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  1. HDTV DVDs: Consumers Want Lower Prices
  2. Fry's: Paramount impacted Blu sales!
  3. Josh Zyber on Paramount's Big Bombshell
  4. Blu-ray enters information age - 120 terabyte standalone
  5. Another Major Victory for Blu-Ray
  6. new dvd tuesday
  7. Old and busted, HD/BD. New Hotness: 3D coolness.
  8. HD DVD Day at IFA
  9. Just In: Blu-Ray Leads in Sales...Again
  10. Target now stocking more Blu-ray less HD DVD
  11. Who "owns" BD, HD?
  12. 2007 top 20 disc sales so far? Blu-ray 16 vs. HD DVD 4
  13. So much for the cheaper PS/3's
  14. IFA 2007 - HD DVD Press Conference (Venturer 300 Euros)
  15. Cannot have Managed Copy, without a Port
  16. Yes, you are 'neutral'... but...
  17. IFA *NEWS* not PR crap thread for today
  18. IFA 2007 - no new HD DVD hardware, Blu-ray in full swing
  19. BD Financial Incentives The Truth or not?
  20. Not worried about Blu, PS3 still hasn't met expectations.
  21. What time is it in the UK?
  22. Interesting Article On Both Formats, apparently to some Blu-Ray has already lost.
  23. Question to all who were around during Beta vs VHS
  24. LOST season 3: coming out on Blu-Ray
  25. HITACHI and Blu-Ray
  26. Blu Ray Announcements Good & Bad News?
  27. Isn't tomorrow HD DVD IFA time?
  28. China Film Group to establish a Blu-ray Disc authoring centre in China
  29. Take a stand, We're all just sheep and Sony is the shepard
  30. you hd fanboys crack me up
  31. Why HD Media won't overtake dvd anytime soon.
  32. Samsung says not enough market for HD DVD standalone
  33. Daewoo shows off Blu-ray Profile 2 player at IFA
  34. Thanks for all the info but......
  35. When do we get to pile on these guys???
  36. Lite-On, Blu-ray & HD DVD Players
  37. IFA 2007: Blu-ray Disc Ass'n Press Conference
  38. hippy fascist: 'HD-DVD Will Win, Be Certain'
  39. Panasonic: 'Blu-ray Will Win, Be Certain'
  40. Blu-ray Picks Up Acer, The 3rd Largest Personal Computer Brand Worldwide
  41. Congratulations Blu-Ray fans!
  42. Bought HD-DVD for one thing, and one thing only...
  43. Sony: Almost One Million BDs Sold
  44. Am I the only one who felt underwhelmed by the IFA announcements?
  45. Acer Inc. Joins Blu-Ray Disc Association
  46. Warner Announces more Blu titles in Q4 then in Q1 2 and 3 combined
  47. Mission Impossible Trilogy
  48. Studios paid to support Blu-Ray?
  49. Chinese state-owned consumer electronics company joined the Blu-ray Disc Association
  50. IFA Blu Thunder
  51. Warner confirms Oceans trilogy and Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray in Q4
  52. I don't get it.....
  53. Master & Commander specs
  54. German manufacturer Loewe announces Blu-ray player for October with 1080p/24
  55. Microsoft - Enflaming the HD War for their Proprietary Gain
  56. Lets sum up the last few weeks
  57. Don't worry, I still give HD-DVD no chance
  58. Sharp announce Aquos BD-HP20S - goal to be #1 Blu-ray player manufacturer
  59. BenQ Announces $199 BD-ROM PC Drive
  60. Samsung Unveils Dual Player and 3 other Blu-Ray Players
  61. Here We Go Again: Another Overpriced Blu-Ray Player!
  62. titles wins the war blu knows that maybe hd dvd does not ?
  63. How to explain HD to an elderly couple in Best Buy
  64. Daewoo making a Blu-Ray player
  65. What's going to happen IF the PS3 gets crushed in August NPD?
  66. FOX Goes For XBox - Variety.com Article
  67. HD DVD Gains Momentum
  68. Do I really prefer Blu-Ray over HD-DVD?? Well I tested
  69. Research firm predicts Blu-ray as highdef winner
  70. Toshiba HD-A2 not just #1 in DVD...
  71. HD DVD has a better chance of winning
  72. Blue-ray uncrackable code, "Cracked"
  73. Someone please explain this blu ray mentality (bill hunt)
  74. Sony gets exposed again
  75. Warner Brothers
  76. "I didn't buy my PS3 for games and thus prove that the majority buy it for movies"
  77. BD consoles:HD consoles (i found a number!)
  78. How can HD-DVD win? Blu-Ray has the biggest ace up its sleeve.... Git-R-DONE!
  79. People on these forums are not interested in Blu-ray
  80. does it really matter which side will win ?
