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  1. Tartan's Stance on HD
  2. Best Buy/Future Shop - A Visual Comparison (pics)
  3. Best Buy and Walmart Beef Up HD DVD For Holidays???
  4. HD BD ranking
  5. AP article on format war
  6. What may Warner be thinking
  7. (Video Business) Consumers aren't influenced by format war
  8. Odd Bedfellows....
  9. As soon as MGM releases this movie...
  10. Translation of Japanese interview with MS duder Amir
  11. Samsung Dual format player
  12. Would HD-DVD or Blu-ray look good on my 1080i HDTV?
  13. FS giving BD a "helping hand"..too!
  14. Wal-Mart / HDDVD Pamphlet
  15. BB giving BD a "helping hand"
  16. dBock Rant #1,080. re: Bill Hunt loves the BD's.
  17. sony exclucitivity
  18. PS3 and Spider Man 3 Bundle for Holidays?
  19. Extra! Extra! - Extras Are Important - HMM
  20. Josh Zyber on Combo Discs
  21. Sales data display preferences!
  22. Research firm is brining HD DVD and BDA execs together!
  23. Warner Says "More Razors Means We'll Sell More Razor Blades Down The Road".
  24. do u think this should happen ..??
  25. Target Shifting Shelf Space Towards Blu Ray!!!
  26. 51gb? What?
  27. Blu-ray camp responds to 51GB HD DVD claims "publicity stunt"
  28. Sony Phasing Out DVD?
  29. It looks like those leaked WB titles were true
  30. Sony gets distro rights to Hulk and Ironman in Japan?
  31. Robocop Getting Non Special Treatment
  32. Toshiba: DVD Forum hasn't yet approved final 51 GB HD DVD after all
  33. Wal-Mart Advertising for HD DVD????
  34. Fox and MGM starting it again
  35. Bill Hunt defends his bias
  36. Warner putting total HD on Hold indefinitly
  37. I'm leaving it up to god now!
  38. PS3 Wins EISA Award
  39. Movie collecting in HD...
  40. HD DVD Titles I wish would go Blu
  41. For Those About To Rock! You Gotta Go Bluray!!!!
  42. Acer, Inc. Joins North American HD DVD Promotional Group
  43. The Ratings are Wacky since Merging with High Def Digest
  44. Region Encoding delays Hairspray on Hd dvd
  45. HD DVD Guide on rottentomatoes.com - NO MENTION OF BLU RAY!
  46. What kinds of movies are you watching to make you prefer one format to another?
  47. Hi def pirating..
  48. Just the Facts, Dude
  49. Do You Want Warner To Make A Decision in 2008?
  50. Who's been the most consistent studio?
  51. Warner: We're Staying With HD DVD & Blu-ray
  52. Fox is already stalling
  53. TL51 and your A1 is a.ok....
  54. Next = TrueHD, Transformers = DD+
  55. Interesting article on Warner's stance...
  56. Denon to Release Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/DVD/SACD/DVD-A Universal Player Eventually-
  57. Tracking Uni/WB/PDW's "more than 125 titles for Q4" pledge
  58. STARZ employing region locking
  59. "Blu-Ray Part 2: Why Decisions Should Follow"--Enderle
  60. Interview with Hirai
  61. New Line's HAIRSPRAY On BluRay w/ PiP (HDDVD Release Next Year)
  62. Which to buy HD DVD or Blu Ray
  63. (Sony) What makes your HDTV happy? Blu ray or a lanyard...
  64. I did my part 2day to support blu-ray
  65. Nostradamus Game for September 9, 2007
  66. BD-J in action...
  67. Studio switch likeliness thread...
  68. CH-DVD yet another format
  69. New Line's First "Hairspray"?
  70. Blu-Ray loses at summer box office
  71. Warner / Walmart rumours abundant on net
  72. These next gen features are ridiculous!
  73. this is why there should be only one player
  74. Putting the Warner rumor to rest....at least for now
  75. HD DVD - Kicking Butt This Week!!
  76. DVD Empire this week= HD DVD is the format of choice!
  77. Why Warner should go HD DVD only - my take
  78. Nature's Journey Blu-ray delayed due to BD authoring and player weaknesses
  79. You better make this a great HD-DVD release Paramount!
  80. LA Times: A high-definition fight scene in slow motion
  81. Another Warner going HD DVD exclusive rumor
  82. Maxell backs Blu-ray: Ships Blu-ray Camcorder Discs
  83. department store trends..?
