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  1. HD DVD is in cruise control
  2. Will Blu Ray players be $200 by the end of 08?
  3. neilson ain't everything
  4. I know why all the BOGOF sales for BD and none for HDDVD
  5. The PS3 effect will prevail! IMO
  6. HDDVD needs to buy out Warner in order to survive.
  7. Is there one exclusive movie from the other format you would like?
  8. would Warner really dump HD DVD when they are boxing in Troy with the venturer?
  9. Do you hard-liners hate us purple-ites?
  10. New marketing strategy for PS3 coming soon?
  11. Cnet(news.com) HD DVD Ad
  12. Moment of truth . . . Planet Earth on Blu Ray or HD-DVD?
  13. Independence Day Delayed!!!!
  14. Panasonic DMP-BD30K - $419 - $10 = $409 - 4%
  15. Black friday should have been 95:5 if they counted wal mart
  16. Numerous Fox titles for $13.99 (Day After Tomorrow, FF4:SS, 28 Weeks, X3, etc.)
  17. neilson numbers can't directly compare
  18. HD has 25% of the studios, 50% of sales.
  19. Anyone remember the "prediction" thread?
  20. Samsung universal player BD-UP5000 now only $799: ships Jan 15
  21. I think both format owners would agree...
  22. HD X-mas
  23. Captain Flip-flop
  24. BD gaining upper hand over HD DVD in PC-use drives, say Taiwan makers
  25. Blu ray, you just won your 47th week in a row. What are you going to do now?
  26. The 'sales will go up after Dec. 26' prediction
  27. staying loyal
  28. Deal or no deal: Blu-Ray gives Europe to HD DVD in exchange for the rest of the world
  29. Blu-ray just looks better....
  30. A question only for those who strongly support one format...
  31. Warner Bros HD DVD 4 Packs - $43.99 @ Costco
  32. Warner Bros Blu-ray 4 Packs - $44/ea
  33. Did Warner just DOOM the Bourne Ultimatum launch?
  34. Pirates of the Caribbean - At the World's End Predictions
  35. Health and Karma in the Formal War
  36. FOX - What a difference a year makes!
  37. The only reason we keep buying...
  38. InfoWorld's Reader Voices: Blacklisting Sony
  39. Will BD equal UMD by the end of the year?
  40. "DVDs see green on Black Friday as part of retail gains"
  41. Black Friday Week: Blu-Ray 72.6% HD DVD 27.4%
  42. Hypothetical: N and S America (HD DVD exclusive) Europe,Asia,Africa,Aus (Blu-ray exc)
  43. If Blu should prevail...
  44. Nearly 100,000 units of Live Free or Die Hard BD Sold
  45. My thoughts on the effects of PS3 in the war and WB's allegiance.
  46. When will both sides sit down again and hammer out the truce if ever?
  47. Are Multi-format packages hurting HD DVD?
  48. The USA is the only market that matters, but what if...
  49. A tidbit into the minds of the BDA
  50. Which format do you own the most movies of? Poll - Blue, Red, or Equal
  51. HDM doing poorly on Amazon
  52. Is there even one single, reputable, non-biased source that has ever proclaimed...
  53. Venturer player now instock at WM, how does this change things?
  54. New 2007 results from Gary Merson - many HDTV's still have poor 1080i deinterlacing
  55. $399 = PS3 + 6 movies + free game + free remote!
