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  1. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for the title Iron Man 2 on 10/03
  2. Poll 1/3 (main discussion) What will be the total BD revenues 10/03/10 (Iron Man 2)
  3. Poll 1/3 (main discussion) What will be the total BD revenues 10/03/10 (Iron Man 2)
  4. Blu-Ray Faces a Solid Five Years of Growth Thanks To 3D, Says Research
  5. "How to Train Your Dragon" marketing discussion
  6. 24M Blu-ray Players to be Sold in 2010 (non PS3s) - 11M in 4Q - 50% of annual in 4Q
  7. Blu-Ray vs iTunes (HD) The Numbers
  8. Fun with numbers! Studios releasing more catalogwith a bonus DVD over unique new ones
  9. Blu-ray Household Penetration Tops 17%
  10. All 6 Star Wars Films Coming in 3D Starting in 2012!!!!!!!!
  11. NPD: Connected-Device Use Still a Novelty
  12. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Blu-ray on Robin Hood release week 9/26/10
  13. Sony, Warner, Disney plan $30 VOD service
  14. Poll 2/3 - What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare % for Robin Hood 9/26/10
  15. Poll 1/3 (main discussion) What will be the total BD revenues WE 9/26/10 (Robin Hood)
  16. Is Hollywood on the road to recovery?
  17. Is this the way to promote Blu-ray?
  18. 3D Steals Show at CEDIA Expo,(lots of Blu-ray connected HDTVs etc announcements too)
  19. Will Netfilx's Hastings comments bite him in the end?
  20. NBC Universal says 99-cent rentals would 'devalue' content, News Corp
  21. Netflix Blu-ray Release Dates
  22. Netflix finally launches streaming-only plan, eh?
  23. Kosty is going to the CEDIA Expo (Atlanta Sep 23-26) Any wish lists? (play nice)
  24. 2010, Where did all the catalog go?
  25. NCR, MOD Systems Install First Movie Download Kiosks
  26. "The pending fourth-quarter again is all about purchasing packaged media" DVD+Blu-ray
  27. Warner Bros. CEO: DVD Market ‘A Lot Longer’ Than VHS
  28. Best Buy Slashing CD, DVD Shelf Space For New Products
  29. What will be the pie chart revenue% for Blu-ray on Prince of Persia release week 9/19
  30. What will be the total Blu-ray format revenues for week ending 9/25 Prince of Persia
  31. 3D Summit Speakers Talk Up Blu-ray
  32. Redbox: Streaming Not a Priority to Users - A kiosk rental is secondary to shopping
  33. Black Friday Predictions : $45 BD players $69 BD-Live w/Netflix $5 catalog $10 recent
  34. Has HDTV Code Been Cracked?
  35. Studios Choking Off 3D Blu-Ray Demand?
  36. Percy Jackson & the Olympians is 20% BD (11 wks) Shows growth in family Blu-ray
  37. UltraViolet was developed with Blu-ray in mind...physical media not going away soon
  38. The economy's impact on home media sales & rental and other unknowns - HMM editorial
  39. Analyst: AppleTV Amazon ‘Double-Whammy’ of Digital Speculation -DVD/BD still dominant
  40. 3D Blu-ray Offers New Packaging Opportunities - 30 Blu-ray 3D titles being produced
