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  1. Which one will be the first to make a dual format player, Sony or Toshiba
  2. Dreamgirls: HD-DVD or Blu-ray?
  3. BD sells a million
  4. Samsung and Microsoft Sign Agreement
  5. 'Blood Diamond' Blu-ray version has PCM Audio!!!
  6. Article: Blu-ray burning its high-def DVD rival
  7. Is anyone surprised how well fifth element is selling on bluray?
  8. Total Recall on Universal
  9. 2 HD titles in top 10 on Amazon
  10. Samsung Declares-no Combo Player!!
  11. 2007 Summer Movies
  12. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended April 15 - Blu-ray Wins Q1
  13. Do HD DVD title sales start hot and burn out?
  14. Here's Why I Love the Format War!
  15. Meatballs Becomes Yet Another Delayed Blu-Ray
  16. What happened to HD DVD's vaulted picture quality?
  17. High-Def Market Share for Week Ended 04/15/2007
  18. Blu-ray Trounces HD DVD Again
  19. Is Universal releasing their titles too fast??
  20. PS3 product of the year
  21. "More than 1 million Blu-ray movies had been sold through April, studios say."
  22. I'm gong Neutral tomorrow! (Sold!)
  23. Warner sales of Blu-ray from 60% to 70% compared to HD DVD.
  24. than 1 million Blu-ray movies had been sold through April
  25. NPD's for March are in!
  26. BD not for me and where is Star Wars ?
  27. Blu-ray = 1080p. HD DVD on an A2 or Xbox 360 without VGA = 1080i
  28. Proof of cheap chinese HD DVD players comiong soon?
  29. March Of The Penguins = Horrible Transfer
  30. HD discs a niche format
  31. I am now format impaired!
  32. Why was Casino Royale hyped so much???
  33. Blu-ray = Progessive Scan
  34. Blu-ray supporters, regarding Blood Diamond HD and BD versions
  35. High-Def still has a loooong way to go...
  36. Blu-ray retakes the lead!
  37. New User's opinion on the war
  38. $300 Blu-ray PC Drive
  39. The ‘Format War’ is just starting and Universal is out of Fuel
  40. Lets looks at the effect of bitrate on image quality
  41. Would you put Money behind your Format?
  42. Some Oversights
  43. HD DVD Top 3 standalones Hi-Def sellers on Amazon!!
  44. HD DVD still running strong?
  45. 'Planet Earth' Amazon Ranks/Comeback for HD DVD?
