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  1. PS3 is now Amazon's #1 selling DVD player...
  2. Electronic Global Giants
  3. Samsung Players Scheduled for Sept/Oct
  4. Sony, Disney, Universal, MS, Intel, etc. don't care about HD disc
  5. Predictions for this week?
  6. OK Gents, Which couple of movies would cause you to switch or go neutral?
  7. HD DVD and Blu-ray: Audio Format Comparison List Of Neutral Titles
  8. HD DVD group says outselling Blu-ray in Europe
  9. DivxHD
  10. HD or BD store prejusts?
  11. Major blow to PS3 at E3
  12. Great article at Audio Holics about the format battle...
  13. Would studios STOP using VC-1!!!
  14. Samsung Dual Player Out Next Month!!!!! (in Europe)
  15. HD-DVD - the betamax of 2000's - short lesson in history.
  16. PS3 price drop causes a 2800% jump in sales at Amazon.co
  17. LOL Disney HD on XBOX LIVE
  18. Disney on XBOXLive...In HD!
  19. Memento Blu-ray #3 on Amazon
  20. Why is Star Trek only slated for HD DVD right now?
  21. PS3 ranked #1 on Amazon, Wii is #2
  22. Amazon Rankings & PS3 Deal
  23. The competition theory is shaky ground
  24. OK, lemme try again...... If BD wins what will you do?
  25. If Blu Ray does "win" are you bailing on HD movies altogether?
  26. CNET - Blu-ray victory over HD DVD assured
  27. Predictions on the PS3 Price Drop Effect?
  28. PS3 = HD DVD = No content
  29. Funny thing about Shaun of the Dead...
  30. It's Official: PS3 Price Cut to $499
  31. "I Switched Sides" has moved...
  32. Universal Studios
  33. Samsung BD-P1200 Blu-ray player now 2nd best seller at Amazon
  34. I give you one reason why hd-dvd will win
  35. Troy "Director's Cut"announced for BD Sept. 18th.
  36. I have a simple question for everyone here...
  37. I could have went blu today, for free
  38. So where is the news from Target?
  39. Funny trend in "I switched sides" subforum.
  40. Blu-ray at Fry's and Costco
  41. Importing
  42. Looks Like Extras Are Important After All.
  43. Fuh Yuan news
  44. Nice ad with comments from neutral parties
  45. LOTR, Star Wars, Alien, Back to the Future?
  46. PS3 is the cheapest BD player next week.
  47. No limit to Toshiba's desperation
  48. Attach Rates Exposed...
  49. Predictions for Week Ending July 1?
  50. Euro Blu-ray sales up 1000% since PS3 launch
  51. Only 44% of HD owners watch HD
  52. At this point in time, which format do you think will prevail?
  53. Which Format Should I support?
  54. Certain Wal-Marts are taking down both high def disc format.
  55. WOW...Toshiba HD-A20 (1080p) For $318 At Amazon
  56. Toshiba laptops HD DVD deal = 25,000,000 of new HD DVD players in just 1 year.
  57. CNN interview on the war and lcd's
  58. WB= the second neutral studio to take advantage of Blu-ray's specs.
  59. Hd dvd movies against software
  60. Just came from The Sony Store ...
  61. Will all current HD DVD players be obsolete soon?
  62. Sony, Nielsen partnership.
  63. Toshiba laptops with HD DVD-ROM, a good idea except...
  64. Sony Blu-ray Patent Infringement Verdict Upheld
  65. Blu-ray players to be obsolete by 2007
  66. How is HD DVD faring against Blu-ray in the UK? Read on:
  67. Nielsen/VideoScan sales data: Ratios, bestsellers, etc.
  68. Nielsen/VideoScan sales data: Ratios, bestsellers, etc.
  69. EU Probes Competing HD Formats
  70. Problem with the Amazon "eproduct wars"
  71. R&B Films to continue showcasing the bandwidth advantage of Blu-ray over HD DVD
  72. HDDVD is here to stay
  73. 20th Century Fox Blu Ray Exclusively.....
  74. HD DVD - #1 and #2 on Amazon.
  75. Microsoft want BOTH formats to fail?
  76. More HD DVD Titles Released in Q2 Than Blu-ray
  77. And here I thought the reviews on Amazon were supposed to be about the actual product
  78. 13 percent actually utilize their PS3/X360 for Video Content
  79. Will Blu-ray Owners Boycott Amazon now?
  80. End-of-year sales figures as indicator of winner
  81. Barnes and Noble Top Ten for July 1, 2007
  82. A quick Question...
  83. At the rate that Blu-Ray is selling....
  84. Desperate times I guess
  85. Amazon to offer independent films in HD format online
  86. HD DVD nearly at magic $200 number
  87. Poll: What version of 300 are you getting
  88. 300: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray on Amazon
  89. 2 ways that could kill HD DVD or save it.
