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  1. Blockbuster Aftermath: Cancelled HD DVD Player Sales
  2. ARTICLE: "Death Knell Sounds For HD-DVD Format"!
  3. MGM/Fox back in the game? It would seem so.
  4. Blockbuster: We'll Add More HD DVD At Our Stores As Consumers Want It
  5. In the wake of the Blockbuster news, Ebay sees huge increase in HD-DVD items for sale
  6. Too Funny Why HD-DVD of Planet Earth is #1 on Amazon
  7. Paging all VOD haters
  8. Best Buy Paid $800 Million to put Blu-ray on the shelves
  9. Assumptions
  10. Toshiba & MS paid Universal $750 million to stay exclusive
  11. Sony / Universal partnership in Scandinavia
  12. Why Should I Stay with HD DVD?
  13. Enough with the Combo Disks Universal/Warner!
  14. highdefdigest wants Universal to stop churning out subpar transfers
  15. Fox Picks Up Microsoft Halo Movie
  16. Some smack back for HD DVD rebates
  17. Do Blu-ray only owners EVER watch movies?
  18. Chinese BD player
  19. What happens when BD players drop to HD-DVD player price levels?
  20. When will PS3 drop it's price?
  21. Why is high-def media so expensive? BD and HD DVD
  22. BB's Move is Getting Blown Way out of Proportion....
  23. More salt in the wounds...
  24. Which format got more titles?
  25. Finally....
  26. Weinstein Co. to go format neutral???
  27. HD player adoption hurt by blu-rays success
  28. HDDVD has a trump card this xmas
  29. Sony paid over $700 Million to Blockbuster for the exclusive!!!
  30. Question
  31. So what is the HD DVD Group's next move?
  32. Well, I got mud in my eye
  33. Will blockbuster save the PS3 from failing?
  34. Is Target Next (Blu exclusive)?
  35. The Psychology of Fanboys
  36. First Mythical Chinese Player with specs ...
  37. Sony Desperate? Free PS3 with TV purchase!
  38. I love it
  39. Top selling titles this year
  40. Funny thing happened at Sears
  41. actual AP link for blockbuster and BD
  42. Class action suit against Toshiba and Sony
  43. HD DVD Owners might want to take a note from Jericho fans.....
  44. Now that Blockbuster has chosen Blu-Ray...
  45. POLL: Do you beleive the "AP" Blockbuster story or not?
  46. This man will be the demise of Blu Ray
  47. Fed Up With Format War!
  48. Major Blow For HD DVD (breaking!)
  49. Jurassic Park, Jaws, ET, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future...
  50. This will be the demise of HD DVD.
  51. Blu-ray disc coatings starting to rot?
  52. How many of you will re-purchase old DVD's when High Def stuff comes out?
  53. Jumped into the hi def format
  54. FOX exclusively on blu ray
  55. One More Anacdotal Thread
  56. How long do you think it will be until...?
  57. Nielsen Videoscan Numbers for Week Ended 10 June
  58. Lower disc prices = Start of the war.
  59. European Impact on HD Disc Battle
  60. 90% of HD Disc Sales "Down-Under" For BD
  61. H.H. Gregg's Sale "Free HD-DVD Player"
  62. Which format do you think will first see all Major NA studios releasing on it?
  63. More Than 100k Blu-ray Players Sold In 2006?
  64. Toshiba needs to adevertise HD-DVD more.
  65. May NPD numbers
  66. Microsoft Has No Faith In HD DVD or Blu-ray!
  67. BD takes Australia
  68. HD DVD or Blu-ray. What do you OWN?!! (Round 2)
  69. Does Toshiba lowering sales expectations mean the end is near?
  70. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Sony Says The War Has Just Begun
