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  1. Please delete
  2. Simple Market Share
  3. Amazon: A3 $225 +12 "Free" HD-DVD's
  4. Problems with Pirates 3 - Irate Blu Ray Owners Call Disney On It
  5. Why is New Line...
  6. What's wrong with being a fanboy?
  7. Stills from upcoming Paramount movies
  8. Funny but True...Why Blu will win...
  9. Michael Bay is a huge fan boy
  10. Amazon Top 3 DVD Players are Toshiba HD DVD Players
  11. Scary thought about both formats
  12. Michael Bay Changed my Mind
  13. How much of the Samsung BD-P5000 is from Toshiba?
  14. Why PS3 has such low attach rates ?
  15. The State of HD-DVD
  16. Gizmodo: 33% of HD DVD players "suck"
  17. BD vs HD, Boxsets vs Individual Films
  18. What's the point in supporting only one format?
  19. What 'cha gonna do
  20. Uh oh, here come the blu/red bois...
  21. the state of HD DVD (Gizmodo)
  22. Are we now beginning to see the HD DVD player sales effect disc sales?
  23. CNet: 720p vs 1080p "...very difficult to see any difference"
  24. Does the Buy-one-get-one-free Strategy help our Hurt Blu-Ray?
  25. MarkettingGuru, prove that you are really an insider
  26. More expensive Wal-Mart "secret sales": why?
  27. Who cares what Michael Bay says?
  28. 2007 HiDef Review.
  29. $7 Blu-ray movies or $225 HD DVD Player?
