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  1. Happy Feet amazon rank
  2. HD DVD Promotions Group Touts 2007 Release Line-Up; Reveals More Upcoming Titles
  3. Good News HD DVD ...we've just found your new blockbuster.
  4. [H]ard|OCP article decides which format will survive!
  5. Microsoft Xbox 360 deals blow to Toshiba
  6. Anyone know when Matrix will be available for Blu-ray?
  7. Blu-ray studio support for the Spring
  8. DVD Empire thinks Blu-ray has taken the upper hand in the format war.
  9. HD DVD Add-on now $130!
  10. BD-J vs HDi What Does It Mean?
  11. Costco supports which format?
  12. Wow! Blu-ray just crumbled on Eproduct Wars!
  13. Warriors of Heaven and Earth?
  14. Why is Dreamgirls coming on Two disc on Blu-Ray?
  15. Amazon's Significance
  16. Battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD little more than a back-alley skirmish so far?
  17. Amazon has 3 HD DVD titles in the top 30
  18. 'Casino Royale' Blu-ray Disc Sells/Ships 100K Units
  19. Rumor: Lord of The Rings (Extended Version with BD-Java) On Blu-ray!
  20. I have gone DUAL FORMAT
  21. Will the PS3 support PIP?
  22. Dear Sony, to win this battle you should...
  23. Game Informer Paid Off to support HDDVD?
  24. Endorsements
  25. i just realized...
  26. HD DVD's Comeback (Rank #1, 3, 4)
  27. Did Fox Cancel My, Myself & Irene?
  28. Shiver me Timbers!
  29. HD DVD owners!! Are the "doom & Gloom" posts starting to affect you?
  30. Is there a chart of Studios top High definition movies
  31. Where Are The Denzel Washington Movies??????
  32. Unusual Move by Sony
  33. The Impact of Universal HD Players on HD DVD format
  34. What ONE exclusive would you pull over to your side?
  35. The Ultimate Matrix Collection [HD DVD] available for preordering on Amazon.com
  36. BD-J causing concern for Studios!
  37. Wondering what makes BR fans so optimistic BD-J will be finalized this year.
  38. Great Buyers Guide for High-Def
  39. Blu-ray wins UK, Germany, Japan & USA; Grand Slam.
  40. Over a dozen new cheap HD DVD players to be available in summer 2007?
  41. Toshiba & Circut City Giving away Movies Desperate Act or Good Deal.
  42. We can thank Disney for HDi and Matrix on HD DVD first?
  43. Why not to buy at Media Markt
  44. amazon stand alone player sales ranks
  45. What Happy Feet could mean for HD DVD/Blu-ray
  46. Canada's Wal-Mart: Where's the HD DVD???
  47. State of Format War in UK
  48. uh oh, FOX going dual format??
  49. Looks like Disney will start releasing movies in HD DVD format soon.
  50. Will you support the other format? POLL
  51. Sony PS3 does not sell so well. In fact Sony gives 42" TVs for people to buy PS3.
  52. Perfect Vision Magazine: "HD DVD looks better"
  53. Shill
  54. Happy Feet Ranks
  55. 520,000 PS3 SOLD! Day 1 in Europe/Oz
  56. HD DVD! Your boys took a hell of a beating!
  57. PS3 #1 on Amazon France
  58. Warner's "300" may be a HD DVD only release this YEAR??
  59. The PS3 in Australia thread
  60. Will Blu-ray take 100% of HD market? POLL
  61. Can WWE/UFC realeses help either format?
  62. HD DVD or Blu-ray? Which to buy? Help!!
  63. Nice ads by Disney
  64. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended March 18
  65. IS BD-J THE Same as the Blu-Wizard??
  66. My decission? HD DVD technically better at the moment.
  67. PS3 in Europe : flop or success ?
  68. If your format dies tomorrow
  69. what happened to HD DVD's 3X DVD?