  84. USA Today: Magic Price point is $204
  85. Another Sony movie breaks $100 million
  86. Subsidise Twins? An intriguing Strategy
  87. Triple Layer HDDVD. A waste of time?
  88. How many weeks will Blu-ray win in Q4?
  89. One of the HD DVD exclusive tent poles for 2008
  90. If this rumor is true the PS3 Effect will rule again
  91. Live Free Die Hard gimped on Bluray
  92. The bluray costs way more to produce is FUD and HDDVD camp needs to realize this
  93. Sony Launches New Courtesy Promotion Website
  94. My email to Bill Hunt
  95. High Def outsells VHS
  96. Some good reading for forum members
  97. This fall.... make it or break it for HD-DVD
  98. The Blu-Ray exclusive steamroller thread
  99. Soooooo When Is New Line Cinema going to enter the HD ERA?
  100. China adopts HD DVD-based format as national standard
  101. BD-50 replication: Blu ray triumph!!
  102. Blu-ray will have 3D in early 2008!
  103. Transformers HD DVD #5 in < 24 hrs
  104. DVD Forum approves 'bigger than Blu-ray' HD DVD
  105. Transformers: Predict first week sales
  106. Upscaling is good enough: Sony
  107. Why all the hate for VHS?
  108. Does Alan Bell think we are all idiots? Paramount lies inside
  109. Gods and Generals = Huge Smackdown Potential
  110. Sales leaders for Q4, arranged per week
  111. New Chinese Involvement Could Trigger HD DVD Price Plunge
  112. Blu-ray has 8 year advantage over the Internet
  113. New # 1 Top Seller @ Amazon!
  114. CEDIA interview with Alan Bell
  115. Batman Begins and Sin City might be comming to Blu-Ray
  116. Did anyone notice Paramount's exclusivity ends around Indy Jones 4's home vid release
  117. No more WB combo upcharge? Ocean's 13 BD and HD DVD Combo $35.95 each
  118. HD DVD Burner for $400??
  119. Lord of the Rings HD DVD on Amazon.com
  120. i would like to have a civil conversation
  121. Harry Potter "the Order Of The Phoenix" Announced
  122. Pronunciation
  123. HD DVD and Bly-Ray fans do you want the War to end?
  124. Would you be happy if this format war ended even if the format you're backing lost?
  125. Exec: Paramount Ditched BD over Production issues
  126. Why cant the BDA produce a low-cost 1080i player?
  127. HD DVD Extras? Is it that important?
  128. China HD DVD
  129. Sony Inadvertedly Reveals Declining BD Sales
  130. Blu fanboy gathering caught on video!
  131. Blu-ray Owners, would you buy HD DVD if...
  132. Frys Electronics has LG HD DVD / Blu Ray Combo players for $599!
  133. Paramount screws the pooch - big time
  134. HD DVD owners would you buy Blu-Ray if....
  135. Standalone sales in Europe
  136. Got $3500 for a 200 disc Blu Ray jukebox?
  137. HD DVD arguments from a blu-ray fanboy...
  138. Why so little love for HD DVD from CE manufacturers?
  139. Why the hate towards HD DVD owners?
  140. Disney and HD DVD????
  141. CEDIA Day Two goes to Blu-ray...
  142. Aren't there any other benifits from next gen formats other than HD movies?!!
  143. Sony "ships" 100,000th BD standalone
  144. Economics 101
  145. Dont worry Blu fans you will get Transformers!
  146. Standalone Player Sales Poll
  147. Blu-Ray.com -> Fanboy site, or honest discussion?
  148. The BDA Group has gone too far!!!
  149. Toshiba Responds to Sony Stand-Alone Player Claims
  150. Sony says BD sales declining
  151. The Ultimate Trek Phaser is Here!! BEHOLD!!!
  152. Star Wars t.v. show?
  153. Which combo players support HDi?
  154. Transformers does not equal HD-DVD saved
  155. Acer, Inc. Joins North American HD DVD Promotional Group
  156. Sony Inadvertedly Reveals Declining BD Sales
  157. Buy HD DVD & ST TOS together and get...
  158. Asus backs Blu-ray
  159. Rob Enderle is an idiot.....
  160. Why isn't FOX releasing 24 on Blu Ray?
  161. FIVE new HD DVD manufacturers to start shipping early Q4
  162. Study: More consumers likely to choose HD DVD over Blu-Ray
  163. More on Managed Content.
  164. Sony Claims BD Standalones Now Outselling HD DVD
  165. Profile 1.1 content ?
  166. cannot decode pcm on my amp? help!
