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  1. Blu-ray BS to discuss with Live Free or Die Hard...
  2. If we only had 1 format....
  3. Wal-Mart's Black Friday secret sales revealed inside:
  4. American TV: Samsung BDP1400 $339 and Toshiba HDA3 $169
  5. Why a dual format world means certain niche doom for HDM
  6. Toshibas answer to the PS3....Putting HD DVD Drives in all 2008 Laptops
  7. Why 51GB Size? / BluBoy's Desperation Comments
  8. A way to make Warner get their act together
  9. HD-A3 and HD-A30 - #1 and #2 at Amazon
  10. Who else got cheated by WB for Oceans 13 or trilogy?
  11. Christmas 1914
  12. A3 at Amazon now $187 + 10 free movies + free shipping
  13. Harry Potter. HD-DVD Synchronizes/and chat
  14. BF A3 $99.99 bernies
  15. HD DVD Gets Top100 Win! (amazon.com)
  16. Buzz Out Load: PS3 and format war "turkeys of the year"
  17. More Blu-Ray players specials for Black Friday
  18. Anyone gotten info on the free discs with the 80gb PS3 at Wally's?
  19. In the long run what's the problem with dual format altogether?
  20. Shrek the Third sees Green
  21. Is it a mistake to buy a PS3 right now if you want it for Blu-ray only?
  22. HD-A3 $169.99 from Amazon/Tiger direct!
  23. Sony BDP-S300 $399 at sony style (100 dollars off with sony CC)
  24. Full-Page WB Hi-Def Page in CC Ad 11/24
  25. Why would anyone want this?
  26. Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player for $399 + FREE $100 GIFT CARD (BEST BUY - Thu/Fri/Sat)
  27. Format war heats up: Amazon Customers Vote shows consumer preference?
  28. Who believes Star Trek will have an affect on the Format War?
  29. BD Disney on HD NBC?
  30. Philips BDP9000 Blu-ray Disc Player - $269.99
  31. Mind-Blowing HD DVD SALE ON AMAZON!
  32. Thanksgiving in Hi-Def
  33. Uh...guys? We have a problem!
  34. Attention Purple People:
  35. Disney: Is this ethical?
  36. Just a question
  37. Amazon is sold out of the HD-A3
  38. Blu ray has 3 times the presence in advertising for BF
  39. Stringer: Sony committed to blu ray
  40. $900 Onkyo player actually $500 2nd-gen Toshiba player
  41. Article: "Old Sony Rumblings" DVDFile
  42. Black Friday Article On CNBC Website!!
  43. What a shock, Tosh sees a DF world
  44. Best Buy BF Ads save $100 on HDDVD or Blu-ray
  45. Blu-ray wins war on Dec 11
  46. Sony CEO tossing around Spielberg's name
  47. Black Friday a Defining moment for Blu-Ray!
  48. Planet Earth HD DVD back on top at Amazon.
  49. Costco well stocked with $127.95 Star Trek HD DVD/DVD combo
  50. (I predict) An $88 HD-DVD player at Walmart on Black Friday...
