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  1. Apple announces new MacBook Pro's - And still no Blu-ray Drives!
  2. If HD DVD had won, would the optical disc market as a whole be growing?
  3. CBS Signs Netflix Streaming Deal
  4. Redbox Committment to BD Wavering
  5. Home Media Magazine: We Plan to Salute ‘Digital Drivers’
  6. Blu-ray Sales Up 76 Percent in Western Europe
  7. Disney Bows ‘Studio All Access’ Digital Initiative
  8. Blockbuster Posts $11.7 Million Loss in December
  9. Disney, Redbox Reach New Terms
  10. Warner further pushes VOD with iPhone apps for Dark Knight and Inception
  11. Borders (Books/Movies/Music) Files Chapter 11 - OD to take yet another hit
  12. Report: VOD Awareness, Use Low - new survey - 62% have never heard used or no access
  13. Hulu Plus adds 150 Criterion Titles soon to grow to 800 Titles
  14. Analyst: digital sales risk running out of steam
  15. 2011 Catalog Releases So far from Paramount, Disney and Sony = 4 releases.
  16. Three types of consumers - Collectors, Minimalists and "Quick and Easy" and Blu-ray
  17. Report: Amazon Out of Texas Over Taxes
  18. Lionsgate Inks Miramax Home Entertainment Deal
  19. Sony to possibly distribute MGM Films on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital come Septembe. Sigh
  20. The Three Faces of Consumerism . . . Which Are You?
  21. iTunes Dominated 2010 Online Movie Consumer Spending
  22. Best Buy Doesn't Have Enough of Their Exclusive Blu-Rays
  23. Warning: Best Buy treats you as a criminal -- DL# now required for Return/Price-match
  24. "Twilight" studio to Blockbuster: Pay or liquidate.