  30. Why HDM is being adopted a little slower than DVD
  31. Amazon Add-on price revised again.
  32. High-Def 2.0 Conference : PS3 Users Only Buy 1 Movie per Console
  33. Walmart Secret Sale - HD-A3 w/12 HD DVDs - $298
  34. A3 now $249.99 at Best Buy
  35. What would happen?
  36. If dual-format players become the solution, will this be the end of blu-ray?
  37. The BDA's BOGO tactic: Has it run its course?
  38. Peter Bracke: studios should give high-def exclusive titles and content
  39. WOW check this out
  40. Warner Bros Blu-ray 241 Sale - 2nd Edition
  41. Holy &%%! Best deal yet!
  42. The ironic thing...
  43. A3 + 12 free HD DVDs $298, A2 + 10 free HD DVDs $198 at Wal*Mart
  44. Sony pays for PS3 Promotions at Wal-mart while Wal-mart Pays for Toshiba Promotions?
  45. How many Michael Bay threads will there be by the end of the week?
  46. BDA Marketing Tactics Exposed
  47. Walmart and Blu-ray commercials?
  48. Purple Owners - How do you choose?
  49. News Flash: More SA BR players than HD DVD
  50. Would you pay $1 extra for scratch protection?
  51. Will Bourne's Amazon Special Count x3?
  52. Breaking News!!!
  53. Elton 60 - Live at Madison Square Garden (Blu-ray) From Universal Music?
  54. Samsung BD-P1400 hits $313
  55. Who are the experts?
  56. Michael Bay: "Blu-ray Suits My Films Better"
  57. PS3 becoming profile 2.0 compatible; 2.0 titles coming in January
  58. BD Confirmed Releases. More BD Power!
  59. Onkyo HD DVD player not discontinued!
  60. PS3 becoming 1.1 this month???
  61. Will Fox and Warner "Legal Digital Copying" Moves Derail or Feed Mass HDM Adoption?
  62. 7 Million HDM movies sold so far
  63. My scenario... The perfect solution!
  64. Debunking the Microsoft/HD DVD conspiracy theories
  65. Xbox 360 HD DVD Player sales jump on price cut
  66. HD DVD a no show at the 2.0 conference??
  67. Swanni's 2008 Predictions: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD - Big Surprise
  68. Search HD DIGEST on yahoo search
  69. Xbox 360 HD DVD Player sales jump on price cut
  70. Quick, what does Betamax, MiniDisc, UMD, SACD & Memory Stick have in common?
  71. Michael Bay: Microsoft Wants Blu-ray & HD DVD to Fail
  72. Indian Jones on HD DVD!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
  73. Blu-Ray a better format?
  74. The problem with Web-enabled Features
  75. HD Extras or IME? Vote Now.
  76. Digital Delivery of HD movies = flying car
  77. Porn on blu-ray
  78. Australia October '07 - hardware 26:1, software 95% - Blu-ray!!
  79. Venturer HD DVD now $189 at Walmart
  80. IF HD DVD is dead, isn't the PS3 dead too?
  81. Blu-Ray promotions confirmed for Bourne week
  82. Toshiba's HD-DVD business model: Is it sustainable?
  83. Sony's blu-ray business model: is it sustainable?
  84. '300' Conquers High-Def Awards
  85. Harry Potter OOTP Ratings are crap.
  86. More Straight Talk from Sony: talks about PS3 "disappointments"
  87. The biggest eye-opener you'll ever read...
  88. Do returns get retracted from sales numbers?
  89. Harry Potter OOTP....??
  90. discussion over the term "Futureproof"
  91. So if I go to Walmart.com and search for "hd dvd," I get...
  92. Is standard def DVD on its way out?
  93. At what rate are you buying Hi-Def movies?
  94. Blu-ray media "cheaper" but for how much longer?
  95. Warner BD BOGO= Olive Branch before leaving Blu-ray?
  96. Fence sitters. Report here.
  97. The Holiday Season Has Decided the War
  98. Article: Stalemate prediction for next few years Adams Research
  99. Michael Bay:Microsoft is the real problem
  100. More HD plyers sold Black Firday weekend than PS3s?
  101. is the warner bogo for blu ray .....????
  102. What about a Blu-ray price drop?
  103. Microsoft Flexing Muscle: XBox 360 HD DVD Add-On Now Only $129!
  104. When did you start to notice the difference?
  105. Are you sick of the format war?
  106. I bought a PS3 should I keep my HD DVD add-on?
  107. HD DVD ADDON now sub $130 or even less
  108. Holiday gift guides, HD DVD a virtual no show
  109. 2.7 Million Blu Ray players sold WOW!
  110. Cheap player vs. Cheap discs
  111. UK Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deals
  112. PS2 as the only DVD player
  113. 80,000 access web features on HD DVD discs
  114. Retailers not wanting to carry both formats just an excuse?
  115. More Commentary from Michael Bay
  116. Article-10 Reasons to Skip the Format War
  117. between kings & peasants
  118. Australia: 102,000 Blu-ray (85%) 18,000 HD DVD (15%)
  119. Does lossless audio matter? R&B Films invites you to a listening test.
  120. updating your player/BD lagging in profile level
  121. amazon chartshifters this week: HD DVD player + 3 free movies, Warner BD BOGO
  122. "Warner doesn't do BOGO" - Well here's one!
  123. Lets Unite Not Fight.rodney King,rodney King!!
  124. DVD Forum approved "HD DVD China" (CH DVD) logo; Blu-ray still pursuing China
  125. Best Internet feature for HD-DVD
  126. Blu ray software sales top 21 million, WTF?
  127. walmart hilarity
  128. How Amazon.com Sales Rank Work
  129. How Amazon.com Sales Rank Work
  130. HD-DVD dead in Australia?
  131. Do game releases have ANY impact on movie sales?
  132. Sure Bet - Dreamworks Goes To Universal?
  133. Why does HD-DVD get creamed in software sales every week?
  134. HD DVD players regularly $99 by June of 2008: What would it mean?
  135. Purple people buying Harry Potter.
  136. What side are you on HD-DVD or Blu Ray?
  137. How do buy your Home Theater Equipment, TV, HD-Players?
  138. Should Xbox 360 Sales #'s Be Added to HD-DVD Sales???
  139. I love walking into Blockbuster and seeing a wall of Blu
  140. HD DVD Marketing Tactics Exposed (Part 7)
  141. BDA Marketing Tactics Exposed (Part 3)
  142. Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD: Warner's 300, The Departed, Planet Earth