  71. Sony: The war has just begun?
  72. Is HD the new LD
  73. Poll: Which exclusive studio is leaving the most money on the table?
  74. Blu-ray Fumbles Chance In HDTV DVD War
  75. Is 1080p truly the ultimate???
  76. Matrix still getting strong marketing on Yahoo
  77. BD+ only a few weeks away; Fox to re-enter the format war?
  78. Possible reason for Blu-ray lead.
  79. Samsung’s Duo HD BD-UP5000 ($500) Is This True?
  80. Total HD combo disc
  81. Bogus HD DVD Amazon Planet Earth Ranking
  82. Sales of dual-format releases
  83. If blu-ray wins do you think prices will go up?
  84. Dual Format Players: Band Aid or Final Solution?
  85. Sony/ Walmart-Target Deal
  86. Can Blu Ray Do This?
  87. Toshiba Lowers Sales Forecast for HD DVD Players by 44%!
  88. CorporationToshiba on the 12th, announced HD DVD/HDD recorder "RD-A600/A300"
  89. Universal: No new HD-DVD titles for 2007 (actual link inside)
  90. HD:"At Microsoft, we’d rather it wasn’t on a disc"
  91. No more HD-DVD titles from Universal? is this for real?
  92. Any regrets?
  93. There are RCA HD DVD players available in my local Canadian Costco
  94. Toshiba Claims HDTV DVD Lead
  95. Whats up with Universals quality control?
  96. Toshiba Has the Top 3 Selling DVD Players On Amazon
  97. To all movie lovers... where you energys should be directed.
  98. At what point should Sony and Toshiba play nice?
  99. What if MS bought Universal?
  100. PS3 vs Xbox 360 (in terms of BD/HD dvd battle)
  101. My opinion on the outcome...from a PS3 owner..
  102. No BluRay at Disney World
  103. World's First HD DVD Featuring 7.1-ch Lossless Audio from nixbu Entertainment...
  104. Record sales of HD DVD players - 60% of hidef standalones
  105. Why hasn't HD DVD lost!
  106. BB & CC Deals: Free movies with 360 HD DVD player purchase
  107. A $199 HD DVD player w/5 free movies
  108. If Hd wins think we will ever see the movie get its own disc?
  109. Crutchfield.com Hits $199 Pricepoint On the Toshiba HD-A2
  110. Crutchfield.com Hits $199 For the Toshiba [email protected]
  111. This is how Toshiba's players are being sold?!
  112. Pioneer to release new blu-ray player LOL :)
  113. Does PCM matter, revisited
  114. First Post Here, hi all
  115. My local Moviestop has stopped selling Bluray
  117. Optical Discs Could Be In Trouble!
  118. Amzaon.com Top 100 DVD Players
  119. Nielsen Videoscan numbers for week ended 3 June
  120. Why do we do it to ourselves? Blu-Ray/HD DVD talk
  121. Sony needs to calm down, get a girl friend.
  122. The HD DVD promotion Group needs to change strategy
  123. Blu Ray Not Looking Too Good In Japan!
  124. Regardless of which format wins, does it really matter in the long term?
  125. Does bitrate matter, revisited.
  126. Will Sony's Woes Influence Exclusive Studios To Go Neutral?
  127. A different point of view regarding the format war.
  128. I am sick and tired of BD fanboys constantly saying "If Universal becomes neutral..."
  129. My Walmart cut HD DVD shelf space to half
  130. Microsoft could have stopped the Blu-ray/HD DVD war
  131. Lionsgate revenue up on Xbox Live
  132. YouTube - Pirates Caribbean Liar game
  133. Who will lose the format war? Sony.
  134. Don't format neutral studios prolong the format war?
  135. What would happen if all studios except Sony and Universal become neutral?
  136. Royalty Fee Question
  137. BD, HD, it's just a better DVD
  138. Pirates is tanking
  139. I am tired of hearing about the Format War.
  140. Effect of pirated titles?
  141. HDDVD and Bluray will both die without dual format players
  142. AxelMusic: 61.9% Blu-ray 38.1% HD DVD - A turning point for Europe
  143. The Indicators Say HD-DVD Is Here To Stay
  144. Blu-ray Graph Spike that would do an HD-DVD Buyathoner Proud...
  145. Amazon.com:Buy 2 Blu-ray Discs from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Get a 3rd Free
  146. Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD Player
  147. Blu-ray doing great at DVDEmpire
  148. Amazon Top 100 - Blu-ray: 7 Titles, HD-DVD:1
  149. Dual format players and their effect on the war.
  150. What is the Real Impact of Audio Quality, Especially to JSP?
  151. Amazon average price for both- BD wins
  152. About to buy a High Definition player....Blu Ray or HD DVD ?
  153. Why is everyone worried about HD-DVD losing.
  154. If the Gears of War movie comes to a High Def format...
  155. NPD's about here place your bets will PS3 break 105k?
  156. HD-DVD Buyers Beware!!