  25. You want the Original Tron Movie? You gotta buy it with 4 other discs...MSRP $79.99
  26. Another Disappointing Holiday Season for Sony BR Player Sales, Forecast down -9.1%
  27. All 2011 Theatretical Warner Titles to support UltraViolet
  28. Kosty has been out sick - I'm getting better but was seriously ill and hospititalized
  29. Studios Must Cut Theatrical Window in Half
  30. RED: 2 different versions of video and audio. Fluke or sign of things to come?
  31. February 1st - 43 titles being released; 15 of them exclusive to Best Buy
  32. Amazon rolling out Netflix-like unlimited video streaming for Prime subscribers?
  33. Hulu Going Cable Lite?
  34. Seeking Alpha: Don't Write Off Blu Ray Just Yet
  35. DVR Homes To Reach 50% Of Homes In 2016: Magna Global
  36. Fourth "Combo Pack" Only released in Canada.
  37. Netflix officially passes 20 milion subscribers
  38. The New Face of Best Buy Is.......
  39. Netflix aims to outbid HBO for Warner Bros. Films
  40. Will 2011 be the year of the $39 Blu-ray player?
  41. 2010 DVD releases vs. Blu-ray releases
  42. Little Movie ‘Mojo’ at Netflix Streaming
  43. Chicago Tribune: Defective Blu-ray player gives customer the blues
  44. January 30th - February 1st = 6 Retailer Exclusive from 4 Studios at Best Buy
  45. Netflix Should Restore DVD Option on Streaming Devices, Poll Says
  46. Just 13% Of Q4 Ads Aired In HD: Study
  47. Bambi Release - A new model for title releases?
  48. Fortune: What the hell is going on with TV? Online Streaming is like AOL circa 1995!
  49. Netflix’s Next Big Problem: Keeping Quality Content
  50. Cisco Releases Home-Theater Router
  51. Vudu Comes to Boxee Box
  52. Is Netflix the Next Coinstar?
  53. FCC approves Comcast purchase of NBC
  54. Sony closing CD Plant due to growing Digital
  55. Netflix Drops DVD Queue From Streaming Devices
  56. Blu-ray beating the pants off digital
  57. Will Blu-ray software revenue (2011) be higher than VHS software revenue (2004)?
  58. Katzenberg betting big on 3-D
  59. Darbeevision Could Result in a Sort of Blu-Ray+
  60. Coinstar Halted: Cuts Q4, 2011 Forecast
  61. Analyst: Blu-ray Player Sales to Top 32M Units in 2011
  62. Blu-ray Thrives, Despite Growing Digital Bandwagon
  63. Analog sunset begins, all the new Blu-ray players will only output HD via HDMI
  64. BCS Title Game - Live Streaming on the XBox 360!
  65. Variety/CES: Sony, Cisco systems target TV revamp
  66. The Ultraviolet / Netflix Connection?
  67. Yet another RoxioNow storefront... this time Dell
  68. UltraViolet Called Digital Delivery `Do-Over'
  69. Flix on Stix to Deploy Thousands of Units By Year’s End
  70. Liberty Media in No Hurry to Re-up Netflix/Starz Deal
  71. Blu-Ray Sales Outpace Estimates!
  72. Cisco to Join Web-TV Battle on Behalf of Cable Cos
  73. Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) Completes Design of UltraViolet
  74. 2010 DEG Results: Blu-ray grows, but overall video market doesn't
  75. 3DTV will surpass first-year sales of DVD, HDTV, and Blu Ray
  76. Vudu to offer 3D Movies for Rent in 1080p
  77. Fox to Make Major 'Star Wars' Blu-ray Announcement at CES
  78. Netflix’ Next Destination: On Your Remote Control
  79. RCDb, Panvidea Team Up for Blu-ray Streaming
  80. Kosty is going to CES 2011 in Las Vegas this week. Any wish lists?
  81. Intel infrastructure bringing 1080p streaming
  82. 3D probably unsafe for kids under 6 -> are you surprised?
  83. Extreme Weather Propels Increase in Online Holiday Movie Sales
  84. Digital Lockers: Intro and discussion
  85. Another Axe in the back of Blu-ray fair use just in time for the holidays
  86. Connected TV Owners Primarily Access Netflix, Not YouTube
  87. 2010: A horrible year for theatrical catalog
  88. AppleTV sells a Million units in 2.5 month
  89. Comcast to Offer $9.95 Broadband to Low-Income Households
  90. Rovi to Acquire Sonic
  91. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare % for Salt be for 12/26/10?
  92. What will HMM report as total Blu-ray format revenues for 12/26/10? (Salt -Christmas)
  93. Holiday Wishes to all on HD Digest Smackdown
  94. Home Media Magazine 2010 EOY Special Issue Article "2010 A Year in Transition"
  95. Home 3-D Is DOA: Majority of U.S. Won’t Buy a 3DTV
  96. WSJ - Blu-Ray Growth Soothes Hollywood
  97. FCC seeks conditions on Comcast-NBC deal
  98. Blu-ray sales charts and graphs for reference and temporary in process updates thread
  99. 2011 Blu-ray Sales Metrics Stats: Weekly-HMM Nielsen/Videoscan Quarterly-Rentrak/DEG
  100. Yes, Virginia, There IS a Disc Business!
  101. Sony buys back Toshiba's Cell plant for 50 billion yen, makes a killing
  102. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Despicable Me release week 12/19/10
  103. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare % for Despicable Me 12/19/10?
  104. Simple question is BD a success or failure?
  105. FCC Set To Put A Hurting On Internet TV!!!
  106. American Internet Use Catches Up With TV Use
  107. Mobile Carriers Dream of Charging per Page
  108. Blu-ray Disc Production Tops 400M Units in 2010 up +60% YTY at 80% 4Q usage rate
  109. Blu-ray Disc Production to Approach 2bn Units by 2014
  110. Consumer Adoption of 3D and Internet-enabled TVs Still Slow
  111. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Inception and The Shrek saga 12/12/10
  112. Top Court’s Split 'First-sale' Decision Has No Impact on Used Disc Sales
  113. "Avatar 3D" EXCLUSIVE To Panasonic 3D TV Buyers Until 2012!!
  114. Best Buy 3Q Rev - Black Friday High End 3D HDTVs and CinemaNow streaming soft
  115. 5 businesses that killed dvd...