  41. PS4 News "digital future is over ten years away"
  42. Blockbuster finally bankrupt! Really!
  43. Analysts - Redbox revenues to increase because of 50% Blu-ray rental premium over DVD
  44. Toshiba To Launch Glasses Free 3D Television!
  45. WSJ: Entertainment Industry Struggles To Adapt As DVD Sales Decline
  46. Mainstream family titles hit Blu-ray-Household penetration rises 62.5 M shipped 2011?
  47. Cable VoD Coming to Blu-ray Boxes
  48. Entertainment Down, Profits Up for Walmart
  50. Variety: Will 3D save Blu-ray?
  51. Rumor: AppleTV Renamed iTV, Will Have Apps but No 1080p Playback
  52. Netflix, Epix Officially Bow Streaming Deal
  53. Blu-Ray player production costs
  54. Redbox CEO Doesn’t Fear Digital "physical DVD...much longer tail than some predict"
  55. Universal promotes exec to SVP Worldwide High Definition Marketing will oversee BD/3D
  56. Blu-ray demand boosts Pioneer sales
  57. Clash of the Titans does 44% Blu-ray unit marketshare 8/01/10
  58. Rumors that Apple is prepping a digital locker for video.
  59. Resistance Forms Against 3D Films
  60. EMA DVD+BD EOY 2009 sales/rental $17,9 B (9 x DD) - total transactions 3.5 B up 2.8%
  61. WSJ Article "2010: The Worst Movie Year Ever?"
  62. Lack of releases hurting the catalog sales numbers? HMM commentary
  63. Redbox to offer $1.50 Blu-ray rentals in all of its 23,000 locations by this fall
  64. Sony Pictures Q1 Income Jumps 58%
  65. DreamWorks Animation $158.1M (2Q) CEO - "DVD...some stability...somewhat healthier"
  66. Roughly 30 Blu-ray 3D movies under production with Technicolor authoring half of them
  67. What's Wrong With This Picture???
  68. Retailers Offer Summer Deals on Blu-ray Players - $99 Internet BD-Live players
  69. DECE Declares Ultraviolet the Future of Entertainment
  70. Netflix video-on-demand to launch in Canada
  71. Blu-ray, Digital Up As Video Sales Dip
  72. NBC Universal Ups Q2 Profit 13%
  73. Standalone Blu-ray player penetration to more than double from 8% to 18% in 2010
  74. 3-D global sales off to a slow start (Broadcast Engineering Article)
  75. Report: Half-Year Blu-ray Movie Sales Up 107% in Europe/Japan (only -1.2% DVD+BD)
  76. Can Netflix Re-Invent Watching Movies Again?
  77. DVD and Blu-ray rental revenues charted out 2008-2010
  78. omg.. check post history... vizio user... got my first panny...
  79. Youtube announces support for 4K
  80. HMM editorial - How does the industry increase BD awareness & get past the threshold?
  81. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - No DVD only edition (Canada)
  82. Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue as a Blu-ray/DVD combo edition only(pre school)
  83. What's up with the double features?
  84. Last of the Microsoft executives involved with HD DVD to leave MSFT
  85. Bill Hunt: "Blu-ray is still a fairly niche format"
  86. HDMI 2.0? 3? Cat 5E/6? HDBaseT? New hardware standard...again???
  87. Steve Jobs Suggests Blu-ray Not Coming to Mac Anytime Soon
  88. "The so-called third dimension is getting between me and the heart of the story"
  89. WSJ Article "Is 3-D TV For Real?"
  90. Hollywood's Biggest Piracy Threat!
  91. The storage capacity of SDXC flash memory is now higher then BLU-RAY discs
  92. Theater Owners Attack Windows
  93. Paramount: Redbox Had ‘Minimal Impact’ on DVD Sales
  94. "Life" does 54.35% BD%+100k units $69.99 MSRP - AIW does 1.2M units 37.45% WE 6/6/10
  95. 3D Good for Blu-ray (iHollywood's 3D Next conference) 62% of 13% plan on Blu-ray 3D
  96. Jeff Bewkes (Warner CEO) - VOD & Window Changes are the future
  97. EW: Whats Wrong with this Summers Movies?
  98. Netflix: 2013 last year of Disc shipment growth
  99. Summit to Bow First Single-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo
  100. Typical Studio Profit margins given. Disney's no window Redbox support questioned
  101. Redbox CEO Scoffs At Netflix's Video Library
  102. Blu-ray in Redbox kiosks coming soon $1.50/night - 16.9% of user base Blu-ray owners
  103. AT&T’s Data Limits Rein In Cloud-Based Media Services
  104. Lionsgate "Bullish on Packaged Media-Consumers returning to retailers & buying again"
  105. Report: European Blu-ray Sales Disappoint
  106. Wolfman buyers: are you watching the streamed classic version?
  107. Wrong forum
  108. King Kong (RKO 1933) for Sep 28, success of selected studio classics on Blu-ray cited
  109. Warner Bro's Smackdown
  110. Creativity a Tool to Revive Catalog Business
  111. Studios & Cable Shorten VOD Window
  112. DEG Europe: DVD+BD units +3.8% revenues +2.3%, Blu-ray responsible for most of growth
  113. Netflix - Streaming Costs more than DVDs, offset savings, Blu-ray adds to mix
  114. 65% now cite Blu-ray capability (#1) primary reason to buy a PS3-Sony ads effective
  115. Hastings 1Q Profits assisted by 11.1% gain in Blu-ray & DVD (box sets and used up)
  116. 25 years from now
  117. Francis Ford Coppola says 3D is "tiresome".
  118. ‘Avatar’ a Wasted Opportunity?