  81. It's over - HD DVD is putting Sony's baby down this week
  82. Universal Launches New HD DVD Website
  83. Studio Canal Now Supports Blu-ray
  84. HD DVD add-on outselling the PS3 on Amazon
  85. What move do you expect from the BDA to counter Paramount exclusivity?
  86. This is the funniest thread I have seen in a long time
  87. Warner to use seamless branching for Blu-ray, neglects HD DVD
  88. Warner amongst presenters for BDA press event at IFA 2007
  89. Amazon Bestsellers
  90. HDM disc prices still too high for the average consumer!
  91. Fox Reveals Full Specs for '28 Weeks Later' Blu-ray...Oh Boy!
  92. HD DVD is just an interim format!!
  93. Venture HD-DVD Price
  94. Transformers has passed Pirates 3's domestic Boxoffice.
  95. Blu-ray Loses
  96. Can Wallmart End War with Nutrality?
  97. Low Cost player coming to walmart Q4? WB switching?
  98. HD Killing Blu-Ray On Amazon Part 2
  99. Blockbuster Neutrality Bet Thread...
  100. Is this true? Pirates on Blu Ray is messed up....?
  101. BR Machine Delays will Fox Postpone Again
  102. Studio Support About Even? Not Even Close!
  103. GG Disney
  104. Heroes Interactivity
  105. Blu-ray: The Better Format for TV Shows!
  106. Denon Blu-ray Postponed Till 2008 in EU
  107. Can i modalert Sony!?
  108. Even if Paramount deal is 18 month's long.
  109. Anyone remember the early days of VHS....
  110. Transformers? Shrek 3? Where?
  111. HD DVD is killing Blu-Ray on amazon right now
  112. Blu Big Guns Anounced Where Is Hd Dvd.???
  113. So i was watching E! when...
  114. Dual Format Switch
  115. HD DVD Toshiba A2 #1 in Electronics at Amazon
  116. where are the paramount anouncements.??
  117. Thoughts on 360 HD DVD player?
  118. Cheap Chinese HD DVD players are more than a rumor!
  119. Blu-Ray "Blades of Glory" Slip Out
  120. BOOM!!! 8 more reasons to pick PS3 + Blu-Ray
  121. Top Ten Sellers on Amazon
  122. IFA Tradeshow Opens Friday in Berlin!!
  123. Standalone player sales graph
  124. HD DVD:The Fan Boys Choice but not The Publics.
  125. HD DVD, the comeback kid
  126. Where we really are with the war
  127. Amazon deals create incredible eproduct ratings
  128. BD-J versus HDi ?
  129. Anyone see this as being significant?
  130. Guaranteed victory for HD DVD - here's how
  131. 8-26 Nostradamus Game
  132. BOOM!!! 8 more reasons to pick HD DVD
  133. Walmart... the Key to HDM's Salvation
  134. Buy a HD DVD Player and use it for 18 months
  135. The format war can end without either format dying
  136. EXCELLENT article about the new state of Blu Ray and HD DVD
  137. Titles that would not help "end the war"
  138. Should the blame for two formats be placed on the PS3?
  139. Is the Paramount/DW move Pro-Combo?
  140. Can two formats survive?
  141. Blades of Glory Purchase Poll
  142. Thieves like BD more.
  143. Interesting and long article on the format war
  144. Blu-Ray just won the war!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. A high def first?....
  146. this war will never be over unless...
  147. Confusion all around!
  148. Facebook Poll: HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  149. Blu-ray supporter turning on format.
  150. Do people really think Downloable media is going to take over?
  151. Is Planet Earth the #1 selling HD disc(s)?
  152. Heroes Season 1 HD #8 on Amazon DVD top 10
  153. What would make you give up on hi-def?
  154. Toshiba commercials pimping "Heroes"
  155. This could get me to Blu
  156. Only 2500 HDM players sold in the UK?
  157. Blu Exclusive Titles On HD DVD - Why Worry With Blu?
  158. "Millions & Millions' of HD DVD's to be sold by year's end!