  116. Peaceful Coexistence...Packaged Media / Digital delivery, here's an olive branch...
  117. Main discussion-What will be the total BD revenues 12/26 Christmas Week Sales - Salt
  118. Main discussion-What will be the total BD revenues 12/19 Despicable Me The Other Guys
  119. Economy Claims Another Victim: Columbia House Canada Bankrupt
  120. Salon.com: Deadwood BD "proves why Blu-ray actually matters"
  121. NPD: Consumers Coveted Blu-ray Players During Black Friday
  122. Blu-ray players, LCD TVs help consumer electronics revenue recover EDN Article
  123. Prima Cinema to Offer Films Same Day as Theatrical Release - for $20,500
  124. Mark Cuban predicts demise of Netflix, Cord Cutting
  125. Blockbuster Express Tests Premium-Priced New Releases
  126. Fox gets creative to promote Blu-ray titles
  127. Warner to Work With Major Retailers for Premium VOD
  128. BD gift sets of classic titles selling well - getting more studio & retailer support
  129. Ralph's Supermarkets (300 stores in CA) sells $79 LG Blu-ray player at checkout isle
  130. When Netflix, iPhone meets 4G, wireless hell breaks loose
  131. What will be the total BD 2010 sales reveune as reported on the 2010 EOY DEG report?
  132. Movie Studios Are Dreaming of a Blu Christmas
  133. Old JVC VHS and CD plant will layoff but invest in new tech including Blu-Ray
  134. Main discussion-What will be the total BD revenues 12/12 Twilight: Eclipse Cyber Mon
  135. Main discussion-What will be the total BD revenues 12/05 Twilight: Eclipse Cyber Mon
  136. Why Netflix Won’t Get What It Wants Most For Christmas
  137. Apple TV users reporting long rental wait times, HDMI issues
  138. Blockbuster Bows New In-Store Movie Pricing
  139. Reuters Summit-Netflix scrambles future of TV, films
  140. Airplane! Blu-ray (shame on blu-ray)
  141. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for Shrek: Forever After 12/12/10?
  142. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for Inception 12/12/10?
  143. Is This What Fans of Streaming Can Look Forward To?
  144. Sandisk, Sony, and Nikon propose 500MB per second memory card with more than 2TB
  145. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Twilight: New Moon week 12/05/10
  146. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for Twilight: Eclipse 12/05/10?
  147. Disc Deluge
  148. Google TV where are thee this holiday season?
  149. Sony Said to Seek President as Successor to Stringer
  150. Black Friday weekend personal retail observations and anecdotal sales reports
  151. Survey: DVDs Among Top Gifts From Men This Year
  152. Connectivity Key to Post-Black Friday BD Player Sales - Not Just Price -Tipping Point
  153. Disney Changes Directions--Ditches Princesses and Fairy Tales!!
  154. Netflix raises prices (again) for Disc Users - Streaming Only plan now available.
  155. Will All the People Who Are Waiting For LOTR Extended Still Not Buy LOTR at $24?
  156. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for Expendables 11/28 (BF)
  157. The "Black Friday" week pie chart Blu-ray revenue marketshare prediction poll! 11/28
  158. The "Black Friday" week revenue prediction poll!
  159. Netflix CEO says consumers just aren't interested in long-form video on portable
  160. What will the weekly averages be for the rest of the year for Bluray?
  161. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for A Christmas Carol 11/07/10?
  162. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Avatar / A Christmas Carol 11/10/10
  163. (Main discussion) What will be the total BD revenues 11/21 Avatar/A Christmas Carol
  164. (F.Y.E ./ Suncoast) Transworld CEO - "Blu-ray to Drive Holiday Video Sales"
  165. Alexa digital camera favored by Hollywood
  166. Time Warner Exec.: Streaming Hurting TV DVD
  167. VUDU hits PS3
  168. VUDU Comes to the PS3, Adding Another Choice for PSN Members to Experience (cut off)
  169. Test: DVDs and Blu-Ray Remakes Nearly Same
  170. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Grown Ups release week ending 11/14/10
  171. Main discussion-What will be the total BD revenues 11/14 Grown Ups / Toy Story 3 wk 2
  172. Q3 Plasma Growth Rate Tops LCD TV
  173. Walmart Pushing ‘Blu’ on Black Friday
  174. Passkey for Blu-ray
  175. Eco Packaging has got to go.
  176. Senate Judiciary Slates Piracy Bill Markup
  177. Blockbuster Posts $54.1 Million Q3 Loss
  178. Netflix's Sarandos: TV Shows are 20% of DVD and 50% of Streaming
  179. Best Buy to have sub $60 Toshiba BD player on BF
  180. Windows 7 Commercial Makes Fun of Mac's Lack of Blu-ray Support
  181. The flat market for 3-D TV -- is anyone interested?
  182. Analyst: Netflix, Kiosks Continue to Undermine Sellthrough
  183. What in the sam hill is going on with Netflix?!
  184. Amazon Blues -> Need more titles, better hardware(wifi), customer service(firmware)
  185. Nielsen: More Than 80% Of Viewing Still In Standard-Def
  186. DEG Europe BD Rev +72.3% 1Q-3Q YTD, BD units +50% 24.7 M units sold Jan-Sep
  187. Blu-ray to Generate 25% of Redbox Rev by 2011 (30% BD household penetration by 2011)
  188. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Toy Story 3 release week ending 11/07/10
  189. High-Def Digest Attends Blu-Con 2010 - the real smackdown thread
  190. HDD: Blu-ray mainstream not yet mainstream, but soon
  191. Time Warner to Show New HD Movies For $30
  192. Charts that make you go Hmmmmmm....
  193. Classic Movies on Blu-ray? You Betcha! - Finally some progress on Blu-ray catalog !
  194. What will be the Nielsen Blu-ray unit marketshare% for the title Toy Story 3 11/07/10
  195. Will Netflix Destroy the Internet?
  196. 28-Day Windows a Light at the End of the Tunnel for DVD, Blu-ray?
