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  1. Summery of latest Blu-Ray news from CEATEC 2007
  2. This war will never be over.
  3. Question about Nielsen and sales numbers
  4. space, content, getting things fixed or the $$$
  5. Jaws, BTTF, ET, and Jurassic Park shown by HD DVD group in Japan
  6. Amir is no longer managing HD DVD for Microsoft.. Will this have an effect?
  7. New Blu-ray Features Freeze Older Players
  8. Tuesday - Went format neutral with A-30!
  9. Warner's pending Blu-ray releases: Difference maker?
  10. HD DVD's best month this year
  11. Microsoft steps up support for HD DVD format
  12. If you Love HD-DVD
  13. Sept 30th Nielsen Videoscan sales (does not include HD-DVD Transformers sales).
  14. In terms of HD-DVD titles why don't imports count?
  15. List of Exclusives Titles for Each Format
  16. "HD DVD is not our main rival" - BDA Chair
  17. 40GB PS3 officially announced
  18. Universal Pictures Japan Hints At Future HD DVD Titles?
  19. Hitachi Develops 100GB Blu-ray Disc Compatible With Existing Drives
  20. Are people beginning to accept nutrality?
  21. Toshiba Shows Prototype That Records High-Def to DVD
  22. Attn. Canadians Future Shop Online Deal Tosh HD-A2 1 Day Only = $199
  23. HD DVD and Blueray even Movie Clout for holidays
  24. Firmware Updates: Who should pay for them?
  25. Every Xbox 360 will come with 300 HD DVD Combo?
  26. HD-DVD wins again!!!!
  27. Why are so few American Titles DTS-HD MA?
  28. BD is the Empire and HD DVD is Republic
  29. In one swoop, I lost my office to blu-ray!
  30. Taking a Stand
  31. I question all the CE's HDM intent...
  32. New Line titles I want
  33. Panasonic: Blu-ray will win the war by New Year's Day
  34. New Line announces Pan's Labyrinth on HD DVD 12/26 USA
  35. Pan's Labyrinth Blu-ray Announced - No HDDVD Announcements
  36. Toshiba and Microsoft Announce Plans to Form Advanced Interactivity Consortium
  37. Report: Netflix Users Favor HD DVD
  38. Laserdisc vs VHS...historical perspective
  39. WOW...load times up to 2 minutes! Super quick!
  40. Now a 100GB disc that can play on regular BDplayers with a firmware upgrade
  41. Reality Check: 6,564 Total Copies of "300" Sold On Both Formats On Day 1
  42. my take on blu-ray vs hd-dvd.
  43. Is Blu-Ray Sales Ratio 9:1 in Japan??
  44. Fox Disc Won't Play Until Imaginary Firmware Is ADDED!!!
  45. PQ comparison between BD and HDDVD
  46. Rumor: Best Buy only Blu-ray promotion in November
  47. who owns 2008??
  48. Toshiba HD DVD Player: $229 now at Amazon.com
  49. Curious Question.........
  50. More Problems For Blu-ray Discs - CRACKS
  51. Did Blu-ray score a goal in its own net with BD+?
  52. Timecop - last Uni HD DVD for 07
  53. Sony and all their lies!
  54. Toshiba and all their lies
  55. This site seems to think that Panasonic has gone neutral...
  56. Amazing Best Buy Deal!
  57. HD-DVD "High-Def Your Home" Sweepstakes....
  58. get banned from fanboy sites
  59. Anybody else going to be royally pissed if Transformers
  60. FF2:Rise of the Silver Surfer. NOT 5 stars!?
  61. Ready, Set, Shop!: HD-DVD Enables e-shopping
  62. Blu-ray Disks on the path to 100GB?
  63. Pioneer: 12 million Blu-ray devices in '08
  64. Blu-Ray.Com Attacks HighDefDisgest.Com For Being Bias
  65. How can Toshiba face their investors after X'mas
  66. Nostradamus Game for September 30, 2007
  67. Here comes THE PAIN! Panasonic: Blu-ray will win the war by New Year's Day
  68. The Format War
  69. Sony Produces 10 Millionth BD-50 and BD-50 yields between 75% and 79%
  70. "Nature's Journey": Different Encodes, Bitrates--Review Results!!!