  159. Sonys plan of dominance?
  160. Paramount stiffed Disney, too
  161. So now we know how much life HD-DVD has left
  162. It's weird. {Re: transformers}
  163. One way for either side to gain a bunch of new users in one day
  164. "Transformers": $51,257 away from passing "POTC3" Domestically
  165. Is this how the Paramount payoff news got started?
  166. Link to the 360 HD DVD Attach rate?
  167. Is Blades of Glory really that big a deal?
  168. WTF! HD DVD consumers choice???
  169. Quick question to those who own both BD and HD-DVD
  170. What Trilogy could end this war?
  171. Ending the HDTV DVD War
  172. Can Toshiba’s David topple Sony’s Goliath?
  173. Results from an imdb.com poll
  174. Warner needs to choose NOW
  175. Paramount is being unfair to consumers?
  176. a20's all sold out
  177. Paramount/Dreamworks friction between compaines?
  178. Viacom owner of Paramount at 6 month low
  179. Is New Line the smartest Studio?
  180. Blades of Glory being advertised in Print and Television only for DVD
  181. Disney is key, not Warner
  182. amir gets smackeddown by disney
  183. Upcoming Release
  184. Retailers scrambled to change plans due to Paramount
  185. Why! Why no Master and Commander on HD DVD
  186. MS's Kevin Colllins responds to Bill Hunts claim of a buyout
  187. loop hole
  188. Ammunition For Everyone.......
  189. Twin-Format Discs
  190. Paramount deal stroke of genius by MS$
  191. VideoBusiness: No change due to Nickerson's leaving WB
  192. Netflix: HD-DVD & Blu-ray demand equal!
  193. Paramount is a sign to come!!!
  194. *yawn*. It's Friday. Where's Warner's announcement
  195. UK users, Toshiba cuts prices...again
  196. The Economist Weighs in
  197. So what is Disney's Official Stance in all this?
  198. Sony purchased MGM for $5 Billion, who cares about 150M
  199. Blu-ray 82% Market Dominance in Norway!!!
  200. Who will go HD DVD if WB Does?
  201. Fox Sucks!!!!!!!!!!
  202. If you love Horror, Blu-ray is for you!
  203. Why compare PS3 to 360 sales?
  204. Warner Brothers' Steven Nickerson Steps Down
  205. More hard news for Sony, could be bad for Blu-Ray too
  206. RUMOR: The New & Improved $200 Chinese HD Player rumor
  207. I wish either side could get me motivated to go out and buy.
  208. Paramount, HD DVD and Target and BD
  209. Why Does Bill Hunt Love Blu-Ray?
  210. Old School and Anchorman pre-orders have started
  211. LOST Season 3 will Blow Away Heroes S1...
  212. But I Already Have a DVD Player
  213. PS3 Pro or Con in the HD Movie mass market?
  214. looking for stats...
  215. Is Indiana Jones in play?
  216. Denon DELAYS their Blu-ray player until Q2 2008
  217. BDA action needed?
  218. PS3 will be a HD DVR now as well
  219. delete please, wrong forum.
  220. Mitsubishi 3D Bluray Player!!!
  221. Spider-Blowing it
  222. which is more important: PiP or seamless branching?
  223. Blu-ray: The Choice Among Thieves
  224. Buy Blu-ray, become a beta tester
  225. What HD DVD really is and why suddenly it might have a chance for victory.
  226. Mitsubishi Developing 3D Blu-ray Player
  227. I stand with Blu-ray
  228. good editorial for blu ray fans..
  229. Paramount Got Bought - What's the big deal?
  230. New HD DVD ad: HEAVY Warner Bros. presence? Hmmm...
  231. Paramount Blu-ray sales are up
  232. Proof Warner will remain Neutral
  233. Universal responds to Paramount decision
  234. Poll: Can HD-DVD surpass a 50:50 Neilson week within 2007?
  235. WB/New Line announce plans to go HD DVD exclusive. (What if? thread)
  236. Its time to let the Paramount defection go and feel good about being blu.
  237. Rumor: WB Exclusive by Friday? And two new HD DVD movies?
  238. Pathetic?
  239. How many DVD's can you make at the cost of one blu-ray disc?
  240. Mitsubishi planning 3D Blu-ray player for early 2008
  241. MS didnt pay anyone $150 Million
  242. 3D Blu-ray player
  243. BDA will fire back...mark my words.
  244. Do you think Bill Gates has something to do with this...
  245. What did Paramount & Dreamworks promise?
  246. no need for smackdown
  247. In all honesty, how big is Paramount going HD-DVD exclsuive?
  248. I'm done with hi-def movies.
  249. 30 gig HD DVD disks ARE cheaper to make
  250. Food for thought.