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  1. An honest question here...
  2. Blu-Boys giving up on SM3 and jumping on Pixar wagon?
  3. Bitrate & Bandwidth: It DOES matter
  4. So you HDDVD fans really think..
  5. This is why Blu boys and gals are smiling tonight
  6. Ratatouille Ranked at #3 at Amazon
  7. Crazy idea
  8. 90,000+ HD DVD players sold in 3 days
  9. The people choice? I don't think so.
  10. AVSForum locks down their HD section from posts.
  11. HD VMD the same as 3X DVD???
  12. Transformers only sold 115K !
  13. move me?
  14. Shouldn't Blu Ray be outselling HD DVD by 17:1?
  15. Cars Blu-Ray disclaimer
  16. How many CURRENT HDVD owners picked up a $99 player this weekend?
  17. Toshiba HD-A2 model sells (an estimated) 90,000 over weekend
  18. blockbuster online
  19. Bluray titles tanking
  20. Why the flood of Blu-Ray propaganda today?
  21. Best Buy is a total Blu-Ray backer in the NYC metro area....
  22. Cars Blu-Ray... hard to find in Canada
  23. I see only two outcomes of the HD War. Blue or Purple.
  24. Do you care who wins anymore?
  25. Warner Brother Descision
  26. Producer says Bandwidth Matters
  27. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray - Bitrate Blind Test - Nature's Journey
  28. So is Blockbuster Blu Ray exclusivity over?
  29. What is your favorite color, blue or red?
  30. Guess BR bitrate/space is useful
  31. "Blu-ray version is clearly sharper".....
  32. The ultimate PQ reference discs arrive and they're all exclusive to Blu-ray
  33. Blu-ray Disc allowed Pixar animation to be viewed as it should be...
  34. Non HD DVD owners: Will you pick up Star Trek Season 1
  35. Shrek won't be a very big release
  36. A2 back in stock at walmart.com - now $199.98
  37. Amazon Sales - November
  38. WSJ: Dispatches From the Gadget Wars
  39. Funai vs Venturer & Co. Q1,2008
  40. 4 Reasons Blu-ray Wasn't Worried
  41. The Digital Bits Hacked!!!
  42. Bill Hunts webpage down?
  43. Gizmodo: Toshiba losing $500/unit on A2 fire sale
  44. Informational brochure in HDTVs
  45. What did the $98 A2 sale do to your house?
  46. Which way to go for Ocean's giftset?
  47. Sony does a bad job at customer awareness.
  48. Is Home Media Magazine Biased??
  49. Help With Numbers...
  50. Time Warner CEO Steps Down: Big Changes Coming
  51. For those who bought an A2 / A3 since Friday - WHY?
  52. Any news on SM3 sales?
  53. Warner Says Silverberg Comments "Misquoted and Misconstrued"
  54. Goodbye Fox..? See you next year?
  55. surge in hd-dvd player sales.
  56. So what is today's best in-stock deal for an A2/A3?
  57. BD-J vs. HDi - HDi no real setup cost advantage
  58. The future of Dreamworks
  59. Any Chance Amazon will drop The a2?
  60. "War" news goes mainstream!! NY POST Today!
  61. Universal confirms "no plans to support Blu-ray"
  62. Microsoft responds to Blu-ray attacks
  63. Has the PS3 kept Blu-ray alive???
  64. 5 titles @ $15/ea
  65. Wal*mart is for both
  66. Transformers actually did Beat SM3!!!
  67. Will You Be Watching "V For Vendetta" in High-Def Today?
  68. What are the chances the HD-A3 is a Venturer HD7000?
  69. Walmart online is Blu-ray player exclusive?
  70. American Gangster + Bee Movie open 1st and 2nd; Saw IV drops 65%.
  71. *IF* .. a hypothetical thread ..
