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  1. Golden Globes nominations: red studios lead the pack
  2. Isnt today the day Sony releases Black Friday numbers?
  3. HD DVD costing Toshiba 40 billion yen loss
  4. TDG finds US high-def TV buyers favour HD DVD
  5. Who can tell 1080i from 1080p
  6. HDNow claim "BD exclusive studio to go neutral" in next few days
  7. Which will sell more in its first week: Harry Potter 5(Blu-ray) or Bourne 3(HD DVD)?
  8. No xXx BlueRays (in Europe)?
  9. Predict Ratio for Bourne week
  10. Blu-ray should comfortably win Bourne week
  11. DVD still winning the war!
  12. Toshiba profits decline as HD-DVD costs eat away
  13. HD-DVD BOGO comparison...
  14. On The Bourne Front - First Day Sales Are In
  15. When a war starts, how do you chose a side to support?
  16. HD DVD disc in Blu-Ray Harry Potter Box Set?
  17. Harry Potter Blunder
  18. Predict how many discs HDM will sell this week
  19. Predict how many discs HDM will sell this week
  20. A hypothetical for Blu fans
  21. Another J6P view on the format war
  22. Every time I think about boobs, a Blu-ray player is sold. Coincidence? I think not.
  23. hddvd vs. blu-ray my opinion
  24. Bill Hunt and his Blade Runner review
  25. 76% Blu-ray 24% HD DVD POTC3 Week
  26. A3 + 7 free HD DVDs $179.97
  27. POTC3 - 160k first week
  28. How do you feel about your choice of format(s)?
  29. Blu-Ray makes DVD obsolete
  30. For Purple People: Poll
  31. Why the 'without the PS3, Blu-ray would be dead' idea is wrong.
  32. ps3 owner:convince me to keep my toshiba a30..
  33. PS3 Owners Mostly Early Adopters of High-End Systems
  34. HD DVD is dead where?
  35. A3 + 9 free HD DVDs $199.99
  36. Amazon's Top Ten is Nearly All....Red.
  37. Microsoft Exec Responds to Bay's Remarks - Insight in MS's Stance
  38. I exclusively support ______ but would go neutral if...
  39. Buy Blu-ray Movies for the Next 3 Weeks
  40. Will perception be the reason why hd-dvd loses this war?
  41. Pixar quality....
  42. WB/Warner Bros. - One And Only Thread Discussion
  43. Sony: Paramount will come back to Blu-ray camp
  44. Swanni says Warner to go Blu-ray in 2008
  45. How long will Blu Ray Last with a neutral warners?
  46. Buy any two from list pick one from list
  47. Top Ten Reasons to Buy Either Format
  48. Free copy of 300 with A30 purchase...
  49. New high-def owners may shake up format war article
  50. How to beat the blues with new disc formats
  51. Cheaper Blu-ray wins in Australia
  52. WB staying neutral?: Why that is extremely bad news for blu-ray.
  53. Amazon.ca...HP box set cheaper on HD DVD???
  54. "Pirates" coming to HD DVD in 2008?
