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  1. Warner dropping combos and double-dipping?
  2. Please stop comparing High Def to DVD
  3. HD DVD: The format of choice for geek TV?
  4. Taiwan OEM makers receive unexpected BD burner orders from retail channels in the US
  5. Simple Question. Honest answer please.
  6. Fox coming out of its' hole?
  7. Initial thoughts when you saw your first HD movie....
  8. Blu-Ray Outselling HD DVD 3:1 outside of U.S.
  9. in order to keep the same PQ, they had to drop the SQ...
  10. Blu-ray 2:1 for 2007
  11. Blu-ray outpaces HD-DVD in U.S.: Home Media Research
  12. High-Def Digest has HD DVD bias (import reviews)?
  13. Format War Is Stupid !!!!
  14. Are Spiderman 3 and POTC 3 "Good" films?
  15. AVS - Why is Amir so quite these days?
  16. Whats with this argument of "choice"?
  17. Warner Bros to Blu Ray Exclusive Studios -- Dual Format = Profit$!
  18. Battlestar coming December 4th to the RED side!
  19. XBox Ultimate - Will it increase HD DVD Adoption
  20. Is Wal-Mart only selling Blu-ray players in store?
  21. Radio Blu!!
  22. HD formats account for 4.2% of DVD sales. Also, hope for HD DVD?
  23. Blu-Ray growing in developing markets
  24. Nostradamus Game For Week Ending Aug 12th
  25. Intrade.com betting markets: Blu-ray has 96% chance of outselling HD DVD in 2007
  26. "Cars" to have PiP for BD. Another Blu-Ray myth gone?
  27. Top 10 Best Trilogies
  28. Real stats on the number of titles available...
  29. Disney Blu-ray promotion tour starts, where is HD-DVD?
  30. Consumers Urged to Pick New DVD Format
  31. Is it war between HD-DVD we need or War with DVD we need?
  32. Who can't wait?
  33. Do you really think Blue-Ray is doing that well?
  34. 360's sales increase
  35. Microsoft Goes on the Offensive ....
  36. Did you own a DvD player before PS2?
  37. 61% HDDVD 36% Blu
  38. Sales rankings critical to HD-DVD and BD survival
  39. Quotes from Both camps regarding HD
  40. If PCM and TrueHD are suppose to be the same, why does PCM sound better?
  41. Sizing Up HD DVD and Blu Ray
  42. Where is the line drawn now?
  43. The disadvantage of owning both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.
  44. In response to Phase I, Here's the reality on Phase II.
  45. "The War": PHASE 1 Over IMO
  46. Comming soon XBOX 360 whit internal HD-DVD player?
  47. Universal Wish to Continue Format War
  48. i really hope Warner doesn't try and screw us over...
  49. why do people continue to ignore the PS3??
  50. Two kinds of lies in the format war- lies and damn lies
  51. Blu-Ray standalone players outpacing supply
  52. The Truth about the Format War
  53. Ratatouille Scheduled for November Blu-ray Release
  54. My Two Cents (Note to the Blu Ray/PS3 Bits)
  55. Blu-ray production lines - growing world wide.
  56. Dual supporters who bought 300 (poll)
  57. The Widescreen Issue....
  58. Why I really think the war has lasted so long.....
  59. When will Bueana Vista release their big hitter?
  60. Strong Points v. Weak Points
  61. My first gentle wading into the Smackdown pool...
  62. $899 - Now we know the real price to make HD DVD players
  63. Costco bundles
  64. Pretty fair article for the upcoming season.....
  65. All the "positive" BD news and HD DVD just sits back smiling...why?
  66. I don't care who wins, I just want the 'war' over!
  67. Whats up with Sony's PQ?
  68. Who is winning the format war as of now?
  69. Universal's Rumored Q4 Release schedule?
  70. Good HD DVD news - finally...onkyo's HD-DVD player.
  71. Bill Hunt Part Deux
  72. Another reason why the war / competition is GOOD for movie lovers
  73. Blu-ray movies selling like crazy on Amazon.com
  74. Blu-ray could dominate the next 4 weeks of Nielsen numbers
  75. The BDA can end the "war" with a simple flick of the wand.....
  76. The Sony-ray empire is freeking out and Universal is just laughing at them.....
  77. Do all gamers know of HD????
  78. More evidence that stand-alone BD players don't make sense (yet)
  79. Universal wants format war to continue....
  80. Dragon's Lair less featured interactivity on HD DVD
  81. If a $700 BD/HDDVD combo player were available before XMAS...
  82. Anchor Bay/Starz is going to help a lot
  83. so the HDDVD version of 300 couldn't even beat Casino Royale?