  71. $399 PS3 with Spiderman
  72. Best Buy, Toshiba Up Free HD DVD Titles
  73. Blu-Ray Wants A Piece of China HD Action Too!!
  74. Venturer HD DVD at Target online 4 Pre-order
  75. Yet another BD50 line getting installed - Mother Russia
  76. BD + problems?
  77. I'm curious
  78. There's Still No Next-Gen DVD Winner Yet
  79. HD news
  80. Costco.ca has more HD DVD titles than Blu-ray
  81. Video depicting BD/HD sales
  82. Lossless audio a deal breaker?
  83. Blu-ray Winning Europe 4-to-1
  84. a big blue loss/win for red
  85. what do you own/play movies off of
  86. BD dead line
  87. Sony preparing to prop up ailing gaming division.
  88. More fox titles DelayeD???
  89. BDA is getting desperate
  90. New PS3 SKU on www.bluraysavings.com/
  91. Aside from A2 or E1 is Hd dvd really cheapest...
  92. Paramount issuing 'silent' Blu-ray Recall after all?
  93. Hastings Paid Off To Support Blu-Ray More (not that there is anything wrong with that
  94. DOLBY TRUE-HD VS LOSSLESS AUDIO. Can you really hear the difference ?
  95. New HD DVD Contest
  96. My Decison to buy HD DVD over bluray
  97. Good News/Bad News for Blu-Ray (If this guy is telling the truth)
  98. [PICS] My Trip to Digital Life NYC 2007
  99. Fox & Disney like Xbox live & Blu Ray but not HD-DVD?
  100. Microsoft: No Updated Hd Dvd Xbox 360 Add-on
  101. HD DVD Hardware Sales at 58% of Market
  102. How did you become red, blue or purple?
  103. Earliest this war will end is 2009
  104. HD DVD winning the war! No, really!
  105. GodFather 1 and 2 Coming to HD DVD(rumor)
  106. First Spielberg movie on HD DVD in October
  107. The Wall Street Journal on the Format War
  108. Lack of advertising to increase consumer awareness
  109. Darn, no HDM in amazon top 25! Again!
  110. Shrek 3 sure looks great in that red box!
  111. HD DVD and Blu-ray: Toward an Endgame
  112. Evil Dead II rated 8.4 Overall
  113. Just curious about HD DVD standalone sales this year...
  114. He-Man Possible for Blu-ray
  115. What movie do you think will be the sales leader thru last week of Christmas shopping
  116. What is your age and what format do you support?
  117. XPERINET, INC. Adopts Blu-Ray
  118. HD-DVD Combo discontinued by Warner Home Video
  119. Dual Format
  120. Now How Sad Is This!
  121. ATTN: ALL FELLOW HD FANS...Can you help me??
  122. Blockbuster dropping Blu Ray support?
  123. Blu-Ray House Party?!?
  124. Looks matter
  125. So what's the big deal if blu can't get Top Gun?
  126. Do you think the WB blu-exclusive rumor is true?
  127. RUMOR: Warner going BD exclusive?
  128. Blu-Ray Animosity
  129. Best Buy Ad for 9/30-10/06: Big HD-DVD Push
  130. Fox Denies Rumors of 'Silver Surfer' Blu-ray Delay
  131. Fox: No 'Silver Surfer' BD Delay
  132. Star Wars on HD??
  133. Are Fox still region locking catelog titles?
  134. Why does Warner continue to release titles w/o pcm or dolby true hd?
  135. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
  136. Poor Review of the NEW Pioneer BDP-LX70 1.0 BD Player
  137. Where are the good movies?
  138. Religion at the dinner table
  139. Sony PS3 + Blu-Ray = Right Choice
  140. Fantastic Four 2 delayed on BD?
  141. Nostradamus game for September 23, 2007
  142. 90 Percent of U.S. Don't Understand HDTV
  143. Yet another Catalog Title with BAD Transfer
  144. DVD Empire - Blu-ray WINS again (63:37)!
  145. HD DVD has the momentum into Q4!
  146. Format War is Blu-ray's to Lose
  147. Is PiP/IME that important? Universal doesn't always seem to think so...
  148. Simpsons movie announced for Blu-ray
  149. Is the BDA going to make the 1st November 1.1 date?
  150. Surf's Up - Sleeper Blu Hit w/Extras!
  151. The real crime of HD...
  152. WINBASE ELECTRONICS CORP of China joins Blu-ray (BDA)
  153. Transformers 2 Will be Released in the Summer of 2009
  154. Blu-ray/HD DVD war to run another 18 months: report
  155. Blu-ray Now a Evolving Format not a Incomplete Format
  156. Could all HD DVDs look as good on a BD25?
  157. Review: Disney Magical Blu-Ray Tour
  158. Home Theater Group Backs Blu-ray
  159. DigitalLife: US' CE and digital tech event announces HD DVD as one of the 'Hot 5'
  160. Are both formats losing?
  161. Adobe chooses Blu-Ray compatibility
