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  1. How about if neither format wins?
  2. Zodiac is a Warner title so will be on Blu-Ray...
  3. see how many times you find paramount
  4. Is It So Hard For Movie Studios To Support
  5. Despite Paramount's/Dreamworks annoncement, Firm says Blu-ray will win the Hi-Def war
  6. Research firm still predicts Blu-ray high-def winner
  7. Paramount thinks that 30 gigabytes is enough... with good reason.
  8. Tired of post that has no meaning... including this one :)
  9. stay with blu or hd-dvd but don't buy both
  10. Francis Ford Coppola's Paramount Movies?
  11. Monopolies and Inefficiency and Market Distortion
  12. Format war is over, NOBODY wins.
  13. The misinformation game is really getting out of hand.....
  14. How Sony, Fox, and Disney could strongarm Blu-ray to victory.
  15. Will Blockbuster have to pay back the $700 million it got from Sony?
  16. Interesting from the digital bits
  17. Titles Blu-Ray Will NOT Be Getting From 1980-Future
  18. Take the Red Pill
  19. How many paramount titles are you planning on buying?
  20. Projected Market Share?
  21. Question: Studio Market Share?
  22. Where's Ken Graffeo?
  23. Do you think ?
  24. The BS3 Effect
  25. Another Blu Ray Paramount Casualty: Zodiac
  26. Will Warner go HD DVD only
  27. Paramount CTO Speaks Out On Switch to HD DVD
  28. Neutral Fans: Do you own more HD-DVD's, or more Blu-ray?
  29. HD-DVD Player Sales Spike reported!
  30. What will Blackbuster do now?
  31. are consumers really as dumb as this?
  32. Warner
  33. I find it laughable…on both sides.
  34. Blu-Ray supporters are in complete and utter denial.
  35. Explaining Attach Rates to Paramounts Decision
  36. cheap hd-dvd players for the holiday season?
  37. Crips vs. Bloods!
  38. OK... How many BLU owners are Drinking the Kool-Aid?
  39. Chances of Universal Going Neutral?
  40. maybe...
  41. Summing it up for those new to High Def Discs!
  42. What will change now?
  43. Preemptive strike?
  45. Day and Date Rundown.
  46. Costco Update
  47. Serious Question - Why do we call it 'Payed Off' and not 'Investment'
  48. Bill hunt admits that his site expresses nothing but opinion
  49. Does hd dvd need disney
  50. 5 Year Prediction
  51. Breaking News - Disney and Fox paid $151 Million for BluRay
  52. For Blu-Ray supporters bitching about HD DVD supporters gloating...
  53. the people on the sidelines are the smart ones
  54. The Game Microsoft Is Really Playing
  55. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Technologically Speaking
  56. Paramount And Universal To Set The Standard?
  57. Blu-ray Responds to the Paramount/DreamWorks Shift
  58. is there a real A/V difference between the 2 formats?
  59. Article- TV Predictions.com - HDTV Disc Power Politics
  60. Maybe Paramount's Announcement Is Good News For The Blu Ray Community
  61. Straight from the Horse's mouth: Interview with Paramount's CTO
  62. Hold strong, Paramount
  63. Michael Bay's Final Stance = HD DVD Good
  64. Best movies on High Definition!!
  65. Bay to Paramount
  66. lets go out and buy two formats now
  67. So the inmates are running the asylum?
  68. Universal May Go Blu-ray
  69. lets talk facts
  70. For all the talk of BluRays capacity...
  71. sorry to all
  72. Luigi55 Give It A Rest!
  73. Is the Loss of Respect Really Worth $150 Million?
  74. HD DVD has more studio support?
  75. why did people buy hd-dvd
  76. Why this may be good for all of us.
  77. 2007 TOP 25 Domestic Film Releases : HD/BD
  78. it takes hardware to sell software
  79. More bad news for Paramount!
  80. Fan Boys
  81. will Warner and Universal
  82. Fox vs. Paramount
  83. Funny how things can change!!
  84. Why the big deal over the money?
  85. Rogers B&M Canada to support both HD and BD
  86. So The Reds Show Their True Colors
  87. Would you support WB's Total HD now?
  88. Paramount 'A Mighty Heart' has 5.1 PCM
  89. Rally behind HD DVD.... give them a chance at "converting" J6P!
  90. Is this war going to last longer than Beta and VHS?
  91. Which camp is more likely to go dual-format?
  92. How dare Fox and Disney!
  93. Michael Bay PISSED about Paramount news
  94. so when will the BDA start their huge marketing push?? *PS3 as a Blu-ray player*
  95. What I think SHOULD happen...
  96. BD supporters, relax - You'll get Paramount BDs in 18 months
  97. Well, there goes any chances of either format catching on
  98. Paramount Officially Cancels Blu-ray SKUs
  99. Stalement - Toshiba, Sony..what next?
  100. let's let the Consumer decide (?!?)