  84. Blu-Ray Technologies Confident?
  85. Blu-ray continues to outpace HD DVD
  86. Newbie with a straight forward opinion....
  87. When do you predict?
  88. All of HDDVD's strengths will kick in this holidays!
  89. How come every pro HD DVD thread...
  90. The 300 film is a metaphor for the format wars
  91. How HD DVD can win! I HAVE THE ANSWER!
  92. 300 Blu-ray outsells HD DVD 2:1
  93. Amazon is stating that the New HD Players will be top choice for holidays
  94. We did it! HD optical overtakes VHS :)
  95. First Independent BD manufacturer in the good ol' USA. :)
  96. Reasons i went HD DVD
  97. If Macs survived all these years, so can HDDVD
  98. 300 will make bluray studios go neutral
  99. Will Blu-ray's space advantage be an advantage for long movies?
  100. J6P is picking Blu-ray over HD DVD?
  101. Chilling! full-featured consumer created content on BD-R blocked on Blu-ray
  102. It's not all disc sales, but return on investment
  103. Will Warner's success put pressure on studios to support both HD DVD and Blu-ray?
  104. Is 25gb enough?
  105. BD or HD-DVD supporters more likely to go neutral?
  106. If you put faith in amazon, HDDVD is gonna get spanked!
  107. 300 sells 250000 High Def copies!!!
  108. "choice" is good for consumers?
  109. HD DVD sales growth in Q2 2007
  110. Nielsen Sales Ratio Predictions for Week Ending Aug. 5
  111. 50 gigs is not enough
  112. ATHF on Warnerbros.com
  113. Why should I hate BD+?
  114. Tmnt Review?
  115. vivid releasing another adult title on blu-ray.
  116. Bluray will die because of sony's ignorance
  117. HD DVD players profitable in Europe
  118. A little bit more info from Europe
  119. Universal doesn't look to be budging from the HD camp
  120. Where did Blu-ray Go?
  121. TMNT diferent on BR/HD?
  122. Spiderman 3 blu ray 2 disc?
  123. The one who wins...
  124. BD Fans - Why?
  125. amirm confirms what I feared most about the HD DVD format.
  126. HD DVD needing to show a feather in the cap, come on Universal TV shows!
  127. blue-ray is region coded DVD's
  128. Nielsen/VideoScan sales data for Week Ending 7/29/07
  129. There is no format war
  130. Not Exactly Sure What All The Talk Is About....
  131. Dual supporter convinces me what to do
  132. Those who own both...
  133. Oh!, NO! If it's true this is the end for HD-DVD
  134. Has Hot Fuzz proven 30gb is enough?
  135. A studio's perspective:
  136. HD-DVD catalog titles not found at BB & CC
  137. Are new features like BD-J 1.1 an incentive for CE's to go Blu?
  138. Circuit City lawyers complain about ad prices posted in DVD Bargain Forum
  139. Warner setting up to release its HD DVD exclusives on Blu-ray?
  140. Upcoming announced releases
  141. Combo players effect on Sony & Toshiba
  142. What's stopping BB/CC from selling only one HD format from neutral studios ?
  143. Breaking Point-Scorched Earth-An Opinion
  144. Why did 300 on HD-DVD get a "Highly Recommended" while Blu-Ray got....
  145. 300 sales predictions: Over 50,000??
  146. NO HD-DVD players on target.com...
  147. Sony Being Sued, Maybe Losing Blu-Ray Patent?
  148. Sonys being sued....ps3 trouble?
  149. 300 PQ on both formats (HD/BD)
  150. If PS3 game console fails, then HD-DVD looses for sure..
  151. What will happen in Q4?
  152. Warner The Reaping on Blu-Ray only?
  153. HD DVD add on or PS3?
  154. Disc Costs...and Toshiba's Strat...
  155. Sorry To Point This Out, But..................
  156. Few new adopters for HDDVD
  157. Sony's poor strategy will cost them the format war
  158. The Future ???????
  159. Spiderman's Gonna Spank HD DVD
  160. G4 supporting HD DVD
  161. October Surprise - Spiderman Trilogy!
  162. IGN 300 Blu ray review wtf
  163. i thought hd dvd's were cheaper.....
