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  1. When Will Disney Get a Clue??
  2. Why attach rates are an important figure
  3. Amazon vote: More want $150 HD DVD player over $150 Blu-ray player
  4. I AM Beowulf: I AM HD DVD EXLUSIVE !!!!!
  5. PS3 sales Surge
  6. What is a reasonable price for HD movies?
  7. Walmart site: "more in store secret sales"
  8. DivX On The PS3: Is Sony Selling Consoles or Sabotaging HD-DVD?
  9. VideoScan First Alert Info
  10. Will Warner's Release of All Potter Pics Seperately Have Any Effect on the War?
  11. Are new features bad?
  12. PS3 A Trojan Horse or Achiles Heel?
  13. Practical Durability--BD vs HD DVD
  14. How would you feel if PS3 isn't 1.1 compliant?
  15. HD-DVD camp... only focuses on BR negatives?
  16. If HD DVD or Blu-Ray have one FATAL FLAW, what is it?
  17. Profile 2 causes the PS3 problems?
  18. BD fans: Stop boosting DRM
  19. Could deals on Blu-Ray discs be a BAD MOVE?
  20. Dolby Digital Plus continues for the most part to be subpar vs. PCM/TrueHD/dts-MA
  21. awwww....no more $99 player deals???
  22. Wal-mart: 3 out of 4 prefer HD DVD over Blu-ray
  23. Lionsgate's take on the HD market from earnings call
  24. HDDVD Combo Disks Create Unfair Advantage For Format
  25. HD DVD won't be getting this one!
  26. Euro HD DVD camp clams up on format sales figures
  27. PlayStation 3 80GB Motorstorm Pack (+ 5 Blu-Ray Movies ??) $400 FREE SHIPPING NO TAX!
  28. Guide to Sales Metrics
  29. Need help on some titles...Blu-ray or HD DVD?
  30. Dual Format Discs - HD DVD or Blu-Ray?
  31. How to accurately compare sales?
  32. A "gift" for people on both sides of the fence.
  33. Would Warner's going blu-ray exclusive really end the war?
  34. Possible BOGO deal from Paramount?
  35. Shrek HD-DVD sales disaster at Amazon.com...
  36. Looking for advice
  37. Newspaper: HD DVD has mark of winner
  38. Philips and Lite-on announce a $199 Blu-ray drive
  39. transformers, 300, and Bourne Identity free
  40. How do you think Warner likes these apples...
  41. 2008, What's in the Pipeline
  42. Ocean's 13 in Purple at BB
  43. Best Pipeline To Start Out 2008
  44. This war should bever have existed
  45. Going purple on the Samsung BD-UP5000 for Christmas? Maybe not...
  46. Do all HD-DVD fans like Transformers? Do BD fans like Spiderman3?
  47. Blu-ray 1.1: A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?
  48. Profits per disc... HD DVD more profitable w/ less sales?
  49. What the Format War Needs.
  50. Why not a dual disc??
  51. Blu-ray releases like Hairspray on 2 discs??? What happened?
  52. Calling prof Charles Eppes: how do we count BD attachment without including PS3
  53. DID CEO of Sony make negative remarks just before Betamax croaked!
  54. new BD BOGO - another attempt to neutralize Paramount/Dreamworks effect?