  143. Everyone Quit Your Day Job and Educate Best Buy Workers!
  144. Wal-Mart= No HD-DVD Love?
  145. Why is Pirates 3 getting creamed by HD DVD Planet Earth on Amazon?
  146. Blu-ray players reach 2.7 million units sold
  147. I WISH this was how the war was fought.
  148. Do free movies count for overall sales?
  149. Warner is selling more HD-DVD than Blu-Ray
  150. Why Blu-ray in a way has already won
  151. Movie Du Jour ads
  152. What is your primary HDM player?
  153. High-Def DVD Player Sales Rising?
  154. Why Rob Enderle should never have existed - lesson learned.
  155. Why Blu-Ray Should Never Have Existed: Technology Lesson Learned
  156. Considering BLU or should i just wait?
  157. The Amazon deal still exists, except the A3 is $232 now...
  158. What was your favorite Title that was released in HI-Def this year?
  159. Crutchfield Rep Says Customer's Swayed by Pricepoint More Than Format!!
  160. November 1 million HDM movies?
  161. Lossless audio support compared between HD DVD and Blu-ray
  162. Article: Blu-ray Is Sony's Iraq
  163. Houston Chronicle: "Where There Be A Winner?"
  164. Humm Wonder What Effect This Will Have On Sony And Followers
  165. Heros S-1
  166. Nielsen Ratios: Vote of Confidence
  167. Nostradamus Game for December 2, 2007
  168. Kiss
  169. Sony Soars: Operating Earnings to jump 6x in 2007
  170. HD-DVD Exposed
  171. About 23% (26 million) of US households have HDTV
  172. Who will win?
  173. Seriously are we still arguing opinions?
  174. Studio support - how's 08 looking?
  175. Is there a true comparison title...? Format Specific Utilization?
  176. HD Newb
  177. Here's why I think more than 20% of PS3s are used for blu-ray
  178. Target Ad: Buy a $399 BD player, get a $100 giftcard
  179. How much is your Blu-ray/HD-DVD collection worth?
  180. This upcoming title may set me purple!
  181. Bill Hunt Recommends Average Consumer Hold off on BD/HD-DVD
  182. Free Title Giveaway Offers - Scanned ?
  183. Around 8 million Blu-Ray Players (PS3) WorldWide at the end of this year
  184. December 26: Hd-dvd's best chance this year in the nielsen's
  185. Did the HD DVD camp give up for 2008?
  186. November 25th: 69%:31% w/o Open Season freebie
  187. BDA Marketing Tactics Exposed
  188. HD-DVD:s attach rate much less than HD-DVD Promotion Group was thinking
  189. Something of Concern
  190. I am not so sure Blu-ray is the right format anymore...
  191. Wal-Mart Toshiba A-3 "DO NOT SELL"
  192. Great deal, now purple
  193. Perspective On Numbers
  194. Universal HD....WTF are they thinking?
  195. Ease of importing affecting NA HD DVD sales?
  196. Questions I would like answered from the BR crowd.
  197. High Def Media vs DVD: The numbers
  198. If Blu-ray is superior then why......
  199. PS3 outsold Wii in Japan for the first time
  200. HDTV penetration data in the US (20% by Nielsen, 23% by ESPN)
  201. HD-DVD is going hardcore in Canada
  202. A View from across the Pond
  203. Paramount&warner paid to be neutral: Warner HD DVD exclusive after contract ends?
  204. 2,105,500 PS3 as of September 30, 2007 (NPD Group)
  205. The official Europe/Japan/Australia sales data thread
  206. Affluence of HDM owners
  207. forget who wins...are you happy with your decision NOW?
  208. HD DVD Warner Titles $19.99 At Future Shop
  209. As of Dec 1st the difference in price between a BLU-RAY and HD-DVD player is $60.00
  210. The real problem with the "format war"
  211. New Walmart HD DVD sale coming soon!
  212. Local Movie Gallery now rents Blu-ray
  213. if you have the money to support both, why don't you?
  214. 102 GB HD-DVD's?
  215. When/If your format of choice dies, will you submit?
  216. What's with the Doom And Gloom fanboys are trying to spread?
  217. Out on the front lines.
  218. Web Enabled Features... Compelling??
  219. Has HD-DVD run out of excuses?
  220. Who can be trusted?
  221. Article on High Def BF: Mixed results
  222. Sony Adding VOD To PS3 in Japan!!!!!!
  223. 750k vs. (300k + the PS3)
  224. Yet one more PS3 ability!
  225. LOL @ Blu Ray Homers
  226. Why I hate Blu Ray
  227. WB Title Blu-ray Only?
  228. When titles are available on BOTH formats
  229. I have to admit I was worried about Blu...
  230. Terminator: FORMAT WARS
  231. How soon before HDD follows what AVS did?
  232. Check out this blog
  233. Ken Graffeo says Spielberg titles are coming
  234. Year end standalone sales - HD DVD 580,000 Blu-ray 370,000 (HMM prediction)
  235. The Future is Blu - highest market share Since Inception
  236. Lets pressure Warner to pick a side!
  237. Warning to anyone switching to Blu
  238. Was/Is HD-DVD ultimately good for blu-ray?
  239. NEWS: Blu-ray standalone sales have not reached 200,000 units yet
  240. NEWSBlu-ray standalone sales have not reached 200,000 units yet
  241. Waiting for Bluboys to call out Panasonic
  242. Hm, I wonder if Warner really cares how many blu|hd's rabid fanbois have purchased
  243. Disc sales figures?
  244. HD-DVD fanboys beware
  245. BD gaining upper hand over HD DVD in PC-use drives, say Taiwan makers
  246. Standalone Numbers HDDVD:750K BD:300K
  247. Pirates vs Superbad vs Artic Tale
  248. I can't wait for next week!!!
  249. Only one format (BD) will be around for long
  250. Will this ever end ????