  70. HDi vs BD-J
  71. The Matrix on HD DVD!
  72. First Day of PS3 in UK and Blu-ray now leads HD DVD
  73. Blu-ray in June - Big news soon?
  74. Who Owns James Bond??
  75. The Architect has better A/Q on Blu-Ray!!
  76. microsoft to support either format winner
  77. Microsoft: Xbox 360 Blu-ray Possible
  78. Matrix Collection coming to both formats.
  79. How do you planned to watch Matrix movies
  80. Sony changes European coding - all SPHE discs to be region free for Europe
  81. Penny Arcade Calls Blu-ray "insurmountable"
  82. View from Downunder....
  83. 5 to 1 attach rate
  84. Bill Hunt is more desperate everyday.
  85. What could I get for 360 HD drive and 16 HD DVD?
  86. HD DVD has NO Exclusive Studios
  87. Better A/Q in HD DVD Happy feet
  88. SONY vs the consumer
  90. USA Today HD DVD Ad
  91. BD or PS3, what's more important to Sony?
  92. Optiarc unveils first Blu-ray players -- HD DVD says "uh oh"
  93. Why should I choose HD DVD?
  94. Battle Europe commences. What's the outcome?
  95. Data (percentages) from Axel Music (in Denmark)
  96. Microsoft says hd dvd is unproven
  97. Rut-Roh! RUMOR: Stores clearing out 360 HD DVD stock?
  98. This format war will never end.
  99. Yet another studio to have a title on the 360
  100. Audio-clip from PCMag.com
  101. For people who have bought a player in the last 3 months.
  102. Toshiba finally marketing HD
  103. New Prices to prolong the war
  104. Casino Royale Blu-ray sells over 100,000 copies in 1st week
  105. Advice for a newcomer - should I get a PS3?
  106. Paramount Home Entertainment has announced four catalog titles
  107. Numbers talk!
  108. Trying to write an unbiased presentation for format war.
  109. Last HD DVD blockbuster?
  110. Can HD DVD catch up?
  111. Amazon's Blu-ray microsite (courtesy of Fox)
  112. Toshiba not so impressed by Blu-ray's victory cries
  113. New Line
  114. HD DVD and Blu-ray are the same!?
  115. Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player new lower price
  116. Is the BDA full of FUD?
  117. Circuit City's Weekly Ad Today
  118. Are you going to Buy TotalHD disks? See 1st post for link to older TotalHD poll!
  119. Blu-ray blowing HD DVD away!
  120. dvdempire sales numbers
  121. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD vs. HDownloads
  122. The War Will End When The General Public Starts Buying HD Movies!
  123. Sales ranking on Amazon for neutral studios
  124. Can we trust the numbers?
  125. Honestly, HD should be winning right now...
  126. Where is the Bourne Identity?
  127. Microsoft Reps.about Blu-ray.
  128. Am I the only one dissapointed with Universal's...
  129. Blu-ray Support Loudest, HD DVD Strongest
  130. My Biggest Concern About Going BD
  131. High-definition format war goes global
  132. Total HD and Netfilx
  133. Home Media Magazine March 18
  134. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended March 11
  135. Looking at a movie rather than watching it
  136. Show Warner what you think of TotalHD
  137. Everyone's been talking about the Universal Spielburg but what about Bluth?
  138. HD DVD just needs more titles!
  139. 36621 vs 13534 ...Is Amazon sending a message?