  72. Name 1 movie (or more) that would cause you to switch sides/go neutral
  73. Warner Bros let their Blu-Ray license expire, goes HD-DVD exclusive?
  74. Samsung VP admits HDM is a niche and no Black Friday Sales for BR
  75. PS3 40GB + SM3 + Ratchet & Clank + HDMI Cable $399 @ Dell (Plus other deals)
  76. Best Buy Replaces Backordered $99 Toshiba HD-A2s with HD-A3s
  77. Has anyone seen VMD and will it compete with BD and HD DVD?
  78. American Gangster = Compromised on HD DVD
  79. LG Dual Player: $698 At Amazon!!
  80. American Gangster will be another big hd dvd exclusive
  81. F4, F4 Rise of the Silver Surfer, Silent Hill on HDDVD.
  82. Would Sony Sabotage Their Own DVDs?
  83. Toshiba, DreamWorks Animation Tap GSD&M's Idea City to Promote HD DVD
  84. Sunday Flyers (BB/CC)
  85. Toshiba has helped kill the DVD player
  86. What about Canada?????????
  87. Why can I still download new Paramount movie clips on my PS3 ?
  88. I really get a kick out bly ray fanboy concern 4
  89. The battles are in the US - Best Buy
  90. Ebay getting flooded with A2 HD-DVD Players
  91. Best Buy A3 $199 + 10 Free Movies (5 Instantly)
  92. Whatever happens, BR is here to stay, so why support HD-DVD?
  93. Are multiple CE companies really the answer?
  94. Which studio are you most likely to follow?
  95. The format war and the status through my red tinted / purple shades
  96. This pretty much sums it all up
  97. You know what could win it for HD-DVD...
  98. My Best Buy news - some HDM changes
  99. Let's Be Honest Here...
  100. Nostradamus Game for November 4, 2007
  101. Should the Nielson #s even mean anything now?
  102. Format War Play-By-Play Recap!
  103. Has your Walmart changed since the sale?
  104. BDA worried about Warner going HD DVD...
  105. DVD is the reason I went neutral! Poll!
  106. Just got back from Walmart in CANADA...
  107. OMG: It Was All A Dream!!!
  108. Can blu-ray players be lowered to $99 (or even $199)?
  109. Editorial: "HD-DVD's Act of Desperation and How It Might Just Work"
  110. A Question For Those Who Are Purple....
  111. Voice of 20,000 Professionals Pick Blu-ray
  112. Voice of 20,000 Professional Pick Blu-ray
  113. Toshiba players bought since Friday
  114. It's time for you all to go purple
  115. Hd A3 Sold Out!
  116. New HD DVD Sale owners! Were you BD only?
  117. PS3 as BD player - How important is PS2 compatibility to PS3 buyers?
  118. Toshiba might not really be losing money (or that much) at the $99 price point
  119. Could a Weinstein switch signal the end?
  120. Now that Blu-Ray is dying...
  121. The Format war : OUTLOOK HD DVD VS Blu-ray
  122. Things are heating up for the holiday shopping season
  123. Here's why HD-DVD is doomed
  124. Does the firesale actually matter?
  125. Blu-ray must've really wined and dined 'em!
  126. Why did Walmart go HD DVD?
  127. Specs lie, your eyes and ears don't
  128. What language is this?
  129. How low can a fanboy possibly go?
  130. Say goodbye to Blockbuster
  131. Universal Studios drops HD DVD
  132. Gizmodo "Warner Bros announces Blu-ray Exclusivity"
  133. Hd Dvd Sucks! Blu-ray Wins The War
  134. Sony said a while back that $299 players were a possibility this holiday season...
  135. A3 in Fry's for $98.87?
  136. HD-A2 just got cheaper!
  137. Anecdotal stories from today - why HD DVD made a brilliant move
  138. Ways to advertise...
  139. A tip to save money on your heating bill this winter
  140. Which is closer to mainstream?
  141. State of Blu-ray production, is it my choice or is it yours?
  142. Amazon 30% off HD DVD sale
  143. Finally time to give my $0.02
  144. Fox and the BD+ Hack = Another vanishing act?
  145. HD DVD's perfect storm.. what's next?
  146. Here's why bluray is doomed!
  147. HD vs. Blu - this week's sales are in...
  148. Transformers on HD DVD..
  149. So I bought into the A2 deal and....
  150. Kmart VP's denial - is the source verifiable? is the claim even true?
  151. Stand alone numbers to sales number... Does not compute
  152. Blu-ray fans send CNBC nasty emails: Kmart, WB & More!
  153. Best Buy selling A3s for $98.99?
  154. Is Toshiba committing to 1080p players?
  155. Blu-ray Players Will Not Likely Fall Below $400
  156. Got my hd-a2 at Wal Mart
  157. Is the $98 sale a panic response to Warner?
  158. At least my HDDVD player will play all of the features coming out 1 year from now
  159. The next generation DVD's will not start until Sony says it does!