  55. Want to know why Best Buy is rearranging their HDM sections?
  56. Constant High-Rated Blu-ray Releases
  57. What if?
  58. Spider-man Box Set Available On HD DVD In The UK!!!
  59. HD DVD SAL Internet Connectivity
  60. What would a dual format player for $399 do to the war?
  61. Deja Vu? "The Legacy of Betamax"
  62. If Wal-Mart sold lots of SA HD DVD players, would Warner go Blu anyway?
  63. Blu-ray reacts angrily to HD DVD attach rate claims
  64. How different is BD Profile 1.1 to HD DVD?
  65. What are you predictions if your format of choice wins?
  66. Was the Sony CEO misquoted?
  67. Which is more appealing to WHV: hardware subsidies or software subsidies
  68. HD-A2 Returns to Wal-Mart (as I said it would)
  69. BR attach rate higher than HD DVD attach rate.
  70. Attach Rates
  71. When did Beta starting doing BOGOs?
  72. The PS3. What can Sony do?
  73. If Blu-ray wins: Will it give Sony Pictures an unfair advantage?
  74. What format do you prefer - FORMAT ONLY QUESTION
  75. Paramount Plans SHREK 3 On Sale Promotion
  76. Sony CEO taken out of context (suprise)
  77. Spider-man Blu Ray falls out of top 100 sales ranking on Amazon
  78. Our owners buy more movies...
  79. Is the PS3 really making such a difference?
  80. HD DVD beats Blu-ray on European movie sales
  81. HD DVD beats Blu-ray on European movie sales
  82. So many angry PS3 owners
  83. Media spin
  84. Why no buzz about Ratatouille sales data?
  85. Maybe The Cost Of HD Disks Will Drop Over Time...
  86. Stalemate? - Much Ado About Nothing
  87. HD DVD the fire sale format!
  88. What About Toshiba's Other HD DVD Models?
  89. Transformers HD-DVD falls out of top 100 sales ranking on Amazon
  90. Getting confuse with Blu Player and PS3s?
  91. $320 PS3 at kmart with coupon
  92. After experiencing movies in hi-def (blu-ray or HD)...
  93. My predictions: Blu-ray -- The PS3 movie format
  94. Weird; Sony backs out of Cell development and sells to Toshiba
  95. Close Encounters is better than Shrek 3, But Shrek will probably sell more.
  96. Toshiba taking $500 hit on every cut-price HD DVD player?
  97. Ratatouille with every PS3.
  98. Could an increase in quality PS3 games hurt BD sales?
  99. Can all of these BOGO deals hurt ultimately HDM/Blu-ray?
  100. ''Make Digital Easy' Author says HD-DVD is the better product.
  101. Final YTD nielsen ratio for 2007
  102. SHREK 3 HD-DVD getting killed on Amazon.
  103. HD + BD your buying trends
  104. High Def 2.0 forum Dec. 4
  105. The Blu-ray Disc Cartel?
  106. Girls Gone Blu!!
  107. New news/numbers from Europe
  108. Do freebies count as sales?
  109. Confused about media sales and BOGO weeks
  110. The Format War - the view from abroad
  111. One more reason to choose HD-DVD
  112. History repeats itself? Sony
  113. Best Buy Canada has the lowest I've seen.....
  114. Sears website showing $199 for A3
  115. Toshiba goes all out ! 100 EP30 only for France !
  116. My format of choice on laptops...
  117. Amazon top 50 and top 100 looking very Blu!
  118. Will toshiba produce as many A3's as they did A2's?
  119. Blu-ray is the Cheaper Format for Movie Lovers
  120. Things cooling down for HD DVD?
  121. BOGO again for Blu at Amazon
  122. Actual Economics Matter
  123. Microsoft pays employees to modify Wikipedia Blu-ray/HD DVD Entries
  124. Buy One Blu-ray Disc, Get One Free at Amazon
  125. CES 2008 is just around the corner
  126. Did Sony's CEO Dig Blu-Ray's Grave, or Was This Just a Series of Idiotic Events?
  127. Time Warner CEO Successor is Pro-Blu-ray
  128. J6Ps Developing Opinions on HDMs.
  129. This Weeks Best Buy Ad
  130. Spiderman only sells 2/3 of what Transformers managed
  131. my guess is that uncompressed will be as common as DTS for DVDs...
  132. Nostradamus Game for November 11, 2007
  133. What is FUD?
  134. New refugee
  135. Article -- HD DVD Better Value Than Blu-ray
  136. Tranformers - The Mega Hit
  137. Sony Insider Confirms: Spider-Man 3 Box Set INCLUDED In 130,000 Sales Figure
  138. Article -- Sound Advice: HD DVD leaves Blu-ray in the dust
  139. Lossy versus lossless audio - Should it diminish our enjoyment? My take.
  140. Going purple this weekend!
  141. Huge Blu-ray Sale Save 50% & More @ J&R $12.99 - $15.99 Per Disk
  142. Toshiba and DreamWorks Animation Launch HD DVD Ads for 'Shrek The Third'
  143. I think BD willbe the winner
  144. Did Transformers Really Beat Spidey, HDDVD's fine
  145. CEO of Time-Warner Stepping Down Jan.01
  146. Does what you post matter?
  147. Do you guys htink that Sony's CEO has caught wind of something bad for Blu-Ray?
  148. HD DVD = 0 Five-Star Releases with HD Extras.
  149. Ratatouille=Proof that SPACE DOES MATTER.
  150. Spidey officially doubles first week Transformers sales!
  151. The counter attack has begun for shrek
  152. Oh Smack $377 Samsung 1400, BDA's answer
  153. Why We Need Both Formats!
  154. Hypothetical format war end/truce
  155. BD+ RIP: October 2, 2007 - November 9, 2007: effect on the format war?
  156. 'No Reservations' : HD DVD = Dolby Digital + vs BD = Dolby Digital ?
  157. Rat movie got 5 stars!
  158. Walmart.com raises A2 price to $229
  159. Future Shop continues Disney BOGOF
  160. Does Walmart report to Nielsen VideoScan ?
  161. Do Nielsen #s count? Answer-YES
  162. Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD 71:29 week of 11/4!!!!!
