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  1. Bill Hunt says this... What a tool
  2. "Toshiba is getting desperate..."
  3. The war may be over this weekend
  4. Oh so this is Warner Bros going Blu Ray Exclusive.
  5. Anyone notice the BB A2 page is gone?
  6. HD DVD is a lot like Muhammad Ali
  7. Another $98 hd-a2 thread
  8. For all that think 1080I is enough on a 1080P tv.
  9. When was the last time a non-recordable format won?
  10. So I want to buy a HD-DVD Player from WalMart...if I show up at 8, will i get one?
  11. Is it just me?
  12. Could Wal-Mart taking a more aggressive HD stance with HD-DVD be a mixed blessing?
  13. Best Buy joins the HD DVD Toshiba sale
  14. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray's exclusive releases for the rest of 2007
  15. $99 HD-A2 at Best Buy comes with 2 free movies in store
  16. Market responds to lower HD DVD player prices.
  17. phantom $98 hd-a2 is HORSECRAP!!!!!!!!
  18. $99 HD DVD ! WAR IS OVER !! But not what you may think !!
  19. $98 dollar "slow-loader" won't make a big difference. The war continues.
  20. Picked up an A2 today at Best Buy in NH for $99 with 7 free movies
  21. Time to Rally HD DVD fans!
  22. Sale is not going to work if HD-DVD owners buy the players.
  23. Toshiba Cutting their Losses with HD DVD?
  24. Virgin/Toshiba to Give Away Free HD DVD Players!
  25. In the closet Purple, there is support if you need it.
  26. HD-A2 in VERY limited supply (50,000?) in US - none in Canada?
  27. How long until BlockBuster goes purple?
  28. A2 "just a clearance sale" vs. 60gb PS3 "just a clearance sale"
  29. Now you can say Sony is Worried
  30. Amazon.com dropped the nonpromotional/regular price of the Toshiba Player to $145!!!
  31. 'Shrek' commercials air today, Spots promote HD DVD format over Blu-ray
  32. Attention HD DVD supporters, would you buy a $99 Blu Ray player?
  33. TVpredictions.com calls the Wal-Mart price a knockout punch - before BB matched it!
  34. War is OVER, folks, BLU is history.
  35. Mandatory Blu-Ray 1.1 profile not so "mandatory"
  36. Best Buy matches Wal-mart Today!
  37. Best Buy drops a bomb matches WalMart
  38. Toshiba fights back... Sony's next moves...
  39. BluRay HDDVD hurting themselves??
  40. Best counter attack for blu ray
  41. Will you be snagging a $98 HD-A2 tomorrow at Wal-mart?
  42. Blu-ray owners: If you found the HD-A2 at Walmart for $98?
  43. Disney's Bob Chapek: Full Transcript of Comments!
  44. 2 Million HD-DVD players at Wal-mart!
  45. How to capitalize on the $100 A2
  46. Come on HD DVD!
  47. Will Warner come off the fence in January?
  48. Virgin/Toshiba to Give Away Free HD DVD Players!
  49. Spider-man 3 is underrated
  50. HD A2 player for $98.87 at Walmart this friday
  51. Wal-Mart $98 Toshiba HD DVD Player!
  52. Wal-Mart begins to advertise Toshiba HD DVD players on television
  53. Does Toshiba know about Warners future plans to go Blu?
  54. A2, D2, and XA2 FIRMWARE FLAW DISCOVERY - 1080i may not properly be supported
  55. Top 10 HD Titles sold thru 10/21
  56. At this time....
  57. Stop it...
  58. Warner: "We're still waiting."
  59. How long would HD DVD last if warner went blu exclusive
  60. Drop the software prices...
  61. I feel bad for HD DVD
  62. Article "ANALYSIS: Hollywood Bigwigs Back PS3"
  63. J6P HD Media too expensive???
  64. Seriously, are you people, what 8 years old?
  65. Face/Off 5/5 Audio?
  66. Release day and spidey getting pwned by transformers
  67. Release day and spider man getting pwned by transformers on amazon
  68. A few more moves before CHECKMATE... GAME OVER
  69. Before rebates, how much did you pay for your first HDM player?
  70. how much is brand loyality a factor for studios?
  71. I think Warner Bros needs to make a choice... now!!
  72. Who needs Target? HD DVD end cap at Walmart
  73. Are the A2's on consignment at the places where they are less then 200
  74. Warner Bros. NOT going anywhere until 08!!
  75. Why even wait for Black Friday? $179.99
  76. New Panasonic BD player Said To Provide Best PQ!
  77. With all this Warner talk, what are you doing about preorders?
  78. What will sell more this holiday season: a $199 HD-DVD Player or a $399 PS3?
  79. The PS3 will play BDJ 1.1
  80. How Warner will decide if they will go Blu-ray or HD DVD
  81. $199 Blu-Ray player?
  82. did Beta get clearanced when it began to lose?
  83. with hd dvd players selling @ $169.99 the end of blu-ray is near!