  46. Toshiba/HD DVD reach 100K standalone sales
  47. A highdefdigest.com anomoly
  48. Is New Line Cinema holding back the release of LOTR? Is it fair?
  49. HD DVD Sales Soar To First Place! And HD DVD Takes The Lead In Europe!
  50. I'm new to this forum but have good HD-DVD info!
  51. Something BD and HD DVD Fanboys can unite on...
  52. Universal Pulls a Fox move...
  53. Will history repeat itself?
  54. What do you mean with CE support?
  55. What's left in the tank?
  56. NBC Universal calls for White House piracy role
  57. Blu-ray to Take off After 2009: Report
  58. Sony at it again...a new class-action suit in the works?
  59. Early reviews are in! Spiderman 3 will be a big blockbuster!
  60. Another buyathon...Blu-ray Fans
  61. PS3, not the perfect movie buying demographic.
  62. Toshiba Takes European Lead Over Sony In HD
  63. Samsung to support HD DVD
  64. AACS cracks not revokable, hackers say
  65. Looks Like Sony Is Up To Its Old Tricks Again. Phase Hydra??
  66. Toshiba Pulling out of DVD
  67. Top 250 Amazon
  68. Full Support to HD DVD from now on
  69. why it isnt over, facts to consider
  70. Planet Earth HD DVD #8 at Amazon.com
  71. What is most important for sales Ratings
  72. Once a format wins...
  73. Why is Spiderman BR?
  74. Planet Earths Wacky sales ratings
  75. HD DVD re-takes the lead!
  76. Do people only buy Box office hits ???HD/Blu
  77. Gee...
  78. I see HD DVD going neck to neck in the near future
  79. Studio support ruining movie experience?!
  80. this site
  81. HD DVD just got mentioned on Ebert and Roepeo
  82. BD+ 1.5 years AFTER format launch?? Affect on 2007 war?
  83. Stop with the "SONY is hurting" rubbish - stocks at 5 year high.
  84. Question: If a "dual-format" HD-Disc world takes off..
  85. Testing of BD+ on currently available Blu-ray players has been completed.
  86. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended April 8
  87. Is today the day?
  88. Blu-ray not even close to what HD DVD can offer for tv shows?
  89. Hitachi and Kenwood now a supporter of HD DVD?
  90. HD DVD Winning in Europe
  91. 2007 Big grossing movies and High Definition
  92. Universal On Blu-ray!!!!!!
  93. Who is to blame for the format war?
  94. Facts!!!!!
  95. Blu-ray fanboys have been proven wrong again.
  97. Blood Diamond coming to HD DVD/Blu-ray 6/5
  98. Sonic Releases New Scenarist V4.3 to Streamline Hollywood Blu-ray Disc Production
  99. Will porn decide who wins the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war? No!
  100. UK Gets Blu-Ray Discs in PS3 Mag
  101. Spiderman3 Coming To BR In Nov?
  102. Dont Get the Blues, Says No to Blu-ray
  103. sony not the first to claim a winner in the format war.
  104. Singulus global market leader for replication equipment: Blu-ray will prevail
  105. Blu-ray Disc prsentation at Media-Tech conference
  106. BlueRay Technologies Inc. $12 million plant to manufacture Blu-ray discs
  107. HD DVD leads per title sales
  108. More Cracks Appear in AACS High-Def Armor
  109. Where Are All The Blockbusters?
  110. Industry Blu-ray vs, HD-DVD Sales Chart
  111. After reading this do you find meaning in anything anymore and why?
  112. Need info on DVD vs Blu-ray sales...
  113. After reading this about Toshiba do you still like HD DVD and why?
  114. After reading this about Microsoft do you still like HD DVD and why?
  115. Good Research: How to know it when you see it
  116. After reading this do you still Like Blu-ray and why.
  117. Why does one format have to fail?
  118. Damn you HD DUD
  119. Weinstein postponing most of it's announced titles?
  120. Studio Support / Demographics / Sales
  121. HD DVD Beating Blu-ray In Europe
  122. Who Has ATL on HD DVD/Blu-ray and How Is It??
  123. Is Disney Waiting For BD+ Also?
  124. Europe Embraces HD DVD Over Blu-ray, Sony ‘Late’ To Woo Indies
  125. "Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Price Matters"
  126. Oh look, some HD DVD actually outsold BD
  127. Toshiba Making Friends in China
  128. Downloadable movies on the internet will ultimately win with HD DVD and Blu-ray.
  129. Exposing the Sony FUD
  130. "Phase Hydra" hacker lied about presentation, forums never mentioned
  131. At Last: Absolute Blu-ray/HD DVD Sales Figures
  132. Usually the biggest bleeder is the first one to Fall
  133. Owners who own BOTH HD DVD, and Blu-ray players
  134. Why Is Universal Exclusive To HD DVD?
  135. MSNBC: Toshiba takes European lead over Sony in HD
  136. Spiderman on UMD/HD DVD?
  137. Boycott Universal Studios
  138. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Price Matters
  139. Spiderman 3 on HD DVD: Is it possible?
  140. This isn’t going to be decided anytime soon,
  141. The Higher Bit-Rate Argument Is Flawed
  142. A Few things
  143. Bluray fanboys: Why do you want HD DVD Dead?
  144. HD DVD stronger than you thought?
  145. It is funny how the tone of this board has changed
  146. Japanese Mac users get first OS X-friendly Blu-ray burner
  147. China backing HD-DVD
  148. Hardware Seller
  149. Wow, that was quite the fizzle in HD DVDs big release week.
  150. Frys clearing out hddvd
  151. Happy Feet on Blu-ray outsells Casino Royale on Blu-ray
  152. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended April 1
  153. High Def sales report
  154. HD DVD better results during backup test Vs BD.
  155. PC World High Definition Player Round Up
  156. what would happen to this site??
  157. DVD Empire: Casino Royale BD sold more than regular DVD!
  158. Blu-ray imports that are better than HD DVD/BD release in NA
  159. Lions Gate, Sony are testing water with HD DVDs in Europe ??
  160. Another sub-par Hi Def release
  161. Porn industry says: HD DVD is preferred. period
  162. AACS patch for WinDVD, HD DVD and BD players: update or never watch movies again
  163. New Specs for Next-Generation Blu-ray Players
  164. Why does Warner intentionally GIMP Blu-ray audio?
  165. Losing brain cells reading this forum...
  166. All rumormongoring goes here!!! OKAY?!!?
  167. Phase Hydra Hoax?
  168. Reader Poll: Blu-ray Will Win
  169. Rate your favorite movie studios.
  170. More info about the Fox (and other) Delays
  171. Nielsen - Blu-ray leads the way in 2007! 23 of top 25 titles!!
  172. the island, underworld, the prestige comig to HD-DVD in Spain !
