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  1. Interview With Universal's Ken Graffeo
  2. Who is wining the High Def War
  3. Blu-ray 2.0 : Will it be enough?
  4. Do you guys really want to see Pirates with a lower bitrate??
  5. No Surprise, huge jump in HD DVD player sales
  6. Microsoft could end the war right now
  7. What if HD DVD and Blu-ray both fail?
  8. Discs available on Ebay
  9. Things are good for HD DVD - When will it pass Blu-ray?
  10. The War Is Over.
  11. Pirates on Blu-ray dominating The Matrix on HD DVD??
  12. Prediction for Biggest HD Week
  13. New to the group ((HD)) combo player?
  14. Movie that would make you switch sides?
  15. HAs anyone else noticed the HD DVD is leading the top 10 again
  16. Just saw the new Toshiba commercial...
  17. Fuel for the fire...HD DVD at local Sams club
  18. Why does any of it matter?
  19. HD-A2 (Top 10) Amazon Sales Rank Record
  20. Toshiba's secret weapon to win the format war
  21. HD DVD deal too good for anyone to pass up.
  22. Smackdown forum validates that HD DVD will ultimately win the format war.
  23. coming soon to hd dvd
  24. nothing yet
  25. Wow! Looking bleak for Blu-ray this summer!
  26. Sony gets sued over Blu-ray
  27. Flags Of Our Fathers lossless in Japan?
  28. Amazon Sales ranks. Stand Alone Players.
  29. Will one of the formats please die!
  30. Pricing vs. Marketing
  31. More Poll Results
  32. More high-def sales, no breakout titles
  33. Poll results: Blu-ray or HD DVD? You say Blu-ray
  34. Hd DUD
  35. Universal Pictures Face Devastating Lawsuit - SHOCK!
  36. Why the quality of HD DVD vs BR doesn't matter
  37. Article: HD DVD player spotted for $249 after rebate
  38. The Fountain with lossless audio only on Blu-ray (Fox)
  39. Sony sued again???
  40. HD DVD the format that "sounds" better!!!
  41. Disney and Fox BD support called into question?
  42. Whose case do you prefer? HD DVDs or Blu-ray
  43. All HAIL HD DVD!!!
  44. HD DVD is going to be sales leader for week of 5-27
  45. Does anyone remember DIVX (format)
  46. Dolby TrueHD or PCM 5.1?
  47. Copying HD DVD and Blu-ray discs may become legal
  48. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended May 20
  49. How's your format doing at local stores since 22nd?
  50. Warner Says 'Departed' is Most Sold High-Def Title; Trumpets Dual Format Support
  51. PS3 w/1.80 firmware best DVD and BD player ever
  52. HD DVD has lead in Europe (NEW!)
  53. You are neutral if you still buy SD-DVDs of other format exclusives, correct?
  54. I hate Toshiba
  55. 1.80 PS3 firmware (DVD upscaling, PS1 and PS2 games!!!!!!!)
  56. PoC Blu-ray customers denied "FREE" movie ticket by Best Buy and Buena Vista.
  57. 8x BD-Rs now developed, still waiting on 2x HD DVD-Rs...
  58. PopSci compares rates HD and BD players.
  59. The Matrix: Too much quality picture for my TV. The Pirates going AWOL
  60. bye,bye UNIVERSAL, and may be HD-DVD.
  61. Prediction $199 HD DVD player in 2007 and victory for the HD DVD
  62. HD DVD doesn't need my support anymore, because it is already the winning format.
  63. Blu-ray is far better than HD-DVD
  64. Format war is a plus
  65. HDDVD is better than Bluray
  66. TVpredictions $199 Blu-ray player in 2007 and victory for the BDA...
  67. Flags/Letters Combo Deal at Best Buy in Canada
  68. Oh no...Blu-ray player problems with enhanced mode
  69. format wars : let the porn industry decide!
