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  1. BLU-RAY/HD-DVD players -
  2. Blu Ray has a Summer Blockbuster worth getting..........
  3. PS3 wins 'Best DVD & HD Player' award
  4. Kubrick Komparison
  5. Demo Material - your list here.
  6. Great.. just great
  7. Video of Transformers HD DVD freezing on Xbox 360
  8. Nostradamus Game for October 21, 2007
  9. I garantee Five Stars
  10. If Dual Format Players Win...
  11. I am so sick of this Frakkin format war
  12. House m.d. hd dvd or bd
  13. "Meet The Robinsons": Getting Amazing Reviews
  14. Kubrick releases: BD or HD DVD?
  15. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: a Solution Abroad
  16. Going Purple With 399.00 PS3
  17. 1080i vs 1080p
  18. Why I love HDM
  19. Who is being the fanboy?
  20. Blu-ray BOGO = Purple convert
  21. Problem with web update & Transformers HD-DVD
  22. HD DVD vs blu-ray by genre
  23. local Best Buy in MA expanded Blu-Ray display to 3 sections
  24. be honest, which camp is capable of releasing the best selection of movies
  25. Sony Goes Blu For Xmas Market
  26. Isn't bluray drives more likely to replace DVD drives for PC than HD DVD drives?
  27. Hdm Wishes
  28. Bought into Blu-Ray last night
  29. Just bought into HD DVD, big mistake?
  30. Personal Questions about neutrality to BD and HD DVD users.
  31. Sharp sold out stock of $699 Blu-ray players with eight free movie deal
  32. Poll: Was Transformers Marketed On HD DVD As Well As It Could Have?
  33. Free Heroes HD with Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player
  34. J6P will decide the format war.
  35. Another week of spanking of HD DVD
  36. DVD Empire, Blu-ray winning with no BOGO
  37. New Bourne a combo disc????????
  38. Nielson 10/14: Blu-ray 71: 29 Win!
  39. Poll: PS3 as Blu Ray Player
  40. My fears confirmed!
  41. Blue-Ray exlusives released as HD DVD overseas
  42. Technical question
  43. DVDTALK Calls Original "Spider-Man" Blu-Ray "the worst high profile Blu-Ray since..."
  44. Toshiba Working With Microsoft On New Entertainment Xbox
  45. What I think is neat is that a lot of people just waiting to upgrade their TVs...
  46. Spiderman 3 vs HD DVD BOGO sale poll.
  47. TRANSFORMERS worth the hype?
  48. Is Blu-Ray still smacking down HD-DVD?
  49. Is it even debateable anymore?
  50. HD Movies not making an impact?
  51. Divx compatible players might help in the war.
  52. $198 Wal-Mart HD DVD; HD DVD-enabled 360; Lionsgate HD DVD; all speculative threads
  53. RUMOR: Microsoft: Xbox 360 with Built In HD-DVD Drive On The Way
  54. So if Transformers was on Blu Ray as well...
  55. Transformers Blu-Ray outselling HD DVD in UK
  56. $198 Toshiba-Walmart HD DVD player
  57. My Own Theories as to Why Bluray Should Win as the Leading HDM format
  58. Lionsgate sneaking into HD DVD?
  59. Sony Execs Said To Be Stunned By Australian Retailer's Move!!
  60. Target Blu expansion has begun!
  61. Next week's numbers way down?
  62. Sony to Sell PS3 "Cell" Facility to Toshiba
  63. Meijer Online to exclusively support Blu-ray
  64. Reuters confirms $399 PS3
  65. Transformers is like so freaking awesome peeps!
  66. T3 Blu-ray is NOT profile 1.1
  67. Is it just me, or does IGN's coverage of the Hi Def war really suck?
  68. Sony & Blu-ray Lose Exclusive JB Hi-Fi Deal
  69. Poll for Purple people
  70. Holy Crap! Awesome Blu-Ray Titles Finally Rescheduled
  71. 20 Bluray Movies in Amazon'sTop 100 list - Vs. - 2 HDDVD titles
  72. 20 Bluray Movies in Amazon'sTop 100 list
  73. Holy Crap!! Massive Sony BD Delays!!
  74. Best place for software sales data?
  75. Look At The Current HDM Top 10!
  76. Blu-ray vs HD DVD: The Aftermath
  77. Does anyone have any numbers on transformers yet?
  78. Your movie - their studio. Choose.
  79. "Sorry Guys, I Rented 'Transformers'" Too Funny!!