  56. Toshiba HD A-30 $299
  57. Trojan horse cuts both ways for game developers
  58. transformers not enough space=b.s. island fever 4 proves it wrong
  59. Box Office Movie Question
  60. BD vs HD-DVD Hardware
  61. You have Both HD and BluRay what do you like better and Why
  62. Venturer [email protected]
  63. The Smell of Fear: Blu-Ray Backs Out of Open Format War Debate
  64. Disk vendor: Blu-ray has won
  65. Moriarty (AintItCool) officially choses.. Blu.
  66. Blu-Ray better overall Format!
  67. Please refrain from using Average Joe & Gamer
  68. Amazon.com is geared up for blu-ray!
  69. Report: PS3's HDMI not quite 1.3, high-bitrate audio not supported
  70. HD DVD Drives Cost $57 Wholesale
  71. New blue ray converter: Anybody know where to rent blue ray disks?
  72. Blu-Ray has won in Japan and has a commanding lead in Europe
  73. My Thoughts
  74. Both Formats Flood Flood TV With New Ads, Product
  75. I choose Blu-ray. Am I wiser?
  76. Toshiba prices make Blu Ray look bad, but Blu Ray prices are closer to reality.
  77. Prediction $49.99 HD DVD player by next Xmas
  78. PS3 is a sleeping giant and other thoughts
  79. Blu-ray discs outsell HD DVDs almost 3:1 in Europe
  80. Blu-Ray Disc Menus Suck
  81. HD DVD name fooling more people
  82. How many PS3s are on HDTVs?
  83. Blu-ray outsells Hd-dvd records in Japan 32-1
  84. PS3 to sell 430k units by end of November
  85. Blu-ray Disks Outsell HD-DVD Disks By 3-1 in Europe
  86. FREE PS3 + Rachet and Clank with 2 YR Subscription With AOL
  87. Paramount States All Remaining Blu-Ray Discs Will Be Destroyed
  88. How much will CE Manufacturers lose on profile 1.0 players?
  89. BD Software Question
  90. In a dilemma
  91. The Smell of Fear: Blu-Ray Backs Out of Open Format War Debate
  92. POLL: Will Blu-ray have another BOGO...
  93. format war is interesting
  94. Can anyone actually TELL the difference of Blu-ray/HD DVD over DVD?
  95. Walmart PS3 Holiday Value Bundle
  96. Decreasing projections..
  97. Theory on which format is leading
  98. Ok Blade Runner 5 Disk HD-DVD or Blu ?
  99. Greenpeace ranking for CE manufacturers
  100. Educate Your Friends !
  101. Will Toshiba sell 1 million stand alone units by the end of the year.
  102. Blu-ray ... the economical choice!
  103. The smell of fear: Blu-ray backs out of debate.
  104. Twice.com corrected article
  105. Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD format in Europe
  106. You make the Call: 1m HD DVD players and Warner will . . .
  107. If Spielberg goes HD DVD then I will go purple. How about you?
  108. HD DVD Gets 'Community Screening'...
  109. News: PS3 Sales Triple! Awesome for Blu-ray.
  110. Will this week (11/26-12/1) be the weaest week this quarter
  111. Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD Player "Review"
  112. Sony's PlayStation 3 Sales More Than Triple After Price Cuts
  113. 750,000 does not include add ons!
  114. Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD Professionally Prepared Case Study!
  115. HD PRG's 1-2 Punch (My thoughts)
  116. Blu-ray sells one millionth disc in Europe - 73% of market
  117. choosing sidedes going nutral.
  118. updating your HD BD machine
  119. Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray HD Disc Player w/ 10 Free Movies for $348.00 at Wal-Mart
  120. My take on ending the format war!!
  121. HD DVD Surpasses 750,000 Dedicated Players
  122. Disney's Pirates 3 TV Ad Blitz And It's Blu Ray
  123. Blu ray players continue to out due hd-dvd players
  124. Lots of Hollywood Videos Now Carrying HD DVD (and Blu-ray)
  125. Order of the Phoenix a huge factor in the HDM war?
  126. How many have gone neutral soon after buying an HD-DVD player ?
  127. PS3 "on back order" at SonyStyle
  128. High Def 2.0 Conference - Dec. 4
  129. Why Warner will go to one side or the other...
  130. Q&A: Why HD-DVD beats Blu Ray...
  131. HD DVD support worth $125?
  132. Were Disney expecting higher Blu-ray SA player sales?
  133. Week of Nov 11: Blu-ray wallops HD-DVD 66:34
  134. Onkyo drops HD DVD player
  135. New Line and HD DVD
  136. PS3 40GB for $349 w/PayPal 20% off
  137. War not going to end......
  138. HD-A3 for $179 + 7 free movies at Amazon
  139. I just tried to buy an HD DVD player...
  140. HD-DVD sales surge on DVD Empire (52.63%)
  141. XBox 360 add on for 143 shipped
  142. Venturer HD-DVD player = $200 CDN
  143. Amazon Customers Vote: 500 HD-A35 for $149
  144. HDTV Magazine makes its pick for the holidays....
  145. Upscaling - a problem?
  146. Profile 1.1 issue... so overblown...
  147. Blu-ray CE Manufacturers May Charge YOU More For Extra Memory In BD Players
  148. Origins of the Blu-Ray vs HD DVD War
  149. My local paper's take on HD DVD/BD choice
  150. Who Knows what the best deals are for "Cyber Monday"?
  151. Onkyo priced out of HD DVD, discontinues HD805
  152. All retailers agree about media woes
  153. Disney's Enchanted the second biggest opening Thanksgiving week
  154. Swanni at TVPredictions Says Blu-Ray Must Get Player Prices DOWN!!
  155. "Pro Installer Has His Say on 1080i Vs 1080p"
  156. Planet Earth still number ONE?
  157. An anecdotal account from a local Blockbuster...
  158. Frys: $12.99 on select HD DVDs
  159. Clue to the cost of HD DVD SA manufacturing
  160. 18 Fox Titles 50% Off @ Frys
  161. Star Trek Remastered combo - Trojan Horse?
  162. New HD-DVD releases??
  163. All studios should just go neutral...
  164. current amazon sales?