  51. On Black Friday I predict 250,000 HD-DVD players sold in U.S.
  52. Sony BDS301 $279 at BJ's
  53. Toshiba A3 $180 Crutchfield
  54. Philips BDP9000 Blu-Ray Player $270 Free Shipping
  55. Planet Earth - HD DVD vs. Blu-ray
  56. Black Friday - A Defining Moment For HD DVD?
  57. Is Universal Selling Out HD DVD With This?...
  58. Toshiba HD-A3 Now $179 Shipped from Amazon!
  59. A question for all the purples: which format do you prefer?
  60. And the winner of the format war is....
  61. Disney Votes To Approve 51GB HD DVD
  62. look at these crap Blu-Ray commercials
  63. Format Nuetral HOw do You Decide
  64. What exactly does the Nielsen Videoscan Rating track?
  65. Are Bluray titles targeting gamers, home cinema enthusiasts or film lovers?
  66. Walmart to host Insant 10 movie deal with PS3?
  67. The look and sound of perfect
  68. Costco Blu-ray Specials
  69. For all you Star Trek fans...season one on sale
  70. Just the facts....
  71. What's your HDM price "breaking" point
  72. DVD Forum Steering Comittee
  73. Size does count!
  74. No winner?
  75. Anyone else RED... but still not participating?
  76. Spielburg shot across the bow to his parent HD DVD camp
  77. Is Die Hard dying easy?
  78. Universal: What Interest do they have in HD DVD?
  79. CNBC Now! (1:37pm EST)
  80. Sony BDP-S300 BD Player - $399 + $100 giftcard
  81. What is Purple?
  82. Reasons FOR BD this Christmas
  83. Moreton Bay - Independence Day NOT delayed
  84. Goin' Purple
  85. What is the size of your collection...blu and hd dvd
  86. Top 5 reasons to love/hate BR pick your favorite.
  87. Two BIG reasons not to take home a BD this Christmas
  88. HDDVD really not much cheaper
  89. We are all guinea pigs!
  90. Its Really Hard To Call
  91. Bandai Visual: HDi makes HD DVDs less profitable even at "low scale"
  92. Sony fined for price fixing pro beta tapes in EU
  93. Brandsmart says BD only. Samsung BD-1400 $298.88 and $18 BD titles (limited time)
  94. Boot up times really that important?
  95. Chalk another one up for HD DVD
  96. The SONY Prophecy
  97. No Independence Day on December 4th, so BD will really need a BOGO now...!
  98. Here We Go Again - Fox Delays Independence Day?
  99. HD-DVD Website gets a nice upgrade..
  100. What will you do if nothing changes soon?
  101. Anyone else noticed how there is no info on AVS any more?
  102. Retailers/studios: holiday shopping has yet to begin
  103. HD-DVD will die in japan this christmas
  104. Walt Disney: BD Victory Only Delayed
  105. Sony price dumping PS3 illegal in certain states?
  106. Hardware Sales or Software Sales?
  107. Oh my Gosh...Ive just turned Purple.
  108. Anyone else see the Sunday Parade insert...
  109. Deja Vu: Another Classic SONY ad...
  110. Head to Head SONY Blu-Ray is....
  111. Who here still thinks this "War" won't end in a stalemate?
  112. Walmart Deal
  113. How do you think Warner likes these apples (part 2)
  114. Sony Blu ray player now 399.00 at Circuit City
  115. Beowulf is revolutionary in 3D...and won't help HD-DVD one bit.
  116. Bill Hunt: My Two Faces
  117. No more HD-A3 $199 Threads Please
  118. Disney Votes for 51GB HD DVD Media Approval.
  119. Planet Earth HD is #2?
  120. BD+ dumped by founders...
  121. This is what Joe Six Pack says about the format war
  122. VC-1 can be great when not limited by HD DVD.
  123. UNIHD "I Do Blu"
  124. Can the $99 HD-DVD marketing strategy backfire?
  125. First no Transformers and now this
  126. Amazon is apparently not giving away the 3 HD DVDs with the HD-A3?
  127. Have those A2s started selling movies or is something else going down?
  128. I think TOSHIBA is going ALL IN.
  129. Reality Check, Why Blu Ray Is Vulnerable
  130. POLL: How many PS3's will be sold through Christmas?
  131. Report: Wal-Mart's Saturday "Secret Sale" to Feature 80GB PS3 with 15 Free Movies
  132. Why the sudden HD DVD uptake on Amazon?
  133. Blu-ray: Save 55%
  134. Blade Runner, Which One?
  135. Resident Evil Extinction to have RE 5 demo for PS3
  136. Amazon Customer Vote HDDVD vs BluRay
  137. Deals For Canada?
  138. MPAA Lobbying for Home Theater Regulations
  139. Ha Ha, nobody wants bluray...
  140. Godfather & Indiana Jones on HD DVD in 2008!
  141. PS3 NOT in Wal-Mart Black Friday Sale
  142. If HD DVD does disappear...
  143. "I Know who Killed Me".... a Blu-ray classic!
  144. Is the desire for downloaded movies partly from pirates?
  145. Disney's Chapek Infers HD DVD's Death To Occur 'Within the Next Year'!
  146. HD DVD on top for amazon!
  147. HD-A3 is #1 in all electronics at Amazon.
  148. Costco D3 $179.99
  149. POLL: How many A3s will they sell before Christmas?
  150. Crutchfield: A3 $199
  151. Microsoft Not so much in HD-DVD's corner at all!
  152. who likes their NEW HD DVD/Blu-ray TV seasons to be scratched from the get go?