  157. Question Marks All Around
  158. HD-DVD is not going to win this format war.
  159. Will you buy a Blu-Ray palyer now that the s300 has been droped to 500 bucks?
  160. Dual format releases - has HD DVD ever outsold the BD?
  161. Toshiba Plans HD DVD Laptop Counter-Offensive
  162. Toshi, Sony, what have they done?
  163. Ghost Riders ads show Sony putting blu on top.
  164. Transformers will be the most telling.
  165. Sony BDP-S300=$499, Toshi XA2=$799
  166. AND I thought Blu-Ray and HD-DVD were HD!
  167. HD-A2 now $250 on Amazon.com!!!
  168. Why Do People Get So Mad About This?
  169. Seeing Red, While and Blu-Ray (Motley Fool)
  170. HD-DVD totally disappointing
  171. Ya'Know...Neither Side is superior, yet.
  172. Superman Returns' with Dolby TrueHD and PCM tracks
  173. So should us HD DVD buyers give up now?
  174. Conns In Texas, HD-A2=$199!
  175. Movies That you would love to see in HD but never will be.
  176. What movie will have the first 5 star overall HD disc rating?
  177. Sony cuts price on new Blu-ray player
  178. Could the Nex Gen Format war be like a Beta max/VHS scenario.
  179. 300: Which Format Will You Buy
  180. What is THE BIGGEST Hi-Def Release in 2007?
  181. Why wouldn't Blu-ray win?
  182. What will make HD discs REALLY sell?
  183. How are the studios doing?
  184. The Truth Behind Matrix/POTC sales, they both Suck
  185. HD DVD VS BLU-RAY and outlook
  186. Is Rental Good or Bad for HIGH DEF?
  187. What is Blu Ray?
  188. PS3 owns the ax2!
  189. rottentomatoes.com chooses HDDVD as format of choice
  190. HDDVD sales keep rising
  191. Hi Definition Video Disc Market Penetration?
  192. Blu-ray is winning evidenced by HD DVD fanboy desperation
  193. PS3 owner here!
  194. Fellow HD DVD Owners : At What Price Would You Go Neutral?
  195. What if all Studios went neutral?
  196. Can HD DVD win the Format war.
  197. PS3 not a Blu-ray player?
  198. Panasonic lab grows with Blu-ray format important info regarding PIp bd-j
  199. Low, low sales numbers
  200. Is Toshiba releasing cheap HD DVD players & 5 Movie deals a blessing or a curse?
  201. People Still Clueless About These Formats!
  202. Wow $240.00 for the Hd-A2
  203. Blu-ray Vs HD DVD May Report
  204. Not even "bullet time" can save Neo from pirates.
  205. who would feel more pain from a loss????
  206. Microsoft = HD Format War's "Chancellor Palpatine"
  207. The Bill Hunt Manifesto
  208. Is Toshiba forcing Sony to cut prices?
  209. Lionsgate Reaffirms Blu-ray Exclusivity.
  210. A Poll for ONLY those who CURRRENTLY OWN both formats
  211. Several recent releases with sub-par audio
  212. Pirates vs. Matrix sales show that HD DVD is the movie format of choice
  213. HD In Stores, not online
  214. Blu-Ray Vs. HD-DVD? One side is a bigger loser, which are you?
  215. Release by box office
  216. Why exclusive studios are not "losing" sales
  217. Can HD DVD take any weeks in June?
  218. Pirates outsells Matrix
  219. Encryption vendor claims AACS infringes its patents
  220. If HD DVD won, BD exclusives would be downgraded.
  221. The HD DVD Fanboy Conundrum
  222. PS3= Survival
  223. What if?
  224. Just entered the HD Video world.
  225. Sin City 1 HDDVD release date?
  226. Coming to America: Superior PQ is on HD DVD
  227. What else does HD DVD has to offer for this year?
  228. HD DVD fanboys will enjoy this one for sure
  229. Unimpressive Matrix sales
  230. PS3 owners have stopped buying Bluray, proof and numbers
  231. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended May 27
  232. ‘Pirates’ Win Showdown, Make ‘Matrix’ Walk the Plank
  233. "Lost" NOT coming to bluray!!
  234. Why Universal won't go neutral. Unless...
  235. Do Studios have faith in High Definition?
  236. Warner shows love for HD DVD version of 300.
  237. Harry Knowles (AICN) picks HD DVD
  238. chances of either format winning
  239. Duel format owners not actively supporting one side?
  240. The Blu-Boy trend...
  241. HDDVD will be sales leader this xmas
  242. Sin City 2 cancelled?
  243. Will bluray's current success also kill the format?
  244. HD DVDs have a max rez of 720p vs Blu-rays 1080p.....
  245. Disney on HD DVD??? (Sketchy link)
  246. For HD DVD Owners: Have you received your 5 free HD DVDs?
  247. POTC and Matrix sales figures?
  248. Wow new AACS processing key gets generated in lotto style number generator
  249. Blu-ray Losing "Resume" Feature on Latest Discs?
  250. Sony getting sued for Stealing Blu-ray tech.