  140. Samsung going Neutral???
  141. TotalHD = TotalCrap?
  142. CeBIT: Blu-ray aims to oust DVDs within three years
  143. For everyone who said Blu-ray would not be getting porn...
  144. CeBIT: HD DVD beats Blu-ray on all counts
  145. HD DVD Gains Momentum Across Europe
  146. HD DVD Burner vs Blu-ray Burner
  147. There is a world outside of North America
  148. Another desperate move or real pre-orders?
  149. Which Codec is your favorite and worst and why?
  150. Blu-ray Outsells HD DVD In First 2 Months of 2007. How Much Longer?
  151. Lionsgate first to offer 2 Blu-rays on ONE disk!! (Link inside)
  152. Now we have HD DVD delays in Europe
  153. Desperate times call for desperate measures?
  154. Samsung: 2nd Gen Blu-ray player delayed, hybrid player still possible
  155. Hd Dvd R.i.p. 2003-2008
  156. Where'd the sales rank thread go?
  157. Tell-tale Sign of Apocolypse (for Blu-ray)
  158. The odds
  159. BD+ copy protection. What exactly is the deal?
  160. Some clues from Fox about the recent title delays
  161. So where's scumbag78...
  162. New cheaper BD players on the way from China
  163. Copy protection causing the FOX delays!
  164. Blood Diamond Moved Back - Because of Blu-ray!
  165. Price War - Who says its not a big factor!
  166. Universal: format neutral?
  167. Fox: format neutral?
  168. A historic day for Blu-ray, BUT....
  169. Taiwan maker U-Tech turns out pre-recorded HD DVD discs
  170. Some bad signs for Blu-ray
  171. HD DVD Officially Dead in Japan
  172. Signs of the end for HD DVD?
  173. HD DVD Secret Plans
  174. What's so good/bad about PCM?
  175. If you can't beat them, then join them...
  176. Will PS3 Launch change Europe's Number???
  177. Consolidated Sales Rank thread (moved from main smackdown forum)
  178. Mr & Mrs Smith Pulled?
  179. Standalone sales up, so - who will sell more discs by year end? (Videoscan-SI)
  180. What's the release date/news, on these titles?
  181. Underground Marketing and Shills On The Forum
  182. What format will 300 be on?
  183. Amazon has a sale on HD DVD too?
  184. HD on TV: WEEDS on BD and Heroes on HD DVD
  185. If HD DVD dies...
  186. IGN: Blu-ray vs HD DVD
  187. Okay, if you own one format, are you considering buying the other?
  188. Home Media Magazine March 11
  189. What are the problems/concerns about a combo player?
  190. What should you be doing right now, instead of reading about HD DVD vs Blu-ray?
  191. Local Sams club - Bad news for ....
  192. Last Weekends sunday ad from 6th Ave.
  193. Blu-ray, HD DVD, both or none?
  194. High Def from a Standard DVD Drive
  195. 150Gb / 250Gb on a Single Blu-ray or HD DVD Disc
  196. No End In Sight
  197. HD DVD leads Blu-ray in Europe
  198. High noon for HD DVD - format war end in sight?
  199. Disney CEO Complaining....
  200. Can HD DVD thrive w/o Sony?
  201. New York Post - Blu-ray Ascending
  202. Place for eastx to show where dobyblue spreads FUD point/counterpoint
  203. $300 Sony Blu-ray player? Not so fast
  204. Toshiba to Bring HD DVD to India
  205. HD Media neutral and Consoles
  206. Is there anything Blu-ray can do that HD DVD can't?
  207. Will the video game war control the format war, or vice versa?
  208. HD DVD Players Continue to outsell Blu-ray Players on Amazon.com!!
  209. I Have Gone Format Neutral
  210. I will NEVER buy an HD DVD movie again!!
  211. Sony, The Next General Motors??
  212. HD DVD: The new Laserdisc
  213. If Blu-ray wins
  214. What format do you use to show off your HD setup? Blu-ray or HD DVD?
  215. What would it take for YOU to buy into the "other" format?
  216. 50% off 47 different Blu-ray titles on Amazon; mighty attractive to fence sitters
  217. My idea on how to get people to mean what they say and not just BS
  218. HD Format Backing
  219. Toshiba throwing in HD DVD towel in 2008?
  220. Don't Bet On Casino Royale..
  221. Sony Movies on HD DVD
  222. "HD DVD group approves China-specific specification"
  223. Is Fox going dual format?
  224. Sony and NBC working together???
  225. Blu-ray wins 3rd straight weekend at the Box Office!
  226. Just entered the high def realm
  227. Where Does Sony stand on loosing the most$$THe Format WAR or Console WAR
  228. If Blu-ray/HD DVD were to win...
  229. A reason why the format war isn't close to over.
  230. New Smackdown Rules
  231. What would be better?
  232. HD DVD and Disney
  233. At what price will you buy the other format?
  234. Sopranos... Better audio on BD!?!?!
  235. How to win format war arguments;-)
  236. Blu-ray disc and HD DVD reviews at IGN.com!!!
  237. HD DVD Combo Format is Very Cool
  238. Did you expect HD DVD to be such a good rival?
  239. If Sony cost estimations don't work out for cost and loss what studio is to be sold?
  240. I love this Nuclear War!!
  241. Star Trek Original Series 4th Q HD-DVD
  242. Warner and Paramount officially go HD DVD exclusive June 2007. Disney Neutral! :-):-)
  243. Blu-ray > HD DVD
  244. What would you advise your average friend to buy? HD DVD? Blu-ray?
  245. If BD or HD DVD wins this war, what would happen to the player? Would you have a fix?
  246. Happy Feet Prediction - What do you want?
  247. Could that VMD surpass HD DVD/Blu-ray?
  248. Which looks cooler? Blue trimmed or red trimmed boxes?
  249. What movie do you want most from the "other" format?
  250. Universal's summer release slate