  70. When will it end?
  71. PS3 Boosts Sales of Blu-ray In Europe!
  72. Onkyo
  73. Since PS3 Launch in Europe: Blu-ray 87%, HD DVD 13%
  74. Why again are BD players more Expensive?
  75. 'Flags of Our Fathers' has sharper video on Blu-ray / Vc-1 < Avc
  76. Spiderman has legs internationally
  77. Special Offer For Buyers of the Complete Matrix Collection
  78. What HD DVD needs to do...
  79. Why is Blu-Ray so crappy??
  80. Is Blu-ray the real HighDef underdog?
  81. Matrix boxset outselling both Pirates BD discs
  82. Advantage of the Matrix on Blu-ray
  83. Heroes Announcement!!
  84. Disc sales vs. Disc prices
  85. ARTICLE: Manufactures Find Little Interest in Hi-Def
  86. Looking for Honesty
  87. Attach Rate For HD DVD Completely Wrong?
  88. Toshiba & PR Group Wins Top Branding & Reputation Award
  89. Can Blu-ray survive as a movie format w/o the PS3?
  90. Matrix HD DVD collection vs. Pirates BD
  91. HD DVD/Blu-Ray Interactive Menus
  92. Disney - Huge press conference for POTC Blu-ray announcements; unwavering support
  93. Creative Solutions to End the War
  94. Microsoft: No Blu-Ray for 360
  95. French Blu-ray promotion site up - Gaumont BD supporter
  96. Title parity
  97. AACS v3 cracked before the new discs are released.
  98. April NPD is here!
  99. I'm sick of the format war
  100. The FUD of the HD DVD/Blu-ray graphs
  101. Weinstein to Release First Title on Blu-ray: Neutrality?
  102. The Fountain HD DVD VS Blu-ray?
  103. Midway, Sony to sell PS3 game, film on one Blu-ray disc - Weinstein Format Neutral?
  104. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended May 13
  105. Sony DADC ramps up Blu-ray replication
  106. Blu-ray will die because of the of PS3
  107. Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2 Blu-ray sets new benchmark for PQ and SQ