  119. James Cameron: 3-D will become standard format
  120. New Rentrak State of VOD report - 09 cable VOD new movies were $963m 208m uses
  121. DVD/Blu-ray sales help Sony Pictures increase fiscal year revenues 7% (ending Mar 31)
  122. Katzenberg: DVD Decline to Continue
  123. Robert Harris Calls For Universal To Stop Releasing Catalog Blu-Rays!!
  124. DISH HD DVRs may have to be shut down , 1Q profits falls 26% YTY
  125. Brand New HD Films over Cable. Theaters Dead?
  126. Toshiba Consumer Products no longer a company, now a division in Information Systems
  127. Pronounced-dead CD earns 3/4 of UK music revenue
  128. Roxio: Consumers Ready For Home-Based 3D TV
  129. Fox Posts Highest-Ever Quarterly Operating Profit-(Avatar video results in next 2Q)
  130. Consumer Reports' Initial 3D TV Tests Find Images Pop, But There's Not Much to Watch
  131. NPD: Blu-ray Household Penetration Nearly Doubles was 6% in 2009 now 11% (April 2010)
  132. Did Hollywood shoot itself in the foot....again???
  133. Variety:1Q results-DVD declines not offset by 3D, BO, Blu-ray or Digital increases
  134. Cinram reports $25 M more profit in 1Q, Blu-ray revenue growth up +100% YTY, DVD +9%
  135. 'Avatar' Blu-ray Consumers Can't Watch DVD/BD
  136. Majority of US households now have HDTV
  137. Coinstar (Redbox) posts 1Q data, lots of sales info BD & 28 day release window deals
  138. Roger Ebert: Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)
  139. BD-Live to become more useful with more use for updated trailers
  140. Question for BD Owners. Are you happy with the format's success so far?
  141. How Netflix Succeeded Where Blockbuster Failed
  142. Sat/cab/telco industry will continue as the dominant entertainment source
  143. Per Bill Hunt. Catalog not selling well.
  144. Fox, Universal Make Deals With Redbox
  145. What will be the total Blu-ray format revenues for week ending 4/25 (Avatar release)
  146. What will be the total Blu-ray format revenues for week ending 4/25 (Avatar release)
  147. Hulu to have a $9.95 monthly subscription for backlog episodes (latest 5 eps free)
  148. MovieQ: New Automated DVD Blu-ray Rental chain opens first test store
  149. Screen Digest Report: Digital Movie Revenue Declining only $200 M 2009 20% below est
  150. Study: 33% of Box Office Generated by 3D Movies
  151. hate 3D but not sure why....
  152. Weinstein brothers to take back Miramax
  153. Blockbuster Express Kiosks to Sell & Rent New DVD Movies
  154. DEG 1Q 2010 HOME ENTERTAINMENT REPORT Blu-ray Disc +74% BD Hardware +125%
  155. Summer PS3 3D Update Not Compatible With Blu-Ray
  156. Samsung Issues Warnings about 3-D TV.
  157. CBHD is already in the United States
  158. Universal's back with more DVD / Blu-ray flip discs later this month
  159. 28 Days Later, the sequel: Fox & Universal Join WB in Netflix delayed rental window