  197. Fox Bows On Demand MGM Movies for Retailers
  198. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Toy Story 3 release week ending 11/07/10
  199. (Main discussion) What will be the total BD revenues 11/07 Toy Story 3
  200. Australia Closes DVD, VOD Day and Date Windows
  201. VUDU, Wal-mart and Disney join forces, add a free streaming copy to Toy Story 3 Blu-r
  202. Blu-ray Disc Honored With Emmy Award For Technology and Engineering
  203. Whatever happened to the dual sided discs?
  204. Fecal Contamination Found on Sealed Theater 3D Glasses
  205. Will DVD palyers outsell Bluray players this holiday season?
  206. ESPN 3D, looking for ROI and not looking good...
  207. Will downloads/streaming make up for lost DVD revenue?
  208. HiDef programs offer less picture
  209. Warner's DVD2BLU program expands - now exchange any DVD for BD - Smart or Desperate?
  210. Wasn't 3D Supposed to be Cooler Than This?
  211. Would you recommend BD to a friend who hasn't bought it yet?
  212. DVD/Blu-ray market share by retailer
  213. Was Bluray created with the hopes of reselling catalog again?
  214. Roku now makes Hardware & Software - Roku app coming to a TV or Blu-ray player soon?
  215. HD-DVD is really realy dead! - Boxes relegated to prop status on an episode of Chuck.
  216. Redbox To Annouce Partnership For Digital Streaming Service
  217. Top Ten Gifts Kids want for Christmas - Apple, Apple, Apple!
  218. Variety: Blu-Ray matures with the family
  219. 3D TV Not Growing as Fast as TV Makers Expected in 2010
  220. Girl who played with fire: No DVD release in Canada
  221. DEG Europe BD 3Q YTY +67%, Europe/Japan DVD+BD -3.8% YTY but up 8.8% 2Q to 3Q
  222. ABC/CBS/NBC Block GoogleTV
  223. Rumor: Apple may accuire Sony
  224. Streaming is (sometimes) BETTER than shiny discs
  225. Netflix is now testing a $7.99 streaming-ony plan in the US.
  226. Rental vs. Ownership
  227. DEG 1Q+2Q+3Q 2010 Blu-ray $1.0 B up +80% YTY, DVD+BD new theatrical +4%, overall -8%
  228. Mothers Against Drunk Driving give a presentation. Oh and it's on Blu-Ray!!
  229. Netflix Profits Up, Considering Streaming-Only Option This Year
  230. "Back to Mac" - Mac Book Air still has no optical drive. Oh and no Blu-ray support.
  231. LA Times: More people are watching movies online, but few are buying them
  232. Disney Buys the Rights To Distribute "The Avengers", "Iron Man 3"!!
  233. (Main discussion) What will be the total BD revenues 10/17 How to Train Your Dragon
  234. What will be the pie chart revenue % for How to Train your Dragon 10/17/10
  235. 'Jackass 3D' Scores a Whopping $21.8 Million at Friday Box-Office
  236. Samsung: Glasses-Free 3D TV Unlikely in Next 5-10 Years
  237. Blu-ray Sales Fail to Live up to Expectations
  238. Would you be willing to pay for a streaming only svc?
  239. Would you rather buy a Movie ONLY BD, or a set packed with features?
  240. Should catalog releases be increasing?
  241. Do you watch the DVDs that come packed inside Blu-rays?
  242. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Blu-ray on Beauty and the Beast 10/10/10
  243. (Main Discussion) What will be the total BD revenues 10/10/10 (Beauty and the Beast))
  244. Catalogs, how important are they for BD success?
  245. 3D Retreat! "Deathly Hallows" Won't Be in 3D After All
  246. DIRECTV Launches Cinema Plus
  247. MGM Seeks Bankruptcy Approval
  248. Thread Locking Notice
  249. 2 new studios join Netflix in the 28 day hold.
  250. What will be the pie chart revenue % for Blu-ray on Iron Man 2 release week 10/03/10