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  1. Looking for thoughts on "300" Blu-vs. HD
  2. Poll: Should people be banned for starting flame baiting threads?
  3. for blu-ray owners, what would make you go neutral and get hd dvd
  4. 10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed
  5. how many hd-dvd need to be sold for blu-ray to realise that it won't win
  6. BD dominates again with audio!
  7. when will blu-ray catch up to hd dvd in terms of price
  8. blu-ray bois talk about hd dvd demise and yet hd dvd hardware tops Amazon charts
  9. I find it funny that any success that comes HDDVD's way infuriates BD fans
  10. The TIDAL WAVE of Universal titles continue!
  11. Tidal wave of Fox Blu-ray titles in Q4/07?
  12. Should 360 offer a Blu-ray add-on?
  13. What's more important to YOU? Sales or quality?
  14. None of the exclusive studios will go neutral - and here's why.
  15. Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD Vids
  16. Another reason why standalones will determine the format war
  17. Universal's Quality on the Upswing!
  18. BE CAREFUL who you insult in the smackdown
  19. Toshiba players sold at a loss?
  20. Too many good news!!
  21. Blu-Ray Embraces PORN!!!!!!
  22. *ARTICLE* Lite On to start making HD DVD players...
  23. HD DVD - 6 of the top 10 Amazon spots
  24. I am switching to Blu Ray
  25. I fear the worst because I know who'll win...
  26. Wouldn't Sony Love To Be In THIS Position?
  27. Will HD DVD coexist with blu-ray?
  28. Excellent. Simpsons Movie Draws in $168M Worldwide
  29. Should I cancel my amazon preorder of 300?
  30. 300 $5 price difference between formats
  31. How many people think VC-1 should be banned?
  32. I am psychic and I predict that HD-DVD will go down in flames.
  33. I can sense when a format isn't gonna make it, and I don't see Bluray making it
  34. My local costco stops selling BD stand alones
  35. Combo "advantage" becomes a handicap
  36. I find this forum amusing...
  37. WOW!!!! This Is Getting Ugly......
  38. How many HD DVD zealots are going to be eating crow in 2008?
  39. False alarm: Target's not giving up on HD DVD
  40. Bob Iger has a crystal ball!!!
  41. Is there a relationship between the PS3 crowd/BD winning/types of movies on BD???
  42. *RUMOR* Integra decks?
  43. I'm Done Buying HD DVD
  44. Star Trek fans Apoplectic Over HD-DVD Price
  45. Why all the Hate?? Seriously!!!!!!!
  46. Is Universal Holding Out for a Good Deal?
  47. Bourne Ultimatum to release sales ownage
  48. When will it end?
  49. Fall '07 into 2008
  50. Why not go neutral with BD so strong?
  51. Interesting splash screen when installing Java
  52. HD PiP optional for 1.1 and BDlive
  53. Memo to the Studios Revisited: Our Readers Speak Out
  54. Wal-Mart HD DVD: To Be or Not To Be?
  55. How many of you feel slighted?
  56. Sales Ratio Predictions for week ending July 29th
  57. Why buy Heroes on HD DVD...?
  58. Would be nice for Blu-Ray...
  59. There's nothing to argue about anymore
  60. idea
  61. *ARTICLE* - The brand new $113 Toshiba HD-DVD Player: Are the HD wars over?
  62. Another Blu-ray Disc Size Advantage
  63. Digital Trends Author Says Wal-Mart HD-DVD Player Still Coming At Christmas!!
  64. Paramount doesn't think 30 GB is "enough"
  65. Optimum UK goes neutral (previously HD DVD only)
  66. Seattle Thieves Steal Store's Entire Blu-ray Section, Ignore HD-DVDs!!!
  67. Bitrate makes the better media!
  68. Hit me!
  69. BJ's Wholesale Club stores to carry Blu-ray exclusively
  70. Blu-ray format leads adoption of next-gen DVD players in the U.S. - analyst
  71. Deliverance 35th aniversary
  72. Return to house on haunted hill
  73. This is not a format war... yet.
  74. First Disney movie coming to HDDVD!!
  75. Star Trek combo disk finally highlights one of HD DVD's advantages
  76. My own market research, interesting, at least I thought....
  77. Parks Associates--Blu-ray Leads Adoption
  78. Woolworths go Blu-ray exclusive. Drop HD-DVD.
  79. eBay: the stock market of the format war?