  101. The BDA needs to just buy Warner exclusivity
  102. Spielberg: "Big Supporter of Blu-ray"
  103. Being an early adopter is ALWAYS risky
  104. 150 mil is a huge amount of money for these companies
  105. Will Warner remain neutral?
  106. I think it's very unfortunate that Paramount has done this to consumers........
  107. Paramount Deal NOT THAT Exclusive
  108. state of high definition : whos winning the studio support war
  109. Blu-ray fanboys, Will you get Paramount films from filesharing instead?
  110. BR...HD...What about home use?
  111. Paramount Catalog Titles?
  112. Paramount Movie List
  113. New Strategy: The Timed Exclusive Studio??
  114. Spielberg 'huge supporter of Blu-ray'
  115. Would you still support HD DVD if they had went with their original plan?
  116. What would it take to make HD DVD/DVD COMBO discs standard?
  117. More bad news for Blu Ray, Adobe goes HD DVD...
  118. Poll: HD-DVD vs BR - Which exclusive lineup will you choose?
  119. Fall 2008- HD DVD = Blockbusters
  120. Poll: Current XBOX360 owners
  121. The Only Real Winners..
  122. It feels like history repeats itself again
  123. now this is funny: what michael bay thinks about all this
  124. Dual owner with my 2 cents...Not flamebait.
  125. Microsoft vs. The Retailers
  126. New Universal rumor
  127. Microsoft Vs. the Retailers
  128. If Viacom/MTV is capable of brain washing kids to like shitty music what is stopping
  129. Paramount's HD DVD exclusivity does not include Spielberg movies
  130. What Paramount/Dreamworks/Universal titles could help push the holiday?
  131. Warner: The Final Frontier
  132. Went format neutral this AM
  133. THE REAL Winner of this battle will be DVD!
  134. Do something productive with your rage. Buy more Blu-ray.
  135. Paramount is misleading and unfair
  136. I can sense when a format isn't gonna make it
  137. The death of bluray close?
  138. I'm as giddy as a little school girl over HDDVD
  139. Blades of Glory HD DVD shoots up 1114% on Amazon
  140. So is HD DVD actually getting the BIG Paramount/BW movies?
  141. New York Times: Paramount and DreamWorks Animation will receive about $150 Million
  143. Excited about Paramount!!!
  144. Its about the movies...
  145. Dual format to win - most likely...
  146. How long before Paramount goes format neutral again?
  147. I love it.
  148. Question to those who are format neutral
  149. So Team Blu shows their true colors
  150. No thanks Paramount
  151. Joint Statement from Blu-ray Companies re Paramount News
  152. with Paramount going with Bluray, are the bluray fans feeling a bit blu?