  163. My first 2 cents
  164. Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending November 4th, 2007
  165. Economics Matter
  166. "If HD DVD ultimately won out, it wouldn't have much effect on Sony" -Howard Stringer
  167. Who would want to stop receiving the Nielsen data?
  168. This weeks numbers out--71:29
  169. Just found Black Friday ads for Best Buy and Circuit City BD AND HDDVD sales!
  170. CC B-Friday add up
  171. What mistakes have both sides made?
  172. "Go Blu","I Do Blu" Marketing goes hi octane
  173. Why MGM deferred their BD titles again?
  174. Is it really in our interest for HD-DVD to win the format war ?
  175. So who is making money off of DVD and how does it affect the war?
  176. Wow. Just bought 4 BOGO movies and 1 HDDVD (Shrek 3)
  177. What do you think about Sony's CEO statment
  178. Blu-ray can end this war now!
  179. 10 Million PS3's by March and 40GB doubled sales
  180. On the fence?
  181. HD DVD studios take Oct. sales leadership!
  182. Best Buy Black Friday Ad Posted
  183. What are the numbers like for the 360 add on?
  184. Running out of titles too Buy..
  185. Sony CEO on Spider-man, PS3, Nintendo, Microsoft, Xbox 360, the format war
  186. News: Sony CEO sees 'stalemate' in disc fight
  187. Region Free: DISadvantage, not advantage
  188. checked out transformers
  189. Blu takes lead in titles available
  190. Starwars: Blu-ray Exclusive
  191. Deep Discount 20% Off Sale: Planet Earth Complete Collection HD-DVD/BluRay $53, Spide
  192. Blu-Ray BOGO Sale...
  193. So how and when will Blu Ray trump HD-DVD and their fire sales?
  194. who's winning?
  195. Make love, not War -- what would be included in the best of both worlds?
  196. Spidey 3 sells 130k in 6 days not counting boxed set
  197. Will there be anymore super HD sales?
  198. A little holiday sales reality check for HDM
  199. BD+ Gets Hacked in 1st Month by SlySoft
  200. For those people who bought the A2 for $99
  201. Same Old War: SONY vs the World
  202. E-mail from Best Buy - no more A2's on the way
  203. My Toshiba/HD DVD Experience
  204. Spiderman 3 sales are poor
  205. My thoughts on the pricing strategies
  206. Cheap Player Smackdown Part 2 is coming!
  207. If "Ratatouille" and "Cars" are any indication, BD-J is much better than HD-I
  208. PS3 40GB Numbers
  209. PS3 Update 2.0 released 2day in Europe!!!
  210. Total standalone HD DVD players after $99 weekend: 420,000
  211. Spiderman 3 Beats Transformers!!
  212. Spider-Man 3 Sells 130k!!
  213. Blu-ray player - $249. A sign of things to come?
  214. The Wii could end this war..
  215. Toshiba and HD DVD camp so quite...
  216. Will HDDVD claim at least 1 week this year?
  217. Blu-ray owners: aren't you pissed?
  218. Spiderman3 6 day sales figures out, 130,000 sold of 400,000 shipped - VB
  219. Ringing endorsement of HD DVD
  220. So the companies supporting Blu-ray are just going to let it die?
  221. Can someone explain why everyone seems to care how much WM|TS is down per unit?
  222. WB decides to let Blu-ray be held back... AGAIN!!
  223. Will this War have a Winner?
  224. Poll: Will this War have a Winner?
  225. It's just too funny..
  226. Total movies controlled by studios: about even
  227. Sony ever going HD DVD?
  228. If I was WB and had to make a choice between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.
  229. What other possible outcomes are there?
  230. Suddenly, the Neutral Family grew..
  231. If/When Sony loses this format war, will they ever try again?
  232. BD BOGO next week? (Speculation Only)
  233. How do you define victory of the war?
  234. My reason why I wish Blu Ray had a $99 Player
  235. Dell Canada - 40GB PS3, Spidey 3 Blu-ray, Ratchet and Clank, HDMI cable - CDN$399
  236. Wal Mart and it's power
  237. I wonder DO people realize...
  238. Changes at retail for both formats
  239. The likely REAL manufacturing cost of A2s...
  240. Thoughts from your average joe.
  241. *ARTICLE* 40GB PS3 has a 40% failure rate!
  242. Fence-sitters now - J6P next year
  243. Warner the big winner ?
  244. HD DVD sales increase
  245. Sony to pull out of R&D for making 32-nano chips
  246. The BDA just tanked..
  247. The HDM hardware sales information vacuum
  248. Will the Eagles affect HDM?
  249. hd
  250. BetaNews: How HD DVD Got its Groove Back