  55. CNBC Article: Handicapping the Holiday HD Format Battle!
  56. Warner Home Video officially denies BusinessWeek report
  57. Best Buy BOGO for sure?
  58. Enderle: Will Time Warner’s Move to Blu-Ray End HD War?
  59. Walmart Unleashes Major Bourne Red HD DVD Campaign
  60. See?? We can all do it.....
  61. TotalHD Scrapped Because of "Constant Blu-ray Domination"?
  62. Bluray bitrate
  63. How soon before we start seeing "Superbit" HD-DVD/Bluray Releases
  64. Purple Maybe The Best Way To Go?
  65. A cool article on the work it takes to reauthor HDM
  66. MSRP of HD DVD's going down!
  67. BUY HD DVD the next 3 weeks
  68. Warner:"We have made NO decision to change our present policy...
  69. New Warner Tidbit
  70. So what exactly is everyone arguing about again!?
  71. Disingeneous HD DVD Website
  72. Sony touts PS3 as Blu-ray player before console in latest advert
  73. Why is this so hard for HD DVD fans to grasp???
  74. Will we ever see a TL 51GB disk?
  75. Maybe just wait it out a year...
  76. How would it work?
  77. An example of why scratch protection is nice to have...
  78. If HD DVD takes away the BOGO advantage, is that game, set and match?
  79. Bill Hunt warns not to buy reduced price Blu-Ray players?
  80. Sainsbury selling Blu Ray films
  81. Amazon.ca is actually...cheap... I know...
  82. Blu-ray and region restrictions- anti-consumer?
  83. Nielsen Chart Facts Released Today - PS3's Number's So Far Look Dim, Other Top Tens
  84. Best Buy ripping people off on Harry Potter?
  85. Blu-Ray displays Sams Club
  86. ps3 bluray player to catch Wii sales in 2011, that's right 2011
  87. I'm back!
  88. BOGO for HD-DVD shows real desperation
  89. Warner likely to remain neutral in format support
  90. Do you envy Blu-ray for having High School Musical exclusive?
  91. Speilberg Story Bogus
  92. More Sony Anxiety: Warner Goes Blu or failure
  93. Nevermind
  94. 2005 New York Times article
  95. B1G1 free on HD-DVD at best buy starting 12/16 to include Bourne Ultimatum
  96. Toshiba A-30 Now $239 at Amazon
  97. US HD Hardware Sales 3:1 in Blu-ray's Favour by Year End
  98. HD DVD buy one get one free at Amazon!
  99. Good move from SONY (PS3 with FREE BLU-ray movie)
  100. Article: Blu-ray wins first battle, HD DVD to win war?
  101. "I just want to Watch the Movie!" High-Def Mess
  102. A result of the format wars?
  103. Spielberg out at Dreamworks
  104. Without the PS3, would you have bought into blu-ray?
  105. Criterion update
  106. New HDTV Owners Lean Red Says New Research Study!!!
  107. PS3 selling 200k per week in Europe - solidifies overseas dominance of Blu-ray?
  108. What kind of 'extras' can we expect on blu-ray?
  109. Sales still minimal...neither format selling
  110. WOW - Samsung BD-P1400 of sub $270
  111. Stringer: "We have momentum, but that's all we have at the moment."
  112. The Bourne Ultimatum simultaneously launching in HD on VUDU
  113. faster Bitrate and extra space do make a differance...
  114. Amazon/BB BOGO HD DVD Sale + Bourne = First Win
  115. Hd Dvd 241
  116. Amazon HD DVD BOGO
  117. Warner (Yet Again): No changes in support for either format
  118. Reality Check?
  119. Doom and Gloom For HD DVD?, New Study Numbers Show Why Blu Is Ahead, But HDDVD Wins..
  120. Circuit City Ad
  121. Toshiba's Making Marketing Moves, So is the BDA, Added Marketing Insight From Both
  122. WB Senior VP "No Changes in Present Policy"
  123. HVD kills Blu-ray and HD DVD in 2012?
  124. Another black-friday sales statistics report..
  125. Silent Night? Where's Disney's Pirates 3 Numbers? Transformers #1 for 07
  126. Some blog says a Warner exec says no change in their purple stance.
  127. A starting point: The true hardware marketplace at this time?
  128. FINALLY A HD-DVD BOGO! (December 16-22 at BB)
  129. Take this for what its worth...
  130. Harry Potter High Def Extras
  131. Why is everyone so strung out?
  132. Red leaning Purples
  133. Why I want WB to go Red.
  134. NYTimes weighs In: Not Good News for HD DVD
  135. Could Blu-ray = VCD? Eventually Dual Format?
  136. When the war ends...
  137. Are we missing something...?
  138. Would this work to keep both formats around?
  139. I have the actual FACTS for the Warner Bros choice
  140. Warner's Decision is Irrelevant for HD-DVD - Here's Why
  141. Most likely Outcome at CES = Warner Still Neutral
  142. Warner and Sony team up!
  143. Panasonic: 10% of BD Player Sales in Year 1; Goal is to Double That in 2008
  144. One More Month And Warner Will End This War
  145. Amazon 241 Sale - 115 Titles!
  146. Is the main High Def Digest site down?
  147. Home Media Magazine Says "Transformers" HD DVD Has BEST AUDIO QUALITY of....
  148. Pali: Sony (SNE)'s Blu-Ray Wins DVD War
  149. Blu-ray no longer attractive to CEs?
  150. FIVE rationales why Warners will pick HD DVD instead of BD
  151. Harry Potter: which version will sell more on release week?
  152. Free BD players when you buy a TV
  153. Sammy BD-P1400 $279.99 @ Costco
  154. CES '08 What are you expecting?
  155. Why hasn't The Matrix series came to Blu-Ray yet??? Hmmmm...
  156. Are SD DVD sales hurting this war?
  157. Wireless...advantage HD DVD!
  158. The Reason Independance day was Delayed
  159. Format Neutral: Which format is best for menu navigation
  160. Warner VP - It's Dangerous to Just Rely on Gamers
  161. Why I Hope There Is No End To the Format War
  162. The HD-DVD 'tsunami' coming?
  163. Blu-ray ready for mass market yet?
  164. HD-DVD try to boost movies sales with Dual-Layer Disc?
  165. Does Nielson figure manipulation undermine their worth?
  166. Planet Earth - The Real Battleground? 2 to 1 curse in reverse?
  167. Holy moly, cheapest Harry Potter set I have seen.....!!
  168. Why Sony cannot keep BD prices up even if HDDVD loses
  169. How many copies sold of CETK?
  170. No more Blu buying for me until Feb 5!
  171. move to blu-ray
  172. I'll Buy a Blu-Ray...
  173. How far will the fanaticism go?
  174. Why Warner needs to announce their intentions
  175. Example why Blu-ray is better than HD-DVD
  176. another sad BOGO sale.