  164. Bourne Ultimatum - One of HD DVD's last remaining hopes
  165. Hot fuzz sold out everywhere I look.
  166. HD DVD: Fight or Quit
  167. PaidGeek confirms Weinstein is going neutral
  168. Why I'd be worried if I was a HD DVD supporter.
  169. Hitachi believes true Blu-ray will be the dominant standard
  170. 300 HD-DVD or Bluray
  171. Going to get Hot Fuzz today...
  172. If you were an Exec, what would you think?
  173. Most accurate Dream Psychic - Blu-ray wins...
  174. 3 New HD DVD players from Toshiba on Oct 1?
  175. Do you think Warner is happy being Neutral?
  176. Target sides with Blu-Ray. Blu only fall 07
  177. HD and BR top 10 both average < 100
  178. Hitachi Release Blu-ray Camcorders
  179. Alexander 3h 40min on one BD25 and HD DVD30?
  180. US Sales results for 28 July
  181. HDDVD worldwide studios: 29, BD worldwide studios: 26
  182. Do you think well se a decrease in Movies purchased this Gen?
  183. This is Why POTC: At World's End is 75GB total (2 Discs)
  184. Something i just dont get....
  185. 300 HD DVD selling more than Blu Ray?
  186. HD DVD far behind in recordable media
  187. Amazon sales for 360 add on jump nearly 400%!
  188. Blade Runner HDDVD already at number 12 overall
  189. 300 dominates amazon rankings across all formats
  190. The highest rated exclusives in every HighDef genre belong to HDDVD
  191. Is their any chance of blu-ray ever replacing DVD?
  192. 300 hd dvd
  193. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 to cost less on Blu-ray than on DVD!
  194. Firstlook rethinking HD-DVD???
  195. HD DVD delivers first 5 star release
  196. Best Buy drops 360 HD DVD add on to $149.99?
  197. HD media prices vs. Average Joe
  198. PS3 a Trojan Horse?
  199. HD DVD lies?
  200. An interesting move by Microsoft
  201. Microsoft preparing to torpedo BD
  202. Bottom Line Sales Numbers?
  203. latest home media magazine
  204. WOW - Good sign for both formats
  205. Blu fanboys are leading us to the apocalypse
  206. 300 HD-DVD problems?
  207. Is HD DVD trying to lose - via combos?
  208. Region free Blu-ray?
  209. "300" on Blu Ray sold out on Amazon and Fry's
  210. Please cancel my account.
  211. Nielsen/VideoScan Blu-ray has 3:1 lead over HD DVD
  212. What Is Your Definition Of Studio Support?
  213. IS xbox 360 addon an INFERIOR hd-dvd player?
  214. HD-DVD's days are numbered, 85:15 sales ratios soon
  215. Why not go Neutral?
  216. Blurays days are numbered, split market coming
  217. HD-DVD conspiracy theory
  218. Argentina Will Be HD-DVD Hotbed!!! Could Save Format!
  219. Microsoft is really pushing HD DVD today.
  220. Blu-ray has all the BEST movies.
  221. let's fastforward a couple of months...
  222. Total Cost to Use 360 Add-on (poll included)
  223. Can HD DVD win more studio support?
  224. The little format that could??
  225. Amazon is great
  226. Why so many “what if” threads by HD DVD fans – Fair Question
  227. HDDVD has BETTER movies than bluray
  228. What would happen if the EU forced regulations on BDA?
  229. Is 50 gig's really needed?
  230. Fanboys! Re-direct your aggression!
  231. What would u have us do?
  232. Latest Objective Analysis of "The War"
  233. Universal...smartest of all
  234. New Amazon Trend with Neutral Titles
  235. Bly-rays Advantage, just a smoke screen...
  236. my personal opinion on the format war and its future
  237. what do you think it takes
  238. IF HD DVD and Blu-ray had equal studio support which format would prevail
  239. We need to demand more from BOTH sides instead of arguing
  240. No matter which format you support, this is going to be a great week for HD!
  241. DVD Empire Sales Statistics Week Ending 7-31-07
  242. Stats that prove HD DVD is the better format
  243. Blu-Ray's extra capacity benefits finally shine through
  244. I'm Having a Blast . . .
  245. Sales of 300 will be the deciding factor for which format will reign victorious!!
  246. Where is Fox?
  247. Universal disks > blu-ray disks as far as menus go
  248. A thread of interest on AVS
  249. What does HD DVD have left?
  250. Sony pushes porn on Blu-ray