  80. Meijer offers only Blu-ray on Web site
  81. US HD DVD sales unreliable?
  82. PS3Center.net Give Transformers a 10 on audio
  83. Need Some Opinions from Both Sides
  84. Question for HD-DVD supporters
  85. How Many HD Discs Do You Have?
  86. lol at transformers hd-dvd
  87. IGN Tranformers HD DVD Review
  88. Paramount Blunder...
  89. Should we start a weeky BDA Poll?
  90. Will the PS3 get Profile 1.1/2.0 compatibility by T3 release date?
  91. Smackdown Forum Extremely Educational
  92. Paramount to display “Transformers” film prop in L.A. for DVD & HD DVD release
  93. Seeing all this Stupid Hate makes me glad I'm Neutral
  94. NBC Universal probably not for sale
  95. Lols Transformers Beating Pirates on Amazon
  96. The Ultimate SMACKDOWN: POTC 1 & 2 beating TRANSFORMERS @ Amazon (Prolly elsewhere 2)
  97. too funny! "blu-rays sad fanboys"
  98. POTC beating Transformers
  99. More Blu-ray IME Coming - T3
  100. PS3 or BDP better at $$$
  101. lol Transformers isnt even #1 at Amazon any longer.
  102. Pirates Blu-ray have done it on Amazon: Transformers fall behind!
  103. ps3 ppl
  104. Still purple, but getting bluer
  105. HD DVD, Blu-ray Amazon Sales Ranks
  106. Must be a great time to be purple...
  107. Amazon's DVD Movers & Shakers list
  108. Transformers: HD DVD's biggest release of Q4 gets 4.5 PQ?? WTF????
  109. Finally format neutral... sort of
  110. Hairspray available on Blu Region B 11/19
  111. PS3 is outselling Wii, Halo 3 on Amazon UK
  112. Paramount: We dropped TrueHD from Transformers 'due to space limitations on the disc'
  113. Transformers Audio Lacking not an issue
  114. Spiderman Trilogy Blu-ray opens at 51 in the Amazon UK DVD chart
  115. are BD 1.1 players still on schedule?
  116. Wow blu-ray sales are pounding hd-dvd
  117. Nostradamus Game for October 14, 2007
  118. Toshiba losing name recognition with stingy business practices?
  119. DVD Talk: Everything about this track just screams "REFERENCE!"
  120. History of the "War"
  121. More statements from TDK: "Blu-ray is the sure-fire winner & HD DVD will fail"
  122. Sorry Guys...I'm Sticking with Hd dvd
  123. Sony is pulling out ALL of the stops to win this week vs transfomers.
  124. EVERY Blu Ray B1G1 @ Circuit City. YMMV (BDA working the numbers)
  125. The Big Price Drop.. whats going on?
  126. Dudes, I'm totally purple
  127. The Link I read daily for laughs...
  128. HD-A2 $198 at Wal-Mart
  129. any sinners out there?
  130. Infractions are more 'costly'
  131. Comet predicts HD DVD will be one of the best selling gadgets this year
  132. Does anyone Watch movies?? HD DVD/Blu-ray
  133. HDDVD Player 249.00. Blu Players Too Expensive
  134. Sorry guys.. I'm sticking with Blu Ray..
  135. What if Blu-Ray player was...
  136. If winning in the Nielsens is so important
  137. Transformers is amazing..
  138. Blu-ray: The Price King
  139. "Transformers" Review: TV Predictions.com
  140. HD-A2 is now below $200 shipped at 2 places
  141. FOX is a terrible Studio...
  142. No Format Neutral: My thoughts on the A-35 vs. PS3
  143. We really need to chill about new releases not getting perfect PQ/AQ's
  144. OFFICIAL: PS3 Firmware 2.0 coming Oct. 30th!!!
  145. Am I missing something here?????????????
  146. blu-ray or hd-dvd whats the difference?
  147. All it would take to make the average person abandon high-def is...
  148. Which should I get HD DVD or Blu-Ray?
  149. The magical pricepoint myth
  150. The arrogance of HD DVD
  151. First Review Of Spider-Man Trilogy! (US Version)
  152. Just walked into a futureshop 2 for 1 sale
  153. Curious what HDDDVD folks are thinking...
  154. Spider-Man 3 4.5 stars PQ
  155. New Line annnounce Shoot 'Em Up for Blu-ray exclusively 01.01.08 - HD DVD forthcoming
  156. Perception of the War
  157. Smack yourself down! Guilty pleasures and more.
  158. Evan Almighty: brand new day/date release and gets 3.5 stars for PQ?!?!?!?!
  159. Oh my god Warner Brothers promote HD DVD
  160. At LONG LAST proof that 1.1 players are no longer a myth.
  161. Aren't both sides grasping at straws?
  162. http://www.homemediaretailing.com/ ?