  90. Blu-ray and HD-DVD at my Costco which will win???
  91. Has anyone recalculated the new attach rates?
  92. Big Blu-ray w'nd at the "movies"Ratatouille #1 Live Free Or Die Hard #
  93. HD DVD Dead By Fall 2007
  94. Denon Blu-ray Player on the Way?
  95. 'The Searchers' color is very wrong
  96. How big are either of these formats really going to get?
  97. Where people are renting in Akron,Ohio
  98. Sorry BD were not dead
  99. HD DVD Fights Back With New Features
  100. Toshiba captures 70 percent share of high definition set-top player market
  101. hd only un EU/ release everything in BOTH formats
  102. How many people own 2 HiDef players of the same format?
  103. I opened my Fridge...NO BREAD!
  104. Blockbuster Closing Stores - Real Growth in Online
  105. BD+ Finalized Today
  106. double post (sorry, i'll lock)
  107. If cheap Chinese players don't come out this holiday season...
  108. Hd Vs Bd
  109. HD DVD to continue Fathers Day Pricing
  110. Panasonic Says No Replacement This Year For DMP-BD-10a
  111. Toshiba HD DVD Display & Players Pulled Off The Floor At Costco, Van Nuys, California
  112. Cheap Chinese HD DVD Players May Be on the Way
  113. Paramount finally joins Warner/Sony/LG/BVHE in bringing PCM to Blu-ray
  114. Could This Have A Serious Impact On The So-Called War?
  115. No Hurdles Remain For "Cheap" HD DVD Players From China
  116. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended June 24
  117. More bad news for HD-DVD: Netflix Declares Blu-ray Winner
  118. Does Blu-ray have a cheaper player versus HD DVD right now??
  119. Can HD DVD Win?
  120. Warner’s Total HD delayed until 2008
  121. Xbox 360 add-on sold 155,000
  122. I also switched ...
  123. Quick Poll: DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray extras worth it???
  124. HD DVD/BD supporters
  125. Five Free Blu-ray Movies with Purchase of Player!
  126. Enough about Amazon, what about Google?
  127. My dead format has the better version of 300!
  128. Top 10 hidef discs for format neutral people.
  129. Crappy Movies Will Not Win the War!
  130. Question about the Blue Laser
  131. Universal will get Transformers international revenue
  132. Earnhardt Jr to be the Blu Ray pimp....hilarious!
  133. I'll switch in August!
  134. Europe HD DVD sales
  135. have i heard it right, is Pirates really the best looking HD transfer yet ??
  136. Columbia House Info
  137. To those who have no life outside the smackdown board:
  138. Adobe goes Blu-ray
  139. Blockbuster Replies to my e-mail
  140. Bill Hunt has no pull.?. apparently not.
  141. Doesn't Blu-ray Need Better Titles?
  142. If Blu ray would simply release a cheap player, would you then "go for it?"
  143. New Businessweek Article on "The War"
  144. Local Walmart now in stock...
  145. DVD sales eroding thanks to HD DVD / Blu-ray emergence
  146. Graffeo: Rentals count for only 1% of our revenue
  147. I switched to HD-DVD
  148. Is the format war over (for you) ???
  149. Type of graphs preferd
  150. Wait.. which side has the CHEAP Chinese players coming ??
  151. HD DVD Meet Your Death
  152. Article: DVD sales eroding thanks to HD DVD / Blu-ray emergence
  153. U.S. News Article:Blu-Ray Wins a Battle in the High-Def War
  154. The Format Wars Gets Personal
  155. If you can't beat them...
  156. Blu-ray takes lead in the war for your sitting room 24/06/2007
  157. Website Pegs Format War perfectly
  158. HD DVD drives in Toshiba laptops
  159. 'Planet Earth' looks great in HD — and to the BBC
  160. Universals $210 mill 'Evan Almighty' Falls To Its Knees Friday
  161. What if the PS3 dissappears...
  162. Blu-Ray and PS3'ers Unite.
  163. A New Format That May Overtake Blu-ray!
  164. Best Buy store I was in was VERY "Blu".....
  165. HD DVD vs Blu-Ray is like MP3 VS WAV
  166. Lions Gate: BR's exclusive Universal for catalog titles?
  167. Is there any way that HD DVD can win?
  168. Is the 360 add-on underperforming?
  169. it's looking like there won't be a Universal counter for at least a full week.