  80. Microsoft cuts Xbox HD DVD player to $179
  81. 4th Quarter Announced Release Schedule So Far
  82. HD DVD Goes Big at Comic-Con 2007: Hit Movies, Blockbuster TV Shows, and a Price Drop
  83. All Spielberg High Def Myth Stuff Talk Merged In Here
  84. What will HD DVD do when FOX is done with BD+
  85. The Top 10 Reasons that HD DVD Will Win.
  86. There is one thing we can ALL agree on...
  87. SDCC 07: Exclusive: Dragon Ball Z Hits Blu-Ray
  88. Even thieves don't want HD-DVD
  89. Will BD-J profile 1.1 will be cheaper
  90. The BBD-UP5000 Duo HD Player will make Smackdown threads obsolete
  91. The death of HD DVD? = The death of common sense.
  92. Bestbuy stepping up HDDVD support?
  93. Too close to call?
  94. Tood Doogan chooses Blu!
  95. No one has seen CNET yet? Samsung Dual at $1,050
  96. Thieves choose Blu-ray over HD DVD in mass disc heist
  97. Now there's Target News!!!
  98. Prices of HD DVD & Blu-ray players
  99. MGM to release JEEPERS CREEPERS 2...FOX soon to follow?
  100. Your favorite movie of the summer (so far)?
  101. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray / Players Only
  102. We don't want a winner yet.
  103. Do Blu-ray's movies really have more box office appeal?
  104. How Much Have You Spent On High Def?
  105. How will the format war end?
  106. Proof that Blu-ray will win
  107. HD DVD in Australia Warner and Paramount Support!!
  108. Where u guys gettin your imports?
  109. HD DVD group says outselling Blu-ray in Europe
  110. Denon goes BLU!!
  111. Another Blu-ray Sale on Amazon (Yawn) ...Sorry HD DVD fans.
  112. Razer Digital (IMAX movies) Exclusively Blu-ray
  113. HD DVD Barely Hanging On
  114. What do you hate most about your chosen format?
  115. Proof that HD DVD gives a better picture
  116. Titles? Features? Price? Who Really Knows?
  117. Fanboy of all fanboys?
  118. Getting upset with wal-mart
  119. Radio Show Update
  120. $199 HD DVD Player, the "War" Might Be Over Soon...
  121. Blue Christmas for Blu-ray!!!
  122. i can't believe we're expected to spend $30 on high def with no scratch protection!!
  123. HD DVD vs BLU-RAY advantages
  124. Platform Neutral & Feeling Guilty About It!
  125. HOME MEDIA EXPO: Consumers still confused about Blu-ray, HD DVD
  126. Netflix Loses Subscribers!!
  127. While fanboys argue, stores like Walmart will decide the winner...
  128. Blu-Boys
  129. Is it too early for HD DVD and Blu-ray?
  130. Why do you dislike HD DVD?
  131. Blockbuster highlights Blu-ray on website
  132. Blockbuster selling their hd dvds...
  133. Dual format supporters slowing the war?
  134. Chuck and Larry top Harry Potter in Box Office Sales...
  135. To be honest with you... There should be only one format
  136. Did you Care about the A/V Quality of DVD's before High-Def?
  137. Paramount Stepping up the game.
  138. Format Neutral People - Count yer titles...
  139. Are special features really that important?
  140. Swedish Blu-ray & HD-DVD sales (discshop)
  141. Have dual format releases proven Blu-ray is inferior to HD DVD?
  142. Word from UK is Blu-ray domination
  143. Latest WB titles available for preorder at WB DVD shop
  144. blu ray drive counting
  145. HD-DVD Player Approaching Sub-$200!
  146. Toshiba HD-A2 #1 DVD Player On Amazon Again
  147. Numbers?
  148. 300 HD DVD gets PERFECT 10!!!
  149. Where is Weinstein?
  150. While HD discs are just barely moving...PVRs see rocket growth
  151. Another Universal "Summer Hit" Falls on Its' Face
  152. Awesome Alternate cover art for HD DVD AND Blu Ray!
  153. Xbox 360 users can now playback CinemaNow downloads (HD content)
  154. Just keep those HD DVD Imports coming!!!!
  155. How the Film Studios decide if a BD or HD DVD transfer is ready for sell?
  156. Toshiba recalls batteries.
  157. When the war is over....
  158. Web Enabled Features....Who Cares???
  159. Walmart HD support (pics)
  160. HD Media support and Movies in theaters
  161. HD DVD about to lose another advantage
  162. Disney and iHD...?
  163. PS3 Knocked From #1 Spot On Amazon By the Wii Nunchuk...LOL
  164. Circumventing Copy Protection Is
  165. What did you spend on your HD/BD gear?
  166. Heck i like microsofts vision!
  167. Another Company Goes Blu!!
  168. Blu-ray Vs HD DVD: Both Can Win?
  169. HD-DVD Promo Group Announces Record Sales
  170. Our best bet is Walmart!....
  171. More and More Blu-ray Backers...
  172. 40 Gigabits per second downloads, a threat to HD DVD and Blu-Ray?