  162. Whoa at Amazon charts
  163. Which, if any, of these HD DVD titles would you consider system sellers?
  164. When 30GB is not enough...
  165. Should I get a Blu-ray drive?
  166. What announcements do you expect, if any, this week?
  167. As of Right Now HD-DVD is ahead 3-2
  168. WHY TO NOT TRUST SONY "the True Smackdown"
  169. Calling All Canadians
  170. How did Paramount's decision effect you?
  171. a simple Q (or 2)
  172. Amazon Prime Free Trial??
  173. SONY is playing you...
  174. Sony will start marketing the PS3 as a games console!!!
  175. Help me find my way...please
  176. staying on subjects
  177. Xbox 360 Hd Dvd
  178. The Last Starfighter Review...
  179. Independent distributors confirm HD DVD/Paramount decision keeping them out of hi-def
  180. New Line's Rush Hour 3 hits Blu-ray in 2007 - HD DVD not till 2008
  181. USB key the next format?
  182. Sony Changes Strategy---Will Market PS3 as a Blu-Ray Player Now!!
  183. opposite format?
  184. No PS3 Price cut this year.
  185. Knocked Up Gets 3 1/2 Stars on Audio & Video
  186. HD-DVD promotional group lies.
  187. Hello my fellow early adopters
  188. What Movies are you looking foward too?
  189. Don't hate me coz I'm purple!
  190. Sharp+Pioneer
  191. Is anyone else enjoying the format war?
  192. Wb now effected by Replication plants?
  193. New HD DVD add on?
  194. CNN: Microsoft Announces Use of HDi Logo by Toshiba and Major Hollywood Studios
  195. how much would it cost?
  196. going HD/BD exclusive
  197. 'Superbad' Bound For Blu-ray this December
  198. Fox's highly interactive, bonus filled Master and Commander rescheduled for Feb/5/08
  199. Troy DC Proves HD DVD has no Capacity Problems
  200. PQ Smackdown
  201. Yet another reason why HD-DVD is a Definate Underdog....
  202. Viacom Kisses Off Spielberg
  203. Top Studio Execs Spar Over Blu-ray, HD DVD
  204. Only 11% of HDTV owners will buy HDDVD or BLU
  205. I went platform agnostic! My thoughts.
  206. Wal-Mart stocking 2.4X as much Blu-ray vs HD DVD
  207. BestBuy Expanding Next Gen In Favor of BLU
  208. Toshiba HD DVD Burners fail to meet their own specs...
  209. Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut - more HD DVD BS
  210. Wal-Mart Will NOT Carry Venturer Player!!
  211. Fox titles Confirmed Postponed Indefinitely!!
  212. Harry Potter extras, again they are not equal...
  213. "the Blu-ray specs mess" PC World
  214. More studio support means nothing
  215. HD DVD 51GB is a no show.
  216. Q4
  217. Why is Fox w/ DTS-HDMA not ok but Paramount w/ DD+ ok?
  218. Disney Chief Rips Blu-Ray Defectors!
  219. INTEL To the Rescue!!!! Victory For Both Sides!!!!!
  220. Intel: Future chips to support both HD DVD and Blu-ray
  221. HD-DVD announcements just seem flat
  222. PS3 in a Video Processing Face Off
  223. Which format of the Harry Potter set should I get
  224. Shrek The Third Had Been Announced!!
  225. Vudu: 5000 Movies in A Box--Will this Challenge HD Formats?
  226. No Warner on Blu Ray today.
  227. HD BD SD movie/ Special(bonus) Features or both
  228. I Know Who Killed Me
  229. Stop posting here...buy some movies!
  230. Next Gen HD DVD - The Future!!!
  231. Bram Stokers Dracula
  232. Combo pricing dropping vs Blu-ray at best buy
  233. Any word of Alliance Atlantis supporting either high def format?
  234. Nostradamus Game for September 16, 2007
  235. God of War...on HD DVD?
  236. No extra cost for Harry Potter HD combo
  237. Indiana Jones On Hddvd #5 On Amazon.com??
  238. Gotta love and respect the passion!
  239. Disney READYING UP BLURAY Campaign (Check out CARS BD trailer)
  240. Spidey 3 to save the day?
  241. HD-DVD still in Beta?
  242. dvd empire just now hd dvd 100% sales blu ray 0%
  243. Did anybody who watched football this weekend notice...
  244. 3,000 HD BD titles
  245. Knocked Up or Superbad?
  246. What IF Transformers does not sell as well as 300 Blu-ray?
  247. Having trouble converting friends and relatives to HD optical..... your thoughts?
  248. Why Do All The Threads Say "Buy, Sell, Trade Score 0" In Upper Right Hand Corner
  249. Screen Digest predicts more studios will go neutral
  250. Strictly Opinion........ So nobody talk smack, alright?