  170. poll for how much you use your special features
  171. What players did you get and why?
  172. First Blockbuster, now NASCAR Driver
  173. Sony and Dale Jr.
  174. Funai BD player for North America - Fall 2007
  175. Nielsen VideoScan for week ended June 17
  176. Article: Why Toshiba was zapped by the Blu-ray
  177. Both Pirates plus more Blu-ray on Bit Torrent
  178. 5 to 1 hardware lead for Blu-ray in the U.S. says IGN
  179. Paramount moves to DTS-HD, finally putting both formats at audio parity?
  180. The HD DVD FUD machine is going overboard.
  181. Who else is boycotting multi disc releases?
  182. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (same effect on HD DVD)?
  183. How does the BR camp get away with it?
  184. What is the least attractive feature of HD DVD?
  185. Why can't HD DVD and Blu-ray co-exist?
  186. HD DVD rant! Why oh why!!! Why did you choose your format?
  187. BD+ AKA Big Brother
  188. HD DVD Is Tanking In Amazon Top 10
  189. How sorry is it that Sony can't sell their own studio (MGM) on Blu-ray?
  190. The Blu-ray Prestige Not Official Statement
  191. Scratch Protection
  192. Why is Blu-Ray such a horrible format...
  193. Why is Univeral
  194. Personal Viewpoint: There are no good movies on HD DVD
  195. Why does HD DVD suck so much?
  196. What is the least attractive feature of Blu-ray?
  197. OMG! FYE declares both formats DEAD
  198. What Are the Chances of HD DVD Winning?
  199. feeling ripped off
  200. I swear if Universal screws up the Big Lebowski, I'm going to end them.
  201. Blockbuster Blu Ray move insignificant
  202. Father of Sony has officially left SONY
  203. Fox announces New Titles for France (coming here soon??)
  204. HD DVD Supporters!!! Time To Prove Your Support Or Walk The Plank!!!
  205. Blu-ray lies, HD DVD not dead yet...
  206. Do you player movies on your ps3?
  207. How many more times will HD DVD be declared dead?
  208. Attach Rates, stand alone sales..
  209. Blu-ray: 5 to 1 Edge Over HD DVD Players
  210. Blu-ray players to be obsolete by 2007...
  211. What would have happen if Microsoft would have 360 with standard HD DVD?
  212. Future releases...what format will they be in?
  213. HD DVD Player is going back to Wal-Mart tomorrow
  214. Will dual format players be a massive waste of time?
  215. Personal Viewpoint: There aren't many good blu-ray movies out.
  216. Blockbuster Blu-ray Exclusivity Impacts HD-DVD Sales
  217. Then will the format war be over?
  218. ZDNet tells its readers it's over, Blu-ray Won
  219. How has this week affected the war?
  220. Exoptron Limited Announces Blu-ray Exclusivity
  221. Panasonic: Blu-ray has Won the HD Disc Format Battle
  222. Official HD DVD Retaliation Thread
  223. If it is "Over", are BluRay-ers ready to overpay and be disappointed?
  224. Fanboy trying to off set BB impact
  225. What a difference a year makes - Blu-ray now most consistent PQ
  226. Blu-Ray vs HD DVD
  227. Does Sony own Blockbuster?
  228. Samsung Announces Blu-ray Player Defect
  229. HD DVD will be around for awhile IMO
  230. Big Blockbuster news gains previous Netflix customer!
  231. Blu-ray: 5 to 1 Edge Over HD DVD Players
  232. Blockbuster told to choose Blu-ray
  233. Big Blockbuster News Loses Longtime Customer!!!
  234. HD DVD Group: Run some BlockBuster Ads RIGHT NOW
  235. This is a war, you have to pick a side..
  236. HD DVD has better movies
  237. HD DVD Player Orders Being Canceled After Blockbusters Blu-Ray Support Announcement
  238. Studios... and HD
  239. CC sells 3 to 1 HD DVD over BD
  240. Something is brewing...
  241. Bold Prediction for HD DVD
  242. I Was Afraid Of This....
  243. SINOCES 2007 China - HD DVD absent?
  244. BD+ is Now Available
  245. MGM shoots down false rumors, not supporting bluray
  246. Starz announces exclusive Blu-ray support!!
  247. MS insider Amir weighs in on the BB deal and interview from BB CEO
  248. It's over for HD DVD
  249. everyone's wondering what Toshiba's next move is...
  250. Canadians Only