  173. Nielsen Tracking Report Tells Which HD Sell
  174. Blu-ray WINS! HD-DVD is finally dead!
  175. Article: HD DVD Beats Blu-ray
  176. Should be a fantastic year for HD DVD
  177. Do we really want Blu-ray to win?
  178. What format will you be purchasing Planet Earth on?
  179. Phase Hydra---Repost
  180. Who buys Blu-ray and HD dvds from B&M??
  181. AACS completely hacked, thanks to 360 HD DVD addon?
  182. Store Stock
  183. It's official - Some of you are viral marketers for Sony
  184. Best Buy HD DVD thread, further look.
  185. LOL moments while viewing HD DVD and Blu-ray movies
  186. Will you be buying Dreamgirls on HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  187. Spring 2007 - Which formats do you support?
  188. Lying to protect one's preferred format?
  189. Sony (finally) has their PQ act together.
  190. Best Buy to dump both HD DVD and Blu-ray and Brings back RCA CED's!
  191. Could retailers play a part in the format war?
  192. Scanner Darkly..Which Format and why?
  193. I Really Hope That Shooter Doesn't Follow In The Footsteps of the Latest Paramounts
  194. An Interesting theory on Amazon Rankings?
  195. Best Buy to discontinue HD DVD sales?
  196. The truth about HD DVD AQ consistency is alive and well
  197. Interview w/Dragons Lair Producer - HD DVD Interactivity sucks more than Blu-ray
  198. PS3 sales slowing, what's next for Blu-ray?
  199. DVD Empire: Week of March 27th
  200. I Hear Rumors Samsung Set to Unveil Uni Player July
  201. What in the world? Are they trying to kill sales?
  202. Another reason having both formats around is good
  203. New Cases
  204. XBox Elite with possible Blu-ray???
  205. The Good Shepherd' HD DVD Mirrors 'Children Of Men' Playback Pains
  206. Where is good old Fox ?
  207. Planet Earth HD DVD in top 25--And rising!
  208. HD DVD For Under $300, Not A Joke
  209. God, Where Is New Line Cinema and The Rest Of Rogue Picture???
  210. Format War Over! Blu-DVD
  211. Its Official!
  212. The War Is Over!!!
  213. Children of Men smashes all high def disc opening sales records
  214. PS3 is just a Blu-Ray Player...
  215. Who will win this war in all honesty
  216. Demographics
  217. Quality vs. Quantity
  218. Good Shepherd April 4 exclusive to HDDVD awesome!
  219. Where is the space "advantage"?
  220. New HD DVD Slogan? (For Members)
  221. The myth about HD DVD PQ consistency is dead.
  222. DVD Empire 3/30
  223. Am I the only person in the world who likes TotalHD?
  224. Hang on, I thought JB Hi Fi was BD Only?
  225. xbox 360 elite
  226. Universal Shifts Strategy - Combos No Mas
  227. HD DVD or Blu-ray 1st or 2nd?
  228. *ANOTHER* Blu-ray sale (this time Canada), where is HD DVD??
  229. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended March 25
  230. Now we see Happy Feet fall...
  231. Can you spot the mistake???
  232. Sin City On BR ONLY..GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!!
  233. A Black Xbox "Elite" with a White HD DVD Drive?
  234. HDD/DVD from Sony
  235. Absolutly amazed
  236. Dreamworks CEO: "Neither format will win"
  237. 360 add-on/Children of Men Playback Snafu??
  238. VC-1 or MPEG-2?? WHICH ONE IS BETTER??
  239. This holiday season VHS will be released...
  240. Do you trust Amazon sales ratings?
  241. VHS vs. betamax. How VHS won the war. Little bit of history...
  242. From Engadget HD Where are all of Fox's Blu-ray releases going?
  243. Want lossless audio on your $479 360 "Elite"? Too bad!
  244. Children of Men "only" 4 stars?
  245. Which will sell more? POTC I&II or The Matrix Boxset
  246. Just saw a "Good Shepherd" commercial on FOX
  247. A2 now #3 DVD player on Amazon
  248. I wrote an email to Disney about Pirates of Caribbean in HD DVD format
  249. Amazon Blu-ray sale ends... Buy.com Blu-ray Sale starts
  250. Microsoft Xbox 360 deals blow to Toshiba