  84. What if Warner resurrected TotalHD just to screw with everybody?
  85. What's going on with WB's high def websites?
  86. Paramount countdown to Blu-ray
  87. Toshiba Report Financials
  88. PS3 BD-Java 1.1 Compliant!
  89. Didn't Warner just help create the HD DVD HDi consortium?
  90. Low amounts of BD fanaticism here?
  91. Kmart: Exclusively stocks HD DVD Players
  92. The A2 Kicks HD DVD into higher Market Share!!!
  93. Panasonic can produce/enable cheap 1.1 players
  94. PS3 stranglehold / Hardboiled
  95. How to end the War? Rent HD DVD only!
  96. "We can definitely talk Blu-ray".. What's the real conversation?
  97. HD DVD needs to make a move
  98. Rumor: BR CE's going ahead with different profiles?
  99. Blu Ray takes another Tumble, Fantastic 4: ROSS and Resident Evil apoc. on HD DVD!!!
  100. Kudus to Fox's commitment to bluray
  101. OMG!! Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 Officially RENAMED "Bonus View"
  102. The FORMAT that will TRUELY WIN!
  103. Xbox 360 in for "repair", want to get something else...what would you would buy?
  104. Samsung BD-P1400 (dts-MA bitstream) drops to $389 on Amazon - who's next?
  105. Who will Warner choose?
  106. Remember when $399 was just right for a player?
  107. blu ray = no way
  108. Why does FOX even put Dates on their BD Releases?
  109. Official Press Release Concerning Warner
  110. Toshiba continues pull a Sony
  111. BEWARE: Spiderman 3 Incompatibility Issues
  112. Warner Home Video to support Blu-ray exclusively?
  113. Just bought Spider Man 3 set, but very dissapointed
  114. If Star Trek Fanatis purchased star trek?
  115. Panasonic announces BD-J 1.1 compliant player $499 MSRP
  116. 40GB PS3 runs cooler and quiter, perfect for a dedicated BD player!
  117. Does Anyone Really Believe Anything Fox Says Anymore?
  118. Would it be over for HD DVD if Warner goes Blu exclusive?
  119. Sears will have Toshiba HD-A3 player for $169 on Black Friday!
  120. Blu-ray Gets the Picture -- In Picture
  121. Warner's vice president of High-Definition hinted going Blu-ray only
  122. Why Spider-Man 3 on 2 discs with 480i features?
  123. Blu-ray will bury HD-DVD this holiday season
  124. Which is worst?? BOGO or taking away
  125. Proof: Toshiba losing money on HD DVD Player Sales
  126. Woohoo!! DVD Empire: HD DVD Rulez at 72.73% !!
  127. Whats the big deal on profile 1.1
  128. Home Media Magazine Article: Blu-ray Mounts Event Offensive
  129. any chance of a cheaper bluray player before christmas?
  130. And the Top Prize on MyCokeRewards is...
  131. HD DVD Player Drops Below $200 (MS gets it right)
  132. How many people would go purple for a $200 BF Blu Ray player?
  133. Blu-ray insider: WB committed to Blu - Wal-Mart 50,000 A2's - AnyDVD 2/10 on BD+
  134. What do you tell your buddies?
  135. HDM Downloads: HD Disc Killer?
  136. About -><- close to making a jump
  137. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The "Real" War......
  138. Reports indicate Blu-ray has a sharp edge over HD-DVD WORLDWIDE
  139. I don't think Spider-Man 3 will beat Transformers
  140. BD+ already hacked!
  141. BDA better at selling...NO BOGO for HD this week!
  142. Blu fanboys to eat crow...Walmart and the Venturer player
  143. Woooo more Rumors on Warner! Is a jump about to occur? Read on!
  144. has anyone heard any deals on black friday?
  145. HD-A2 4 $197.99 at Amazon.com
  146. HDM around the world
  147. For those of you buying the Spider-man box set...
  148. Purple/Blu people: Does the $169 A3 interest you?
  149. Nostradamus Game for October 28, 2007
  150. I think VHS to DVD advanages over DVD to HD Discs will make this a slow transition
  151. CE Companies mad at $400 PS3?
  152. NEW LINE Bluray Exclusive??
  153. Purchased HD-A2 at Circuit City
  154. Circuit City: Also supplying $198 Toshiba HD-A2 Player
  155. Why Wait for Wal-Mart; Circuit City Lists Toshiba HD DVD Player for $197.99
  156. Format war making consumers to spend more money?
  157. Wow Transformers HD DVD PQ surpasses any Blu Ray PQ
  158. Science vs Opinion
  159. $399.99 40GB PS3 Blu-ray Player = Desperation
  160. Going Neutral But Wait, $200 Toshiba A2 Is Only 1080i?
  161. Gone neutral
  162. Who is the most disappointing high definition studio so far?
  163. Sony get caught lying again!
  164. Transformers has been cracked
  165. Why is Paramount not releasing Shrek 1/2???
  166. current dual release titles doing better on HDDVD?