  153. Being New To This Board I Find
  154. Wasting Money!!
  155. That's it...I don't care anymore.
  156. Sony, Fox, MGM, Lionsgate, Disney VS Universal, Dreamworks and Paramount WHO WINS???
  157. Wall Street Journal confirms Paramount's financial incentives for HD DVD deal
  158. Debunking the "Sales Myth" of the Paramount Decision
  159. It was up to the tech guys at Paramount.....
  160. hello guys paramount has yet
  161. ONE GIANT TURNED HD DVD, What of WB??
  162. For all the HD-DVD/Blu Fanboys out there..
  163. Lets Be Paramount For A Second
  164. Vizio, number one seller of HDTV
  165. Combo disks instead of standard DVD's? Amir thinks so...
  166. What will happen to Blockbuster?
  167. Countdown until Walmart HD DVD players...?
  168. How Long Before Blockbuster Reverses Decision?
  169. Here what the BDA thinks
  170. What does the Paramount news mean for titles already announced?
  171. Will financially troubled Liongate be next going neutral ?
  172. Microsoft=Darth Sidious/The Phantom Menace.
  173. Why is two HD formats bad but multi formats/choices for everything else OK?
  174. hd-dvd gain nothing
  175. MSFT supporting HD DVD does not mean the death of HDM
  176. Microsoft can end this now
  177. Microsoft wins, HD movies lose?
  178. Viacom owns Paramount, Dreamworks... and Blockbuster
  179. Serious discussion: What clause or agreement do directors have with distribution?
  180. Poll: Can one movie make you go neutral?
  181. How important is the Christmas season now
  182. Paramount HD Exclusive - Good, Bad, Indifferent?
  183. What happens to movies currently out on Paramount Blu-ray?
  184. Fox, Paramount, Microsoft, and the Problem with HD DVD's Mindset
  185. i'm sorry, but the BOTH HD formats are now in rocky waters
  186. Let's have another Steven Speilberg thread...
  187. The reason why Paramount matters
  188. GREATEST DAY EVER in the Format War???
  189. TOMSHARDWARE says. 'HD DVD is fundamentally better product then BLU-RAY.
  190. Fox's Reaction to the Paramount announcement proves that BR's monopoly is over.
  191. So what are the big exclusives Paramount has?
  192. Could Paramount's motives be different?
  193. Paramount is just making a good deal... for them
  194. Three things that we know now that we didn't know before...
  195. Fox and MGM Unveil Blu-Ray Exclusive Worldwide Releases for 2007
  196. You guys DO know it makes no difference whether Paramount is exclusive or not, right?
  197. Fox Announcement today
  198. ... So what about Warner? (Predictions)
  199. Bill Hunt, Part Trois
  200. Anyone have a list of Paramount & Dreamwork movies not yet released?
  201. These are the facts, HD DVD is in it to win it
  202. Key Paramount titles that will be Blu-ray in the UK
  203. Digital Bits response to Paramount News - Typical Blu-Spin
  204. Steven Spielberg Is A Blu-ray Fan?
  205. Toshiba 'Keeping their pimp hand strong'
  206. Paramount news will drop BD player prices? I hope so, because I'll buy one!
  207. The game is up fanboys. Movie Fan = Duel Support
  208. For blu-only folks
  209. How will the BDA respond to the Paramount loss?
  210. Wow with the news today it seems alot of Blu-Ray backers are getting an HD-DVD player
  211. blades of glory
  212. Don't worry fellow blu's I have plan.
  213. I feel sick, It's for real-official link
  214. HD DVD will own this holiday season
  215. HD DVD will win the format war
  217. Would you have bought a Stand-Alone Blu-ray player if your PS3 didn't have one?
  218. Week 8-19 Nostradamus Game
  219. The Blu-Ray Show Topics for Tonight! NEW time
  220. Universal may best Sony at box office
  221. Hypothetical, even if 30gb was enough...
  222. Blu-ray with another winner!
  223. Holiday sales poll
  224. Blade Runner ... proof that 30GB is enough?
  225. This could REALLY make Blu ray the winner IMO
  226. Prediction: What will sell better, 300 HD DVD or Spiderman?
  227. Local walmart phasing out bluray
  228. 300 on Blu-ray outsold 300 on HD DVD 71:29
  229. Say No To Blu Ray
  230. Will the CD outlive DVD (and HD-DVD)?
  231. A possible solution, my ideas
  232. What the hell is sony thinking!?
  233. How many HD DVDs have PIP and online features?
  234. So It Begins ...First of Disney's Classics - Jungle Book
  235. Disney battle cry! Nemo, Beauty, Jungle Book, Chronicles. . .
  236. Microsoft Fueling Format War
  237. More evidence 50GB doesn't matter
  238. If you can't afford it, are you prepared to wait?
  239. Sony makes same mistakes, thinks of developers/studio's second and themselves first.
  240. The Ownage Continues....
  241. Disney and Sony removing DRM info on Wikipedia???
  242. Video or Audio?
  243. Sony Launches $100Mill HDNA Ad Campaign
  244. Who Has The Crystal Ball?
  245. Both Fomats vs Standard Def
  246. I ask the same of Blu-Ray studios...
  247. 'Top Gun' Japanese HD DVD Features Discrete 6.1 Lossless Audio
  248. Can I be next?
  249. DVD international (Joe Kane) Neutral!
  250. Disney's Blu-ray Tour Video - Have a look!