  177. What's better the $300 blu-ray player or the $200 HD DVD player??
  178. Warner knows that its choice will decide........
  179. Is it really about the formats anymore?
  180. This is enough !
  181. ALL gen3 HD DVD players are in Amazon top 4 best seller:
  182. Applicable worldwide: A35: $399, A30:$279: Bhphotos.com
  183. Holiday Must Haves? Blu or Red are Not Tops in Searches.
  184. J&R BluRay Sale $10-$14: House Of Flying Daggers, Black Hawk Down, A Few Good Men...
  185. Circuit City BDP-S300 $299.99
  186. Nostradamus Game for December 9, 2007
  187. Golden Compass Bombs..
  188. Samsund BD-P1400: Sub-$300 on Amazon.
  189. Best Buy finally shows some love for HD DVD
  190. Studio Lists!
  191. Toshiba A30 Now $249.98 with 10 Free Movies
  192. A3 sold out at Amazon...again
  193. TRL: Pirates 3: Get Your Copy Today on DVD and HD DVD"
  194. Which studio will make a change first
  195. 75% of Blu-ray movie sales are attributable to the PS3
  196. HD-DVD is bringing down Blu-ray
  197. Toshiba HD-A3 at Costco for $199
  198. Transformers on blu-ray?
  199. Amazon sales graph spike..
  200. Who goes neutral first?
  201. Could Rush Hour 3 end the Format War?
  202. If warner goes to BLU..
  203. Microsoft should give away free HD DVD add-on (because $2 bil is nothing to MS)
  204. Want to change the format wars?
  205. more moves = better format?
  206. HD migration/if time warner goes HD
  207. HD DVD Faulty???
  208. HD DVD or Blu-ray? How I made my choice
  209. statistically how does anyone see anything happeninig?
  210. Rentrak Sales Figures - HD DVD / Blu Ray WE 12/2/07
  211. Does This Article Potentially Derail Blu's PS3 advantage and future Mass adoption?
  212. BDA: 2.7mil players sold = 4mil disk un to date! wtf?
  213. Fact or Fiction: 15 million PS3 (Blu-ray capable) worldwide by Dec 31, 2008
  214. Price Key in HD/Blu-Ray Duel
  215. Why does everyone get so excited about Pirates 3?
  216. January Exclusives: Blu-ray VS HD-DVD
  217. 2008 Potential Blockbusters (a list)
  218. Sub $300 Blu ray player coming?
  219. Blu-ray Proponents Inventing Warner Rumors Making Warner Bros Angry?
  220. A3 + 12 free HD DVDs = $199.98
  221. Black Friday Sales Figures...
  222. Has the Bluray camp turned their Phase Hydra project into Overdrive?
  223. 7 out of 10 Black Friday movies sold were blu-ray ad
  224. HD DVD group sales tactics aren't exactly reassuring
  225. Hi Def Blockbuster Titles Steers Blu Camp to 07 Victory. But What of '08?
  226. AVS Will Not Let Lionsgate Comment to be Discussed
  227. Is the Warner BOGO sale the BDA's plan to cast fog over the "spike" in HD-DVD sales?
  228. 12 free HD DVD movies with near fire sale price player =
  229. Can't wait
  230. How much are HD DVD SALs outselling Blu-ray?
  231. If Paramount and Warner stayed HD DVD Exclusive from the start...
  232. New Warners Rumor Unintentionally Reveals BDA Weakness
  233. Is BD showing signs to be a Sony format?
  234. No Reps Show Up For HD-DVD Camp
  235. Is BR rushing BD-live just to try to keep Warner from going HD DVD exclusive?
  236. Why is it warner + hd dvd = hdm death
  237. I hope HD DVD wins!
  238. Microsoft should just give away 1 free HD-DVD addon to all registered Xbox 360 Owners
  239. This is smackdown not the daily news
  240. Why do people say WB going blu ends war, going HD DVD = Stalemate?
  241. JR BD Sale $9-13
  242. Lionsgate vice-chairman: Warner is coming aboard soon
  243. 33% of blu-ray standalones suck....
  244. Speed Racer
  245. BluRay Disc Storage Capacity Hyped?
  246. Walmart sale 12/7-status
  247. Article: Next-Gen DVDs: Advantage, Sony (More Warner Rumblings)
  248. Germany makes world's first 1.1 BD title
  249. Bad news for Hd dvd
  250. The state of Blu-ray