  160. Fox and interactivity
  161. Has toshiba been...
  162. CNBC follow-up: Blu-Ray fanboys get the smack down!
  163. Favorite Format War Quotes
  164. I was just at Bluray.com WOW
  165. Sears?? They beat sale prices!!
  166. Will Warmart keep selling A2 at $98
  167. Ha! Check out my Bluray.com thread
  168. Amazon has A2 in stock for $129.99!
  169. HD A2 $129 at circuit city.
  170. The war is good
  171. Sony PS3 Sale in Canada
  172. My predictions for this Christmas season and earily next year
  173. Blu-ray 1.2 - MORE Incompatibility Issues?!?
  174. Just don't like them
  175. how long can blu-ray keep the lead with HD-DVD $99 players
  176. Should I buy harry potter HD or BD? Your thoughts...
  177. A RED Banner Day - Tilts the scale - Software sales will rise
  178. If You Were Toshiba...
  179. Question for Bluray fanboys
  180. www.hddvdnbc.com
  181. IS HD-DVD missing the point on pricing?
  182. Bill Hunt calls it a fire sale...
  183. How many weeks will HD DVD win in 2007?
  184. Black Friday: Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD Player $169.99 @ Sears
  185. Blockuster Loss Widens
  186. Most Walmart A2 Buyers are "Deal Junkies"
  187. Sony to drop price of standalone MSRP to less than $400
  188. Toshiba jump the gun... KMART PURPLE
  189. What's the build date on your A2???
  190. BestBuyFor Business $99 A2 online now (in stock)
  191. Will the A2 sale and cheap titles affect Spidey/Ratatouille sales like BOGO>TF
  192. A2 $89 at BB IN STOCK
  193. $99 Toshiba really means that Blu Ray is the winner!!!!
  194. Profile 1.0 BD players not obsolete - all profile 1.1 PIP content viewable separately
  195. 'Ratatouille' Director Brad Bird Finds Blu-ray Delectable
  196. A3 + 7 free HD DVDs = $199 at Best Buy
  197. Japanese porn industry goes Blu-ray exclusive and....Sony helps?! (Washington Post)
  198. WalMart Friday 11/2 HDDVD experiences here...
  199. damn it I'm format neutral..lol
  200. If Warner chooses sides, will you?
  201. Why do you want HD-DVD to win so badly ?
  202. Kmart: We're Purple
  203. Rumour:Crackerjacks to announce HD DVD player-in-every-box promotion
  204. Help support a pro HD DVD thread on Bluray.com before it is deleted.
  205. Predict the Standalone Lead after the HD-A2 sale
  206. Former BD Only User goes HD DVD!
  207. Blockbuster Goes Bust!
  208. Own a HD equipped laptop?
  209. Tomorrow will be the biggest day in HDM history
  210. New HD DVD website and NBC commercial
  211. The Loser...
  212. K-Mart Drops Blu-ray. HD DVD Only
  213. Can't wait to make fun of HD-DVD when Blu-Ray outsells HD-DVDs despite A2 clearence
  214. Shrek characters promoting HD DVD in TV ads!
  215. I just got Banned from Bluray.com..haha..
  216. How many A2's are on fire sale?
  217. Walmart's TV advertisment...
  218. Sony's answer to the 99 HD DVD player...no price cut on the PS3
  219. How many people here have posted 100+ post today?
  220. This may of been actually a good thing for the consumer.....
  221. CNBC Suggest Time Warners HDDVD Exclusivey?
  222. Who will buy the $99 Player Tomorrow? New users or mostly present HD DVD users?
  223. whats the diffrence?
  224. How many A2s at Walmart? How about 2 million?
  225. Would a $99 Xbox 360 add-on, along with the latest news, end the format war?
  226. Great Quotes from blu-ray.com
  227. HD DVD's on sale tomorrow?
  228. what will sell more tomorrow
  229. Warner Bros. is staying neutral.
  230. PICS of HD-A2's at your local Walmart.
  231. Here is the Shrek HD DVD TV spot - strong HD DVD marketing inside
  232. Bwahahahaha!!! I JUST BOUGHT 3 TOSHIBA HD DVD PLAYERS at Circuit City FOR $99!!!
  233. Sorry, another stupid Wal-mart thread
  234. Best Buy says more are coming...
  235. Is the sub-$100 entry point for HD DVD permanent?
  236. $98 HD DVD vs. Blu-ray BOGO
  237. Blu-Ray Begging for A Beating--via TVPredictions!
  238. arent you glad the war is over?
  239. Amazon sales rank = meaningless
  240. War over tomorrow
  241. The Power of Playstation
  242. Can we PLEASE change the subject?
  243. CNBC begins reporting on the HD DVD nail - other news networks sure to follow
  244. Rob Enderle The Prophet?!?
  245. Went to Wal Mart
  246. Why all the war is over threads?... stubborn studios poll!
  247. Blu-Ray fans unite! Retaliatory Plan!
  248. What toshiba really do...
  249. Huge News summary about Warner and the Price Cuts!
  250. Message from a non-buyer