  167. Transformers to be proof HD DVD here to stay
  168. CEDIA Day One goes to HD-DVD
  169. blu-rays little bag of tricks...
  170. looks like HD DVD supporters might jump ship...
  171. Sony raising $2.9B for its video and gaming divisions
  172. Nice HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Article.
  173. WB making a statement by including '300' in G3 HD DVD players?
  174. Does your home theater support lossless audio?
  175. HD DVD Press Conference report from CEDIA
  176. How LOW can Graffeo go?
  177. Is that it?
  178. Sony's Flagship Player! BDP-S2000es
  179. 125+ Q4 HD DVD titles announced
  180. integra coming to hd dvd
  181. Transformers + Paramount + HD-DVD = LAME
  182. Will Transformers give HD DVD its first winning week of 2007 in disc sales?
  183. Critic not as critical as hd dvd fanboys
  184. Sony invites Toshiba and Microsoft to join Blu-ray camp
  185. Transformers confirmed
  186. NEW LG dual player coming out next month
  187. What's with the drop-off?
  188. Sony advertising their $600 players to... college kids?
  189. Which format to have a multi-disc changer first?
  190. Why content beats format every time
  191. Titles which justify each format
  192. Uh... What???
  193. How'd they do that?
  194. I <3 Fox...
  195. hd dvd movies or bd movies, what you think
  196. wwe high def?
  197. Everyone here is a fan of HD media right?
  198. Sony getting on the download wagon
  199. Blu rays dirty little secret is not secret anymore
  200. Ridley Scott supports blu
  201. What about CE companies getting paid for being exclusive?
  202. HD has the best video
  203. Could HDDVD actually have the right idea?
  204. Okay Blu Fanboys Proof Your Paramount Payoff Story's A Lie
  205. Anyone else getting a bit worried with sony's priceing!?
  206. If MS backs HD so that no format will win so VoD will be used, what is Sony doing?
  207. HD DVD isn't the "Movie Lover's" Format
  208. Ok FOX, Blu-Ray dis-owns you! Go over to HD-DVD... now!
  209. Why Blu Ray should have never existed...
  210. Do you care about special features?
  211. To install a BD base, why doesnt Sony sell a $250 BD player at loss like they do PS3?
  212. An article well suited for this forum:)
  213. Blu Ray will kill HD and the PS3
  214. On Yahoo's Frontpage
  215. Calling JADEDEATH and INDY_AKA_REX
  216. Why do you hate the other?
  217. The J6P Effect, Not PS3 effect important
  218. What do you think is the chance that HD DVD will survive?
  219. Format War over in 18 months
  220. A Call out to Josh Z...
  221. Anyone that took part in the big Amazon HD/Blu sale last week, check your orders
  222. Blades Of Glory On Blu Ray?
  223. Another failed Sony plan
  224. POTC Framed Wrong? Any news on replacements?
  225. HD-DVD Companies just got dumber...
  226. Universal can't stop making bad decisions!
  227. What I won't miss from Paramount BDs
  228. Blu-ray wins storage companies
  229. Marketing or Tech?
  230. Blu-ray boss: HD DVD is not good enough
  231. Amazon ranking page
  232. Why all the hate for the PS3?
  233. More Good News for Blu-Ray
  234. IFA - Standalone sales going blu?
  235. Will this competition result in two different markets?
  236. Blu-ray holds 90% of market share in Japan
  237. A Canadian Day Trip To The U.S.
  238. Another company goes Blu-ray exclusive
  239. Toshiba Fire Sale / Samsung Impressions
  240. New HD-DVD Player Announced For India!!!!
  241. The State Of HD, Why Bother Hating?
  242. Funai's future Blu-ray player?
  243. Stand-alone Player Sales Figures
  244. What profile(s) will the new Sony BDP-S500 Support?
  245. IT HAPPEND!! HD DVD with Disc Rot [PIC]
  246. Boost from Acer and China Film Group
  247. Where are the Movie Announcements?
  248. I would expect more...
  249. Any news on PS3 being 1.1 compliant?
  250. Venturer HD DVD Player - Walmart says they will not stock it