  163. First Review Of Transformers!
  164. Target Begins Its Expanded Blu-Ray Push!!
  165. Blu-ray Association created in France
  166. NBC/Universal may be up for sale next year!
  167. Article: HDTV Conference - No Solution
  168. Could HD DVD lose next week?
  169. Recommended HD DVD Starter titles
  170. Blu Ray leads HD DVD 61.27% : 38.73%
  171. STUDIO CANAL Going Blu?
  172. Holographic Versitile Disc
  173. Warner for the win...
  174. Warner: '300' Blu-ray, HD DVD Sales Now Top 400K
  175. A price drop and now it's on life support?
  176. Blu-ray leads 87:13 in Australia
  177. Blu-ray leads 82:18 in Spain
  178. 4% gain since August
  179. PS3 In Big Trouble?
  180. 30+ Paramount Titles in 2008
  181. transformers !!
  182. Short recent stream of dissapointing blu-ray PQ scores (starz / anchor bay)
  183. 400K total standalones (BD and HD DVD) sold since inception
  184. Blu-ray Getting SMACKED DOWN on Amazon.com
  185. I thought Warner cared about STANDALONE players
  186. PS3 all but confirmed to be 1.1
  187. Will the 399.00 PS3 Convince People To Go Neutral?
  188. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: War without end
  189. Happy Birthday Batman Begins
  190. European Union is considering to investigate Sony
  191. Rogers, Canada's second largest renter goes purple.
  192. My Best Buy expands Blu-ray section!
  193. Digital Bits concedes Future Shop NOT dropping HD DVD!!
  194. HD DVD more than twice as popular than Blu-ray Disc at Netflix
  195. Spielberg Movies Still Not Coming to HD DVD
  196. What will the week's sales be as reported by Nielsen when Pirates 3 is released?
  197. Blockbuster Online misleading for HDM newcomers
  198. Coming Soon: Sub-$1000 HD DVD Notebook
  199. Twilight Zone: Blu-Ray MIA?
  200. The movie market would be a better place if HD DVD the winner?
  201. cedia video
  202. Toshiba only leads in stand-alone player sales with 53%!!
  203. Exclusive Interview With Richard J. Casey Regarding The Format War & Nature's Journey
  204. ALL Current HD DVD Players INCOMPATIBLE With Triple Layer Discs?
  205. HD DVD has no chance in HD war!
  206. Other films besides Transformers that justify a hd dvd player purchase.
  207. Are the BDA taking their eye off the ball?
  208. TDK and Samsung Productions join forces to promote Blu-Ray in Europe
  209. maybe bluray doesn't need IME!
  210. HD DVD Add-on/Toshiba HD DVD PC Deal Extended
  211. Just watched Transformers on SD!!!
  212. Anyone plan on going format neutral for the holidays?
  213. *ARTICLE: Time to upgrade HD DVD...*
  214. RoboCop
  215. Future Shop dropping HD DVD?
  216. Best Buy Blu-Ray Player $299.99
  217. HD DVD and Red Lasers instead of Blue
  218. Free Record Shop Goes Blu-ray
  219. New BD Tech
  220. Lets say the format war ended by a truce? More headache than it's worth!
  221. For those who Boo-hoo'd the Evan Almighty Shop feature..
  222. Transformers Delayed - Paramount having production issues?
  223. Blockbuster Canada rolling out purple
  224. The War is Over!!
  225. 40 GB PS3 to cost $341 in Japan
  226. Post your Nielsen Predictions for Dec 4th Releases
  227. HD Production Issues.
  228. BD Players Already Below $400, Xmas Predictions?
  229. Steven Spielberg Hasn't said anything
  230. How could the format war end today ?
  231. Surf's Up: brand new CGI and still no 5 star video?!
  232. Blu-ray is spanking HD-dvd right now on Amazon top 25.
  233. Speilberg Announcement an Mistake! TAKE A LOOK!
  234. Another example of stupidity from Sony
  235. HD DVD Group responds to PS3 price-cut
  236. New Blu-ray discs with BD+ DRM failing to play on some devices
  237. Transformers Review (SD)
  238. Netflix, mixed results on Blu-Ray, HD-DVD study
  239. Nostradamus Game for October 7, 2007
  240. Quick visit to BestBuy...
  241. I've decided to intermix my BD and HD discs.
  242. Blu-ray vs HD DVD: The Logo War
  243. Going Neutral-Anyone Else?
  244. Blu-ray vs HD DVD: No One Is Winning
  245. Blockbuster revenue sharing deal with Blu-ray Studios!
  246. Sony's desperation results in financial incentives for retail chain
  247. Blockbuster 3Q and Blu-Ray?
  248. Missed Blu Ray advertising opportunity.
  249. 1-day Theatrical Promo for Star Trek HD-DVD
  250. Best Buy Named Leading High-def Retailer