  108. HD DVD's Secret Plans...REVEALED
  109. Blade Runner (HD DVD Only?)
  110. UK tech shop staff predict HD DVD will beat Blu-ray
  111. BD with disc art and HD DVD without it
  112. Big News! Huge HD DVD Promotion (Father's day $100 off)
  113. ARTICLE: Blu-ray Weighing Sony Down?
  114. HD DVD player outsell Blu-ray player by 2:1 and 3:1 in Europe
  115. '300' Coming to HD DVD and Blu-ray on July 31
  116. New Panasonic Blu-ray Player MSRP $599..
  117. I own HD & BD, so Which Version of the "Road Warrior" Should I Buy ?
  118. HD DVD Add-on Audio Update
  119. Probably going to pick up the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on tomorrow.
  120. The reason why fanboys spew BS
  121. 'Planet Earth' HD DVD, Blu-ray top sellers
  122. Fox shows BD-J capabilities at JavaOne Conference May 2007
  123. Reasons I have for No Sony and No Blu-ray
  124. HD DVD outselling Blu-ray in upstate NY
  125. I think both will survive.
  126. Standalone player sales in Europe through March 07
  127. Toshibas new way of selling HD-DVDs
  128. Blu-ray Convert
  129. Poll for Matrix vs Pirates
  130. Matrix or Pirates? who will win?
  131. Rumor: Denon Blu-ray?
  132. HD DVD fading away at local Bestbuy
  133. what do studios care about
  134. POLL: How do you buy your movies?
  135. The Amazon Bestseller List
  136. Why blu-ray movies are mostly encoded in MPEG2 vs. VC-1 ?
  137. Blu-ray standalones
  138. Will BD+ work?
  139. Iger: Disney Committed to the Blu-ray Disc
  140. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended May 6
  141. Bias - When it's okay, and when it's not
  142. Where Is Disney?
  143. Sony Sued Over Blu-ray Technology
  144. What wil be 2007's biggest HD non-catalog release?
  145. Support both formats?
  146. A idea of what may determine the winner.
  147. AACS vows war over leaked HD-DVD keys
  148. Group Seeks Unified HD DVD License
  149. 1000GB Blu-ray Recorder Announced By Hitachi
  150. What means more(2):cheap dual format players or YOUR format winning?
  151. The FUD Is Getting Out of Hand
  152. Universal responds to reports of going neutral
  153. NEW Rumour: Sony losing support for bluray!
  154. PS3's lack of Dolby TrueHD rumour shot down
  155. The HD Market in 365 Days...
  156. Fox bailing out on Blu-ray.
  157. Universal Neutral !! NEW RUMOUR !!
  158. Star Wars?
  159. So - BD Players under $599 this year?
  160. Will Sony ever wise up and release TrueHD firmware for their "flagship" player?
  161. Sony moving to Plan B
  162. Rights to Walking Tall?
  163. Making the Switch (Mostly to Blu-Ray)
  164. Oh Blu-fanboys...this is going to hurt
  165. Who Is Winning The War?
  166. Bluray must act fast to catch HD DVD!
  167. HP releasing dual-format reader, blu-ray writer
  168. US$299 HD DVD players unlikely this year
  169. 'Win' Console War Because of Blu-ray
  170. Xbox to get Blu-ray add-on
  171. Why HD DVD may win the war.
  172. Why Blu-ray may win the war.
  173. No HD DVD players priced $299 or less this year??
  174. New Samsung Player Passes Simplay Test
  175. Toshiba's 1080p HD DVD Player: $368 at Amazon
  176. More Cancellations
  177. Axelmusic - HD DVD still on top.
  178. Spiderman 3 sucks!?
  179. $148,000,000
  180. What means more: cheap player price or new blockbuster exclusives?
  181. The War
  182. Does Format Bias give Us Tunnel Vision?
  183. What's with the lack of HD lossless tracks?
  184. Blu-ray stabs HD DVD in Japan and Germany too!!!
  185. Universal 2007 / 2008 releases doom to blu-ray ?
  186. Spider-Man 3 first 24 hours in the US, $57.9 million.
  187. Letter From Toshiba... Who are they trying to fool?
  188. Another spectacular own-goal from UK HD-DVD
  189. Matrix HD DVD preview before Spiderman 3??????
  190. Will "Cleaver" Be an HD DVD Exclusive?
  191. Blu-ray players
  192. Do you think that BD and HD DVD should be dropping their prices by now? 3 questions
  193. THD Delayed???
  194. Which would you prefer: Dual Format or DVR?
  195. Nielsen VideoScan data for week ended April 29
  196. Pioneer announce Blu-ray drive for $299
  197. Planet Earth is selling very well on both formats
  198. BR Bias
  199. Sony + Blu-ray = Trouble
  200. Why do you think Disney and Fox are exlusive to Blu-ray?
  201. (RUMOR - until proven) Matrix a long way out before release on Blu-ray?
  202. HD DVD hacked fully, screwed? Processing key leaked!
  203. How cheap will BD and HD DVD players be around Christmas 07 ?
  204. Are you hearing PCM?
  205. Blu-ray versus HD DVD: May 27th & 28th
  206. Disc Pricing - Why Aren't HD DVDs Cheaper After All ?
  207. Are you tired of hearing OLD news over and over again?
  208. I Cannot Believe That Spider-man 1 and 2 Have Not Been Announced For Blu-ray Yet.
  209. Are we causing our own issues by not agreeing on a format?
  210. How is Sony Doing?
  211. Costco stocking HD DVD.
  212. Night at the museum will boost sales of BD movies?
  213. Hollywood condiers changes in DRM to allow managed copying.
  214. Digital Bits: More like "Digital Blu-Bits"
  215. Fast Mac's Blu-ray drive
  216. 1 million unit article from videobusiness.com
  217. Microsoft: why HD DVD can beat Blu-ray
  218. Blu-ray ROYALE
  219. Military Stores Promoting Blu-ray
  220. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended April 22
  221. Need Critial Comparison
  222. Fox starts "PerfectHiDef.com" - links to Amazon. More sales ahead?
  223. Wal-Mart Shoots Down Cheap HD DVD Rumor
  224. Onkyo may back out of HD DVD support
  225. Blue [ray] DVD orders received 10 billion
  226. Keep your political views and comments OUT of the smackdown
  227. Amazon Inventory Points to a Strong Q2 for Blu-ray
  228. Wal-Mart actually hasn't ordered any HD DVD players yet
  229. 360 Fanboys who think MS supports HD DVD please read
  230. Planet Earth commercial
  231. Making Crap DVDs to Promote Blu-ray?
  232. X360 HD DVD add-on clearance @ Sam's Club? Price drop to $72?
  233. HD DVD Movie Sales Only 2k Behind Blu-ray
  234. Which one!!!?
  235. Blu-ray has 70% of HD market? How so?
  236. Panasonic throws a tantrum at LG in DVD forum sterring meeting.
  237. Wal-Mart story false/Engadget retracts statement/no HD DVD deal in works
  238. We also need rentals numbers
  239. DVDEmpire sales numbers
  240. Who will get Grindhouse?
  241. Warner President calls Blu-ray Consortium a Cartel
  242. ARTICLE: Wal-Mart Names HD DVD The Winner
  243. Sony trickery
  244. Was the format war unavoidable?
  245. Where Are All The New Titles
  246. How much does it cost to transfer a movie to HD?
  247. My 2 Cents
  248. What would make you go format neutral?
  249. WALMART will carry Sony’s new Blu-ray player when it is released
  250. Buena Vista: Consumers are voting with their dollars and adopting Blu-ray