  173. Blu-ray owns 95% of the high def player market in Europe
  174. So, whats wrong with al studios going neutral and letting US decide the format war?
  175. bluray problems with java?
  176. Entertainment in Video goes Blu-ray exclusive!
  177. BR Fans At HME Protest, And Demand That Universal Support BR.
  178. STATSHOT that HD-DVD supporters will love...
  179. Jay Leno and Blu ray
  180. U all really want "SONY" to win this media war?
  181. Sickened Blu-Ray Man
  182. Interesting note about AACS
  183. HD DVD Rising Sales. Blu Ray down
  184. Finally !!! Cars to Make DeBlu on Nov. 6
  185. Bill Hunt vs Ken Graffeo & Robert Zohn
  186. Why I was wrong about HD DVD by CNET
  187. do you guys think
  188. Just in, HD DVD standalone player sales stand at 55% vs 45% for Blu-Ray in NA..
  189. Blu-Ray and Java question.
  190. The first time a neutral studio gives BD audio the upper hand?
  191. Playstation 3 sold out in Walmart!
  192. More Blu Weinstein overseas
  193. Bluray fanatics scared of HDDVD?
  194. Potter and Blade Runner sets coming to Blu ray and HD dvd
  195. Peter Moore is leaving Microsoft, will this affect HD DVD?
  196. I have to wonder.
  197. Tvpredictions.com MS to kill hd dvd?
  198. HD DVD Group: Player Sales Up 37 Percent
  199. HD DVD Outpacing All Next-Gen Formats in Sales Growth
  200. Anime studios and their HD format plans.
  201. HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost
  202. Home entertainment down at the half
  203. Challenge: Aka too buzy to do it
  204. Disney's Magical "No-Mystery" Blu Ray Tour
  205. Who feels that the format war is over?
  206. Total HD Only After Initial Release??
  207. More Space = Better Sound
  208. Rentrak Adds Blu-ray to Sony Revenue-sharing Deal
  209. $99 Toshiba HD DVD Player
  210. No Star Wars HD Release Until One Format Wins
  211. Blu-Ray.. I dont get it
  212. Image Entertainment(Criterion) goes Blu-ray
  213. Harry Potter series in high def?
  214. Image supported HD DVD - looking at supporting HD+BD after January
  215. Amazon sold out of Resident Evil. Promo over?
  216. So when was the last bit of good news for HD-DVD
  217. Blu Ray supporters with Toshiba Displays Check In Here
  218. Amazon.com, HD DVD has over 500 available titles.
  219. HD DVD vs Blu-ray Name
  220. Pressure mounts on U to turn Blu
  221. 500,000+ HD DVD players and Xbox 360 drives sold worldwide
  222. Question to Xbox 360 owners that only support Blu-ray.
  223. List of each formats, "killer apps"
  224. HiDef Radio Show
  225. Blockbuster Rental experences
  226. When wil all the studios go neutral...I have an idea...
  227. I think it is inevitalbe time to get bd player
  228. Oh Brother! Another Sony Pinhead States HD-DVD To Die in Months!
  229. This is the total amount of movies...
  230. Toshiba Offers $99 HD DVD Player at Home Media Expo
  231. What about Java Security Vulnerabilities and BD-J?
  232. When is MS dropping the price of the HD DVD add-on?
  233. XBOX 360 Price Cut: $199, $299
  234. What does Warner Bros really think of the PS3/BluRay
  235. How many would prefer both formats lose?
  236. NEED HELP!! about the 5 free movies!
  237. FUNimation chosen to go with the Blu-ray format
  238. PS3 price cut temporary?
  239. Another Exclusive Studio for Blu-ray
  240. Disney support for BD just a hoax
  241. Do you think that the Dual Format Players are the future of this war?
  242. Nielsen Videoscan Numbers for Week Ended July 8
  243. Star Wars coming to Blu-ray
  244. PS3 dropping in price mean more Blu-Ray sales?
  245. Is HD-DVD being cheaper going to spell victory for them?
  246. Why is there even a "war"
  247. Is it the format or the studio ???
  248. Maybe no Winner in HD format
  249. POLL: The Format War And You (Honest Feedback)
  250. Standalone HD-DVD player below $200