  165. Which format do you neutruals prefer?
  166. New HD DVD promotion on NBC
  167. Sunday's Ads- Pricing Parity
  168. Who will be the next CE company that will make a dual-format player?
  169. Best Buy 2 day Cyber Monday Sale
  170. Circuit City: $24.99-$29.99 HD DVD/Blu-ray Sale!
  171. All this talk about Warner going to one side or another...
  172. Nostradamus Game for November 25, 2007
  173. Will HD DVD win any week in 2007?
  174. The Empire Strikes Back - War Moves Into A New Arena
  175. is there any advantages to hd-dvd
  176. A3, A30, and A35 are the top 3 DVD players on Amazon right now
  177. Disney's SantaClaws 3
  178. Article: First Hand Account of Wal-Mart's Black Saturday PS3
  179. Sharp BD-HP20 $299.99
  180. Studio Support Revisited: Market Share By Format This Decade
  181. Amazon bestsellers of 2007
  182. Toshiba sees both HD formats co-existing
  183. How does WB going HD exclusive really matter?
  184. Bluray supporters that talk about future proofing are hypocritical!
  185. The Smackdown so far.
  186. Christmas gift dilemma for son-in-law (Blu or Red)
  187. A proff (movie psikism) that Warner will go HD-DVD exclusive
  188. Sony is just confusing consumers...
  189. Which is better? HD-A3 + 29 HD DVDs for $479
  190. Explain this Hi Def. Sales
  191. Which highdefdigest.com site gets more hits?
  192. HD DVD vs. Blu: 30-day Disc Sales Trend on Amazon
  193. Blu-ray owners professionals & HD DVD owners students
  194. When Warner Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
  195. Why the online "in stock" status can be wrong
  196. Where can I find Amazon sales figures?
  197. What does everyone think of the PiP feature?
  198. Anyone else going neutral w/ tomorrow's Walmart sale?
  199. Really can't judge CE stores regarding Blu-ray vs HD DVD sales
  200. V-J Day, Prepare the ticker tape parade for BR
  201. If Warner Goes HD DVD exclusive...
  202. Black Friday - Redefined --- Results, Observations, Expectations.
  203. BD Ad Misleading???
  204. Blue and Red. Does color matter?
  205. Shrek the Turd Went Down The Toilet
  206. All this talk about HD DVD gaining in the USA
  207. Question: Delay on WB blu ray. Did any HD DVD WB orders get this email from WB?
  208. The Walmart Effect on Saturday
  209. $99 A3 Sale at Best Buy
  210. Tai Seng Jumps Into Blu-ray with 'Initial D'
  211. Yet another Warner rumor, plus weinstein!?!?!?
  212. Fox News: Holiday Shopping & PS3
  213. Wall Street Journal: Format War Article (new!)
  214. So I went out on 'Black Friday" and this is what I saw (official thread)
  215. Will Disney go Neutral before Fox?
  216. HD DVD: All 10 of the Top 10 on Amazon
  217. Adams Media Research releases EOY estimates for hardware and software
  218. i would say that HD DVD needs to win big this Holiday Season...
  219. Target, where is blu-ray?
  220. Amazon: 103 Blu-ray titles in 342 sale!
  221. No HD DVD deals at Wal-Mart this weekend
  222. Did anyone else see the "I do Blu" commercial?
  223. Sony BDP300 $349 + 10 free movies at Wal-mart :)
  224. Amazon HD DVD Players - All Reduced
  225. A3 at Amazon now $160 + 10 free movies + free shipping
  226. PS3 for $349
  227. if Joe Six Pack is the name given to the ordinary consumer then what does one call...
  228. Happy Thanksgiving
  229. HD-DVD currently holds 25 of the top 30 spots on Amazon!
  230. Buy 2 get 1 FREE BR Deal at Amazon
  231. A3 finally sold out at Amazon
  232. Buy Two HD DVDs and Receive a Third for Free
  233. At least one format will survive.
  234. 5 free hd dvds with toshiba laptops in UK
  235. Why Blu-Ray Sucks more than HD DVD
  236. Is the HD DVD train leaving Blu-ray behind?
  237. Universal Spiderman ...huh!?
  238. Hd vs Blu - In Joe Six's eyes
  239. Universal Delivers Special HD DVD Insert in Papers Today
  240. The ONE title that would seal the deal for Blu-Ray!
  241. Old News : HP OOTP WB must have already picked a side
  242. Does anyone else think it's funny...
  243. $339.99 Samsung BD-P1400 @ Amazon.
  244. When HD DVD kills bluray in sales this week, will they still tout a 2-1 sales ratio?
  245. Ratatouille sales? No reports? Anyone?
  246. Dual format players will end the format war even quicker
  247. Venturer SHD7000 v. Toshiba HD-A3
  248. Frys/Outpost: 33 High Def Movies < $14/ea!
  249. A3 $149.97 Free Shipping available now
  250. Fry's Black Friday Stuff