  167. New Estimate: Only 1 Unit of Transformers Sold
  168. BluRay discs are unbreakables?
  169. Spiderman 3 [blu-ray] better than some theaters says Director Raimi
  170. New Estimate: Only 89,871 Units of Transformers Sold
  171. "Spider-Man 3": How Many Copies Will It Sell First Week!
  172. So whats left for HD DVD after they blew it with Transformers and it flopped?
  173. $199.99 HD DVD Player = Desperation
  174. Transformers may have sold FEWER than 90,000 copies
  175. New Nikki Finke story on the Format War
  176. Will Superbad outsell Transformers Week 1?
  177. Toshiba is going to win the war.
  178. $197.99 Toshiba-Circuit City HD DVD player
  179. Retailers/companies that have ditched HD DVD?
  180. Axelmusic.com results
  181. The Completely Unnecessary EPRODUCTWARS Thread!
  182. Could Blu-Ray end this format war with cheap player
  183. Yet more blu-ray production problems.
  184. where's hd vmd?
  185. HD Channels on Cable/Satellite, Blu ray commercials every break
  186. Sam's Club Sony Blu-ray Endcap
  187. Um... Have we forgotten its not about software this year?
  188. Disney Helping Promote PS3 and Blu-ray
  189. 5 Reasons Why Retailers Should Invest in Blu-ray
  190. Enjoy the weeks win, if you can
  191. Blu-ray wins with Video Quality
  192. Disney's $1 Million Versus Toshiba's $150MM and Paramount's TRANSFORMERS (Who Wins?)
  193. I'm all HD DVD, but I don't think HD DVD will win
  194. Meet the Robinsons: The PQ KING!
  195. This will be a day long remembered. All hail 'D-Day'!
  196. Does anyone really think this war will end soon?
  197. Transformers only sold 115K during 1st week NOT 190K, lolers @ HD DVD
  198. 3:10 to Yuma and Man on Fire Jan 8th 08
  199. Blu-ray edge HD DVD AGAIN, Transformers not enough
  200. new release preorder comparisson benchmarked against transformers.
  201. Sony doing fantastic...
  202. Another Blu First - In-Car HD!
  203. XBOX, Halo, and HD-DVD - The War Would Be Over
  204. Samsung Cancels Blu-ray Player, Delays Dual-Mode Unit
  205. Thoughts on how studios hope to profit off of HD
  206. High-def prices, format wars turn away buyers
  207. PS3 is hurting BLU-RAY, not HDDVD
  208. Anyone getting sick of 4.5 PQ scores?
  209. Cheap players hinder HD DVD’s adoption.
  210. So whats up with Weinstein?
  211. 24 Hours To Go - Will Blu-ray or HD DVD win?
  212. Blu ray is stilling outselling hd by 2 wow
  213. Mr Bean's Holiday will make me switch to HD-DVD
  214. For people with both formats, which do you prefer?
  215. Movie Remakes.. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  216. Smarthouse reports Blu-Ray loses exclusive with major retailer in Australia.
  217. Paramount to lose DreamWorks to Uni? Spielberg sees BDA to buy Uni?
  218. Hd dvd Vs Blu-ray : the final frontier
  219. Poll: Transformers and BOGO
  220. Help me decide which format is better! Please answer!
  221. Blu-ray vs HD-DVD in the computer world
  222. What A Surprise: Toshiba Denies HD-DVD X-BOX
  223. Purple Lovers, Which format do you prefer more?
  224. Samsung dropping BD-P2400 Blu-ray player from its lineup
  225. It's "Transformers vs. Spider-man 3" thread week - go ahead and start one!!!!
  226. PQ of Transformers vs. Spiderman 3
  227. Discuss the PS3 Myth
  228. Reuters confirms 18-month Paramount exclusivity deal
  229. Taget's Blu Ray section...
  230. Venture a guess....
  231. Paramount bitch-slappin' the fans
  232. Netflix To Deliver HD Content Through HD-DVD Players, PS3!!
  233. Just Finished Watching Spiderman 3 BR and...
  234. Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD in U.S. for first 9 months
  235. So it all comes down to this: Transformers or Spidey 3, which sells more?
  236. The failure of DVD
  237. Transformers selling well, What will WB's be thinking?
  238. Best Buy West Los Angeles IS NOT Carrying Any Of The Kubrick Films In HD-DVD...
  239. Price drop: 80gig PS3 $499
  240. Pioneer and Mitsubishi Kagaku Announce Use of Organic Dye Recording Film in Blu-ray
  241. Buy 360 HD-DVD add-on from BestBuy, get Heroes and 7 other Hd-DVD's free
  242. Amazon Promoting HD DVD?
  243. Best Analysis YET on Paramount's Dropping of Blu Ray
  244. Blu-ray production Facilities no longer a higher cost issue?
  245. Micheal Bay is a Dick!
  246. Bay says "wait it out" transformers on blu-ray soon enough?
  247. "A Clockwork Orange": Two Discs for HD-DVD; 1 for Blu-Ray
  248. If Blu's BOGO week beats Transformer's sales..
  249. Transformers HD DVD sells 190'000 copies in it's first week!
  250. Transformers sets record: 190K in first week