Neutrality
  231. If your format of choice loses.....you buying another player?
  232. Universal poised to hop onto the Blu-ray bandwagon?
  233. Universal Pictures may be sold
  234. Do Amazon sales ranks matter?
  235. I can not support Blu-ray now
  236. Sick of the Format War - God is to blame.
  237. Thatís it. Blu-ray will win. See for your self. Opinion
  238. Sick of the format war - Who is to blame?
  239. HD DVD uprising again
  240. can't we all just get along?
  241. HD DVD wins as soon as studios go nuetral
  242. A long line of bad decisions comes to a end.
  243. Blu-ray=no extras! Which were promised to their fans! SHAME!
  244. Super Tuesday - Feb. 13, 2007
  245. Real sales numbers finally! Blu-ray leads by only 1000 discs
  246. The Blu-ray Death Spiral
  247. HD DVD Death Spiral
  248. How Can HD DVD survive longterm?
  249. Where does Tartan stand?
  250. combo discs just a fall-back plan?