  160. Blockbuster Inks Distribution Deals With Sony and Fox
  161. Court: FCC has no power to regulate Net neutrality
  162. Warner Exec On Converted 3D--"You can't tell the difference"
  163. Blu-ray Discs expand to 128GB under new BDXL spec
  164. Disney's Iger Admits "We're Really Idiots When It Comes To Blu-Ray"
  165. What happened with the 1 year region coding promise from Sony?
  166. Netflix Will Hate 5 Day Mail Delivery
  167. Beauty and the Beast BD+DVD Combo only 10/5 (7 weeks ahead of DVD) ala Snow White
  168. Studios Roll Out Discs for Moms (Doctor Zhivago and Mothers Day releases etc)
  169. Higher Prices Make Box Office Debut
  170. Avatar's first-week BD share?
  171. Blockbuster Gets 4-Week Headstart with WB New Releases
  172. Global Blu-ray sales projected as $6.5 Billion not offset DVD 2010 decline of 12%
  173. LotR blu ray - Gladiator part 2?
  174. Icahn launches hostile bid for Lions Gate
  175. Studios want DVD and Blu-ray releases sooner after theatrical release
  176. Plummeting home entertainment business model
  177. The first 3D HDTV's completely sold out in US
  178. Studios Launch Cable VOD Primer
  179. Government plans to have 9/10 American's "connected" by 2020.
  180. First Blu-Ray Release of Avatar Will Have NO Extras
  181. Xbox 360 doesn't need Blu-ray, says Microsoft
  182. Coinstar CEO: Blu-rays Won’t Replace DVDs in Redbox Kiosks
  183. 2012 does 41% Blu-ray marketshare for week ending 3/07/10
  184. What will be "2012"'s Blu-ray unit marketshare for its release week ending 3/0710
  185. Blu-ray? Who needs it! Not Sony who locked in studios for HD Movies through PS3
  186. PS3 sales to peak in 2012-2014 with 127 M units (PS3 to win this gen console wars)
  187. Future for physical media just went south :(
  188. 12 concurrent DVD/BD releases had 50% or more Blu-ray unit marketshare for 2/28/10
  189. Blu-ray Patent Licensing Program Announced by Four Companies
  190. Blu-ray Sells over $200m in Jan-Feb 2010, Restores Growth for Packaged Media
  191. BBC takes control of DVD distributor
  192. Coinstar CEO: Redbox Windows May Depend on Title
  193. Cinram- Physical media still embraced by consumers.10-15 year future - digital slow
  194. Analyst: Netflix Masking DVD 'Profit Potential' With Streaming
  195. FT: Bleaker outlook for film downloads
  196. What do you wish Blu-ray had done differently?
  197. Blockbuster - $5 for 5 days on everything (and late fee's are back)
  198. DreamWorks Animation Reports More Profit - Strong DVD/Blu-ray sales - TV cited
  199. Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is
  200. Redbox Deal Points to Blu Skies Ahead - HMM Editor in Chief
  201. Sony To Distribute Weinstein Titles On Blu-Ray
  202. Managed Copy a Work in Progress
  203. James Cameron sees Avatar on Blu-ray 3D in November (cont)
  204. FCC to propose faster broadband speeds - Reuters
  205. 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games BD Box Set
  206. Is Blockbuster toast?
  207. Sony Pictures' David Bishop: In the thick of home entertainment's evolution
  208. #1 title Comedy Chick Flick gets 20% - Early majority phase here for Blu-ray?
  209. Blu-ray supporting the overall health of US Home Entertainment Industry- Futuresoure
  210. DEG Europe: Blu-ray Spending Up 109% in 2009
  211. 'Transformers 2', 'Star Trek' DVD/Blu-ray Discs Drive Q4 Paramount Income Surge - HMM
  212. Law Abiding Citizen, "On DVD Tuesday"
  213. Blu-ray Chips Overtake Standard DVD Chips in 2009, Reports In-Stat
  214. Google promises hi-def movie download in 5 minutes.
  215. DVD Stages Comeback as Disney Studio Posts Q1 Income Surge- HMM Article
  216. Netflix: our HD streaming offer is "a bit underwhelming"
  217. Available Studio Library Catalog Title Listings with the Blu-ray Releases Highlighted
  218. How Much of Neflix’s Green Is Blu?
  219. Time Warner Upping Disc Releases in 2010
  220. Movie Gallery Bankrupt Again!
  221. Why is there still a smackdown sub-forum?
  222. Sony Pictures to Lay off 450 as DVD Sales Fall
  223. Connected Blu-ray Player Shipments to Top 80M Units by 2013
  224. Hulu to charge $4.99 a month for older episodes?
  225. Netflix to lose Disney Movies Per Only Streaming?
  226. Do you think that CBHD will be released outside China?.
  227. TCL Brings back HD-DVD!
  228. Sony Working On Another Disc Format?
  229. Physiological hindrance to watch 3-D movie
  230. Blu-TV brings interactive IPTV to disc players (engadget)
  231. Blu-ray booms while DVDs keep slumping in fourth quarter
  232. Toshiba's CELL TV
  233. 28 Days Later: New Warner Blus 4 weeks late at Netflix
  234. Interesting Audiophile article
  235. ESPN, Discovery Channel Launching 3D Networks!
  236. Things not to buy in 2010
  237. Film box office overtakes 2009 DVD, Blu-ray sales
  238. Walmart to add DVD fixtures keep aisles clean, add product
  239. Shocker! Over ¾ of "digital" revenue is not from online!
  240. Blu-ray, Connected Devices in the Spotlight at CES
  241. New 33.4 Gb Blu-Ray Discs are Coming
  242. 2010 Blu-ray Sales Metrics Stats: Nielsen/Videoscan/HMM Charts/Ratios/Bestsellers Etc
  243. Kosty is going to the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas Jan 7-10) Any wish lists?
  244. Walmart broadens focus on Blu-ray
  245. Is "Free" TV Coming to an End?
  246. Studios Begin to Push TV Episodes' Digital Release Before DVD
  247. Amazon BD Players sold over holidays would stretch 27 miles side by side
  248. Blu-ray sets new record of $86.09 M for WE 12/20/09 The Hangover/Inglorious Basterds
  249. A real sign Blu-ray is becoming mainstream "Girls Gone Wild" videos on Blu-ray
  250. HD DVR - An Indispensable Component Poll