  153. Germany hardware sales figures
  154. Sears A3 $199
  155. Best-Selling Title of all HD Media?
  156. Kmart A3 $199
  157. Sound Advice: HD DVD is clear choice ;)
  158. So Who Went Purple?
  159. Weekend Box Office
  160. Amazon: Movers & Shakers in DVD
  161. HD A3 top 3 in ALL ELECTRONICS at Amazon
  162. New Customer
  163. Dreamworks Aggressive HDDVD Coupon Deal Hits Today
  164. Column: "Blu-Ray lacks features found in HD DVD players"
  165. A3 $199.97 hhgregg.com
  166. New Fears Emerge Regarding BD+
  167. A3 $199 Best Buy
  168. I am Beowolf: I am Bust!
  169. A3 $199 Circuit City Free Shipping
  170. HD DVDs: Save 47%
  171. The view from Japan (anecdotal)
  172. A3 +10 free HD DVDs =$199
  173. Toshiba HD D3(same as A3) with 7 movies + HDMI cable at Costco for $249
  174. Nostradamus Game for November 18, 2007
  175. For fence-sitters, which is more important?
  176. I am no longer neutral.
  177. HDDVD begins its move, closing gap, Needs to Cut Combo Prices
  178. Toshiba 17" Laptop HD DVD $799.99
  179. Toshiba HD-A3 $199 Shipped from Amazon
  180. LOL, amusing ad.
  181. ATOS on G4TV last night-HD DVD looked foolish
  182. Holiday Exclusives for Blu-ray & HDDVD
  183. So what was the numbers for this week?
  184. Toshiba is not alone anymore! Onkyo DV-HD805 HD-DVD player
  185. Guess Meijer's Web site isn't Blu-ray Exclusive after all
  186. No Blade Runner HD DVD boxset in the UK?
  187. HighDefJunkie Quoted in HMM
  188. blu-ray fan trying to ruin yet another forum
  189. PS3 part of Walmart's next "secret sale."
  190. I rented out Ocean 13 on HD-DVD from Blockbuster in Toronto today :)
  191. Logo Blus?
  192. Re-hashed .. 18 month window for HD DVD?
  193. If YOU are exclusive, do you buy the SD-DVD?
  194. 19.99 HD DVD sale at futureshop!
  195. Blu Ray is losing high def dvd sales to HD DVD
  196. Are we starting to see the true size of the market?
  197. SPIDEYS Web falls apart
  198. Only 30K $99 HD DVD players sold at Walmart?
  199. Blue-Ray vs HD-DVD owners that are satified.
  200. Disney BD BOGO = stock clearance before going HD DVD exclusive?
  201. PS3 profile 1.1 by January?
  202. Samsung, Panasonic will save BD, not Sony
  203. How many titles will Star Trek: TOS HD DVD Combo sell the first week?
  204. How many titles will Live Free or Die Hard Blu-ray sell the first week?
  205. How many titles will Shrek the Third in HD DVD sell the first week?
  206. HDi killer app
  207. BD Double Features
  208. HD-DVD could take Christmas sales?
  209. Blu-Ray ads everywhere... over 1 MILLION movies to be sold
  210. Future of HD Poll
  211. Mistakes on Both Sides ...
  212. Netflix: Two formats can't coexist with huge price disparity
  213. Poll: Future of HD
  214. What dual-releases sell better on HD-DVD?
  215. consumer reports bashes fanboy fud
  216. Europe: HD DVD wins 6.3:1 in attach rates, loses 2.7:1 in actual software sales
  217. Stop the FUD. Michael Bay does not hate HD-DVD!
  218. rogers video to stock both HD formats
  219. Price Cut Boosts PlayStation 3 Sales -- More Stringer quotes (Sony CEO)
  220. The Dangers of BOGO
  221. Who's Responsible for the Format War?
  222. PS3 Sales Surge not that much?
  223. Raimi Loves Blu
  224. "They screw ya with the cell phones"
  225. Why we shouldn't rely on MS to drive HDi
  226. I Do Blu: kicking the crap out of HD DVD ads everywhere!
  227. Movie prices are more important than players
  228. Possible Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Merger?
  229. Why attach rates don't matter for this format war
  230. YouTube Ad Puts HD DVD in its Rightful Place
  231. 1080i or 1080p? Who are the HD software buyers
  232. Is the BD Profile issue a forum-specific problem?
  233. 51GB HD-DVD still inferior.
  234. Are playstation 3 games included in attach rates?
  235. Amazon Customer Vote. More people want the HD-A35 over BD-P1400
  236. For the BR fans would you consider HD DVD if...
  237. Why Fox and Disney won't leave BD when Sales start to lag: DRM
  238. HD DVD Fans, why do you think Blu-ray will lose?
  239. Which Format Would You Buy??
  240. 51G HD DVD approved
  241. Sony: PS3's Mixed Messages Can't Be Good
  242. Samsung BD-P1400 $339 or even less
  243. Hi Fi VHS (Why a technically superior product doesn't mean it will make it mainstream
  244. Worldwide: Blu-ray ownes 3:1
  245. My Local BlockBuster To Start Stocking HD DVD
  246. HD DVD Box Sets. Bad Luck!
  247. Did anybody else ever care about...?
  248. Break out the tissues: Fox sale at Frys.com
  249. Yippy-kay-yay-blu-ray
  250. paramount bd discs expensive